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How to Make Him Choose You Over The Other Woman: Ten ways to succeed

How to Make Him Choose You Over The Other Woman: Ten ways to succeed

At the very first stage of a relationship, before we finally choose the one we want to have a serious relationship with, it is common for us to have conflicting options on who to choose. For men, especially attractive ones, there is usually a lot of competition on who to choose. He might like one more than the other, but he might not be able to decide easily because others might possess some things that he also finds appealing. As a woman, when a guy you like has so many women fighting for his attention, you have to learn how to make him choose you over the other woman. 

Although a man’s love choice is for him to decide, there are some certain things you can do to give yourself more chances of winning him over the other women. A man likes when a woman is unique and compatible with him. This will make him choose you.  So you have to show that you are compatible with him and show him true love and care.

In dating, getting the man you like can be a very difficult task since other women might be fighting for his heart too. I am going to share some ways you can make him choose you over the other woman, without looking too desperate.

Ten smart ways to make him choose you over the other woman

1. Get to know your competitor:

The best way to win any competition is to know your opponents better. You have to study their strengths and weaknesses. That is how you will come up with an effective way to defeat them. You have to get close to the other woman, try to know her better, look at her flaws and try to work on that. If he sees you doing things he wishes the other woman did, he is going to start noticing you and fall In love with you.

2. Make her lose interest: 

This is a very selfish move. But you have to do what you have to do to get the heart of the man you love. If you have succeeded in knowing the other woman in his life, you can try to make her lose interest by helping her spot his weakness that will turn her off.

3. Show your compatibility:

If you are sure that both of you are compatible, you have to show it to him. You should show that you can fit in his social circle, that you guys share the same sexual and emotional connection. Be straightforward and let him know this. He is going to find you interesting if you think you guys are not compatible. You should not try to fake it because it’s going to turn against you in the long run.

4. Don’t always make yourself available: 

Even when you are straightforward, you also have to try to be a challenge to him. Have your own life, show to him that you have other men waiting to have you as theirs too. This will make him want to spend time with you because he is starting to see you as a challenge. If you are always seeking his attention, he is going to get bored and uninterested.

5. Be kind:

The way you treat people around you is one way to get a man’s attention.  The fact that you are kind to others, even to strangers, will make him start to have a soft spot for you. 

6. Have fun and live your life:

If you want to date someone, there are things that you both like. So you have to have fun with those things. For instance, if you both like music, you have to show yourself playing the piano or singing. When you are having fun with the things he likes, he is going to find you interesting and start to fall in love with you.

7. Make connections with him:

No relationship can work well without a connection. When you are connected, it helps you both stay together for very long. If you have a lot of things in common, then that’s a strong connection between you two. Focus on these connections and use them as your strength over the other woman. The fact you have a strong connection can make him always want to talk to you and get so used to you too.

8. Show your uniqueness:

You have to show him that you are not like every kind of woman. Your uniqueness will be so useful in attracting him. You have to keep to your dress style, attitude, and body, don’t try to be someone you are not. Let him see your unique personality traits. He is going to like you for who you are.

9. Show that you want him but don’t show too much interest:

You have to make him realize that you want him but can still do without him. If you are the only one doing the chasing he is going to lose interest. So you have to try to lead him on, make him know you like him, then leave him to do the chasing while you start to act like you are not that interested.

10. Go direct: 

If you have done all you can and he still seems confused on who to choose between the two of you, it is time for you to go directly and ask him what he wants to avoid wasting your time thinking you are being patient.

What makes a man connected to a woman?

1. Common interest:

Men are easily connected to women that share the same interests, hobbies, beliefs, and values with them. When he can share his passion with you, he is going to start feeling connected to you.

2. Mysteriousness:

You have to keep him guessing. If he knows everything about you, he will consider you boring. So when you share try not to overshare. This will make him start to think of you in the process of trying to understand you. Men are easily connected to women that are mysterious and hard to predict. 

3. Sexiness:

Men like sex and physical touch. So when they find you sexy they are going to feel connected to you. You have to try to keep it sexy to make him feel connected. Men are more emotional and soft than you think. When you hold hands and hug him and kiss him he is going to start getting attached to you.

4. Respect:

Men like to be respected. When you respect his decisions and opinions, he is going to want you more. You have to respect his privacy and always remember that he is the man. 

5. Positivity:

Men like women that can help them see positive things even in negative situations. He is going to feel attached to you if you can always support and show him the good sides of things even when he is losing hope.

6. Surprises:

Men like surprises more than you think. If you are always good at giving the rights gift, surprise sex at the right time, he is going to feel an emotional connection towards you.

How do you make a guy crave you emotionally?

1. Give him space:

When you give a man space he is going to have time to think of you and start missing you.

2. Become a woman of worth:

You have to work on yourself and become the kind of woman he respects and admires. Becoming a great woman will make any man crave you.

3. Support him:

The world is filled with so many challenges and everyone needs someone to help them get through it. If you are the kind of woman he can call anytime, who always gets his back, he is going to always want to be with you.

4. Keep the adventure going:

You have to learn how to spice things up, how to do creative things that would make your relationship always interesting. So that when you are not with him, he is going to miss all the things you do and start to crave you emotionally.

5. Listen to what he has to say in a conversation:

Men like women that can easily understand them. When you are conversing, a man likes a woman that can listen and understand him. This will enable you to see things from his point of view. So if he needs someone to talk to, you are going to be the first person that comes to his mind.

6. Create trust:

When you keep your promises and get his trust, he is going to become comfortable and see you as the number one person he can trust.

7. Do things that make him happy:

When a man is happy around you, he is going to always want to be around you. So you should know things that make him happy and do it. This way, he is always going to want to be with you.

8. Remember the details:

When you remember things he tells you, especially little things, he is going to know you listen to him and care so much about him.

What words attract a man?

Words might not be a big deal to men, but if you use the right words, you are going to make him feel more of a man. A man will be drawn to you when you know how to say words that boost his ego.

Here are some words that can help you uplift your man’s mood and attract him more to you:

“I am so proud of you”

 “I trust you”

“Will you help me fix it?”

“You always come up with the best solution”

“You make me feel safe”

“You are so good to me”

“You know you were right”

“I could never have asked for a better man”

“Have you gotten bigger?”

When you say words like this to a man, it makes him feel uplifted and also helps to reaffirm to him that you are proud of him. Men like to be respected, seen as the hero, a problem-solver. They want to always know they make their woman happy and always need them. So you have to learn to say words that will help him know all of these.

How do I make him realize my value?

If you feel your man does not value you enough, here are some things you can do: 

1. Take a step back:

This is one of the best and most effective ways to make a man realize his worth. If you suddenly go cold, he is going to wonder what has happened and start to miss you.

Sometimes, a man can get too used to your company and start to take it for granted. He might be truly busy and might not even realize he is neglecting you because he thinks no matter what, you will always be there. But if all of a sudden you are nowhere to be found, he is going to start looking for you.

2. Keep yourself occupied:

When you are always bored, you will want to contact the man you love. But when you get yourself busy you might not even have the time to get in touch with him. This will give him enough time to miss you and value you.

3. Know your worth:

If you don’t think you are valuable, no more would value you. You have to let yourself know you deserve someone who respects you. Someone who you don’t have to beg to love you. When you hold yourself in high esteem, the man is going to know your worth.

4. Learn to say ‘no’:

Always agreeing to what a man says can make him see you less. So you have to learn to disagree sometimes even when you want to.

5. Show him you can do without him:

You have to show him you have a life other than him. Go out, have fun and he will come looking for you.

6. Stop contacting him:

When a man is acting like he does not value you, another thing you can do is cut him off. Stop texting or calling first. Even when he calls you to act busy and doesn’t even call back. He is going to feel like he is losing you and start to chase you again.

Signs he’ll choose you over the other woman:

1. He is spending more time with you:

If he is spending his days and even nights with you it means you are the one he wants to be with. 

2. He holds your hands in public:

When he is not afraid to (PDA) with you, it means he loves you so much and doesn’t even care who is watching. 

3. He introduces you to his friends:

If he wants you to meet his friends, he takes you to hang out with his friends, which means you are the one he is choosing.

4. He is eager to introduce you to his parents:

A guy would only be eager to introduce you to his parents if he sees you as someone that he can spend the rest of his life with. If he is doing this, then you are the one he wants.

5. He is planning his day around you:

Planning his day around you is another sign he is going to choose you. If he had someone else that matters. he won’t plan every day of his life around you.

6. He is apologetic:

If he is always apologizing, it means he values you so much. A man would not bother to apologize if he had another choice that he loves too. He is always apologizing because you are the one he values the most.

7. He puts his phone away when you are together:

When you are together he doesn’t mind who is calling and he is not even texting anyone.

When a man starts showing any of these signs, it means you are the most important woman in his life and he is going to choose you over the other woman soon.

Should I compete with another woman for a man?

If you think the man likes you too, but he is just being distracted by the other woman, you can compete for him and help him decide to choose you. But it is not ideal to compete with another woman for a man especially when you know you are not that compatible with him.

Competing with another woman is not advisable because, if a man is not sure about you at the beginning, what makes you think he is not going to change his mind later? If you are competing for a man it makes him think less of you. You might even end up going into a fight with the other woman if you are not careful. This will make you appear worthless and desperate.

So it’s better to let the man choose you by himself than make him see why he has to choose you. As a woman, you should not have to compete for a man.  Just be you and let him be the one to decide. If you force things, you might regret them later on. But if you think you are sure he is the one for you, you can do what you have to make him yours

I’m scared I might lose out on him:

Sometimes when competing for a man, you can start to think he might not choose you. First of all, putting yourself in the position of competing for him shows that you don’t hold yourself in high esteem. So you will always have the fear that you will not be the one he is going to choose. 

He choosing you is his choice and when you lose out on him, it is not something to beat yourself about. It means he was not meant to be yours and you should try to move on.


Competing for a man is what no woman wants. But sometimes you can find yourself in such a situation. When it happens, you have to put it at the back of your mind that you might lose out on him. It’s a competition anyone can win. But before you compete for a man and be guaranteed of victory, you have to make sure you both have a lot in common and you are compatible with him. This gives you an edge over the other woman.

Competing for a man puts you in a position of losing your worth. So you have to make sure not to appear too desperate, you have to show him you want him but you can also do without him. If you appear too desperate, even if he ends up choosing you, he is not going to value you. You chased him anyway.

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