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15 Strong Signs on How to Know if Two Souls Are Connected

15 Strong Signs on How to Know if Two Souls Are Connected

You have never felt a certain way around this particular person, and then you are wondering on how to know if two souls are connected. A soulmate is a person with whom you have connected deeply, whether platonically or relationship-wise. 

Your soul mate does not have to be your romantic partner. But in this article, we are going to be discussing romantic soulmates. Being in love is an amazing feeling but you have to realize that if you love a person the person may not necessarily be your soulmate and vice-versa. How do you recognize your soul mate? 

There are various signs of how to know if two souls are connected – you feel at peace in their presence, they understand you even before you speak, your needs are known and met even before you utter a word, etc.

Below are more detailed signs. Why don’t you journey with me?

How to know two souls are connected – 15 signs

1. Same values and beliefs

How do you feel when you are around him, do you feel familiar around him? It is just like you recognize this person or you know this person, but you can’t seem to place it.

Well, that may be because you both share the same values and beliefs. It’s like the two of you are one body, you have the same personality and the same nature. You both behave alike.

When you find this trait in a person then you have found your soulmate because it is unlikely to share that kind of trait with just anyone.

2. He is your biggest cheerleader

Have you ever been with a person and without even saying a word you know that this person would support you through the fire and the storm?

He is always there cheering for you even though he does not understand what you are doing or why you made that choice, he is cheering you on. 

He would pick you up if you fall and still push you to go out there and do better. That’s what your soulmate does. So, when you find someone you know you can always count on through thick and thin, then you have found your soulmate.

3. You just know

Most times you don’t need any extra sign to know your soulmate, your soul just accepts and recognizes him immediately you see him. Often times you can meet a lot of wrong people and feel they are your soulmate. 

Trust me when you finally met the right one you would know immediately in the deepest part of you.

4. You are always thinking about him

When you finally find your soulmate, you can’t concentrate on anything else.

He is always on your mind, your body and soul crave him, you just want to be on the same axis as him always. You keep hearing his voice and seeing his face whenever you try to concentrate, then you have most definitely found your soulmate.

5. You find yourself at home with the person

If you are around him, you tend to feel unbelievable happy and you feel as if you are home with him even if the both of you are in the middle of nowhere you still feel comfortable with him.

He makes you smile no matter how tired you feel, he is the only one that knows how to make you happy no matter how angry or sad you were before. When you find this kind of comfort with him, he is your soulmate.

6. You share the same goals and plans

When you meet your soulmate you would realize that you don’t need to discuss your goals or your future with him because you realize that both of you share the same goals and plans for your future aligns with each other.

7. You long for him when you are apart

When you find your soulmate, your soul craves for him, you always miss him even when you just left him a mere minutes ago, you feel like a part of you is missing when you guys are not together, and you just can’t wait to see him.

8. You are confused

When you meet your soulmate you may start to question yourself and your emotions. You notice differences in your body, you may not even be able to control your body. There is an overwhelming sense of joy that overcomes you and can’t believe it is happening to you or why you deserve such happiness.

The reason why you feel a deep sense of confusion is the fact that your brain has not fully processed the fact that you found your soulmate.

9. You think the same way

It is possible that you and your soulmate, have been together in a past life. So most times, you think the same way and you can finish each other’s thoughts, you feel like your soulmate is using some kind of mind-reading technique to make you think the same way he does. But the truth is that you and your soulmate have a deep connection that makes the both of you reason alike.

10. You have excellent communication

When you find your soulmate you realize that you don’t need to stress yourself over, communicating with him, comes easy and natural. No need to drain your energy trying to get him to communicate with you. You guys always have a lot to say to each other and you have an understanding that makes it easy to talk to and trust one another

11. You enjoy the silence

When you are with your soulmate, you discover there is nothing awkward rather the silence is comfortable. You have grown to such an extent that you do not need words to communicate with each other. Your souls have a deep connection already and you don’t need words to let out your emotions.

12. Sparks fly

When you are around your soulmate, you feel sparks around you guys every day. It doesn’t matter if your relationship is three days old or five years, with your soulmate your sparks are never-ending. it feels new every day, it feels like a magnetic field surrounds both of you that keeps drawing you both together, and your chemistry is always just right.

13. Enjoy being around him

If you find your soulmate you always want to be around him, simply because you enjoy his company and you are never unhappy around him. When you are with your soulmate your soul immediately recognizes him and this creates a deep bond that follows you guys even when you guys are apart.

14. Feel love immediately

When you find your soulmate you immediately feel an attraction to them. And in a little while, you find yourself absolutely in love with him. You don’t necessarily have to wait long for your love to grow, with your soulmate. It is easy and straightforward.

15. You know your emotions are safe with them

When you find your soulmate you immediately feel safe with him, you trust him with your heart and emotions. You feel like he won’t take your emotions for granted, you are unafraid to share your deepest fear or your struggle with him because you know he would never mock you or toy with your emotions.

Types of soulmates

1. Soul partner

Soul partners are the soul you agreed to partner with within this life. These people could be the person you agree to be best friends with, start up a business together, or even have a baby with. Your soul partner can be someone you have known for a long time or someone you even barely know.

A soul partner is meant to support you professionally, emotionally, or even personally. Your soul partner reminds you of how beautiful and easy your life can be.

2. Soul ties

Your soul tie is someone who comes into your life for a reason. Let’s assume you are very busy, and you don’t have time for new friends or even yourself but you meet this particular person as a business partner or even a friend. Soul ties encourage you to create room in your busy life for something new. 

3. Romantic soulmate

Your romantic soulmate is usually not the easiest relationship to navigate. A romantic soulmate is a person who your heart yearns for, the person whom you love and can’t imagine spending the rest of your life with

You also have to understand that just because he is your soulmate does not mean that the relationship would be smooth sailing all the time.

4. Twin flame

Your twin flame is usually someone you share an intense connection with. They teach you challenges you love and encourage you to do better. Your twin flame also completes you and can heal you in a way you never knew you needed.

5. Kindred spirits

A kindred spirit is somebody who understands you, you both may share the same beliefs, you both have the same ideas regarding issues and he may have had similar life experiences with you.

When two old souls meet what happens

1. They want to be alone together

When two old souls meet, enjoy spending time together because they both enjoy being inside their heads. Even when they are together they are still able to concentrate on different things.

2. Apart from each other

They never want to be apart from each other but at the same time, they can have a life outside of themselves. When together they are together because they want to, not necessarily because they are dependent on each other.

3. Feel like family

When two old souls come together they feel like family. In other relationships, you may feel the need to impress or try to compete with one another. Together, they don’t feel the need to do all that because they are already comfortable with each other.

4. You don’t need to earn their love

You don’t have to try to earn the person’s love, because they already love each other as they should and they love your laughter, your weird jokes and everything else others might find difficult to love about you.

5. Known forever

It feels like you know each other before when two old souls come together. It is as if they have known each other even before they met each other.

Signs to know you are an old soul

An old soul can be referred to as someone that has been born before, or someone that has lived a past life before being born again. Here are a few ways you can know if you are an old soul.

1. Very inquisitive

Have you noticed that you have a very curious mind and that you are extremely inquisitive, then you have an old soul. This is because old souls always like the truth and are very wise and as such, they tend to want to know about everything. What happened and how exactly did it happen.

2 An old soul always sees the big picture

An old soul sees beyond the appearance, they easily let things slide off their backs, they tend to look at the bigger picture, being able to let things slide does not mean an old soul does not get angry of course they can get angry but they tend to step back and view the bigger picture.

3. They don’t feel like they belong

Most times an old soul tends to feel like they are outsiders, they feel as if they don’t belong, and most times they tend to feel lonely a lot.

4. You feel a connection to everything

An old soul easily feels a connection to everything, you feel a connection to God, the universe, nature, and most times they feel more connected to old people instead of younger people like themselves.

5. Wise beyond your age

Old souls are usually wise beyond their age, most times people around you may comment on the fact that you are wiser than your age, they may even refer to you as an old woman or man.

What is a twin flame connection?

A twin flame is an intense soul connection you feel with someone else, your twin flame is also referred to as your other half. They are also said to be one soul that was split into two different bodies.

When you find your twin flame you realize that he challenges you and helps you in your healing in a way you don’t even know you need healing.

How do I  recognize my twin flame?

1. You feel like you are meeting yourself

When you meet your twin flame you find something familiar about the person but you can’t place what exactly it is. You finally place it you come to realize that the person seems familiar because he is behaving just like you.

2. Notice that both of you share a lot of similarities

Meet your twin flame you realize that the both of you share a lot of similarities, and that is how it is supposed to be because you both share one soul.

3. Feel the connection on a deeper level

When you find your twin flame you realize that the connection you both share is different from anything you have ever felt before, you feel this intense connection to this other person and you find yourself chasing them.

4. Your twin flame encourages you

Finding your twin flame you realize that he pushes you to your greater height, they keep encouraging you to be yourself and become a better version of yourself.

Difference between a soulmate and twin flame.

A twin flame is one half of your soul, most times a soul can be split into two and shared into different bodies, who then come into life and go on facing different journeys. Most times twin flames go on and find each other and are romantic partner.

On the other hand, your soulmate is someone for whom you have deep feelings and natural affinity, and your soulmate is not usually your romantic partner; they can be your friends or family members.

Your twin flame relationship is not always easy. It is difficult to navigate this because most times your twin flame is someone who has a debt to pay to you in this lifetime.

Your soulmate relationship might be easy to navigate, it might follow effortlessly and be pretty easy to navigate.

Your twin flame is just one and you can only find your twin flame once in a lifetime.

But your soulmate can be more than one, and you can meet them in different lifetimes.

Is there a soulmate for everyone?

No, soulmates are not for everyone, and not everyone believes in soulmates, and most times you may meet your soulmate and not even realize that you have met them.

Physiological facts about soulmates

1. Soulmates experienced a high level of divorce

Most times people who end up with their soulmate tend to end up in divorce, this is because most times people who find their soulmate tend to rush into marriages without getting to know one another.

2. Soulmates need to find individual happiness

Even when you find your soulmate you need to find your happiness. your happiness does not need to depend on your soulmate.

How to know you are meant to be with someone.

When you are with someone and you feel genuinely happy, content, safe, and proud of them and vice-versa. The person who you are meant to be with will push you to be a better and more mature version of yourself. If you find that one person you are so sure you can’t live without them you are most definitely meant to be with that person.

Finding your soulmate is the most beautiful thing ever to feel this intense feeling for one person cannot be taken for granted. So when you find your soulmate you should take note of the above connection so as not to lose your soul mate.

I hope you enjoy reading this article. Please drop your comment after reading.

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