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How To Initiate A Conversation With A Guy

How To Initiate A Conversation With A Guy

It is normal for guys to begin a chat with a lady. But at some point, there might be this guy that you like and you want to get to know him. The question now is how do you start a conversation with a guy for the first time?

To initiate a conversation with a guy, you should be confident. If you’ve known the guy for a while, you can compliment his clothes. Guys love getting this sort of compliment. 

Talking with someone of the opposite sex isn’t rocket science. However, you have to do it right to avoid awkward situations or embarrassment.

How to begin a conversation with a guy

Learning how to start a conversation with a guy is not as difficult as it seems. For instance, you could begin by complimenting his outfit. And of course, that is if you are confident enough to say something about his looks.

By saying this, it can lead to him commending your looks too. Then you both can enter into a conversation. The truth is approaching a guy requires you to be bold.

You have to learn how to maintain eye contact. One thing you should know is that not all men are as confident as you think. If you stare into his eyes before approaching him, you will see how he becomes more fragile and open.

Also, you have to put this at the back of your mind. Knowing the right time to make a move is very important. So you have to study his body language and see if it’s inviting.

You might realize this if he smiles back when you look at him. And feels relaxed. Then it’s time to take a deep breath and walk towards him.

When you get to him, go straight to greeting him and introducing yourself and of course, he will reciprocate. Then this is the time to do some quick thinking.

Look for something around that you can talk about. As we talked about earlier, commend his fashion sense. But while you do this, stay calm and bold. And this could lead you to talk about fashion.

One thing about being the first to initiate a discussion with a guy is taking note of the place you are.

For instance, if you are meeting him in a bar, talking about drinks would be a great way to start off. You can ask him the name of what he is drinking or what his favorite brand is on the menu so he could help you choose.

Then while you talk about this, look around for something you can discuss. But don’t try to judge or mock anyone. That would set a wrong first impression.

A discussion about how beautiful or noisy you think the place is can be a great beginner.

If he has a pet or anything unique, it is also a good idea. Say something nice and you can begin from there. Do you think he looks or sounds like someone popular? Well, yes that’s a very good starter for you.

Saying this can make him feel good which in turn makes him more communicative around you. Please when doing all of this, don’t be rushy. At some point, allow him to take the lead so you won’t appear desperate.

When some guys take the lead, they would try to get your phone number so the conversation can continue. At the point he takes the lead, he already wants you to be his friend. Especially when you are a great conversationalist.

Some other time, you can talk about his hobbies and what they like. Always make sure the things you are bringing up flow naturally; you don’t want to sound programmed.

Another way you can begin a discussion with a guy is by asking for a favor. Like hey, can I borrow your phone? Do you know how I can get to the nearest store here?

You could also try asking for his help. Guys like to be seen as heroes. Ask if he can help you with something. If he is someone you know and has a car, you could ask if he can help you get to your place.

Alternatively, you could offer to help him get to his place if he does not have a car. If you want to be more unnoticed, you could just act as if you hit him by mistake. Like you see in movies, this works in real life too.

How to start a conversation with a guy online

Talking with a guy on the internet could look easy. But without proper skills, he may not reply to you or may take you as one of the girls that are drooling over him.

If he is someone you know from somewhere and they did something for you, maybe gave you a ride. You could begin with “Hey thanks for the ride” or you can say something like “I enjoyed talking to you the other time.”

You could also go through his profile and see if there is anything there to talk about. If he has posted things he did, you could start with that like hello, your painting works are impressive.

Try not to always come off as too direct when texting men online. You can try something that will get him a bit curious.

For instance, if you could say something like Hey guess what? He would like to reach you to see what’s going on.

Or maybe you have hung out before and you felt like texting him. You could start with Hey, I had a nice time yesterday.

And if you have talked about something before, you could bring that up. Like what’s the title of that movie we talked about last night?

Be creative. Jokes are a good way to get him to text you. Funny memes or GIFs are also ways to begin a discussion with a guy on the internet.

How to initiate a conversation with a guy you don’t know

If you are meeting him for the first time, there are different ways you can get into a discussion with him. But first, you have to choose the right moment. It wouldn’t be ideal to meet him when he is in a serious situation.

It’s better to always learn to catch him alone. Then you could ask for his help or his opinion. If it’s on a street, asking for his help on getting to a location is a great way to talk to a stranger you like.

If you are confident enough, you could go straight to the point like Hey how are you? I am Racheal. What’s your name? Can we be friends?

Another subtle method is to walk towards him and act as if you bumped into him then quickly apologize and there you go. Starting a discussion is never enough.

You have to learn how to use your surroundings to your advantage. This will help you generate topics to keep the talk going. And prepare yourself for any unplanned surprises like someone joining in.

Why do women hardly start a conversation with a guy?

Although it is very uncommon for ladies to talk to a guy first, some do it. And the common reason why they don’t do this is that society has made it seem like a guy must always make the first move.

Due to this, ladies fear appearing desperate to a guy so they draw back from initial talks. Most guys have a very low sense of reasoning, they could even think the lady is so cheap for talking to them first.

When it comes to talking to someone for the first time, it takes a lot of confidence and risk. Not all ladies are willing to through that process.

However, if you have been talking to this lady for a while, and she has never initiated conversations. It means she might not be that into you.

When ladies are in a relationship, they are mostly the ones to talk first before a guy. Even if you are just a close friend, they don’t mind texting or calling you first.

Does starting a conversation with a guy mean I’m cheap or desperate?

No, it does not. But it depends on how you do it. When you talk to a guy always, make sure you bring up topics that give him the lead.

Yes, a woman can begin the talk but it is ideal if the guy is into it too.

When you are becoming rushy, it indicates that you don’t value yourself enough. It’s worse when you receive short replies, but still don’t mind coming back to begin the discussion.

Men are known to be chasers. Yes, a woman can chase a man but there has to be a limit or you might end up being seen as cheap. Make him chase you.

Talk to him. But be smart enough to bring in topics that would make him take the lead.  A guy who is interested in you would take charge very quickly.

Will starting a conversation with a guy reduce my worth?

No, it will not. Well, this is determined by how you do it. If you text a guy first and if he leaves you on read, well that would make him think low of you.

If you’re always the one that talks to him when you meet first and engage more, he might make him think you are desperate. 

The thing is, talking first is good but don’t appear over-excited about it while you do it. Don’t talk too fast and also make him take the lead at most of the points of your discussion.

To sum up

As you have learned how to start a conversation with a guy isn’t that hard. All you need is the confidence and creative skill to come up with something worth talking about.

While you do this, always make sure he is well involved. In fact along the line you will know you did a great job when he did most of the talking. 

Talking to a guy first might also make you meet your Mr. Right. But be very careful. Don’t be in a rush to impress. Don’t be too needy. Remember that you are a high-value woman. And you should prove that when initiating a conversation.

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