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If I Like Him More Than He Likes Me, What should be done?

If I Like Him More Than He Likes Me, What should be done?

If you’ve ever been in the “I like him more than he likes me” situation, you will agree that this can make anyone confused and exhausted after a while. This might make one act up and even lead to you having issues with him because you think he doesn’t like you enough. 

Some of the signs that you like him more than he likes you include: You initiate conversations always, you initiate intimacy a lot, you are the one always setting up meetings and dates, he is not generous, he doesn’t support your dreams and aspirations, he doesn’t talk about you in his future plans.

If you are in this situation and the thought of liking him more than he likes you is eating you up, here is something that you can do. 

20 Signs you like him more than he likes you:

1. You always initiate conversation:

Are you the one who always does the calling or texting?  Even when you text him, he takes time to respond. If so, it’s obvious he does not like you as much as you like him.

2. You miss him but he doesn’t miss you:

When you don’t hear from him, it’s like your whole world is going to collapse. But when you finally hear from him, you are so excited to hear from him but he is not even acting as though anything happened. That’s another sign.

3. You initiate affection: 

When you are the one who always has to reach out for the first hug or kiss. Even when you do they do, they give a fake reaction to the moves.

4. You are the only one who initiates meeting up:

This is one clear sign that he does not like you enough. When guys like someone, they always want to see the person. So if you are the one always asking your guy to go for a date, then he is not that into you.

5. He is always in a hurry when they are with you:

When he is with you, he always wants to leave so soon because he is not that interested in you. Hanging out with you is like a waste of time to him.

6. He doesn’t reciprocate:

If you are doing everything to make him happy and he doesn’t even bother returning the favor, it means they are not interested in you.

7. They don’t include you in their future:

He uses a lot of “I” instead of “we” when they talk about the future. It means that he doesn’t really see you as part of their future.

8. They don’t seek your opinion: 

He makes decisions on his own even concerning things that affect both of you. He doesn’t bother seeking your advice before going ahead with it. And you, on the other hand, cannot do anything without seeking his approval.

9. You don’t feel secure in the relationship: 

You are with him but you still feel single. You have the fear that if he finds the one they really like, they are going to dump you.

10. He does not get you gifts:

You are the only one doing all the gifting even on special days like birthdays. He doesn’t gift you anything. 

11. You are the only one trying to make things work:

He doesn’t put the effort into making things work between you two. Even when you have an issue, you are the only one putting all the work to get things back together.

12. He does not tell you he loves you first:

You tell him you love him first and all he does is just respond. He has never told you he loves you first before.

13. He does not care about your goals:

He does not support you to achieve your goals, even when you are always there for him. 

14. He does not care about you:

He does not bother about doing things that will make you happy.

15. He is not committed: 

He doesn’t show any sign of commitment in the relationship and makes it feel like you are only slinging him along.

16. You constantly work to make them happy:

You always want to do things to make him happy but he does not do the same.

17.  He is not generous:

He has never helped financially even when you have done so for him several times.

18. He is not into PDA with you: 

You are always posting their pictures online but they have never posted yours. Even when you try to hold them in public, they avoid it.

19. He says he is busy:

Anytime you try to reach him, he is always busy with something or says I will call you back and he never calls.

20. He won’t make sacrifices for you: 

You are always going the extra mile for them. You give them your last cash, missing appointments to go see them when he wants to see you. But he never does the same for you.

I like him more than he likes me: What to do

It can be normal sometimes for you to like someone more than they like you. What you have to really be concerned about is how he handles the relationship. If he is not paying any effort and is just in it because of thoughts like: ‘Hey, she is there, she likes me and she is not going anywhere.’ Then the best thing to do is cut ties with him. And maybe then, he will know your worth.  If you are thinking of getting him to like you, it might end up as a complete waste of time. You should learn to grow to the extent where you are only interested in people who are interested in you. If his energy does not match your energy, there is nothing you should be doing with him.

How do you get a guy to like you more than you like him?

If a guy doesn’t like you enough, you have to try to cut things off with him. He might not be interested in you for so many reasons but if you can make him start chasing you, he is going to start liking you. Work on yourself, get pretty, and act like you are moving on. He is going to let go of his guard. Even when a guy is not interested in you, when you leave him, it can help you tell if you should really bother making him like you or just move on or make him realize that he needs you more than he thinks.

The advantages of liking someone genuinely

  • It makes your life happy:

When you like someone genuinely, you are over the moon for them when you are with them all your worries disappear.

  • It improves your love life:

If you and your partner genuinely like each other, you are going to have a wonderful love life.

  • Your life is a little more interesting:

Having someone you can always talk to and have fun with makes life worth fighting for.

  • It improves your mental wellbeing: Liking someone can provide you with a shoulder to lean on. When you are with them, it reduces your stress and anxiety.

Is it wrong to like a man more than he likes you?

It’s not wrong to like a person more than he likes you. We can’t choose who we like. In a relationship, one person is going to be in love more than the other but what is wrong is when the person not only does not like you but also does not put effort into wanting to be with you. But noticing that they don’t like you enough means they have not been treating you well. So it might be time to try to unlike them.

Is liking someone overly wrong?

When you like someone too much, it means that you have put them above yourself. You don’t even mind displeasing yourself to please them. You are going to do some unimaginable things for them.  Liking someone too much is not wrong but it can be very unhealthy for you. You might end up being used especially if the person does not like you back. When you like people, you have a guiding principle which is “I like you but if you don’t treat me well, I am leaving you.” This way, even if you like him so much, he won’t take you for granted. And always be quick to notice a one-sided relationship. If you do things for him and he doesn’t return the favor, then you know you are overly liking someone who doesn’t like you in the same way.

Can I get hurt from liking someone?

Liking someone puts you in a position of getting hurt. In fact, even if they like you, they might even hurt you. But the pain is more when they don’t like you and start taking you for granted. If you don’t pull out soon, it can affect your mental health and even lead you to depression.


Being in a situation of liking someone more than they like you can make it seem like you are forcing yourself on them. So, the fact your guts keeps telling you they don’t like you enough might mean they don’t like you enough. If they are backing it with negative actions, then it’s time to leave. 

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