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How To Make An Online Relationship Work

How To Make An Online Relationship Work

In today’s world, online dating is quite common. This is due to advancements in technology. Social media, voice calls, and video calls now close the distance gap.

We cannot fully determine where we will find love. It can come via the internet. And if you have found someone who makes you happy online, congratulations.

There are many people who find love via the internet and wonder: How to make my online relationship work? To make an online relationship work, you have to be willing to put in the effort. Be willing to put in the time and open your heart to trying new and better things.

How to know if my online relationship will work

When you meet someone online, you never know at once if the relationship will work. It will take time and patience to get to know the person. Even if you guys are in sync on the first day of chatting, you have to ensure that the person is not catfishing you.

If you are able to connect easily with the other person, this affair will work. Another sign it will work is if you are physically attracted to the person. Below are a few tips you can also look out for.

Do you guys like the same things or have a passion for the same things? This is one key factor that should not be left out. For this relationship to be a success, you guys must be passionate about similar things.

It is better when people build relationships with people who have similar interests.

You also noticed that since you started interacting with him, you get a feeling of bliss. It is an indication that your relationship can work out.

If they encourage and motivate you to grow, it is a sign that your relationship could work.

They do not forget the seemingly insignificant things you tell them. They listen to you and actually care about what you have to say and about how you feel. This is an extremely vital part to know if your relationship online will work.

Tips on how to make an online relationship work


An online relationship can become challenging when the role of communication is neglected. Communication is the most critical part of an e-relationship. You have to ensure that you are always connected. 

If you have ten different online presences, ensure you have your partner in all of them. Ensure that you have some time set aside to talk to your partner. 

Even if it is only 10 minutes a day, don’t let a day go by without talking to your partner. But you also need to understand that you guys must not be pressured into taking every single hour of the day.

Get to know them well

If you are in this type of love affair, you should not hide anything from your partner. You should be able to tell them your goals, and your interests. 

Tell them about your background and your family history. Talk about your daily activities, and basically share everything together. The more you share with each other, the deeper you both will bond.

Be active on each other’s social media

Social media helps you to be active in your partner’s life and enables you to be in the loop. So if your partner is on Facebook, follow them there. 

If they are on Instagram follow them there also. Stay active on all their social media accounts. This can make your relationships look more real. And it can also help you both discover mutual friends.


Don’t enter into a relationship with lies. You have to be honest and put everything out. Don’t lie about your income or your past sexual relationships. 

Try to be honest about who you are and what you are doing at all times. And if you lied at the beginning, you need to come clean before it comes crashing down.

Learn all you can about your daily schedule

Having a relationship online is challenging enough. Even though it may seem unreal, being aware of each other’s schedules might make it seem so real. Every day you can send them a copy of your schedule and let them know your plans for the day.

Video chat

When maintaining this love affair, you have to ensure that you use video calls all the time. This way, you can see each other frequently. Also, it makes you guys feel connected and closer to each other.

Dirty talk

When in an online relationship, you need to be able to have dirty talks with your partner. This is to enable you guys to spice things up and keep the fire burning. 

Long distance shouldn’t stop you and your partner from having fun. You can send revealing photos if you trust them and you can also send dirty texts.

Do the same things

In a long-distance relationship, you need to watch the same movies and read the same books. This allows you to have shared experiences and something to talk about. It also allows you to share your likes and dislikes about the movie or book.

Talk about your expectations

You should be able to talk about what you want from the relationship. Ensure that you share the same expectations or at least find a middle ground. Tell them if you want the relationship to be long-term and how committed you are.

Set goals

Even if you are having an e-relationship, you need to set boundaries. You both need to talk about your goals and how to achieve them. Create a timeline for how you will achieve your goals.

Plan a meeting offline

When you’ve been in an online relationship for some time, you need to make arrangements to see each other. Start working on how to meet from the beginning of your relationship.

Have a strong support system

Being in an online relationship is already challenging enough. You need to have people in your corner that can help you get through the hard times. People that you can hang around with when you can’t be with your partner.

Express your feelings

Ensure that you express your feelings with intimate gifts and heartfelt love messages. These gifts don’t need to be expensive, they just need to come from the heart.

Become teammates

You need to become teammates. It is better when both of you are putting in the same effort and not just one person turning in all the work. Make sure that you put the right effort into your relationship.

Talk about your future

When you are in an online relationship, you need to talk about your future from the beginning. Do not feel compelled to do it too soon. An online relationship is mostly based on you both talking about your future plans and goals.

Red flags that might destroy your online relationship

When dating online, you need to look out for some red flags that can destroy your relationship. One of these signs is when this person is always asking you for money. 

Another is when they are after your account balance, wanting to know how much you earn. You should be wary of such a person.

Also, when you meet someone online and they are too eager to say I love you, you should take it as a red flag. Not communicating constantly and refusing to send you their pictures. These are all huge red flags that can ruin your relationship.

What to do when an online relationship gets boring

All relationships get boring but it can actually be worse when you are dating online. While dating offline, you can do things one-on-one. A fun way to spice up this type of affair is with an online date. 

The date will allow both of you to talk about new things to do. And it can also help infuse new activities that will keep you both engaged. 

Reduce your normal day-to-day activities and avoid talking all the time. After all, distance makes the heart grow fonder so try to miss each other and keep the fire burning. You can arrange dates and attend together via video calls.

How to make an online relationship work: Do’s and Don’ts


  • For this affair to work, you have to ensure that you’re in it for the long run, not just for loneliness or financial gain.
  • Ensure you both have the same way of communication and that you have a connection.
  • Plan a date night even if it is through Skype calls.
  • Follow each other on social media.
  • Set healthy boundaries.


  • In this type of love affair, you need to curb the urge to overshare.
  • Don’t depend only on social media.
  • Don’t be too fast or try to force things to happen on your timeline.

Successful online relationships

Many couples are able to have a successful online relationship and you can share a few stories with you guys. Note, real names are not being used in the story.

I knew of this couple, Jane and Paul who met on Facebook. Jane was in Kenya and Paul was in the USA. They met online, and Paul came back to Kenya to marry Jane. They currently have two children in Atlanta, Georgia together.

Now, this one is my personal favorite. This couple met on Twitter after arguing about something trivial. The guy checks her page and sees this beautiful face. He just couldn’t ignore them and slid into her Dm to apologize and the rest they say is history.

Vivian and Frank met on Tinder and today they have four kids and have been married for 20 years and counting.

This is not to say that these couples had it easy. No, they had their challenges but they chose each other and they are still fighting for each other.

Success rates for online relationships

There is no accurate data on online dating. But most research shows a high rate of successful e-relationships. Eventually, these relationships led to marriage with a deep and meaningful connection.

To sum up

Online relationships are not easy. They will test you and challenge your resolve. Dating offline is challenging, but believe me when I say dating offline is more challenging. 

You are not even seeing the person you love physically, and you can’t fight him, kiss him, or hug him. Dating this way is a battle for the strongest and it takes lots of strength to pull through.

But note that online dating can be so much fun and fulfilling. With the right partner, e-relationships can work well. Remember, nothing worth having comes easy.

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