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How To Talk To An Aries Man (12 Flirty Attractive Ways)

How To Talk To An Aries Man (12 Flirty Attractive Ways)

Are you drawn to an Aries man, and hence you seek for ways on how to talk to an Aries man and attract him? Guess you must have heard that flirting with him is one of the quickest ways to do it. If you want to learn how to talk to an Aries man, keep reading this article.

In talking with an Aries man, you have to be direct, and honest. If you try to beat around the bush, you might not be able to get his attention. While the conversation is going on, you have to show him your confidence, intelligence, and sense of humour. When he is talking, you have to give him the time to express himself, even if the conversation seems onside. They hate when you try to shut them up.

Aries men are very lovely, if you can win them over, it would be a great catch for you. They need a partner that will match their energy. Below are a few tips that we have put together to help you capture your Aries man’s heart


How does an Aries man communicate

Aries men like to talk, he enjoys talking, especially when he is comfortable around you. They communicate in a kind of dominant way; he always likes to speak first. Aries is a fire sign that makes him very energetic. That’s why he can talk for hours, without getting tired. 

If you have been wondering how to talk to an Aries man, here is what you should know; They are a very playful and adventurous sign. He likes to talk about adventures, planning trips, and talking about mysteries. Bringing up those kinds of topics is the best way to get a conversation going when talking with him.

What you should not say to an Aries

1. “Calm down”

You should never say this to him, especially When he is upset. They are very hot-tempered. Though this word would piss anybody off, for an Aries man never wants to hear this.

2. “Grow up!!”

Being the youngest and first sign in the zodiac, it’s normal for them to get a bit stubborn, and childish. But even when your man is acting like that, never tell him that he is acting childish. Telling an Aries man that he needs to act mature, or grow up, can make him hate you.

3. “Are you sure you don’t need a little help”

If you want to piss this man off, this is a very good way to do that. But if you can make him happy, don’t ever make him feel weak. They don’t like asking for help. They have confidence in themselves. If they tell you they can do it, then let them do it. They are very stubborn, they do things impulsively. So if you are with him, you always make him feel he needs help, he is going to get pissed.

4. “You are so selfish”

Even if he might look self-centered, they are not like narcissistic selfishness. They can make compromises for the people they love. But when they look selfish, you know they have a goal in mind, that they try to achieve. So if you call him this, it’s going to make him feel, you are trying to undermine his goals.

5. “You can’t do that” 

He is stubborn and he is direct. When he gets his mind on something, he is going directly for it. If you don’t want to get on his black book, don’t ever make him feel he can’t achieve certain things. Even if it looks impossible to you, just let him do what he feels like because talking to him will only cause problems in your relationship.

6. “You talk too much”

Telling him this, is like telling him to shut up. Aries man likes to be in control and they are very expressive. if you don’t let them express themselves, you might get on their black book.

7. “Why don’t you do it this way”

They want to be in charge. So telling them how to do things feels like you are trying to control them.

8. “You are so impatient”

They are known for their immediacy; they don’t like to wait for things. If you tell him he is impatient, he might stop being your friend.

How to start a conversation with an Aries man 

1. Start with what concerns him and be straight forward

To start a conversation with this man, you have to learn how to grab his attention. A very straightforward and captivating opener would be able to get his attention. Look for something that you both would be interested in, maybe something that concerns you and him. If he is your coworker, and there is an issue, you can go directly and tell him about your view, he would want to listen.

2. Try to appeal to his emotions 

You can get this man into a conversation, by saying something that concerns his heart. For instance, if he just lost someone or graduated, you can start by talking about that. Remember to always be direct.  

3. Flaunt your intelligence 

Start with a meaningful topic, and would involve logical thinking show him your intelligent side.

4. Start with confidence 

These men like confidence. So if you want to start a conversation with him, you have to make sure you don’t look shy. He does not have that kind of patience.

5. Say something boastful 

You just achieved something? This is a very good way to start a conversation with this man. Like, “I just got into college.” or you can start with showing him something cool you can do.

6. Get him to appeal to you emotions 

They are very sympathetic in nature. So if something bad happened to you, that might be the right time to start a conversation with him. No one prays for bad things to happen to them, but if it happens you can make the best out of it.

How to keep a conversation going with an Aries man 

This man can get easily bored. So if you want to keep a conversation going with him, you have to show him your creative side. Get creative.

When he is talking, let him go on, and act like you want him to even talk more. Trying to interrupt him, will only make them get tired of talking to you. Be creative, intelligent, confident and be direct and honest. This man will enjoy talking to you.

12 flirty ways to attract an Aries man

1.  Compliments

He is the type of man that likes to be the centre of attraction. If he knows you notice him he is going to be drawn to you too. Compliment him often and the fact that you were bold enough to come to him and say something nice, are quick ways to get him attracted to you.

2. Give him chance to be in the spotlight 

Like we said before, this man likes to be in the spotlight. So, if you want to flirt with him, allow him to show his cool side, make him dance or something, then you compliment how good he is at that particular thing.

3. Be honest

They might be flirtatious, but they like someone authentic. If he senses that you are not true to him, he might pull him away from you. In trying to flirt with him, always make sure you are being honest. Tell him things about you, and ask him to tell you things about him. Be mysterious, but don’t lie to him

4. Work on your fashion sense

He likes to follow trends. If you want to get him to be attracted to you, try out the latest fashion that best suits you, and let him see you in them. 

5. Make eye contact 

He likes flirty body language; always make eye contact with the Aries man you are attracted to. Make eye contact till when you have noticed you caught his attention. Smile at him, and look away slowly. 

6. Be sexy 

Aries men are known for their sensuality. So if you are a sexy woman, it will be easier for him to be drawn to you. Don’t dress half-naked; you can wear something that’s trending, and make it look sexually appealing. Show a little skin if you are comfortable with it. Try to seduce him in public, but do it respectively he is drawn to it.

7. Flirty jokes

If you are already friends with him, and you are wondering how to talk to him in a flirty way, one way is making flirty remarks. Say something about his voice. He is going to start getting interested in you because he likes women that are like him.

So, if you have a sense of humour he would be very happy too. He likes when you are bold and confident to say flirty jokes without getting shy.

8. Be confident 

They are very straightforward men; they like their women to also be like them. So when you are confident to speak up it will make him draw to you.

9. Act intelligently 

After being sexy and all of that, you have to show an Aries man that you are more than that. Even When you are flirting with him he wants to see intelligence. Use wordplay as your sexy liner, he likes it so much. Show you cleverness, even when you are just having a seductive conversation.

10. Be creative with your conversation

Know how to come up with not just intelligent conversations, but creative conversations,  like starting a playful debate. He likes to have fun. You can come up with a debate from an adventure movie, he mostly has seen or likes to see.

11. Send him flirty text

He is flirtatious. If you know how to talk to an Aries man with flirty text, he would be attracted, and want to text back to you. He enjoys this kind of conversation.

12. Get him something special

Get him a unique gift, something that makes him feel special. This makes him know you are attracted to him, and that’s something that finds capturing. He wants people to be drawn to him, and if you can let him know that you are truly drawn to him, he will be attracted to you.

How to tell if an Aries man likes you

1. Does PDA with you

When an Aries man likes you, be sure he is going to be showing you off. Men born under this sign are rarely shy and are very confident. So publicly displaying affection(PDA) with you is no big deal to him. Also, the fact that they like to show off, would make him want to hug and hold you in public, just so everyone can know he got a beautiful girl. 

2. Compliments you a lot 

Though most times, his compliments would be about your physical beauty, because he is naturally drawn to physicality. So when he says he likes you,  he is always going to say something nice and flirty about your looks and your body. 

3. Doesn’t play any mind games 

He is honest and straightforward. When he likes you, you would know. He will be direct, he won’t try to play mind games with you. If he is playing mind games, it might mean he is not really into you.

4. Touchy 

An Aries man prefers to express his feelings through physical affection. He might not have told you how much he wants you, but from the way he touches you, you would know. He will hug you, kiss you, and tickle you very often.

5. Generous 

When he likes a woman, he can do anything to put a smile on her face. He would shower you with all romantic gestures, including extravagant spending on you. He is willing to buy you expensive things, just to make you happy.

6. Tells you 

They are fast-moving men; they don’t waste time making decisions. If an Aries man likes you, he would be open about his feelings to you. He is known to act based on impulse, he is quick to jump into a relationship, once he feels attracted to the person.

7. Flirts with you 

Is the kind of man that likes to chase. If he sets his eyes on you and likes you, he is going to start flirting with you right away. He is very good at making dirty jokes too.

The personality of an Aries man

1. Energetic 

They are full of life and love to do things very quickly. Aries man likes to take on challenges, but if things become repetitive, he would easily draw out.

2. Hot-headed 

They are short-tempered, and they are aggressive. If you disagree with him, it might lead to a serious fight.

3. Self-centred 

When it comes to their goals, they like them first. Although they may appear selfish, when you are close to them, they can go out of their way for you. But when they are focused on achieving something, it might make this romantic relationship surfer.

4. Stubborn 

They are independent and spontaneous. They are not the type of men that you expect to seek your advice. Once they get their mind on something, they won’t think twice before doing it.

5. Competitive

The quest to always stand out makes men born under this sign very ambitious. They want to be the best at everything they do, they see life as a competition, they are hard-working and always want to win.

How to turn on an Aries man

1. Seduce him in public

He is attracted to sexually confident women. So if you want to turn him on, you have to learn how to flirt with him seductively.  For instance, if he is sitting close to you, you can stylishly use your legs to rub on his. He likes physical affection. It will turn him on. He also likes when you touch him in seductive ways.

2. Be aggressive 

This will not just turn an Aries man on, it’s going to make him crave you. Aries ruled by Mars, the planet of war and aggression, are very combative, enjoy picking up a fight, and arguing. If you want to turn him on, start an argument about something, this fight will mostly lead you both to the bedroom.

3. Wear something sexy 

Aries are easily turned on by sexy dresses. Red is the color associated with the sign. Get a sexy red gown, and wear it around him; he won’t be able to resist you. 

4. Play hard to get 

They love to chase. After giving him a signal that you want him, let him take it from there. The more an Aries guy is chasing you, the more he wants you.

5. Be creative

When things get repetitive, it can make them feel bored. In bed, let him not be able to predict you. If he sees you as an adventure, he is always going to want to have sex with you. Try to always come up with new moves. 

How to make an Aries man happy

1. Go on adventures with him

Aries is always down for something new. He wants to see new places and try new things.  If you want to make him happy, join him on adventures, and show him new things he can do. Take him out on a date, to a new restaurant. Or show some new places you can visit.

2. Joke around and show your sense of humour

They are known for their playfulness. Even when they are sad, if you can tell the right joke, it’s going to make them laugh.

3. Please him in the bedroom

Their libido and sex drive are very high; They like sex. Though it has to be more aggressive and playful if wants to please him sexually. If you please him, be ready to be dominated in bed, if you want him to be happy.

4. Compliment him 

They like to feel important. One way you can put a smile on these men’s faces is by telling them something sweet. Don’t hold back on compliments, they like to hear them.

5. Give him a thoughtful gift 

Just like we earlier said, this man likes to feel special. Give him something you know he is going to like. It does not have to be expensive.

Zodiac signs that demand attention in a relationship

1. Aries 

It’s much easier to get drawn to people born under this sign. They don’t directly seek attention; they are naturally that way. Arians wants to always be on top and in the spotlight. This makes attention to always be on them.

2. Gemini

These individuals are easy to be drawn to. They seek attention because they feel that they are good enough to be noticed anywhere they go. And yeah, they have amazing personalities, that would make anyone drawn to them. So this is why they feel like “hey we are amazing you are supposed to look at us.”

3. Leo 

Though they can do anything to get people drawn to them, these signs have a personality that gets people drawn to them. Leo can cause a stir just to get noticed. Majorly, they do everything just to stand out in the crowd. They are very fame-hungry signs, that are good and are clout chasing.

4. Libra 

People born under this sign like to be complimented. They do things with the mind that you have to compliment me. For Leo they want the eyes to be on them, but for Libra they just want people to always say something sweet about them this is why they do things that get noticed.

How does an Aries man show affection

Aries are known to be touchy; they prefer to show attention through physical touch. If an Aries man likes you, he is going to be touchy around you. Like hugging you and touching your ears. They are very confident and don’t mind being touchy in public. If you are a perfect cuddler, then he is the man for you

They are also very playful with words, they like a playful debate. If they like you, they will tease you and also want to start a playful debate with you.


As a fire sign, Aries are known to be very energetic, direct, and impulsive. So, if you can get him attracted to you, get him to like you, he is going to start chasing you immediately

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