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How Emotionally Unavailable Men Operate Plus Ways To Ignore Them

How Emotionally Unavailable Men Operate Plus Ways To Ignore Them

The idea of being in a relationship is to have someone you can love and someone that would love you back. But when you aren’t getting the desired love, care and attention from your man, you might want to ignore him to find peace. When you ignore an emotionally unavailable man, expect him to show he is angry, ignore you too, and sometimes, change for a while just to please you and return to his old ways later.

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16 Things That Play Out When You Ignore An Emotionally Unavailable Man

1. He will try to keep it to himself

When you ignore an emotionally unavailable man, he might not want to speak about it. He is not the type of man that shows his feelings. So when you cut contact with him, it would look like he does not care because he would not ask you the reasons for your actions.

2. He might not see a reason to show his love again

Some men run away from showing their romantic part. They do this because they are scared of getting hurt or are not comfortable with doing it. When you decide not to relate the situation with him, he will see more reasons why he should stay the way he is. This is because he feels he’d be hurt again if he lets his guard down, you would still treat him the same way.

3. It might scratch his past wounds

As highlighted earlier, they shun acting in love because they might have done it, and it did not turn out well. When they remember how they were hurt before, and you stop talking to them, it would make them not even think of changing their ways.

4. He tries to do the same to you too

When you ignore an emotionally unavailable man, he will gladly reciprocate, which might even hurt you more. They follow this pattern because it’s what they love doing best. If he loves you as promised, he will try to reach you now that you have not contacted him, but he may not.

5. He becomes pissed

He might get angry because he cannot grasp why you want more after him telling you he loves you once. Deep down, you know they are mere words because he does not show you in any way that he loves you. So if you cut him off, he will get angry.

6. He might try to get you back

He will, at a time, attempt to retrieve you after acting cold. Not contacting him might make him want to contact you and see what’s wrong. He might beg you to come back, then expect you to do the rest.

7. He will doubt how you feel for him

They quickly doubt love because they feel that no matter how they act, you are supposed to understand and give them love. If you ignore them, they will believe your feelings are not genuine.

8. He may start to miss you more

Your absence should glaringly make him understand that he has gotten attached to you, and the fact you are not reaching him could make him miss you greatly. These are one of the things that happen when you ignore an emotionally unavailable man.

9. He might want to change

If he genuinely loves you and you distance yourself from him, he will make him want to adjust his ways to try and get you back.

10. He might realize how much he loves and needs you

As highlighted earlier, absence can make a person realize their worth. Even for someone who hides his emotions, if you ignore him, he might realize that he loves you and needs you more than he thought.

11. It may help you get over him

Maybe you have strained to manage this attitude and even attempted to change yourself for him, but when you cut him off, he will help you see why you should have left him long ago.

12. He might not come back

He will take it as if you are tired. Even if he misses you, he acts as if he does not care.

13. He is confused

He wonders why the girl who used to say he couldn’t do without him stops talking to him. But he might not care to know why because he will feel you will always come back.

14. He does not care

You could have misunderstood his emotions for you, but he never did. So if you are dating and ignore him, he might not even move a finger.

15. He cares but tries to keep it in

These kinds of men think emotions make them weak. So when you try no contact with him, he will hurt him, but he feels it is not in his person to show emotions. When he misses you, he would rather talk to other people about it than tell you.

What To Do When An Emotionally Unavailable Man Keeps Returning

He is returning because you have room for him, and he understands that he has a space in your soft heart. You should close the door to that room and throw it into an ocean where it’s irretrievable. Once you lock him out by focusing on yourself and your new life, he will quit returning like a prodigal son.

What Are The Characteristics Of An Emotionally Unavailable Man

1. Inability to express emotions

One thing common about this type of man is they don’t know how to say words that would make you feel loved or special. Physical affection is not their thing, so being in a relationship with them would be like dating someone who does not love you.

2. Close themselves

They think emotions make them weak. So they prefer to act cold so as not to appear weak. And when they are finally around, they turn everything around on you.

3. Does not know how to make you feel loved

These types of men don’t show emotions, and when you are with one, the first way you can tell is that he does not even care to understand your love language. He makes so obvious that you like him more than he likes you and you are okay with that.

4. Lack of conflict resolution skills

They don’t feel the need to sort things out with you. Even when they get you angry, they might say they are sorry, but there is never that extra need to make sure you truly forgive them.

5. They are not ready to take things seriously with you

He will never talk about the future or allow you to meet any of his close friends or family.

6. They never have time for you

They are always unavailable, and they will never be there when you need them. At this point, you might begin to believe that your man resents you and is not ready to see you happy.

7. They are too strict

He thinks you are the problem. He thinks you are the one who sees love as fairy tale stuff, and you need to face reality.

8. Relationships with them it’s always one sided

They never put equal effort into the relationship. It is always like forcing things to work when you are with them. These men are selfish with the love in their heart even if you give them all the love in the world.

9. They barely reach you first

These type of men are inconsistent with communication; you always have to reach out to them first, and even when you do, they might not get back in touch.

10. When it looks like things are getting too serious, they will pull away

They run from commitment; when you attempt to push things to the next level, you will notice that they are drawing back.

Why Ignoring An Emotionally Unavailable Man Is Difficult?

Although ignoring anybody is supposed to be a way to get them to notice you, for someone that always wanted to throw you away, it might not work. This is also the same thing as doing it to a man who sees showing emotions as a weakness.

If you stop contacting him, you will not know if it’s working because he might not contact you back or even act like he noticed that you are giving him cold shoulders.

He might try to reach you, but if you act like you want him to do more, you might not hear from him again. And because you love and do not want to lose him, you would start having the urge to reach back at him.

An Emotionally Unavailable Man Is Chasing Me

He is not the type of man that would allow himself to be vulnerable. He believes doing certain things for a lady makes him a weakling. So he wants you and you to know of this. The question is, do you want to be in this kind of relationship?

What pushes a man to become emotionally unavailable?

They are certain things that make a man run away from anything that relates to showing affection. It could be that he had done it in the past, which turned out badly, so he is afraid to do it again.

It could be that he doesn’t love you enough to do what he ought to do for you, or it’s just its nature.

What Can I Do To Stop My Man From Being Emotionally Unavailable?

1. Take things slow

These men are not as cold as you think. They are mostly just scared that if they put in so much effort and it turns out badly, it will hurt them. That is why they like to draw back. To date such a man fully into the relationship, you must let him do it at his own pace.

2. Do what you want him to do to you

Show him, love, show him affection even if he does not respond, trust me, if he loves you, he will begin to reciprocate even though not as much as you would.

3. Be patient

In everything, if you love this man and you want to be with him, you have to learn patience. Changing him would not happen in a day. It will begin gradually as long as you notice little changes; keep putting in the effort.

4. Be independent

As much as you show him, love, he also has to know you can do much without him. If not, you might land yourself into a one-sided relationship, where you will be the one putting in all the effort.

5. Let him know that you love him regardless

He has to understand that you love him. If he is that way based on experience, your love for him can make him gradually change his mind.

Do Emotionally Unavailable Ever Change?

Yes, but not all. If you are with one, I would advise you to let patience lead; change is a process. You have to see if he is changing; if he is not, maybe you should leave him and get someone better.

Is It Okay To Ignore An Emotionally Unavailable Man?

Yes, it is. Although it might not give you the desired result, it is worth the try. It helps your relationship with him and also gives you the space to think things through again.

Will Ignoring An Emotionally Unavailable Man Make Me Single Again?

Yes, it might. If you ignore him and spend time without reaching him, you might realize that you don’t need him. Since he did not reach back, it will make it easier for you to move on.


I am sure this article has helped you understand everything you need to know about ignoring your “cold man.” Well, you should always know you deserve better. If he does not give you the love you want, it’s okay to leave and get someone better.

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