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If You Haven’t Heard From A Guy in 2 Weeks (Here are 8 Reasons Why)

If You Haven’t Heard From A Guy in 2 Weeks (Here are 8 Reasons Why)

Ahaaa! He hasn’t still reached out to you? Well, don’t fret much, let’s take a look at possible reasons why you haven’t heard from a guy in 2 weeks.

So you met this guy somewhere, somehow or someone hooked you guys together and he turns out to be amazing, loving and caring and you’ve been enjoying his company and vibes

But all of a sudden it is like he disappeared into thin air. You no longer get calls or texts from him again and you begin to wonder what could be the cause. Well, 2 weeks is a long period for someone who is into you not to call text, or even visit you. 

Maybe he’s not into you as you think, maybe he’s waiting for you to call him or text him especially if he has been the one doing all of the callings or texting. He could be playing games but men who are interested in a lady will not play games with her when they are still trying to know her or trying to get on her good side.

Don’t be too hard on yourself thinking maybe you did something wrong that chased him away, you could be right and you could also be wrong, depending on the relationship before he stopped talking to you. 

But if a man wants a relationship he should be able to communicate effectively. If he is finding it difficult to communicate before dating you, imagine what the communication will be like when you guys decide to start a relationship.


When a man decides to ghost on a lady there must be a reason especially if everything was going on fine between both of you. 

There are tons of reasons why things like this happen but we would be focusing on a few. Here are some reasons why you haven’t heard from a guy in two weeks.

1. He is still trying to figure out what he wants with you 

 Sometimes our mind plays a trick on us making us think we love someone. Maybe he’s trying to figure out if you both want the same kind of relationship.

For instance, maybe he wants to marry her but she isn’t ready yet, or she only wants to be your friend. So he’s taking his time to make a decision.

2. He’s busy 

 I know this is one of the most common types of excuse you hear from men who haven’t had any form of communication with their wives or girlfriend for a while. 

They always claim to be busy which is sometimes true. They are so engrossed in work that they don’t think of anyone else but their work. It is not like they intentionally ignore you. Any free time they have they tend to do more work or rest.

3. He is no longer interested 

Like I said earlier, it is possible that he is no longer interested in you. If you guys haven’t started dating then it could be that because you guys have differences in the kind of relationship you want.

But if you guys are in a relationship it could be he is just trying to have time for himself or he wants the relationship to die a natural death.

4. He is paying you back in your coin 

Maybe at some point in the relationship, it seemed as if he was the one doing all the calling and you didn’t bother to check up on him, well guess what? 

He is paying you back for those times. He wants you to feel what he felt during those times you left him out of your life.

5. He’s playing games with you 

He feels you guys have become very familiar with each other and you guys enjoy each other company.

So he wants you to miss him and call him or text him. He wants you to massage his ego.

6. He found someone else 

 Well, it is possible he has found another woman and has moved on without telling you. Maybe the relationship has been going through some storms and you guys decided to give each other a break.

 Within that break, he has found someone else and has kicked off things with her.

7. He left that vicinity 

Maybe he traveled out of that town, state, or country. Knowing that the chances of the relationship surviving or developing into something beautiful are very low. Or the relationship will not survive because he isn’t good with long-distance relationships.

8. He doesn’t know what you want 

This is most common for men who have been trying to get into a relationship with a lady but the lady has not been straightforward with her replies.

She has been giving him attitude and he doesn’t feel he has any chance with you, so he has cut all forms of communication with you.


If you haven’t heard from a guy in 2 weeks here are tips and hints you should do that can help in such situations.

1. Don’t go after him 

Don’t make yourself look desperate by going after him or bombarding his phone with calls and sending countless emails. It doesn’t help you either as this can cause overthinking and sadness.

2. Check out on his welfare 

One of the reasons you might not have heard from him might be because he’s not feeling too well, was involved in an accident, or was caught up in one emergency.

Whatever the reason might be just do well to check up on him and make sure all is well with him 

3. Try to calm down 

There is no point in trying to overthink matters cause you haven’t heard from him in two weeks. It is not your fault.

You don’t even know what the reason is or why the sudden distance and absence. Just keep calm and get it together you’ll be fine.

4. Try to spend less time on social media 

Do not stalk his social media pages trying to find out what he’s been up to, where he has been going or if he’s hanging out with other girls.

This could increase your insecurities because you’ll not want to always trust your partner even when he calls you back and things move on 

5. Don’t be too hard on yourself 

If you haven’t heard from him in a while, and maybe you’ve been trying to reach him, and still yet nothing is forthcoming.

This isn’t enough reason to trouble yourself and feel sad for something you know nothing about. It’s normal to feel sad but don’t let that feeling overwhelm you.

6. Keep yourself busy 

Well if you’re busy with something, it means your mind is distracted. If your mind is distracted there’s no way you’ll have time to think about some dude who disappeared into thin air.

Keeping yourself busy can make you forget about him faster.

7. Give him a deadline 

If you haven’t heard from him for a while one of the best things you can do is to set a deadline or time frame for him to contact you. If he doesn’t contact you within that period, you can move on. It could be two weeks or a month.

8. Discover self-worth 

This is very important because this can only be achieved by you. It is very important to discover your self-worth. Work out, innovate, relax, read, create, etc.

Know that your happiness and growth depend on only you and you surely deserve better than this.

9. Hang out with friends 

Two weeks is a long period for someone who claims to love a lady to avoid her. You can go out and have fun with other friends.

You might even meet a better man than the one who ignored you for two weeks

10. Get a new hobby 

 If you feel you are done waiting and want to move on. You can pick up a new hobby like reading, travelling, or even extreme sports.

This will help clear your mind and help you move on from the ghosting.

11. Talk to someone about it 

A problem half shared is a problem half solved. Maybe you just want to talk to someone about it so that you can get it off your chest.

Look for a love expert or a love therapist and talk to them about it. You can ask them if you haven’t heard from a guy in 2 weeks what it means. 

12. Go on a vacation 

You can go to a new environment or a country or state you’ve wanted to visit for a long time. Get fresh air, go see a tourist site. It could help with the healing process.

13. Try out new projects 

This can be seen as an opportunity for you to try out new things, things that you have always wanted to do but you are scared of because you feel you are hurting someone.

But you should never be feeling that way in the first place. Instead, set your mind on achieving a new goal, or trying out new things. This can immensely help distract your mind.

14. Visit friends and family 

If you haven’t heard from a guy in two weeks, and you are feeling worried, why not spend more time with people you love. They can make the pain ease away with their love and kindness.

15. Decide to end things with him or try to make things work 

It all comes down to this final decision. If he doesn’t contact you any time soon then maybe it’s time to end things with him and move on.


If you haven’t heard from a guy in two weeks it means he is not interested in you or he wants to play games. If he’s interested in you he won’t stay that long without talking to you.

Men don’t play games with who they are interested in; no matter how busy they are they’ll always create time for those they love.

Men are supposed to be chasers but they also have feelings, emotions and can be sensitive. They know when the care and attention are not reciprocated, they start thinking things like “am I bothering her?”, “Is she into me?” Etc.

No matter how hard someone claims to be, rejection can hurt, so maybe he’s just saving himself from heartbreak.


If a guy is really into you then he should be able to communicate with you daily. This doesn’t mean he must call you 50 times a day or bombard your phone with countless messages in a day. 

He should be able to talk to you at least twice or three times in three days. He either calls; text or chat you on social media, the main thing is that communication should be efficient and consistent.

If a guy likes you from the first few times they chat or call, the lady is already aware or can guess what he wants. 

He calls, he chats almost every day and he tries to make her laugh every time he talks to her. So if a man likes a lady, he makes sure he communicates with her efficiently and consistently.


If as a lady you are wondering if he likes you or not, you can’t seem to figure him out. But it might interest you to know that most men are terrible at hiding their true intentions from a lady they like.

 Here are a few signs to show that a guy likes you but is trying to hide it from you.

1. He’s always there for you 

He always makes himself available for you, sometimes he ditches all his plans just to be able to spend more time with you.

 He might not ask you out directly but he always wants to be around you all the time.

2. He wants to impress you 

Whenever he’s with you. He’s at his best behaviour, he dresses well, puts on his favourite cologne, minds his manners and tries to accompany you with sweet jokes.

He does this so that you’ll have a positive impression of him and like him too.

3. He remembers every detail about you 

 If he recalls every single little detail about you, trust me he likes you but doesn’t know how to express it. 

It is possible you said it casually or jokingly but he heard it and saved it in his memory. He will tell you about it and you’ll be shocked


Men love to be called by the woman they are interested in. It shows she likes him and may even be thinking of going into a relationship with him. It makes the man feel happy and confident about his chances with her.

They like it when the woman calls first or she starts a conversation, it tells him that he is not wasting his time with that particular lady. It gets better when she calls him sweet names like “babe”, “boo”, “sugar”.


The fact that he hasn’t spoken to you for two weeks doesn’t mean the relationship is over, he could be going through a difficult time at that moment 

But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try to look for a way to contact him and find out the reason why he seems to be ghosting you.

After finding out, then you can decide to continue in the relationship or end in the relationship.


This depends on the man and the “nature” of the relationship. Some relationships started as friends so being dedicated to the relationship came with ease.

But a recent scientific study shows that it takes about six months for a man to decide if he wants to devote himself to a lady or a relationship. 

It is believed that within that time frame you must have spent time with that person and understand the kind of person you are about committing yourself to. 

Meanwhile, some experts believe there is no particular fixed time for a man to commit to a lady. Some relationships may start as friends with benefits or as a one-night stand but end up in a beautiful union.


Love is a beautiful thing and most times we don’t meet the perfect partner at once. But we shouldn’t let impatience make us marry wrong. 

Therefore we should wait for the right relationship and right partner as we would enjoy it more. Here are 4 reasons why waiting for the right guy is worth it.

1. It will boost your self-worth 

In such a relationship you are stress-free, have no insecurities or trust issues, your confidence level will be over the moon. And you’re assured of peace of mind which is one of the best feelings.

2. It brings out your good qualities 

Due to the positive environment and positive energy surrounding you, you tend to do better than you were before. It will make you the best version of yourself.

3. It will make your dreams come true 

Every individual has a dream and being in a good and positive relationship with the right person can help you achieve those dreams. Both parties’ love and support for each other will propel both of you to achieve the goals set for yourselves and makes you know the right time for everything

4. Experience true love 

If you’re with the right guy, there’s this joy, happiness, and fulfilment you’ll have deep down within you. It will be like everything seems easier than it used to be. Physically and mentally you’re sharp. Nothing can go wrong with true love.


If you do not hear from a guy in 2 weeks it doesn’t mean the relationship is over, there could be tons of reasons why you haven’t heard from him, it is your duty to check up on him and make sure he’s fine. 

Try to know why he’s avoiding you and try to improve on the communication between the both of you. Also, do not conclude, always have a clear vision before taking any action for better execution.

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