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Ignoring A Narcissist Isn’t As Challenging As You Think: Find Out How To Win

Ignoring A Narcissist Isn’t As Challenging As You Think: Find Out How To Win

Ignoring a narcissist can greatly uplift your general well-being and give your life the freshness you desire. Narcissists usually have an overinflated sense of self-importance. They always want to impose, so when you ignore them, they become sore and endeavor to do everything they can to gain your attention.

To ignore a narcissist, you have to first make up your mind to do so. After you have decided to ignore them, you should begin to look for ways to break out of their overly dramatic behavior.

In this guide, all you need to successfully ignore a narcissist will be explained.

Ignoring a narcissist is the best punishment

The most effective way to cut yourself loose from a narcissist is by disregarding them. It may not be easy, and they may strive to act out and make you feel guilty. They might even go through a great deal to rein you in, but you must stay strong and attempt to avoid them by all means.

Ignoring a narcissist might help your mental health and bring you out of a toxic place. It can also help your life differently. Doing this can bestow on you a winner mindset which is needed to actualize dreams.

How do you ignore a Narcissist?

To successfully pay no attention to these people you have to know all their tricks. You have to learn how to act like they don’t get to you. This is the perfect way of crushing their ego.

This person feels that they are more relevant than anyone else. So they always want someone to validate that feeling. This is why they always like compliments and respect.

A narcissist wants to be sure you know they are superior.

So don’t praise them or act as you spot them in any situation. They may seem bold but they are very fragile.

When you don’t give attention to their overhyped attributes, they will feel hurt by it. This will make this toxic person understand they have no edge over you and that will lessen their ego.

They might even do something like snubbing you; they know you will seek their attention. And they enjoy having control over you. In this case, the wise thing to do is to snub them too, even if you feel like talking to them.

In addition, toxic people like drama. It makes them happy. While this drama drains you, it energizes them. So the smart thing to do is to pay no attention when they begin to pull off any of their dramatic moves.

No matter how much you want to join in, don’t. You would never win. It’s one of their special attributes to turn everything against you. So in ignoring them, spot their trait and pay no heed to them.

Sometimes, it is difficult to completely cut of someone because we see them every day. You will have to set a boundary that you will not state but will always implement.

Although it is not in their nature to respect boundaries. If they believe you are serious, they will either leave you alone or try to get everyone against you.

The most effective thing you can do if you have noticed they are this type of person is to get them fired.

If someone is dramatic and likes to raise issues, stay calm and don’t respond to them. This does not mean that you have to take everything they throw at you. When they talk, you notice that you don’t like the tone.

Don’t be harsh, make it clear that you don’t want to be addressed like that in a very calm manner. As a result, their power will be diminished.

In the process of doing this, you might begin to experience guilt or a feeling of hate. This might ruin the whole point of trying to ignore him. Remember, it’s not a competition, it’s you taking care of your mind. Don’t do it with hate and anger.

When you can do all of this, you will not even notice them anymore. This will in turn help you not to pay any attention to their toxic traits.

What you can say to a narcissist to shut them down permanently

There are utterances that you can declare to a narcissist which will shut them up. Utterances that will make them think a lot about their behavior. You shouldn’t be afraid to speak your mind when dealing with a narcissist.

Here are a few things you could say to one;

  • Telling him that you wield zero responsibility for his anger can shut him up. This is because a narcissist feels like you owe him, and you are subtly accountable for his actions. So telling a narcissist this can draw a clear and well-defined boundary.
  • Make them understand that you can’t control how you are perceived by them. This way, you are making it clear to him that his feelings are his responsibility, not yours.
  • Call them out about the way they reason. When you say this, you are passing a message. This means you are making it clear you have zero responsibility for his thoughts or actions. This can make him shut up easily.
  • Let this man know that your opinions are valid, like his. They always like to feel superior and have the upper hand, so telling him this can easily shut him up.
  • Make him aware that he is speaking to me in a tone you detest, so you won’t engage. This is you sending a very clear message that you will not respond to his unproductive behavior. You need to be able to stand your ground and know when to walk away.

Do narcissists care about being ignored?

Yes, they do. All their efforts are geared toward finding someone to be at the receiving end. This is how they feel better.

So what happens when there is no one there? It’s going to feel like torture.

Although it might make them feel like you don’t care about them. But it is better for you.

You will notice that they might start treating you nicely to gain your trust. They might switch to anger when this move fails

This is how you know he is getting frustrated. At this point, they begin to feel you don’t care about them and that will make them hurt and even vengeful towards you.

Ways a narcissist will react to being ignored

The thought of losing their grip over you is unimaginable to these toxic people. It bruises their ego and makes them uncomfortable. They try to rein you in with gifts, and compliments.

Be sure they will give you anything they can in an attempt to stop you from disregarding them. They thrive on using others to make themselves feel good, so when you ignore them, they will chase you harder.

A narcissist will attempt to damage your prestige and insult you when you disregard them. They will try to act as the victim to get the sympathy of others because they always desire to be the focal point.

So this is why they get scared when you take zero notice of them. When you no longer give them the attention they need, these people begin to feel that something is wrong. When he gets scared, he may hover around you even more to get the attention he craves.

Another of their popular traits is gaslighting. When they feel disregarded, they will gaslight you. And might even manipulate you to ensure you return to them. They may even make up bogus stories about things that never happened to rein you back in.

Ignoring a toxic person can make their emotions go from fear to anger, and he can cause a lot of damage when angry. They may start to harass you or even send other people to harass you on his behalf. They would even turn vengeful and want to take revenge for an imaginary wrong he feels you did to them.

After failed trials of getting you back in his grip, he may give up and move on to another victim. You know you want him to give up, but at the same time, you are scared of what he might do to his new victim. You can only pray that the new victim may also be able to disregard him.

If you successfully pay zero attention to them, you should expect to be trailed. It is the next best step they adopt when you take zero notice of them.

They can’t bear the thought of being disregarded. So when they no longer have your attention, they may trail you to ascertain what you are up to.

When a narcissist is being overlooked, he won’t stand back. He would fight dirty, especially if you guys shared a bond. They would send you nasty messages to struggle to gain your attention because he is a bitter person.

Narcissists may even try to turn your mutual friends against you. They feel that if you have no other option you would come running back.

So when relating with one, you must be careful because they may become violent when you overlook him. He is not using violence to get what he wants.

Should I allow a narcissist back in after disregarding them successfully?

Allowing a narcissist to creep in again after cutting them off successfully is not a good idea. This is because narcissists never change.

They may strive to change, even pretend to have changed, to get sneak in. But a narcissist will always be a narcissist.

But if you must allow them to creep into your life, you have to ensure that they have changed. And they would not strive to gaslight you or manipulate you again. If you consider taking a narcissist back, joint therapy also might help.

How to make a narcissist regret losing you

Cut Him Out:

Don’t allow any communication that will grant them leeway. Flee and end any contact on all fronts. Trust me; they will regret their actions when they see you acting like they don’t exist anymore.

Focus on yourself:

When you can focus on yourself, you indirectly will make them regret their action. Don’t let them see you moping or give them the satisfaction of knowing they hurt you or they have power over you.

Resist the urge to get revenge:

You don’t need to bother yourself attempting to get vengeance or strive to make them jealous.

Is ignoring a narcissist the best form of revenge?

Although this move can be considered a form of payback, it is not recommended to dwell on it too much. The reason is that if you dwell too much on giving them a taste of their own medicine, you will in turn begin to act like them.

The fact is when you are with a toxic person and you have to try to act like you don’t care, then they become all amiable. But when they see you are paying attention to them again they revert to their old toxic ways. so the best move is to quit.

Believe me, that would be best for your mental health. You can’t win this game, and you don’t want to be stuck there ignoring or making them feel worthless.

Because as long as you still care, they might have a way of getting you back into the relationship.


It is challenging sticking with a narcissist when you rarely confront others. It is even more difficult when you cherish him and detest confrontation.

You should attempt to get them help. But if that is not working, you can choose to overlook them and subtract them to aid your mental health.

Ignoring a narcissist is not an easy feat and takes patience. With patience, you will ignore selfish people.

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