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I Hate Being Single And How Do I Live With It

I Hate Being Single And How Do I Live With It

When you tell people that you like yourself but hate being single, the first reply that you will get is that maybe you don’t love yourself enough, but it’s sometimes the opposite of what they assume.

You could despise being single because you have been single for a while or suddenly feel pressured to be in a relationship.

So what is the mystery behind this kind of feeling? If you want to find out and know how to live with this feeling, continue reading this article.

I Like Myself, But I Hate Being Single

Yes, you can like yourself and hate being single. If you want a relationship, it does not mean you don’t love yourself enough; you desire what everyone average person would crave. 

At some point, even if you choose to be without a relationship by choice, you will begin to need the love and care that dating someone brings to you. 

I Hate Being Single To The Point That I’m Now Desperate

If you dislike that you are not in a relationship, it’s not a bad thing. But what is unhealthy and problematic is if you are the type that says I hate being single and can do anything to be in a relationship. 

This is when your hating being single can mean that you don’t love yourself enough and feel you need to have a romantic partner to feel fulfilled. 

Desperation can lead you to make wrong dating choices which can give you a lot of pain. It is normal

It’s okay to detest being alone, but wanting a relationship out of desperation is unhealthy. I know you can never be too careful when choosing a partner because you can not know anyone’s true intentions. But it would be best if you took the time to look at anyone you want to date before you get into a relationship with them.

Being Single Feels Like Absolute Torture To Me

Did you just leave a relationship, and now you are l feeling like staying on your own is tricky? Well, the best reason you feel this might be because you are used to doing everything with a partner. 

You are not used to having lonely nights and not having an intimate conversation which still makes it look like you are being punished. 

However, this kind of feeling leads to desperation, which can usher bad choices in a relationship. 

So if being single is feeling like hell, please advise you not to jump into another relationship just because you can’t stand being single. Take your time to select someone that’s right for you.

How Do I Stop Hating Being Single

A woman standing by the river bank with an umbrella because she hates being single.

1. Get a distraction 

You might be so focused on the fact that you don’t have a partner because you are not doing anything with yourself.

So, please start to get yourself busy. This can distract you and make you discover yourself and more fun things to do. That will make it easier for you to stay single and not overthink your status.

2. Find real happiness in yourself 

Finding other positive distractions and discovering true happiness from within will help you overcome hating singlehood. 

Yes, you love yourself, but do you enjoy your own company? Do you think you don’t need anyone to be happy? If you do, you won’t hate yourself for not having a romantic partner.

3. Stop looking at other couples 

When you start looking at other people in relationships, you will notice you will want one because you will think they are living so happily, and that’s the kind of life you wish for yourself. 

Maybe it’s time you stop comparing yourself to your friends or other people and also try to avoid watching things like romance movies and all avoid things that remind you that you don’t have a partner.

4. Think of why you are not in a relationship first

Have you been in a relationship before, and it did not turn out well, or maybe you think you should not be in one yet? If someone is single, it’s usually because they have a reason. 

Maybe they are not financially stable enough or have not found the right one. Whatever reason you have, you should not get a partner or hurt yourself because you don’t have one. 

5. Focus on the benefit of being single

Being alone gets you in a position where you don’t have to answer to another person about why you are up late, why you did not take their calls, or why you are traveling without telling them.

Is It Okay To Hate Being Single

If you don’t like your relationship status, it is okay to want one and hate yourself for not finding the one you wish to find. You might not be the type that likes being hooked and can stay alone. 

So it’s okay to feel the way you are feeling now. We are different souls. But don’t get into a relationship because you feel like you need to be one when you know you are not ready to be in one.

Does Being Single Make Me Weak?

It does not mean you are weak if you choose to be without a partner or have not found one yet. Yes, most times, it is perceived that people who are not in a relationship are weak because they feel they don’t have what it takes for anyone to be in love with them. 

When you think about this, you start to feel like you are not good enough for anyone, but that’s not true. You are what everyone wants. It means you are strong enough to be on your own and not want to jump into dating someone just because you don’t have happiness within and feel you need a spouse to be happy.

Does Being Single Affect Mental Health

Being single does not directly affect your mental health, but hating being single and wanting to be in a relationship might. If you hate that you are not dating, you will begin to miss all the benefits that come with being out of a relationship, and this will start to make you feel lonely and depressed, which can hurt your mental health.

Can I Get Used To Being Single?

If you want to, yes, you can. Once you find happiness and delight in being single, you will get used to it because that makes you glow.

How Does Being Single Affect Your Life

Being without a partner can affect your life positively and negatively. It depends on how you take it. Being single can even affect your life mentally. If you once had a partner and suddenly stopped having one, you will notice that you are living the way you used to any way you feel at that moment is how being single is affecting you.

Perks Of Singlehood

1. You are free to do what you want 

Staying out of a relationship makes your decisions making less complicated for you. You don’t have to seek anyone’s approval before you do anything or always explain to yourself why you are making moves without telling them. Being alone gives you the freedom to live your life.

2. You have enough time for yourself 

You enjoy more me time more. This gives you more time to know more about yourself and not permanently deprive yourself of your private time or go out of your way just to be with your partner.

3. You don’t have to go through an emotional breakdown caused by your partner 

Having a partner has its negative part. Your partner can suddenly start to give you attitude or treat you like trash; this can tell you mentally and emotionally.

4. You don’t have to worry about someone cheating on you 

When trust issues start to come into a relationship, you can begin to question your spouse’s every moves; this can give you a lot of headaches when they are not with you.

5. You have more time with your family and friends

When dating, you have to spend more time with your partner. This can affect your bond with your family so staying alone gives you the freedom to bond more with them.

6. Saving up is easier 

Dating comes with financial responsibilities, especially unplanned ones. This can give you a lot of difficulties in saving up and be prudent with your spending

Challenges With Singlehood

1. Won’t have the opportunity to have wonderful sex 

Sex is the same, yes. But it is always better when you do it with someone you love and who loves you back. You might not experience this kind of sex if you don’t have one.

2. You will feel lonely 

You are always alone and don’t have a partner; therefore, you don’t have anyone who can always be there for you except someone secretly in love with you. They will always choose their partner over you, except you get yours.

3. You will get jealous of other couples 

Saying other happy couples will look like you are being tortured can make you desperate to get into a relationship.

4. Absence of direct emotional support 

Having a partner gives you free access to a shoulder you can always cry on. One that has promised to be always there by you, and if it’s a healthy relationship, they will always stand by you.

5. Feel low on yourself 

You might form a thought in your head that might suggest no one thinks you are good enough for them, which can affect your self-esteem.

Are Single People More Depressed?

No, single people are not more depressed; only people who hate being single can fall into depression. Even people that are in a relationship are also facing depression. 

However, as humans, we all need a shoulder to cry on. If you are single and have no close friends, you can fall into depression.

How Do I Enjoy Being Single?

1. Take yourself out

Date yourself. Do what you would have wanted a partner to do for you. Please do it for yourself.

2. Travel 

Going on tours, music concerts, and visiting new places will not even give you the time to think about your status.

3. Make new friends 

Meet new people daily. It’s always fun to meet someone new.

4. Learn something new 

Look for something to learn. If you are not dating, focus on learning something new.

Psychological Effects Of Being Single Too Long

Being alone for too long can affect you, especially if you choose not to have a partner or anyone even close to a partner or a close friend. 

No matter how you look at it, no man is an island; we all need each other. Even in the Bible, it was clear that God understands that a man needs a woman. A woman needs a man. 

So if you are single for too long, you will lack companionship. This might start to make you feel lonely, abandoned, sad, and depressed because you want to carry all your burdens yourself and it’s easier when you do it with someone you love.

How To Accept Being Single For The Rest Of Your Life

If you have chosen to be without a partner for the rest of your life, then you have also to choose to accept everything that comes with it. 

You can decide to look for a friend with benefits, but if you don’t want that, you can spend the time doing things that take your mind off dating and always take off the reason why you want to be single in the first place.


Staying without a relationship is not wrong, especially if you know the perks and challenges. And I hope reading this article has helped you know all the implications of not having a romantic relationship and also helped you answer your questions, ‘I like myself, but I hate being single.’ Always remember it is not just about liking yourself is about learning how to enjoy your own company if you choose to be alone.

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