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Teasing Is One Way People Flirt With You

Teasing Is One Way People Flirt With You

The act of annoying and making fun of someone you like has been a very common way of getting them to notice you. If done right, teasing can be a stone used to kill two birds. So now the real question is teasing flirting? 

Teasing can lead to flirting. A lot of men who tease ladies are sometimes doing so with the intention of flirting. This can be noticed in the type of jabs he throws at you.

In this article, you will learn how to use teasing to flirt with a woman and why it’s a great way to get her attention.

Why teasing is a wonderful flirting technique

This method is appealing because it helps you approach a lady with less risk involved in getting her to say yes. We all know how being turned down can feel. So this is a way we can stylishly go for her without being direct.

Even after getting this lady, making fun of each other helps add spice to a relationship. Which can be most times intense and full of seriousness.

If you can use the right words, it can add the ‘best pal’ feeling to your affair. This helps increase your bond and also makes dating more fun. If you have a partner that can joke around with, you would not want to go out with other people.

Having a similar sense of humor improves understanding and shows that are perfect. Because sometimes teasing can be very offensive. And if your partner is not on the same page, it might lead to regular issues.

So if you are contemplating how to spice up your love life with flirting but don’t want the all-serious type, be a teaser.

As we said earlier, you have to know your limit and also choose a partner that has a similar way of thinking. Not everyone can take this type of flirty joke. Teasing your partner also means you don’t love them blindly and that is a good sign of healthy dating.

What is the purpose of teasing someone?

This is often done to irritate someone. Most times this activity is always hurtful to the recipient. The way this process is perceived depends on both the sender and the receiver.

Some people see teasing as fun for lovers. In this case, your partner can say things that would make you laugh but they are mostly about your flaws. If the recipient has low tolerance, they might misinterpret the sender.

But there are people who do this with direct intentions of hurting others. These people derive joy from causing others pain and then hide under the camouflage of a joke.

This set of people could even use your trying times to entertain their self. This is why most mean people are fond of this act. For them, they intend to use the pain of others to make themselves laugh.

Whatever your intentions might be, teasing should have limits. Because it might be fun to you but not fun to the person at the other end.

Teasing is an act that can be classified into different categories. People who do this might intend to be playful, hurtful, or educative

For instance, they could make fun of you with the amazing body quality that you have. This could make you feel embarrassed but you know they mean well. In situations like this, you may join in and even tease back at the person with the intent to annoy each other.

And then there are the ones who are done with the direct intent to make others feel pain. These people are often bullies who use mean words to verbally abuse others.

While another form of this act is using people’s flaws to mock them in an attempt to help them change or improve. No matter how nice this might sound, it won’t be pleasant to the receiver.

Whatever ways you may look at it, the true nature of teasing is to hurt others. It may seem like you are joking but it is not. 

How not to tease

If you want to make fun of others, you should know that you should avoid anything that makes them feel less. This not only makes them feel bad but makes them appear like toxic people.

No matter how the person may react, even if they act like it does not get to them, it will get to them with time. If you keep engaging in this act, it may hurt their pride.

Stay away from making jest about things you know they can’t change or didn’t choose for themselves.

In addition, don’t make people appear stupid. It is wrong to mock someone for not comprehending something you must have said. It makes you appear like an egoistic person.

Furthermore, if people are vulnerable enough to tell you their flaws, don’t use these flaws to make fun of them. This is not a good joke because telling you that took a lot from them.

And if in the end, you are seeing it as a way to playfully spite them, they won’t be comfortable telling you anything. While teasing, avoid focusing on one area.

For instance, If you keep telling jokes about your partner’s fat, they will see it as mockery. Because if you don’t, why do you keep repeating it?

What to do if your teasing is misunderstood

It is normal for anyone to get it wrong when you try to portray this kind of behavior around them. The fact that you may not mean it that way does not mean they don’t have any right to get hurt.

So when you notice the jokes did not go down well with them, be quick to specify that you were only trying to be funny. Apologise and make them understand that you don’t mean it.

It can hurt when someone teases you. So don’t act like they are overreacting, be quick to let them know your intentions. This act is usually too expensive and not everyone can understand why you will choose dark jokes.

This is while it is advised to learn the right ways to make jokes about anyone to avoid misunderstanding. And before you say any of such words, ensure you know this person to an extent.

This is to ascertain their level of thinking. Because their level of thinking greatly determines how they will receive the jokes.

However, if someone does not like it and has to be true enough to let you know, the wise thing to do is discontinue. 

How to flirt by teasing?

Is teasing flirting? This might be the question going through your head. The thing is teasing can be flirting if you do it right.

Before trying it out, you have to understand that your intent has to be genuine. Don’t say anything that will throw the other person off balance.

Think of something that would be funny and not too harsh to take. Let it be something that concerns the two of you.

For instance, you are watching a movie about a panda eating a lot of food.  And let’s say your partner is the type that likes to eat a lot, you could say something like ‘Hey, come see your twin.’

The most important thing about doing this is that you should use the right tune and keep happy smiles. Doing it right can increase your bond.

And when your partner teases you by calling you a funny name, do well to call them theirs too. This brings playfulness between you too.

You can even bring the fun to serious issues. Like talking about something that bothers them but making a joke out of it.

Furthermore, if for example, you see a couple kissing in public, draw your partner’s attention to it. Then say something about kissing him too because you are aware he won’t allow it since he is the shy type.

You could also use words that would annoy him. Remember it is fun if you can playfully disturb your partner. It makes them fond of you.

If you know a word that they don’t like to hear or slang that annoys them, say it to piss them off a little.

The ultimate rule of doing all of these is to keep it simple as possible and always know when to stop. Don’t dwell too much on it or you will lose the point of flirting.

You can even add an extra touch by going sexual. Like saying, ‘The way you are looking this morning, it’s obvious you want a piece of me.’

What does teasing mean to a guy?

For men, this is a way of shooting shots without going directly. So to them, it is very common for men to use this technique if they are attracted to a lady.

Women also use this too and when they do, they leave the guy asking questions. This humor and sarcastic approach is a very smart way to approach anyone.

This is why men tend to use it a lot especially if they are not confident enough for a direct shot. As a lady, if you tease a man, it also makes him feel loved that is if you do it the right way.

The truth is if your partner does not play with you, it suggests that you are not perfectly bonded. This is what adds fun to your affair. So for both men and women, it is a way of playfully flirting with your partner.

Is teasing a way of showing affection

Yes, it is. If done properly, this act helps to make a relationship more enjoyable. Showing someone you love them with straightforward text and words can become boring.

This is why most people avoid dating. They feel it is filled with tension and may even be as if they are doing very serious work.

So if you are tired of doing the usual, teasing is a way you can show affection while you keep things fun. Doing this helps to add that ‘sibling’ touch to your relationship. That is it makes you see your partner as someone you can relate with.

This not only increases the closeness between you two but is also good for your well-being. Because it helps bring a lot of laughs and playfulness to your affair.

Extra seriousness in a relationship can even ruin it. Because your spouse would want to get that playful side from someone else.

This is why affectionate teasing is very important. It helps make one grow stronger.

Compliment your partner’s unique personality but do it jokingly. You could say something like ‘Babe, get up from that chair so your bum won’t destroy it.’

You have stylishly told her that she has a perfect backside. And these are things that women like to hear.

Do women love to be teased?

Yes, they do. As long as you keep it light. Don’t overdo it and follow the rules that were explained earlier in this post.

Don’t mock them or make jest of things you know would make them feel less than themselves. If you want to know how much ladies love it, give her a nickname, and call her that for a while, and stop it. And see that she will even ask why you stopped.

Women love to be treated like babies. So petting her is a very good way you can tease her. But don’t do it too much or you will keep yourself in the friend zone.

If it’s someone you are dating, it would make the relationship appear too playful. One reason women keep close male friends is to get in touch with someone that can make this kind of joke. But if you can be both for her, she wouldn’t need any close male friends.

Ten playful teases that women secretly love

Ladies enjoy it when their man copies something about her that she does a lot. It could be the way she talks, walks, or even dresses. Go to her wardrobe, put on her clothes, dress like her, and walk and talk like her.

You can say something common with girls from her region. For instance, if they are known to be runners, you could say something like ‘no wonder you always want to take a walk. It runs in your vein.’

Women love when you treat them like babies. Do her like you would handle a one-year-old and feed her also they enjoy it.

To add spice, you can do a gender switch or act like a popular character that you both know about. You can be a teacher while she is the student.

When she says something, you can playfully act like she is wrong.  This is in a  way you will let her know you are only trying to annoy her with your facial expression.

Furthermore, maybe she is looking at you, and you can say ‘Hey what are you looking at do you want some? Or don’t bother, I am too hot for you.’ These words will for sure make her laugh.

Look for a nickname to call her. Something that matches her personality. You can do a pillow fight or even video gaming with her.

But always let her win and when you win, tell her something like ‘Hey I whoop your ass.’ Give her silly comments. For instance, when she sings, you could say something like ‘If you had taken your career seriously, we would have been touring the world right now.

You can also say something like ‘I used to be a church boy till I met you.’ Pranks that are not too expensive can also make her laugh. All these things are affectionate and playful teases that women enjoy a lot.

How do you react when someone is teasing you?

The purpose of someone jokingly saying words like this is to make you laugh and feel comfortable. So the best way to respond is to laugh. This gives them the confidence to do more.

However, if it is something you don’t feel okay with, tell them to stop. The truth is that people can go extreme with all of this.

If you enjoy it, throwing one back is not a bad idea. But it should not be done with the intent to get back at them. This can lead to it turning into a serious fracas between you too.

Something like, ‘I heard you could finish ten slices of pizza without blinking?’ You can respond with, ‘At least I am not the one who has an unresolved issue with food.’ This brings lightness into your conversation.

Why do people like being teased?

They enjoy it because it is fun to always hear people say funny things. This also helps them to get comfortable around the teaser as long as they are doing it the right way.

No one likes an always serious conversation. This is why people are likely drawn to people who can playfully say things about them. Even if direct compliments are nice, it is more enjoyable when it comes as a joke.

It gives the receiver a laugh and also makes them feel special. As long as you don’t indulge in hurtful jokes, people will enjoy it when you say these things to them.

And sometimes, when you try to correct someone, saying it playfully will make it easier to take in.

This act eases the pressure that comes with being in any form of relationship. Well, before you try this with anyone, there has to be a level of understanding between you two.

Why can’t I stop teasing my crush?

This could be because you think they enjoy it or that is how you know best to let your feelings known. It is always scary to approach someone you have secret feelings for. So this is why you may prefer this method to stay in the shadows.

Teasing can help her get to notice you and even get close to you. The downside is that it will easily keep you in the friend zone. Instead of her seeing you as someone who has an interest in her, she sees you as someone as a clown or a taunt.

So even if you have to use this method at some point, be serious so you can be able to let her know you have other intentions. Instead of being the mean guy who secretly likes her.

Difference between teasing and flirting

The former is an act of either making fun of someone or trying to hurt them by mocking them. Teasers may implore verbal abuses or compliments that sound like mockery.

It is then left for the receiver to decipher what you mean. Teasing is mostly done by words.

The latter may involve touching, eye contact, and words that are meant to get to the other person. And make them get attracted to the flirter.

The main purpose of teasing could vary depending on the person. It could be to flirt, abuse, or embarrass someone. But flirting is done with the sole intent of getting the person to show someone you are sexually drawn to them.

How to spot toxic teasers

Anyone who makes fun of your appearance can be put in this bracket. Most times, this kind of person always likes to do this in public. They take your flaws and use them to turn you into the joke of the day.

The truth is, if someone goes to the extreme with their supposed playful jokes, then they are toxic. One thing common about them is that they find a particular thing you have a defect in and keep using it to spite you.

This kind of person chooses personal and sensitive things to joke about. Teasing should never be hurtful or embarrassing. If it is, then it is unhealthy and should not be encouraged. 


I hope this post has answered your question, is teasing flirting? The thing is the act of flirting by teasing is something you have to master before attempting.

The keynote is you have to develop a level of trust with this person. This is crucial so that they don’t misread your jokes and remember to keep it light.

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