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Is It Appropriate To Be Kissed On The First Date?

Is It Appropriate To Be Kissed On The First Date?

You had a fun meeting with this new guy and the next minute you are locking lips with each other. It might have been a memorable moment. But now you are wondering if it is cool to kiss on the first date.

To be kissed or not on the first date is entirely in your hands. There are no rules to it except yours.

Would it mean that this person only wants your body and the fact that you let him have it means you are cheap? Read on to find out what you need to know about kissing on the first date.

Things to consider before kissing on the first date

Everyone has a different opinion on what you should and should not do on an initial outing. Before you allow someone new to plant a kiss on your lips, read further.

You should think about your expectations of your chosen take-out partner. Think about how long you have known him, and consider the chemistry during the date.

Have you been texting them and already expressed affection before meeting them? Kissing on a first date is not a big deal. In fact, it helps you kick-start your brand-new relationship.

I suppose it depends on if you feel the same way after meeting them.

It’s obvious that the online world and reality are different. Are you getting the same vibe from this person as you did while texting or before the official meeting?

Please note, it is advised to study their attitude to determine if it matches yours before you allow it to happen.

This brings us to the last part: Are you comfortable locking lips with this man? As the date approaches, you will have to make this decision in your mind. Know that it is wise to turn him down if you feel like it.

What a first kiss reveals

Kissing someone during an initial meeting could help you learn a lot about them. If his kisses were gentle, soft, and deep, it is a sign that this person might be a tender lover.

If they wait to follow your lead and allow you to progress into it, this means they are not bossy.

In addition, it is possible to tell if he is selfish or not by scrutinizing his actions. Things like being rushy or not complimenting you show they are self-centered.

Learning about your date’s hygiene is also possible through this process. This includes their mouth and body. It tells you their nature and how they take care of their body.

Well, if they smell like someone who used mouth spray, then they likely have it in mind.

Lastly, does this kiss feel like it should never end? It suggests there is strong chemistry between both parties.

A couple about to Kiss on the first date.

Why do people kiss on the first date?

Someone locking lips with you at an initial meeting could mean different things. If they make the move, they might be checking to see if you will reciprocate.

A date doesn’t guarantee that the other person loves you or seeks to take things to the next level. It is very common for men to try to kiss a woman to see if she feels the same way.

People kiss on a first date for several reasons. Some do this to let you know they are interested in you. They also plant this kiss to let you know they are sexual beings.

Some people try to kiss on the first date because they are too comfortable and certain that you are their new girl. If someone attempts a kiss on a first date, it could also mean that they are anxious for a kiss. It could also mean they’ve been fantasizing about the kiss for a while.

If you both don’t know enough about yourselves, it could mean that he is inexperienced.

Some people kiss you on the first date because they are randy. They hope the kiss will lead to sex. If that’s what you want, then open yourself up to it.

A kiss like this could arise from a tension between you both and the lack of self-control at that point.

Some men are audacious and will want to use the kiss to tell everyone around you that you are their girl.

Reasons why people refuse a kiss on the first date

Why a person might turn down an attempted kiss can be a result of the opposite of everything we discussed above.

It could mean that they are not ready for it yet, or they don’t like you enough. In addition, not everyone is cool with a public kiss. It is even more frustrating when it is a first. So your date might be turning you down because she is shy.

Her religious beliefs and upbringing might also make her refuse a kiss. She might be celibate and avoid sexual activity. It is essential that you know your date before attempting to kiss them on the first date.

Some people are also very cautious due to prior negative experiences. Some are experienced and know that a kiss on the first date is only a sexual activity.

These people want something deeper. They are not ready to let their guard down on the first date and choose to tread carefully.

Many people are fond of ghosting after a first date. They want to see if you are different.

In any case, if they showed some interest and then turned back, that’s okay. This could have been because you had an unpleasant breath or they later changed their minds. But that is a sign they might allow you when you try again some other time.

Is kissing on a first date appropriate or inappropriate?

Most people have varying opinions. For some, they feel it has to happen slowly, since it’s an initial outing and might be in public.

While there are others who think it’s a no-no for them. They believe kissing someone after a first date signifies that you are cheap or flirting.

They might also stress their point by saying that if a person attempts something like this, it’s a red flag.

And then there are a few who are indifferent. They feel it might be okay or not depending on who this person you are out with is to you, and your feelings towards them.

Well, realistically all of these are basic opinions. There is no rule that governs these first moments. Many couples have even had sex on their first official date and ended up getting together.

Others waited, but nothing worked. When it comes to this decision. Whether it’s ideal or not is entirely up to you. The thing is to do what your guts tell you.

We have different paths. When you feel attraction and a mutual urge to make a move, then why not? But if the reverse is the situation, maybe you should rethink it.

It might be your guts helping you spot the red flags you are not paying attention to. Furthermore, it’s a product of your personal preferences. Your perception of a kiss on a first date can be influenced by your views on the topic.

Why a guy kissed you on the first date

Some men that use physical touch to show love will likely do this during an initial outing. But their reasons for doing so might differ.

They may all have different reasons for their actions. But one thing is certain: they are all attracted to the woman.

It’s unlikely that guys will make a move toward you if they don’t consider you attractive. Although this does not always mean they are drawn to you for a positive reason. But attraction could be the bedrock of a relationship.

He might have done it to express his feelings, or he wants to see you again. So when he makes the move, it is usually because he is looking to see if you are interested in him too.

But this depends on the kind of kiss. If it’s one on the cheek, he is being a gentleman.

However, if he touches you further, he may want more and maybe even sex. If he is a gentleman, he will try to bring you along gradually so he can decipher whether you are interested or not.

What men think after a first kiss

In his head, there will be conflicting thoughts before he does it, or makes the move. When you reciprocate or receive his advances, he knows you are into him. So if he finally gets to plant a kiss on your lips, he is most likely to feel you want him too.

The way he thinks depends on how the session unfolds. He might be the type of guy who believes that he is irresistible. After a simple move, he might think he is super hot. Some guys might think the lady is cheap or she has been waiting for it too.

Some guys will feel elated and even tell you. For some guys, they will bless God for allowing the kiss happen. This is because the kiss means a lot to him.

And if the kiss was lovely, he would think “wow she kisses so well, let’s do this again.” And he might even start getting horny.

What a guy thinks before or after a kiss is largely determined by the guy’s character. If the guy loves you and cherishes you, he will have positive thoughts. But if he is a player, expect him to have some sinister thoughts.

How to get kissed on a first date

Your first step to getting kissed is to make sure you are prepared for it. Freshen up and smell pleasant. When possible, carry a mouth spray with you and use it whenever you need to use the restroom.

The next thing you should do is dressing well. For ladies, it does not have to be too slutty, but it should be hot and comfortable. Dressing in a certain way sets the mood, too.

The guy can go with something corporate but not too serious.

Bring your flirting skills to the table. Don’t be intrusive, maintain eye contact and give your date a heads up with compliments about her looks.

Get a convenient location. Somewhere you can easily feel comfortable enough to let it happen. Then wait for the right time to gently move your lips toward her. Making use of eye contact while getting close will make her almost unable to resist you.

Set the atmosphere before you move by doing something like giving flowers or a love note.

Do women like to be kissed on a first date?

Well from my own experience, I would say yes. Women like an attempted kiss on a first date, even if it does not result in a kiss.

She wants to know if the man finds her irresistible. And that’s one way for her to know.

If she likes you, then she might also be waiting for a kiss during your time together. Although she might still decline just to make you chase her or for other reasons.

It could also be because she is not comfortable with it yet. But anyway, she won’t think badly of you if you make the first attempt. It lets her know that you find her attractive.

But never be too hasty to kiss. Being touchy and sticking your tongue out is something women dislike on a first date. You can begin slowly with the cheeks then try again with a peck, then allow things to progress.

Does a gentleman kiss you on a first date?

Yes, they do. but it is uncommon to get a rush lip kiss from a well-respected man. He understands that the woman has to give her consent and there is always a next time to try again.

Gentlemen can make this type of move on you when they see you, but they always try to be soft.

He might opt to kiss you on your hands or cheeks. He would want to verbally or non-verbally ask for your permission before making a move.

To avoid getting his name in your black book, he would let the kiss progress naturally. When he spots the right moment, he will give it a try. If you reject him, he will accept it nicely.

Should I kiss a guy I met online on the first date?

Well, why not? But this depends on if both of you are on the same page and if you are okay with it too. And also what you want from the relationship.

It’s okay to lock lips with a guy you met on a dating app. But what is not okay is you making the first move or rushing into it. And if he makes an advance on you, you should know you are not obligated to let it happen.

It is okay to turn him down for the first time. It might be unwise to move to the next level with such a guy.

All this being said if you are okay with it, and like the person, you can kiss him and even have sex with them if you wish. It can end up creating a great spark between you two.

When should a kiss happen on a first date?

Well, your gut feelings will be very helpful when it comes to choosing the right time to make this move. During the date, you should be able to feel it.

When you become engulfed by emotions and certain you want it as your date does, then that’s the right time. This is to avoid the awkwardness of making a move at the wrong time.

You should be able to read the mood of your date. The more they look comfortable around you, that’s when you know it is the right time to make a move.

You should do it at the end. When you have created a romantic atmosphere.

How long should a kiss on a first date last?

It should last between 5 – 10 seconds. Anything more than that would make it look like you are doing too much and that may ruin the whole date.

And if you are in a public place, a shorter kiss is more appropriate so you won’t make other people uncomfortable. This gives you enough time to take a photo if you wish.

You just met, so keeping it too long might appear like a red flag to your date. After this short kiss, a kind compliment should follow.

What type of kiss is most appropriate for a first date

An initial peck on the lips, cheeks, or hand is the preferred choice for any first date. This allows you to become intimate without appearing like that’s all you want.

Anything that involves using your tongue should be avoided. You can try something mouth-to-mouth, but keep it short. Usually, it’s should be a short experimental kiss.


Talking about what a kiss on a first date means, you have to understand that there is simply nothing wrong with it. Allow it to happen for you if you want it.

However, whenever you are trying to kiss a lady for the first time, be sure to read the atmosphere. And keep it as short as possible.

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