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18 Tips On How to Win An Aquarius Man And Keep Him

18 Tips On How to Win An Aquarius Man And Keep Him

How to win an Aquarius man and keep him, when they don’t open up easily? Aquarius men are unique, friendly, and kind-hearted. They sometimes can be loners who enjoy their own company more than that of others. Falling for Aquarius man is easy, but making him fall for you is a very difficult task. Because they are very picky when it comes to choosing a romantic partner.

Aquarius don’t usually fall for physical appearance. They are very selective when it comes to love, it’s usually more of a connection to them. The best way to win an Aquarius man’s heart is to try to be his friend, try to make him get used to you, be different and be unique, you have to also be patient with him.

As an Aquarius man, I am going to help you with 18 tips on how to win and keep the heart of an Aquarius men

18 Tips On How To Win An Aquarius Man And Keep Him

1. Be is friend first

Aquarius men don’t just jump into a relationship or into falling in love they need time to understand and be with you first.

They believe in knowing someone very well before they can become their partner. The closer you are to an Aquarius man, the more possibility of him falling in love with you.

2. Be different 

You have to be a different kind of girl. An Aquarius man likes a girl who knows what she wants. Who is not trying to follow trends but has her unique style. When you try to act like others to get his attention, it turns him off.

3. Be patient 

When trying to win an Aquarius man’s heart, you have to put in mind that it’s going to be frustrating.

The fact that it takes a long time for him to fall in love will frustrate you at some point because it will look like all your efforts are in vain. So you have to be very patient to be able to win his heart.

4. Make him trust you

Trust is very vital in every relationship. But for an Aquarius man it is one of the foundations for a relationship. T

hey have to trust you to be able to fall in love with you. He wants you to trust him and he wants to be able to trust you too. So you both need a lot of time to build trust.

5. Do things that surprise him

Every man likes surprises. Try to do things that he does not expect. This will make his heart start to get soft for you.

Do things out of your heart he does not have to be expensive but if it means a lot to you, it will mean a lot to him.

6. Be kind to others 

Aquarius men might seem cold but they are very empathic. Your kindness to others is one way to win his heart. Do things for people or the community voluntarily. This will make him fall for you.

7. Don’t be too dramatic

When you have an overly emotional reaction to every event, men are going to see you as too dramatic. For an Aquarius man, this is one of his biggest turn-offs.

Instead of filling your life with drama, work on how to make things better and work on your reaction to things. This will make him see you as someone he can be with. 

8. Play hard to get

If you want to win an Aquarius man’s heart, play hard for him to get. We like challenges and we like to win. We like to do the chasing.

If you’re not always available for him he is going to start liking and coming for you more. Make him feel like an option, act like you are not really into him, make him feel like other guys are chasing you too.

At the same time, give him hints that you like him but he just has to work harder. He is going to start fighting to be the number one in your life.

9. Make him feel special 

Men like to feel special. You have to make him know he has a special place in your heart. Aquarius men want to be the number one in your life.

They want to know the things you do for them you don’t do for other men that will make them fall in love with you.

10. Be mysterious 

Make it hard for him to know things about you. Give him some puzzles to solve. This will make him find you very interesting and want to know you more.

When you tell him stuff about things you don’t like but keep some details so there is always something new to know about you. When he solves the puzzles and finds some by himself, this will give him time to think about you. 

11. Don’t be clingy

When you can do a lot of things by yourself it will make him fall for you. An Aquarius man likes independent women. A woman who gives attention but can also give them space.

When he sees how busy you are with your life he knows he has to fight to win your attention. You’re not the type that’s sitting and just waiting for every excuse to call him.

Aquarius men like industrious women, not a woman that would want to tie them down. Let him know you have your own life going on.

12. Be supportive 

Be his biggest supporter.  The fact that We don’t open up so easily, makes it hard for us to have so many friends. So we expect the few we have, to always have our back. Aquarius men like women who are always there for them.

They might not be calling you all the time but when they do they expect you to act concerned and want to do something about it because this is what they would do for you too.

13. Don’t be pushy

Don’t try to get him to do things that you want in a forceful or entitled way. Aquarius men are careful thinkers. They like to do things after thinking about them properly so when you try to rush them to make decisions it might push them away.

14. Don’t be extravagant 

The fact that they are very prudent in spending, they want their woman to be the same also. Aquarius men like to spend on things but it has to be useful.

If he sees you spending money on things that you don’t need he is going to see you as extravagant.

15. Be yourself 

Well, the best way to win any man’s heart is to be yourself. If you decide to make him believe to be something you are not, what if you can’t fake it anymore? That will ruin everything.

Just be yourself if he likes you he is going to come for you.

16. Give him your attention 

You have to give him attention and also know when to cut it off, so he can come looking for more. Aquarius men are independent but when we find someone that can help our lives feel better, we always want to talk to them.

He might not call you all the time but he is wishing you to do the calling so he can get to hear from you. Give him attention but don’t overdo it.

17. Be conversational

You have to show him that you are more than just a pretty face and that you have more to offer. Aquarius men find intelligent conversation very attractive.

When a woman is brilliant, it makes them want her more. You have to know how to keep a conversation about intelligent topics. This will help you have something you can always talk about.

18. Show him, true love

Aquarius men might look cold outside, but they are very soft. If you give them true love and care they are going to fall for you in no time.

Take care of him like a mom, make sacrifices for him and do anything that would make him know you truly love him.

Signs an Aquarius man is in love 

When an Aquarius man is head over heels for someone, he is going to show some of the following signs;

  1. He Is going to be vulnerable in front of you: Aquarius men do not open easily. So when they start to do that it is because they are comfortable and they trust you enough to let their guard down around you. If he starts sharing private stuff with you, it’s a sign that he is in love with you.
  2. He will go out of his way to surprise you: when he starts doing things he doesn’t usually do for you, that’s a sign that he is in love with you. They are usually not that open, showing how much someone’s means to them. So if he is going the extra mile to put a smile on your face when he is in love.
  3. He will scold you and treat you like a baby as well: scolding is one trait you can take from us when we are in love. Aquarius man will scold you as much as he will over pamper you. When you do things he does not like he is going to correct you instantly, maybe in an angry tone but he is going to come back to let you know that he loves you so much.
  4. He will make a lot of plans with you: Aquarius men are introverted but like to have adventures and explore new places. So if he is in love with how he is going to start wanting you to be part of his adventures. Is he asking you to come with him to try a new restaurant or new places? Then he is in love with you. 
  5. He would do PDA with you: we can be shy but when we are so in love, we don’t care who is watching. At first, he might be reluctant to kiss you in public but with time, he is going to be the one asking for it, and you might feel super loved during the kiss.
  6. He will not shy away from commitment: Aquarius men are non-committals. They like their independence but when he is truly In love he is going to start showing signs of commitment.
  7. He wants you to chase him too: Aquarius men want to be treated like the lady sometimes lol! I am very fond of this. Sometimes I can act angry and would want my partner to apologize to me, show me how much she wants me. This is something all Aquarius men do too when they are in love.
  8. He would not stop talking about you to his friends: he would always tell his friends how much he loves you and how much you mean to him. When he is in love he has nothing to hide. The fact that it took him time to accept the relationship assures him that you are the one for him so he does not hesitate to tell everyone about you.
  9. He gives you more attention: Although he does not like clingy women when he is in love he becomes a bit clingy. He might not always be calling you but he is there waiting for you to call and once you call he answers with so much joy. An Aquarius man In love would be always there for you
  10. He wants to know what you think: you become his adviser. If he seeks your opinion before doing anything, that’s a sign that he is in love.
  11. He tells you how to deal with him better: he starts to drop hints on how to best live with him. Aquarius men know they are complicated to be friends with, but they won’t bother to tell you how to best deal with them if they don’t love you so much. 
  12. He makes you his best friend: you are going to be like the only one he talks to and wants to hang out with. He has other friends but you are the only one he is interested in doing anything with.
  13. He becomes a softer version of himself: Aquarius men don’t like showing emotions, they avoid being emotionally vulnerable but when they are in love they start to let their guards down and become so soft around you.
  14. He tells you he loves you: an Aquarius man won’t tell you that he loves you unless he is sure. So if he has told you he loves you then he does.

How to love an Aquarius man

Aquarius men like to be chased. So you always need to assure him that you love him all the time.

Always put it at the back of your mind that he is going to have mood swings sometimes when he wants to be alone. You have to respect that and be aware of when to give him his space.

It is rare to see an Aquarius man cheat so he expects you to be faithful and loyal to him too.

Always be there for him and be supportive when he needs it. Be honest to him and learn to give him the freedom to make his own decisions. It will make him feel that you understand him so well. 

Avoid drama and be full of surprises. Aquarius men like to see and do things differently. When you are always surprising him, it will make you interested in him. It makes him want to spend more time with you because there is something new to know every day.

Loving you is like an adventure to him. When you do all of these he will know you love him.

Traits & characteristics of an Aquarius man

Aquarius man positive traits

1. Freethinkers:

they don’t think like everyone else they are easy to reject accepted opinions until they carefully think them through.

2. Creative:

They don’t like to do things in a particular pattern so they are always looking for new ways to do stuff.

3. Kind-hearted:

They care for others as they will care for themself. Aquarius man can go the extra mile to care for others.

4. Original:

They like to be different and not like to follow the trend or do what everyone is doing.

5. Witty:

Aquarius are very good at delivering quick little remarks that often demonstrate sharp, biting humor delivered playfully. 

6. Charmers:

Aquarius are good at charming others with their amazing personalities 

7. Free-spirited:

They live as they want to live and don’t care to follow any rules or standard of living.

8. Self-reliant:

They are very independent and rely on themselves to do a lot of things.

9. Optimistic:

They are very hopeful and confident.

10. Spontaneous:

They are unique and unpredictable; they know how to adjust to different events even when they don’t plan for them.

Aquarius men’s negative traits

1. Unemotional:

They are usually very cold and very good at hiding their feelings.

2. Distance:

It is very easy for an Aquarius man to cut off from people because they are us to being on their own.

3. Arrogant:

Aquarius men can think they are more important than others sometimes.

4. Sarcastic:

They can be very rude sometimes and also know how to use irony to mock others. They can say things that may hurt you and make you feel foolish.

5. Socially awkward:

In a large group, it is very difficult for them to communicate.

6. Rebellious:

The fact that Aquarius are free thinkers and free-spirited it is very easy to go against orders.

7. Not open to seeking help:

They are independent and may not seek help till it is almost too late.

8. Loners:

They prefer to be alone than be with friends.

9. Poor temper:

It is very easy for an Aquarius man to get angry and say things that might hurt you. But their anger easily wears off and they feel sorry for everything they have said.

What an Aquarius man likes in a woman 

a. Independency

Aquarius men are independent. They like women who are independent too. He doesn’t want to be with a clingy and desperate partner.

He wants a woman who will give him space. A woman who can take care of herself and doesn’t always need the help of a man.

b. Sincerity 

Aquarius are attracted to women who are truthful, honest, and genuine. He wants to know he can be able to trust you to be able to let his guard down. 

c. Uniqueness:

He likes someone that does things in her unique way, not someone that follows what everyone else is doing.

Be different, be unique, and be ready for adventures. He likes things to catch him by surprise. You have to be a different kind of girl filled with surprises for him to like you. 

d. Intelligent:

Beauty with brains, is another thing that can make an Aquarius man like a woman. He likes a woman that can have a deep intellectual conversation. Someone who has to be able to talk about a lot of topics, not just romantic stuff.

e. Good looking:

Though Aquarius men are not really after physical appearance, you still have to be good-looking. That would help him notice you first before getting to know other interesting stuff about you.

f. Humorous:

As an Aquarius man likes a woman who can have an intelligent conversation, he also likes women who have a good sense of humor.

He is a very witty person so you have to have a good sense of humor to be able to spot witty jokes and not get offended.

g. Confidence:

A woman who is not afraid to show the world what she got is also a turn-on for an Aquarius man. They like women who like to go for their goals and are not afraid of how it’s going to turn out.

Ways to get an Aquarius man to miss you

To make an Aquarius man miss you, you have to limit your availability to him. If you are always talking with him, he is going to get tired and find you uninteresting.

When you act like you are always busy, he is going to want to talk to you more often.

He likes mysterious women. The fact that he likes to know you very well, will make him spend more time thinking about you if you are mysterious and always catches him by surprise.

Your unpredictability will always make him miss you, in a quest to know everything about you. 

Another smart way you can make him miss you is when you go visiting you can leave things behind. Things that will remind him of you.

Always do things that will make him chase you and act like you have so many guys chasing after you this will make him think of ways to become your number one.

How to know an Aquarius man is interested in you

When an Aquarius man is interested in you, he is going to be soft around you, you are going to become his best friend.

He won’t change plans with you, he is going to spend more time with you than any of his other friends.

When he is interested in you he is going to chase you and let his guard down. He is going to care so much about you and treat you differently both in private and in public.

He becomes somehow clingy, flirty and when he is with you, he tells you everything and wants you to notice him too.

10 things you should not say to an Aquarius man

1. I don’t like who you are

When you tell Aquarius man you don’t like who he is,  he is going to hate you because he feels you want him to fake himself for you and they like to be original

2. You can do this or that

They are very optimistic. So when you tell him what he can’t do it’s going to get him angry.

3. I don’t believe in your dreams

They don’t like to see things the way everyone does, they like to dream big. So when you tell them that it looks like you don’t believe in them and you are too shallow-minded.

4. You don’t know how

They like to be seen as the best in everything they do so they are mad when you tell them that.

5. I don’t need to know about this 

Constant seeking of knowledge is one thing Aquarius is good at. So if you want to get them to like you have to crave knowledge.

If he is teaching you about something and you tell him you don’t need to know about it, he is not going to like it.

6. No need to take the relationship slowly

They don’t like to be rushed when it’s come to a relationship. So you have the type that doesn’t believe in taking it slow they won’t like to have a relationship with you

7. You should not do that

They are restrictions, they are told what to do and what not to do.

8. Violence 

Aquarius men don’t like violence they like the peaceful ways to resolve things

9. You shouldn’t be alone

When you tell them this it’s like you are telling them you hate their person.

10. Do you have to be different

You don’t try to change an Aquarius being different is one of his major traits.

Are Aquarius men insecure, cheaters, loyal?

Aquarius men can be insecure. They like to be reassured that you love them and you have no else that is as important as them in your life.

The fact they have opened up to you will make them scared of losing you. Because they will have to go through the long process of getting to know someone new and learning to trust them.

Aquarius men are very loyal and it’s very hard for them to cheat. Because they believe that they have to know someone very well to be able to have something to do with them.

Cheating is supposed to be something that happens very fast. But if he is feeling disconnected in a relationship he might be unfaithful to his partner.

Signs Aquarius hate the most

  • Capricorn: Capricorn likes to take control of everything and Aquarius does not like to be controlled.
  • Taurus: They are always determined to get what they want and this doesn’t go well with Aquarius because you can force them to do what you want.
  • Sagittarius: It is very difficult for this sign to agree with an Aquarius. They see things differently and won’t like any.
  • Pisces: They usually want to spend a lot of time with who they love but Aquarius like some alone time this will make them always have issues because when the Aquarius man wants to be alone the Pisces woman wants to hangout.
  • Cancer: Though the sign can work out in a relationship it can cause a lot of problems. Cancer likes to spend a lot of time alone with its partners and stay committed. Aquarius usually shy away from committed relationships. Having a relationship with a lot of adventures.
  • Virgo: They always struggle with the disorganized side of Aquarius. So they are likely to always have issues.
  • Scorpio: They like things to be their way. Not having to follow principles is one reason they always have issues with Aquarius.
  • Aries: When it comes to agreeing on who is right or wrong Aquarius hates Aries because an Aries will never accept that they are wrong and neither work Aquarius this will lead to either of them working away.

Aquarius men might be very picky and emotional but when you can do the right things, he is going to fall in love with you. And when he does he is one of the best men to fall in love with.

You just have to try not to be too clingy, support him and always keep the relationship interesting.

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