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How To Fix A Lash Lift Too Lifted

How To Fix A Lash Lift Too Lifted

A lash lift can enhance your beauty. The lift makes your lashes look voluminous, especially if you have thin lashes. 

Some people have already damaged their lashes by using too many fake, chemical-containing lashes. So using a lash lift gives you a more natural-looking lash.

Note: A lash lift too lifted can be a source of worry for women. Most times, it is disappointing because that wasn’t what was expected.

To fix a lash too lifted, you need to be patient so as not to engage in activities that will damage your eyes. Ensure you meet a good technician to help with the correction you desire.

In this piece, solutions will be recommended for a lash lift too lifted and why it is overly lifted.

What is a lash lift?

A lash lift is a semi-permanent or all-natural technique that gives you fuller eyelashes. It is usually done without any leave-on chemicals or extensions. 

When fixing it, the natural lashes will be boosted from the root. This gives them a longer appearance. 

A lash lift can last up to three months or at least two months, depending on who did the procedure for you. A lash lift is very easy and comfortable to wear. 

And when you wake up in the morning and look in the mirror, you see these amazing-looking lashes. Lash lifts are different from eyelash perms

They are a new, more effective procedure. It prevents the over-curled look of the eyelash perm. And it lifts the lashes upward, produces length, and enhances the look of the lashes.

Reasons why your lash lift is too lifted

You have finally decided to do something about your lashes, and the effort is not what you like. Also, you noticed that the lashes appear too lifted.

Your expectations had been altered by the reality of your lifted lashes. You know the flawless lashes will allow you to leave your mascara to rest for at least two months. But yours was bent, out of shape, and overly lifted lash.

After the lash lift, you see that your lashes are over-curled. Well, this happens, and there can only be two reasons for something like this.

  • The wrong curling rod was used

Semi-natural lashes are curled with a curling rod with a convex surface. After using the rod, you apply the chemical that gives the rod its shape. 

And this rod usually comes in different sizes, which can be applied depending on how long your natural lash is. 

For long natural lashes, you will need a larger rod. A small rod is used for short natural lashes. If you want to achieve balance, you need to select the right rod. 

This is because using the wrong rod will lead to a failed lash lift if it is too large and a lifted lash lift if it is too small.

  • The chemicals were not removed quickly enough

When getting your lashes, the duration of the chemical staying on is determined by the thickness of your lashes. 

Other factors include the state of the eyelashes and the strength of the curling solution. 

It is up to your lash technician to know how long the chemical should stay on your lashes. 

But if they miscalculate and leave it on for too long, it will damage the lash. When overprocessed, lashes can become frizzy and brittle.

Problems that can arise when a lash is too lifted

When your lash is too lifted, it can lead to:

  • frizzy or over-curled lashes. And this does not give you the desired result. 
  • The lashes become unhealthy as a result. 
  • It can also cause the lashes to be dry and not attractive to the eyes.

How to fix a lifted lash lift

When your lash lift is too high, the only option is to get your tech to do a quick correction. You might be lucky enough to notice the error in the salon. 

They can do a quick re-perm and fix the shape of the lashes. But there is always the risk of the lashes getting processed, and it is not the ideal option. 

But if it is already processed, you can wait for six to eight weeks and get a keratin lash lift.

Avoid lashes that are overly lifted

There is nothing you can do if your semi-permanent lashes turn out wrong after getting them done. 

But you can avoid getting it too high by using the right rod. And also, ensure you use the right chemicals for your natural lashes. And do not chemicals on your lashes for too long.

Ensure you also use an experienced technician who understands the role of timing in getting your lash to come out nice.

How long will it take for a lash lift to work?

After you get your lash lift, it takes effect immediately. You will begin to see the results of the lash lift as soon as the technician finishes fixing it. 

However, it does not last more than two to four months. It will naturally fall out after about two months, and your lashes will revert back to their natural state. 

It might then fall out evenly. After getting your lash lift done, there is no need for a follow-up appointment. You can repeat the process every 5-8 weeks if you wish.

Castor Oil and lash lift

After you finish your lash lift, your technician might advise you to apply castor oil to help retain the lashes. Due to the lack of after-lift care, castor oil can help prevent dryness after a while. 

You can use castor oil at least 3-5 times a week. Don’t apply castor oil immediately after. Wait at least two to three days after the procedure before you start using the oil.

Benefits of lash lift

Lash lifts are the new and improved methods for adding length to our natural lashes. They are not permanent. They are semi-permanent and last no longer than 2-4 months.

Lash lifts are better than eyelash curlers, and they are easier to fix. The lash lift does not harm your natural lashes. All you need to do is use a highly skilled and professionally trained technician.

Lash lifts are totally painless and safe. Your eyes are closed for the duration of the procedure. With a lash lift, there is no need for lash extensions. And you do not have to bother with the aftercare that is associated with extensions.

When you get your lash lift done, it is advisable that you leave your lashes untouched for at least 24 hours. And you may even notice that you do not need to apply mascara after the procedure. Your lashes drop evenly when they fall. And after that, you can go for another procedure if you wish.

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