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Sure Ways To Get A Guy To Kiss You

Sure Ways To Get A Guy To Kiss You

Learning how to get a guy to kiss you is a simple but tricky thing. To successfully get a taste of his lips, you need to be adept at pulling off some tricks out of your magic box. I will help you unravel sure ways to make it happen.

We know your goal is to avoid a direct approach. For this reason, we have put together some useful tips to attain your quest.

You can subtly tell a guy to kiss you by staring at his lips when you both are on a date or alone in the house. You can also make him want to kiss you by initiating a conversation about kissing.

Trust me, this is going to work even if this person is shy. Keep reading this article to unravel the ultimate secrets of getting men to want to make out with you.

What makes a guy want to kiss you?

Various things can draw men towards a lady with the intent to taste her lips. But the core reason is attraction.

A guy has to find you attractive to want to be involved in anything sexual with you. Attraction is the bedrock of such feelings.

In some cases, this can lead to love which is another propellant for the male gender to want to make out with you. He likes you more than a friend, so he wants to do what people who are more than friends do.

Furthermore, a man might be drawn sexually to a lady if she is the type that knows how to seduce him. Note, seduction does not have to be direct. For someone who is naturally “hot”, men would want to taste your lips.

To add, sometimes a girl could be the flirty type, whether she is aware of it or not. This will draw guys towards her sexually. Things like eye contact and the way she acts around him can send a signal that would make the man make the move.

You could be talking with this guy and along the line, he develops a strong bond. The way you talk might also give him ideas. Your intelligence and understanding of a wide range of issues can also make him want to kiss you.

It could even be your body fragrance. Any of this is enough for any guy to want to lock lips with you. 

Lastly, it could also be that his hormones are telling him to go even if his brain isn’t seeing anything cool. This is common among guys who are flirty or players. They get the urge to kiss any girl they meet.

A couple kissing

How to get a kiss from a guy

Men are moved by what they see. So if your quest is to drive him to take the steps, you will need to draw his mind to that part of you. Keep your lips attractive so it catches his fancy.

Remember, don’t use too much lipstick. It might make him resist for fear of getting stained. And also do well to take care of your breath.

The next step is to send him signals. Do things that would make him notice that part of you. Biting your lips very slowly while you maintain eye contact with him is a perfect skill to charm him.

In learning how to get a guy to kiss you, body language is a great tool. Give him the notion that you are in for it. This gives him the confidence that if he attempts, you won’t decline.

Enjoy the conversation. If possible, close the physical gap and get a little touchy but don’t overdo it. So you won’t appear like you are throwing yourself at him. Or do things like playing with your hair or putting your hand on his shoulders. This will make him understand that you are into him.

To ease the tension, try talking about something relating to what you want. You can ask him when he had his first kiss and where. Then you can further say something like ‘Do you like kissing?’ This has suggested to him that you desire that he takes the initiative.

If after all of these, he has not made a move yet, stare at his lips for some time, and don’t say a word even when he is talking. For someone with confidence, he will make the move.

However, if he does not, then you can ask him directly. Stare towards this guy and whisper “kiss me.” This will do all the tricks and save you all the stress.

Some guys find it challenging to read signs and even if they do, they fear that they might read them wrongly. So that statement might stop them from attempting.

To save yourself all of this process, you can be the man. But there are some things you need to take into consideration before carting him on this path.

Be sure he has shown signs that he is drawn to you. If it’s someone that is not drawn to you, it might end up as a moment of embarrassment for you. In this case, employ only indirect moves.

How to get a shy guy to kiss you

For someone that does not have enough confidence to make the first move, tricky signs may not work.

The fact is, even if the signs are glaring, he needs to man up to do it. And that is uncommon with shy guys. They may know you want them to, but they don’t have the boldness to carry it out.

So the best thing to do in this case is to put the mantle on yourself. But don’t always go direct. There are other things you can do that can trigger boldness.

Stare and move towards him. Do this when there is strong chemistry between you two. That should be enough to get him to want to make out.

Even if he resists, you can say it out loud to him. But before all of these, set the atmosphere. Loosen him up as best as you can. If possible, take a few shots of alcohol to bring out of his shells.

Then you can inform him that you desire a kiss or do it yourself if you feel like it. But keep it short and let him continue.

Get a guy to kiss you even when you aren’t dating him

When it’s a case of a platonic friend, you have to be very careful with your approach. Because this person might not have matching intentions.

Before making the move, check if he is into you too. So it won’t seem like you are throwing yourself at him.

Whatever ways, guys are beings you can seduce to do what you want, especially if you do it the right way. The first thing is to increase your bond. Treat him like you are dating already.

When you show a guy care and listen to him, it softens them around you. Then send subtle signs like a tight hug or leaning towards him during meetings.

By following these suggestions, he would get the hints. Chip in clearer hints like talking about kisses and teasing him about his lips.

Your body needs to speak too. And flirting skills are vital to send him the right messages.

The ultimate step is to pick the right moment to strike. Be quick to spot emotional moments between you too. You could watch a tv show together or go on a date to set this kind of moment.

Picking the right moment will help him to draw close and notice your lips. Maintain eye contact, and take a slow sip of your drink while you look straight at him. If he is confident enough, he will know what to do.

But if he is not, you could make the first move if you think he is worth the risk.

How to be sure he wants to kiss you

Something common about this kind of feeling is your guts will alert you. That’s how human intuition is programmed, you just know.

This usually happens because of things he does that you may or may not notice. For instance, if he moves to caress your hand, then go quiet. That means he is abhorring sexual-related thoughts.

He keeps staring, and at a certain point, you both keep looking at each other. That’s the sign he is in for the moment. He may even go mute and then say something nice about your appearance.

In addition, if he asks you out on romantic dates, he is trying to set the atmosphere for it to happen. During this outing, he will chip into sexually related conversations.

For guys with boldness, he will tell you that he wants a taste and he will give you those flirty touches. Asides from this,  he will call you, give you thoughtful gifts, and show all the signs of a guy that is longing for you.

Does getting a guy to kiss me make me cheap?

Well, this depends on your technique. After an initial meeting, you went ahead to attempt to make out, which makes you appear worthless.

But for someone you like and you are assured that he likes you too, then you can strike first. He won’t translate it to you being cheap.

Note, your success on this mission depends on your initial moves. You can start by going first. But always make sure he continues, that gives you the guarantee that it’s not a one-sided thing.

When it comes to bringing him to kiss you, dwell mostly on indirect methods. And should only go directly only in rare cases.

Should I do the work of making a guy kiss me?

Well, in most situations, a guy would make the move of going sexual on their own. But for a platonic friend, this is when you need to learn how to get a guy to kiss you.

Yes, it is okay to put in the work. Most times, when on this ride, guys need some green light so they can make advances to avoid embarrassment

And if on the inside, you are moved to be with this person, the sanction will help hasten your desire. Because if you decide to wait for him, it might take forever for it to happen. Like we have always stated, don’t rush it.

If you do so, it will turn out that you don’t value yourself. So keep it slow and stylish. You can hit the pedal but always know when to hold the brakes for him to carry on.

Final note

Getting him to do this is quite an easy task. Men are moved by sight and if you can keep him sexually attracted to you, he would want to make out.

Draw his attention, set the atmosphere, and drop hints then he is yours. But never do too much, it may make you lose all this purpose and make it look like “Yea she made me do it.”

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