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30 Salient Points On Why You Should Not Be Involved With A married Man

30 Salient Points On Why You Should Not Be Involved With A married Man

Married men can be attractive, charming, and fun to be with, and when they come after you, they come with full force. But just as you are about to make the decision, you should know involved with a married man consequences includes him hiding you from the public, a lack of commitment, and you being blinded from building with genuinely single men.

Involved With A Married Man Consequences: 30 Negatives To Pull Out

1. He is never available:

Dating a married man is all fun until you need him in an emergency, and he is unavailable to you. This is because he is a man with a wife and probably kids, so he can’t always be available to you. He has to put his family first.

2. You can’t take him to your family and friends:

Dating a family man comes with secrecy. Even if you love him so much, you can’t tell your family and friends about him for fear of the relationship ending.

3. You can’t meet his loved ones:

Another downside to being in a relationship with a married man is that he can’t take you to his home. You can’t meet his friends, loved ones or even his family. He will find it challenging to even take you out on a date to popular places. You both will have to keep playing hide-and-seek games.

4. You can’t hold that title girlfriend in public:

When you go out together, and he spots someone he knows, he would likely introduce you as just an acquaintance. This can take a toll on the relationship, especially when you want everyone to know he is your man.

5. You have to be content with sharing him with another woman:

No matter how much you love him or he loves you, he still has kids and a wife, and you have to be content knowing that his heart doesn’t truly belong to you alone.

6. He can’t commit:

It seldom happens that a married man will give up his wife for his side piece, so even if he promises to leave his wife for you, he will keep making these promises to string you along without any plans of genuinely committing to you.

7. Hiding will eventually become exhausting:

All the hide-and-seek games will eventually tire you out, and you will crave that open relationship to flaunt your man on social media; with those, you will feel the strain of all the covering.

8. Everyone will blame you:

In society, men are seldomly held accountable for their actions, so if eventually, his wife finds out, everybody will leave the blame at your doorstep, and you will be the evil one that ruined his home.

9. You have to face the consequences alone:

Your relationship might leak to the world, and you must be ready to face the world. We live in an ugly world, and the internet doesn’t improve it. You will meet real problems, trolls, as well as cyber bullies.

10. Loneliness :

When dating a man with a wife, you have to be ready for the loneliness, heartbreak and depression that comes with it. He can never truly is with you. You have to share him with his wife and make do with the bit of time he can steal to spend with you.

11. Guilt trips:

When dating a family man, be prepared for the following guilt trippings. This is because you know you are dating a man already married, and sometimes, you might feel guilty for your actions.

12. Trust issues:

When dating a married man, you will have a lot of trust issues. You cannot wholly trust him. At the back of your mind, you will feel like if he can cheat on his wife, why won’t he cheat on you?

13. You miss the chance to meet Mr Rght:

Time moves fast, and it is very precious, so when you spend time building with an already-married man, you miss the chance of meeting your single Mr right. This is one of the most painful involved with a married man consequences. You might just miss your own your husband.

14. Criticism:

Ladies who date married men face lots of criticism from all directions. Nobody would approve of your relationship with a married man. No matter how good you are, the world would overlook it because of that one mistake you made in dating a married man.

15. He won’t support you:

Involved with a married man consequences also includes him failing to support you at the expense of his wife and children. A man cheating on his wife with you can’t be trusted, so when a problem arises in your relationship, don’t expect him to support or join you in fixing the issue.

16. You are not at peace:

When you are with another person’s husband, you tend always to wait for the other foot to drop. Your mind will always be on when he no longer finds you attractive or valuable. If it can happen with his wife, why not you?

17. He holds all the power:

When dating a family man, you quit having an opinion. He holds all the powers, and when you do wrong, he is quick to threaten you with leaving.

18 There are two sets of rules:

When you date a married man, he can complain about his issues in his marital home. At first, it might be all fun and games until you start to get jealous and irritated, and at that time, you can’t even complain.

19 No more PDA:

Saying goodbye to any form of PDA is one consequence of being with another woman’s man. You can’t dream of holding hands with him or hugging him in public, except if his wife knows and accepts the relationship.

20. You are constantly second:

When dating a married man, you will always be second or feel like he is putting you behind. He will forever cancel plans with you because his family needs you or he will forget important events just to be with his family.

21. You have to lie:

Lying is normal, but when dating a married man, you have to lie more than usual. You find yourself lying to your friends and family just to take the easy way out.

22 Gossiping:

You will become the subject of gossip, malicious tongues will rise against you, nobody will hear or care about your story, and they will talk about you in your office or anywhere they can.

23. Boycott:

When you are dating a married man, you find your head buried under a cloud, and when you eventually come out, you might realize that you have lost contact with your friends and family and that time did not stop while you were under the cloud.

24. Self-control:

Self-control will be your middle name when you choose to be with a married man. You must practice it, especially when he is with you and has to talk to his wife. You would learn that your relationship will always be at his convenience, not yours.

25. Heartbreak:

When dating a married man, you are already setting yourself up for heartbreak because the chances of him leaving his wife for you are very slim, so you might end up being brokenhearted.

26. It won’t feel right:

Even though you might feel pleasure for a little while, a time might come when it starts to feel wrong and your conscience might prick you a whole lot.

27. You can’t be his partner:

When dating a married man, you can never be his partner in the most valid form. His wife already has that title; you are his sidepiece.

28. He will cheat on you:

Involved with a married man consequences includes him heavily cheating on you. There is no guarantee that the same thing that happened to his wife will not happen to you. If he can cheat on his wife, he will cheat on you too. And at this point, you are at risk of getting a sexually Transmitted Infection or Disease.

29. There is no future:

A relationship with a man already committed to his wife has an expiry date. There is no future whatsoever with a married man.

30. You are at the receiving end:

No relationship is stable, but when you are dating a married man, you will always be at the receiving end when it all falls apart.

How Do I Stop Being Involved With A Married Man?

The first step is to tell yourself you no longer want anything to do with him. Then go to friends you can trust, and tell them your predicament, they can help you remain calm and help you stick to your resolve.

Tell yourself you deserve better and want your own man, then write down why you need to step away from him, and most importantly, block all forms of communication with him.

You can also walk away and focus on investing in yourself to become a woman of high value that single men will find irresistible.

How Difficult Is It To Date A Married Man?

Dating a married man is not easy and comes with lots of restrictions and difficulties. You may face lots of pressure and challenges. You can’t be with him in public, and you can only spend time with him when it is convenient.

Dating a married man might plunge you into several other internal and external crises. The challenges most times outweigh the advantages that comes with it.

Some wives are very desperate and when they find out you are with their husband, they might go to the extreme of physically hurting you, or even making sure you lose your source of income.

Can A Married Man Be Friends With A Single Woman?

There is nothing wrong with a married man being friends with a single woman; he just has to be careful not to cross boundaries or to do anything that will disrespect his wife.

Anyone can be friends with a single woman. A married man might even share his insights about marriage with you and how to maintain a relationship with a man or even find a relationship.

A married man can also give you hints from his wealth of experience on how to be irresistible to a man and make you know about the challenges faced in marriages.

You can also help him with coping with his cold wife who turned cold all of a sudden by giving him hints on how to be more caring to her plight.

How To Distance Yourself From A Married Man Chasing You

Never give him the space to chance you don’t even agree to be his friend, don’t pick up his calls, and also block him from all your socials. When you allow him to be your friend, that is when feelings enter from.

And if you are already dating one, you can get over him by starting again, scaring him with pregnancy or asking him to divorce his wife, and also putting yourself in his wife’s shoes.

Spiritual Consequences Of Dating A Married Man

It is morally wrong, and society frowns upon it, not to forget the karma effect. You can’t date a married man and expect to have peace in your own home when you eventually marry. Also, dating a married man is stopping you from meeting a single man to marry.

Pros of dating a married man

1. You never have to worry if he will commit:

His lack of commitment can be help you be cautious about falling deeply in love with him and will also prepare you for any break up in the future.

2. You can’t get tired of him hanging around much cause you don’t see him much:

If you are an intovert, you won’t worry about going out on dates with him regularly, and when he eventually plans dates, he makes sure you both go far from his family.

3. You don’t have to worry about him being too nice:

Many of them are very blunt and know what they want from you; he doesn’t need to be super lovely, stalk you all the time, and give you your space.

4. You don’t have to make him your priority:

With him, you can do other things with your life and not make him your priority. If you are lucky enough, you might meet single guys while dating a family man and eventually see why you leave the relationship with the family man.

5. Financial Benefits:

The only benefit I can say is money and that is not really a benefit, as most times these men do not have money, the only thing you will achieve from dating a married man is heartbreak.


Involved with a married man consequences are life changing and you might never recover from the consequences. Dating a married man is one of the worst decisions a young lady can make. You are not only hurting yourself and your chances of having a healthy relationship, but you are also ruining another woman’s family. No matter how charming he appears to be, you need to be able to resist the urge to date a married man.

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