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35 Revealing Words You Can Use To Describe Yourself To A Guy

35 Revealing Words You Can Use To Describe Yourself To A Guy

The way you describe yourself to a guy would determine how the guy would see you in the long run, so if you nail your description of yourself, it will increase your chances of going on a date with the said guy. This is because, before a date, you might want to find out how to describe yourself to a guy.

Some of the best words to use to describe yourself include: sweet, hardworking, creative, and fit.

35 words or ways you can describe yourself to a guy.

1. Sweet:

Using the word sweet to describe yourself will increase your chances of having a date with a guy, this is because men usually like to think of women as sweet.

2. Independent:

Men love independent women. No man wants to associate themselves with women who they feel will become a burden to them. So when you describe yourself as independent, the man would be inclined to know you better.

3 Creative:

If you are artistic or you love to come up with new and innovative ideas, you can easily describe yourself as creative to a man.

4. Adventurous:

If you like going on adventures and trying out new things, you can describe yourself as a feel spirit and an adventurous person.

5. Fit:

A woman at the gym with dumbbells in her hands.

If you are physically fit, you can describe yourself as such because men are attracted to physically fit and healthy women.

6. Funny: 

Nobody wouldn’t want to be around a funny person. Men love to be around people who can make them laugh, so you can describe yourself as funny when talking about yourself.

7. Optimistic:

You can also describe yourself as an optimistic person who always sees the positive side of things.

8. Real: 

Guys love genuine women, they want to be around someone real with them, someone that doesn’t have to pretend to be something they are not. So, you can describe yourself as real.

9. Fun:

When trying to describe yourself to a guy you like, you can describe yourself as a fun-loving and social person. Men love women who know how to have fun.

10. Enthusiastic:

When you want to describe yourself to a guy you like, you can describe yourself as enthusiastic and passionate. You need to have a passion to be able to satisfy your partner’s needs.

11. Caring:

When describing yourself, never forget to add caring to your list of qualities, this is because all men want women who are caring.

12. Happy:

Happiness is one of the most important qualities you need to have, so when describing yourself, always endeavor to add happiness to your list of qualities.

13. Laidback:

You are mostly carefree and you have learned how not to take things too seriously then, you can add easy-going when describing yourself.

14. Energetic:

You can also describe yourself as energetic, especially when you have loads of energy and you love to stay active.

15. Confident:

Men love confident women, they like women who believe in themselves and know what they are doing, they like women who don’t care about what others think about them, so describing yourself as confident would not be a bad idea.

16. Affectionate: 

You can also describe yourself as affectionate, after all, most men want to be around a lady who can show them affection.

17. Open-minded:

Men love open-minded women, women who are willing to try new things and who are not scared of new adventures.

18. Humble:

Describing yourself as humble might feel a little bit much but it is not. The word humble simply means you are down to earth and that you don’t like arrogance.

19. Unique:

Describing yourself as unique means you are different and there is something different about you.

20. Courageous:

When you describe yourself as courageous, you are simply telling him that you are brave enough to conquer anything that comes your way.

21. Ambitious:

Men love it when their women are ambitious, so when you describe yourself as ambitious to a man, you are letting him know that you don’t have to wait for him before you achieve your goals.

22. Sensitive:

You can also describe yourself as a sensitive person who is in tune with their emotional needs.

23. Spontaneous:

If you love going on last-minute trips, or you love going on adventures without giving it too much thought, then you can describe yourself as spontaneous.

24. Romantic:

Men also love romance as much as women, so it might also feel nice to know that the woman they intend to date is a romantic person.

25. Outgoing:

Describing yourself as outgoing can endear you to a guy more, especially if the guy is an outgoing person himself.

26. Hardworking:

It is okay for you to put it out there that you are hardworking, you want to let him know from the onset that you are a very hardworking person and you would not tolerate laziness.

27. Loyal:

Everyone wants that one person that they are sure would always ride for them no matter what, so it is not a bad idea for you to describe yourself as loyal.

28. Respectful:

When describing yourself to a guy, it is important to add the fact that you are respectful because most guys would love to have their women respect them.

29. Truthful:

When telling a guy about yourself, you must try and put it out there that you are truthful and that he can trust you to always tell him the truth.

30. Sexy:

When describing yourself to a guy you like, you may want to put it out there that you are sexy and that you are a spec.

31. Modest:

As they say, if you have it, why not flaunt it. So if you know you are modest, nothing stops you from describing yourself as such, after all, modesty is a virtue.

32. Dependable:

Being dependable is not something to be taken for granted, men like to know they can depend on their women, so describing yourself as dependable can be a good thing.

33. Kind:

A lot of people take being kind for granted, so when they are describing themselves they sometimes forget to tell people that they are kind.

34. Good listener:

Not everyone is a good listener, so if you are a good listener, believe me, that is a good virtue and you should flaunt it.

35. Beautiful:

Describing yourself as beautiful might seem like you are bragging, but that is not the case you are just tooting your own horn.

Importance of describing yourself to a guy:

You need to describe yourself to a guy you like because by doing so, you are letting him see the version of you. You want him to see the truthful and honest version of you and not the made-up one he may be seeing. When you describe yourself, you are allowing yourself to be truthful to him and you are leveling the playing field, especially when you tell him the truth about you.

Do guys like it when women describe themselves?

I would love to think that most reasonable men would love it when a woman describes herself because it saves them the stress of asking questions, or trying to find out stuff for themselves. And when she describes herself, she is giving you the honest real version of herself. But on the other hand, some guys might find it too pushy or too self-centered when a woman keeps describing herself, especially when he did not ask her to do so. Some men like mystery; they would love to subtly find out some of these qualities without asking.

Does describing yourself attract a man?

It depends on the situation and why you are describing yourself. For example, you are on a dating site, the way you describe yourself is what would attract a man to you, but when you are with your crush, he may see it as silly or a little bit desperate if you keep talking about yourself when he did not ask you anything.

Will describing yourself to a man make him want you?

Yes, describing yourself to a man would make him want you, but it also depends on how you describe yourself to him. You need to be able to describe yourself in a way that the guy can’t imagine himself without you or not having you in his life. You need to endear him to you, use the words and body gestures that would drive him crazy when you are describing yourself to him, and trust me, he would want you in any way he can have you.


Describing yourself is a good thing, in the long run, this is because you are inventing the narrative you want him to see, you are giving in to the real and uncut version of you. So, whatever he sees later may just bonus point. The most important thing is how you want him to see you and that’s the picture you need to paint from the onset.

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