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25 Avid Signs A Leo Man Is Falling For You

25 Avid Signs A Leo Man Is Falling For You

When you meet a man you like or wish to have a relationship with, even when you are already friends with him, you would want to know if he is interested in you, to avoid a waste of your time. As you already know, different men have different behaviour, when they begin to catch feelings for someone. In this article, we will be talking about how men born under the zodiac sign Leo, act when they are falling for a woman

Being attentive to you, generous, doing everything to make you feel special, being jealous, protective, and letting you meet everyone in his life, are some signs a Leo man is falling for you

Due to their flirty nature, it can be a bit of a task to discern when they are falling for someone, or just being themselves.

Keep reading this article to find out more ways to know. a Leo man is falling for you. 

25 avid signs a Leo man is falling for you

1. Jealousy 

They need you to always remind them that you would never leave them. This is one reason, they get easily jealous when they see you with other men. So, if that guy is getting jealous when you are around other men, that shows he is catching feelings for you. 

2. Gives you attention 

When these men like someone, they give their all to that person. Naturally, they crave attention, if he likes you, he is always going to call and text you. 

3. Compliments you a lot 

Is he always telling you, you looking good? Does he always notice little details about your body development? Or about your personality? Those are some signs a Leo man is falling for you. 

4. Supports you 

They take their love life very seriously. If he is falling for you, he is going to become your biggest fan and your greatest cheerleader. If you need anything and you call on him, he is going to do everything in his power to bring it to pass. 

5. Introduces him to his friends and family 

Have you meant his family already? Do you know all of his close friends? Those are some signs a Leo man is falling for you.

6. Generous 

These men, when they are catching feelings for you, will always buy you gifts. If he is already giving you flowers and thoughtful gifts, then that guy is falling for you.

7. Everything about you interests him 

They are very attentive and also great listeners when they are interested in you. They want to know everything about you, they ask questions, and will notice every little detail.

8. A bit clingy 

Is he always calling you? And even when you are together it looks like it does not want to leave? Those are one of the signs a Leo man is falling for you. When they are interested in you, they always want to talk and be around you.

9. Protective 

Associated with the animal lion, they are fierce and very protective. If these men are interested in you they would put it on themselves, to protect you. If someone that didn’t mean you well, tries to be your friend, a Leo man would never allow that to happen.

10. Makes you feel special 

He likes attention, and would also give the woman he is catching feelings for a lot of attention. He will treat you like a princess, and care for you. 

11. Romantic 

Is he putting up all kinds of romantic surprises for you, and asking you on dates? It is by doing these and other romantic gestures, then he is falling for you. 

12. Touchy

One way you know you are sweeping these men off their feet, is when they become touchy when they are with you, want to hold you, hug you, etc. Even if it’s in their nature to be flirtatious when they are interested in you, they are not afraid of anyone to see them. They can touch you in public.

13. Makes future plans 

Is he already talking about the future? Like asking you for a date next month? Those are some major signs a Leo man is falling for you.

15. Acts committed 

One thing Leo runs from is commitment. They enjoy just being with everybody. But when they find the person that sweeps them off their feet, they will start to act and talk about commitment. You will notice he is Letting off old flames, and other females around him.

16. Possessive 

Is he already acting like he wants you all to himself? And when you are out with someone, even friends, it looks like he is not happy about it? Well, these are signs a Leo man is falling for you. They become very possessive when they like someone.

17.  Will tell you 

They are extroverted, confident, and straightforward. If you are not sure he is falling for you, don’t worry he is going to tell you soon.

19. Tries to impress you

These men are famous for their pride. If they like you, they will do everything for you to see them as the best man for you. They will try to work on their flaws, just to look perfect for you.

20. Laughs at your jokes 

Have you been wondering why this guy is always laughing when you talk to him or say a joke? But you don’t see yourself as funny as he makes you seem? Well, those are signs a Leo man is falling for you.

21. Flirts with you

Though these men are naturally flirtatious, when he is falling in love with you, he becomes outrageously flirty. 

22. Remembers little details 

They are extroverts and have a lot of friends. So when this man remembers little things about you, it means you must be very important to him.

23.  Asking if you are single

He would want to know if you are single. If he has asked you this and tried to look for ways to find out for sure, if you are hooked up or not, then he is falling in love with you.

24. Always wants you to be with him

Yes, this still takes us back to his possessive nature. Though he meant not to force you to stay with him, he won’t want you to leave either.

25. Accepts your flaws

Leo men are very observant of others. Noticing your flaws is very easy for them. But when these men are in love, they don’t mind; they are willing to accept it.

What attracts a Leo man in a woman

1. Genuine compliments 

One way you can attract these men is by complimenting them. Make sure your compliments are genuine. He will know if you are just flattering him.

2. Independency

He likes women that can go get their goals, and don’t have to lean on anyone. So if you want to attract this man, show him how independent you can be.

3. Confidence 

Just as these men are drawn to independent women, they are also unable to resist women with confidence. They are full of confidence. If you want to attract him, show him that you are not afraid to speak up, and how confident you can be.

4. Dress Well

This is one way you can attract all men. Men are naturally moved by sight. But for Leo’s men, one of the best ways to please them is by looking good.  Go for outfits that fit each outing, that Leo man is going to keep staring out at you if you can put your fashion sense together.

5. Have fun 

They are extroverted people, who enjoy having fun. They are drawn to women, who are like them. Do you want to get him drawn to you? Show him your fun side.

Personality traits of a Leo man

1. Extroverts 

Leo’s are very chatty.  Men born under the sign like to talk, hang out, and make new friends. They enjoy a very lengthy conversation.

2. Perfectionist 

They are very organized men and like to do things perfectly. That is why, when they are in love, they like to do things perfectly, to impress their woman. 

3. Possessive and jealous 

They can be very insecure. If they are friends with a woman, or in a relationship, they would want her for only themselves. 

4. Fragile Ego 

Though they might look very confident, they have big ego issues. If you say something that hurts their ego, you might never see them again.

5. Confident 

These men can be full of themselves, they strive to be the best and they feel they are the best. They always do things with high standards and can be very pompous and prideful.

6. Kind at heart 

If you want a man that will spoil you, then get yourself a Leo man. They are very caring, supportive, and generous. They don’t mind getting you expensive gifts. 

7. Outgoing

They are friendly, talkative, and enjoy the spotlight pretty well.

How a Leo man shows affection

Leo can be a show-off. When they like someone they would publicly display their love for her. They like physical touches and also like to shower their affections for their women with lots of expensive gifts.

Signs a Leo man is serious about you

1. Show his love publicly 

This is one way you know these men are really serious about you. Men born under this sign are naturally flirtatious, they can be touchy and playful with everybody, but they might avoid doing it publicly, so as not to ruin their other relationships. But when they are serious about you, they don’t mind anymore, they put off all old flames, and show you how much they love you in private, and in public.

2. Tells his friends 

They are the kind of men that would tell their friends when they are in love or just playing with you. But most times, if they are not serious about you, they won’t show you to anyone in their life. So, if he lets you hang out around his friends and family, then that man means business.

3. Always want you around

Is he always clingy and wants to talk and text you? Then he is serious about you. He is a very outgoing and friendly person, this makes them very popular and has a lot of friends. So if he chooses to be around just you, then that man likes you.

4. Shows you his true self 

These men are prideful and try to be perfect just to impress you. A Leo man can go out to borrow money from someone, just so you won’t know he does not have it. They are very self-absorbed and care so much about their self-image. So if he lets you see his flaws, then he wants you.

How to know when Leo man is playing with you

1. Does not support you 

These men, when in love, are very supportive. They can go out of their way for the people they love. They are very generous and protective. If he is never there for you, then that man might be playing you.

2. Avoids public displaying affection for you 

This is one you know a Leo man is playing with you. If only wants to touch you when you are alone, but when you are outside, he acts like you are strangers. When they are serious about someone, they are touching even In public.

3. He does not spend on you or buys you cheap stuff 

They are very caring and like to spoil their women. If they are in love, they like to spend money on their woman. They are known for their high taste; they are of very high standards.

If the man barely spends on you or gets you a low-class gift, it might be that he is playing you, or maybe, that’s all he has. But Leo men would rather go out to borrow you something expensive than show you they are broke. They are very prideful 

4. Barely contacts you 

They are extroverts who like to talk. They are very chatty. If that man barely contacts you or only calls you when he is horny, then he is not serious about you. 

5. No dates

They are outgoing people who like to have fun. If he has never taken you on dates, then he is taking someone else’s that he is really in love with.

What do Leo men value in a relationship 

If you are dating a Leo man or drawn to one, you should always be loyal to him, and be ready to remind him how much he means to you. This man likes to feel special. They like compliments. They value loyalty, and honesty in a relationship and also in life. 

Top compatible signs for Leo men

1. Aries 

These two signs are both fire signs and have a lot in common and they make a very good relationship. Though the fact that both of them are possessive can cause a little issue. But with the right understanding, they can work perfectly well.

2. Taurus 

Taurus is one of the most loyal and reliable signs in the zodiac. This is one thing that makes them very compatible with Leo. Leo values loyalty so much in a relationship. This sign is like luxury and security and Leo man is perfect for that. Rigidity in decision-making is one thing that can cause problems for these two.

3. Gemini

Their outgoing nature is one thing that can make these two a perfect match. But Gemini likes to take a little while before making decisions. Leo on the other hand is direct and likes to just go for it. This is one thing that can cause them problems.

4. Cancer 

They are loyal and kind. This can make them have a lasting relationship with Leo, who values loyalty so much.

5. Leo 

They are also a good match for themselves. It will be easy to get along because of their similar traits. Though their pride and possessiveness can come in cause issues for them.

How to make Leo man happy 

1. Give him attention

If you want to make your Leo man happy, the first thing you need to do is give him attention, don’t ever make him feel like he is forcing you to be around him.

2. Gift him something expensive

Associated with royalty, this man likes Luxury. If you want to make him happy, get him something expensive.

3. Take him on dates 

They like to go out. Want to make him happy and take him to a fancy restaurant. 

4. Be playful

He is touchy and likes to play. Being playful will always make these men happy.

5. Compliment him 

Don’t hold back on compliments, if you always want to see a smile on his face. They like to give compliments and they like to hear them too.

As The lion is the king of the jungle, so is a Leo man. They are royal,fierce, direct, and protective; He does not mind defending you, even if it means putting himself in arms. Yes, they are pretty good catches, if you can get them. Just like Aries, these men are very open about their feelings. 

If Leo man likes you he is going to show most of the signs in this article. If you are looking for ways to know if he is falling for you, the good news is, he is going to tell you soon. They are very direct and open-minded. He is not the type that will play mind games with someone he likes.

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