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10 Great Tips On How To Hug A Guy

10 Great Tips On How To Hug A Guy

Knowing how to hug a guy is great and can help with relationships. Hugging is a pleasant method of showing affection. You can hug a guy by putting your hands around his neck or leaning your head on his chest. 

There are various types of hugs, and how you hug a child differs from how you would embrace an adult. How you hug a girl is also different from how you hug a boy. So also, there are romantic and platonic hugs; how you would hug your normal friend is different from how you would hug your lover

10 Ways To Hug A Guy

A man and woman in embrace

1. Put your arms around his neck

This may seem like a regular way to hug someone, but when you hug a guy, hold him around the neck, let your arms be closer to his face, and try to look him in the eyes. Don’t avoid eye contact even if you are shy.

2. Lean your head on his chest: 

When hugging a guy, putting your head on his chest and hugging him with one arm while leaning your head on his chest is a special type of hug. This style of hugging increases the bond you both share and helps indicate trust between you.

3. Hold him tight: 

When hugging a guy, especially one you have a crush on, hold on to him right and don’t let him go. Holding him tight is a silent way of telling him you want him in your life for a long time and don’t want to let him go.

4. Stroke his back: 

When you are hugging a guy, you can easily stroke his back. This can help him feel relaxed and reassure him of your feelings for him. It can also be sensual, especially when you do it slowly. Doing this can also make him feel special and help to spice up your relationship.

5. Behind hug: 

Hugging someone from behind is another way to hug him, which is also a form of surprise. You can just come behind him and hug him, most especially if you are taller than him. It would be extremely cute, and you must be intentional about not scaring him since it will be a surprise.

6. Put your lips close to his neck: 

When hugging a guy, putting your lips close to his neck can be sweet and a good way of showing affection. You don’t have to kiss his neck; you just have to leave your breath close to his neck, and doing this can show him that you find his body attractive.

7. Don’t let go too fast: 

When you hug a guy, don’t let them go too fast; release him slowly and gently, look him in the eye and smile.

8. Take note of a shy friend

If your friend is shy, hugging him might make him feel uncomfortable; shy people are usually not comfortable with PDA.

9. Wait for the right moment: 

Hugging a guy also requires that you wait for the right moment. So you need to play it safe and know the kind of mood he is in before you set out to hug him.

10. Decide for how long:

When hugging a man, timing is everything, so when you are hugging him, you need to get the time right, and also, you need to know how long the hug will last. 

How Do You Know A Hug Is Romantic? 

A man and woman locked in a hug

A hug is one of the most common forms of endearment and greetings, so if you receive a hug, you might not be able to tell if it is romantic or not. 

A romantic hug usually comes with some signs. One is when your man hugs you from being held and kisses your neck. You can tell he is trying to be romantic. Also, you can tell a romantic hug from his body language if he is stiff or his body rigid. It might just be a neutral hug, but when his eyes are gazing into your smile, and he can’t take his eyes off yours during the hug, that is a romantic kind of hug. 

Furthermore, the tighter the hug, the more romantic he tries to be. When he hugs you and applies more pressure than usual, he might be trying to cop a feel. The amount of space between the two of you during the hug can determine if he is trying to be romantic or not. If he ensures that you are pressed closely to him, he might have romantic feelings for you and wants you to be close to him. 

How Do I Hug A Guy Romantically?

A woman smiling as she hugs a guy

You might find hugging difficult for various reasons, including shyness or inability to convey the right message. It could also be that you don’t know how to hug him romantically. Well, hugging a guy romantically is easy. 

When you want to hug a guy romantically, ensure that your arms are around his neck and your face is close to his face. Make sure you are looking into his eyes. It might not be easy, but doing this will make the hug special and more romantic. 

Ensure your head is on his chest. This is another easy way to ensure that your hug is romantic. Putting your head on his chest reveals the amount of trust you have for him. Also, your head on his chest is pretty cute. You can make hugging him romantic by holding him very tight and holding him for a long time. This way, you are making the hug romantic. A tight hug is your way of letting him know you want to be with him for a long time. 

Gently stroking his back is another way you can make the hug romantic. When you hug a guy, you can stroke his back gently and slowly; this way, you are ensuring that he knows that you want something more from him and are trying to be romantic.

The Standard Rules For Hugging A Guy – A Friend, A Crush, Or A Boyfriend 

How to hug a guy for lovers

When we were younger, we learned that a hug is just a form of expressing emotions or greeting. We didn’t know that there were rules involved in hugging, especially when it pertains to a boyfriend or just a friend. Various rules apply to various situations.

1. Don’t be awkward

When you find the opportunity to hug a guy you like, don’t be awkward, especially when you are crushing on him and you run into him unexpectedly. Try not to make the hug uncomfortable. Just hug him and try not to be rigid or run away to avoid hugging him.

2. Give only friendly hugs to friends

When you want to hug your friend who is a guy, never hug him as you would hug your boyfriend, especially when you know he has feelings for you. When you hug him as you would normally hug your boyfriend, you send him mixed feelings and end up hurting his feelings.

3. A guy friend should get brief hugs

When you want to hug a guy who is just your friend, ensure you keep the hug brief and don’t hug him too tight to avoid sending him mixed signals.

4. Pay attention to who you are hugging

Try to pay attention to how he is responding to you. If he responds with the same energy as you, or is he distant, or if he tried to avoid the hug. You should try and pay attention to these things when hugging your crush or boyfriend. When you can read by the line, it will save you time and enable you to avoid embarrassment.

5. Have clear intentions:

When hugging a guy, you must make sure your intentions are clear. Are you trying to reveal your feelings? Are you trying to say goodbye, or at you just saying hello? It would be best to remember the types of hugs every time, so you have to be clear on what you are trying to convey to the person you are hugging.

6. Do not flirt while hugging a friend

When hugging your friend, try not to flirt, especially when you know you have no single feelings for him. When you embrace your friend, it is easy to get cut up, and the hug might become a flirt. This can send mixed signals to the guy and your other mutual friends. 

7. Learn how to position your hand

Learn how to position your arm when you are hugging. How you place your arm will also matter; putting labels on your hugs is never a bad idea. When embracing your friend, you can give him a friendly kind of hug, and when you are hugging your crush, you can give him a slightly different type of hug. You can give in the one-arm gig with your friend, which can be distant and create space without him getting the wrong idea.

8. Show affection when hugging your boyfriend

When you hug your boyfriend, ensure you show affection, don’t be afraid of showing him how you feel, ensure that the hug conveys all of your emotions, cuddle him, and hold him tight.

9. Use eye contact when hugging your man

When hugging your man, ensure you use your eyes. Eye contact during hugs will go a long way in expressing your feelings when words fail you. Eye contact is another way of physical contact that helps you connect with your man.

10. Look before you leap

When hugging your crush, friend, or boyfriend, try to notice whether this person wants to hug you or not to avoid rejection, especially if he is your crush, which is one-sided. You need to be able to read him so you won’t end up revealing your feelings to him.

How To Hug A Guy Taller Than You?

It is always a challenge to hug someone taller than you, so you must ensure that you follow some rules. Whenever you want to hug someone taller than you, you have to try and stretch your legs or tell him to bend a little so you can have the perfect hug. 

Stay in that stretch position for as long as the huge lasts. When you hug a guy taller than you, try to rest your head on his chest, this type of hug can be very comforting and romantic. 

How To Hug A Guy For The First Time?

When you meet a guy for the first time, you should hug him in a friendly and nonrigid way, ensure that you are free with him, and also you can give him a side hug or one arm hug.

Where Do You Touch A Guy While Hugging? 

When hugging a guy, it is best if you touch his arm, wrap your arm around his waist, or you can put your head on his chest. This is a very romantic way, or you can also gently touch his back while hugging him.

What Do Guys Feel When Hugging A Girl?

When a girl hugs a guy, he feels a range of emotions from a desire to respect, strength and even appreciation. Most times, guys want to feel loved, and they want to be hugged and feel your warmth and strength, especially when feeling low. Guys also experience hard times and want to feel your strength around them.

What Does It Mean When A Guy Kisses Your Neck While Hugging?

When a guy kisses your neck, it might mean loyalty, love, and respect. It might also mean that he values you a lot and may also be a show of courtesy. Also, kissing your neck might be a way of expressing his feelings, especially if he is a shy person and can’t tell you with words; kissing your neck can be a way of expressing his feelings.


I believe you can now identify the various ways of hugging a guy with this article, they are multiple ways of hugging your friend and your crush and your boyfriend, and these ways vary. How you hug a person is determined by what you feel for the person. 

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