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25 Precise Tips on How to Apologize to A Capricorn Man

25 Precise Tips on How to Apologize to A Capricorn Man

In a romantic relationship or platonic friendship, it is inevitable for us to offend each other. When this happens, if we care for that relationship, we would want to apologize and make things right. And as humans, we have different ways we react to anger and accept apologies. In this article, we will be talking about how to apologize to Capricorn man. 

Capricorn men are men born under the tenth sign in the Zodiac. Known for their loyalty, ambitiousness, and maturity, they are reserved and are slow to anger. But when pissed, it can take a long time for them to forgive. That is why apologizing, and getting them to forgive you is a bit of a task. 

One effective way you can apologize is to offer a sincere and persistent apology and a reassurance, that the offense will never repeat itself.

This man wants to see positive changes before he can even think of accepting your apology. That’s if he does not hate you already.

Below are different ways to apologize to men born under this sign:

25 Ways to apologize to a Capricorn man

1. Sincerely apologize: 

If you want to know how to apologize to a Capricorn man, you have to take note of this: Don’t ever fake an apology, he is going to find out and might hate you forever. 

It’s very hard for them to apologize when they offend someone, so it’s easier for them to know when you are holding back an apology, or just faking it when you say you are sorry. Let it come from the depth of your heart.

2. Be direct: 

Go straight to the point, don’t try to beat around the bush, if you don’t want to exacerbate the whole issue. Go straight to the reason why you are apologizing.

3. Tell him you will change: 

While pleading for his forgiveness, you have to assure him that such actions won’t be repeated. This is for him to consider accepting your apology. 

He can read when you are lying, be certain you are ready to change. It might ruin everything if you say you are, and he sees no improvement.

4. Show him you are changing: 

It’s one thing to tell these men you will change, and it’s another thing to change. They can keep things in their hearts for a very long time.

Even if you say you are sorry, don’t expect immediate forgiveness.

For these stubborn men, once you hurt them, it’s hard for them to see you as a friend again. So you have to show him you are not just ready to change, but making adjustments already.

5. Take responsibilities: 

Don’t push the blame on him. You can push the blame on other people, but never on him.

They always feel they are right and if he is mad at you, you have to fully accept your wrongdoings if you want him to forgive you.

6. Don’t play games: 

If you want to know how to apologize to a Capricorn man, then you have to take note of this. 

These men hate mind games, especially when they are upset. It’s common for women to try to use mind games, to get a man to forgive them.

Like you will let him offend you, then you will hold on to that, and try to turn the table on him. Don’t try it with this man, except you want to ruin your relationship.

7. Never let it happen again:

Don’t do short-term changes. Like, change your ways for a very short term to please him. Even if he said he has forgiven you, he can still have that issue in mind. If you allow it to happen in the future, he might not accept your apology again.

8. Don’t try to find his fault: 

As we said, you don’t push the blame on these men or try to find fault. Like “If you had done this, I wouldn’t have done that.” Except you don’t want him to forgive you.

9. Be persistent: 

Don’t just say you are sorry and expect things to come back to normal. You have to keep apologizing but don’t make it annoying. Gradually, he might start to get it behind him.

10. Apologize in detail: 

State fully what you have done. Don’t be only direct, but explain in full detail. Don’t lie, don’t push anything aside. He wants to hear all of it.

11. Show remorse: 

Be remorseful, but don’t try to manipulate him. Let your remorse be genuine. Show regret, this will make him know you did not do it on purpose, and that you are sorry about it.

12. Acknowledge that he is right: 

Why apologize to him, always reiterate how right he is. Say something like “you are right, it is wrong for me to go out without telling you.” This is how to apologize to a Capricorn man if you want him to forgive you.

13. Use gifts:

Though this has to come after you most have physically apologized. Try to get creative, and send him a gift that says you are sorry.

14. Be quick to say you are sorry: 

In learning how to apologize to a Capricorn man, you have to know that your apology has to come quickly unless he cuts contact with you.

15. Be calm and respectful:

State your point to him calmly and respectfully. They are very honest and can be blunt, so there is a possibility he is going to say something that will hurt you. Keep your cool all through.

16. Be patient:

Before you learn how to apologize to a Capricorn man, you have to learn how to be patient because it will be needed. Even if you are persistent, you still need patience. It might take a very long time for him to forgive you, so you have to be ready to wait.

17. Respect his space:

If he tells you he wants to be alone, respect it. Don’t force him into the conversation, you might regret it. They need alone time even when they are in love with you, now that they are mad at you, they might not even want to see you, and you have to respect that. 

18. Don’t get touchy: 

They are not the kind of men that like physical touch except they are close to you. So, if he is mad at you, try not to get touchy with him. Trying to get him soft won’t work.

19. Don’t fake tears: 

Like we have said earlier, be remorseful but never fake it. Same as this, don’t fake your apologizing attitude, fake tears will not work for this man.

20. Don’t ever let him catch or hear you gossip about the issue:

They hate gossip. And if you have an issue with these men, telling other people about it will get him mad if he finds out. Especially when you tell the wrong side of the story.

21. Don’t interrupt him: 

When he is ready to talk, don’t interrupt him. Allow him to say his mind, and tell him you understand. Then continue your apology, if you want him to forgive you.

22. Get back to things slowly: 

You need patience with these men. After apologizing, don’t just expect things to get back to normal.

Take things slowly, don’t return to being playful around him like you used to. He needs time to get used to you, and trust you again.

23. Compliment him: 

When things are getting back to normal, gradually compliment him. They like compliments and it will soften him too.

24. Assist him:

Then give him your support and show him how much he means to you.

25. Try to gain is trust again:

Though this will take a lot of time, it is worth the try. Never try to get on his black book again. This way, you might be able to gain his trust again. 

Do Capricorn men like apologies?

Well, everyone likes when you apologize. It makes them know you are sorry for what you did, and value your relationship with them. 

Capricorns may like it when you say you are sorry, but one thing is that it is very hard for them to forgive after their trust has been broken.

Will a Capricorn man forgive you?

It depends on what you did to him. If it’s something minor, with the help of the tips listed in this article, you might be able to get him to forgive you. 

But if it is something that broke his trust, it might be impossible for him to forgive you. They are very slow to trust, and when it is broken, it might take forever to regain.

Do Capricorn men hold grudges?

If you hurt a Capricorn, be prepared to always hear what you did. Even when he says he must have forgiven you, they are very hard to forgive and never forget. They can hold grudges, for as long as forever.

What are the things that irritate a Capricorn man?

1. Drama

They hate constant and silly fights. When you are the type of woman that likes to pick offenses and nag, you will irritate him easily.

2. Dirtiness 

Though he may not clean the house himself, he likes when people around him are neat. 

3. Loud and attention seekers 

They are calm and reserved people. These introverts, detest loud people. If you seek their attention, they would feel irritated by you.

4. Control freaks

They are very controlling but hate to be controlled. If you want to get him irritated, try to boss him around. But if you want to keep him, never try that.

How to save your relationship with a Capricorn man

1. Give him space: 

These men are introverted and even if they are in love with you, they need some time to focus on themselves. 

So if you want to date one, being clingy would be one way to push them away from you. Try to give them the space they require, don’t try to choke them, it will turn them off. He might love you but he also needs his space.

2. Be loyal and honest:

Don’t lie to these men you don’t want to get on their black book. If you want to save your relationship, always be truthful. Show him how committed you are.

3. Don’t ever break his trust in you:

This is one thing you have to always make sure you don’t go against. Trust when broken is hard to restore. For this man, it can be impossible to restore.

It takes them a long time to trust someone when you break that trust, you might never earn it again. If you want to save your relationship, don’t ever do anything that will break his trust in you.

4. Don’t be bossy:  

Don’t even try to boss these men around. They are stubborn and think they are always right. They are the ones that want to do the controlling, and if you can not follow their rules, it might lead to a lot of problems in your relationship.

How to make up after a fight with a Capricorn man

They are interested in the truth and when you say it, it can get to their soft side. If they still love you, and the trust is not broken, they will be willing to make things up with you.

You just have to see their sympathetic side, don’t attack them or try to push the blame. He would want to listen to you and want to set things right.

In making up after a fight with these men, you have to learn to take things slowly. Don’t expect things to jump right back to normal, take it slow, and gradually. They will become comfortable, and love being around you again.

How long will it take a Capricorn man to forgive me?

Well, it depends on what you did. But naturally, it takes them a long time to forgive. Capricorn men can hold grudges for like forever. 

They might even have forgotten what exactly you did to them, but they won’t forget how it made them feel; they can hold grudges for that long.


Men born under this sign are stubborn and can hold grudges for long. They approach relationships the old fashion way; they are not the type that would accept an apology through text. 

If you want to get them to forgive you, you have to learn how to do it physically. It’s pretty difficult to get this man to change their mind on something.  But I hope reading this article helps you gain his forgiveness. Offer a heartfelt apology, and never let it repeat itself. You might be able to get on his good book again.

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