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25 Evident Weaknesses of A Libra Man

25 Evident Weaknesses of A Libra Man

As humans, we all have weaknesses and there are certain weaknesses associated with different zodiac signs. In this article, we will dig into ‘Libra man weakness’.

One of the biggest weaknesses of a Libra man is his indecisiveness. He never wants to make a decision.

When you can understand all of these weaknesses you will be able to know how to handle them.

25 Weaknesses of a Libra man.

1. They are superficial:

One weakness of a Libra man is that he is superficial and he cares a lot about beauty. They are enthralled by Luxury, and they have an obsession with looking good and dressing well because of this, they may work harder than usual just to get this thing they do not need.

2. They are indecisive:

Libra men cannot make a decision. They are usually very indecisive and they like to consider all options before coming to a decision and so, they take longer to conclude. They like to vacillate between issues, and most times they are always on the fence when it comes to important issues.

3. They are people-pleasers:

Libra men like it when everyone they come in contact with it likes them, so they have the tendency not to be able to say no to others. They tend to hide aspects of themselves so that they can avoid conflict, so they can get validation from people they met.

4. They are self-righteous:

5. Perfectionists:

Libra men are perfectionists, everything and everyone around them just have to be perfect. They like to be in control of everything, and they believe that when they handle everything, it will turn out perfectly. This obsession with perfection can turn reality into a never-ending battle.

6. They are flirtatious:

Another weakness of a Libra man is that he is very flirtatious, because of their charming charisma, they can be seductive, and they also like to pay deep attention to your eyes when talking to you and this makes you feel wanted.

7. They are self-centered:

Libra men are self-centered and they have narcissistic tendencies, they care only about themselves and their image, and they also have a heightened sense of superiority above everyone else.

8. They are weak-willed:

Another weakness exhibited is that they are weak-willed. When a Libra man goes through a tough time, he may lose focus and lose all motivation to keep going. They are not able to process their grief and this leaves them not being able to move forward.

9. They veer towards easy solutions:

Another weakness of a Libra man is that he tends to always go for the easy solution just to avoid conflict, instead of getting to the root of the problem, they only go for the surface, and most times, this approach may work for them and other times it does not work for them.

10. They are indolence:

Libra men are always indecisive between activeness and laziness. They are usually full of energy but choose to be lazy whenever they are suffering from internal crises.

11. They are hot-headed:

Libra men are usually hot-headed. They have very short and violent tempers and they easily get angry. They don’t know how to handle their anger and they allow it to rule their emotions.

12. They are manipulative:

Libra men are very manipulative. They have a way of making you do things and after do it before you realize that you were manipulated. Libra men are very cunning and at the same time. They are skillful when it comes to communicating.

13. They are vindictive:

Libra men do not subscribe to the notion of forgiveness, they believe in the eye for an eye mentality. They hold grudges and these grudges can push them into becoming vindictive.

14. They are extremely controlling:

Due to their perfectionist attitude, they tend to always want control and they get angry when they do not get control. This is one reason they don’t mind asserting pressure just to control you.

15. They are scared of being alone:

Another weakness of a Libra man is that he is scared of being alone. They always have the desire to connect with other people and so they always want people around them, because they don’t like being alone, they would go for anyone that can help them feel good about themselves.

16. They are self-indulgent:

Because Libra man craves the finer things of life, he sometimes tends to be self-indulgent. They are always looking for the next new thing or trend and they waste money on buying any frivolous things that catch their fancy.

17. They are intolerant:

One weakness of a Libra man is that they are very intolerant they do not have the patience to tolerate things, especially when they know they are right.

18. They are usually emotionally detached:

Libra men tend to be emotionally detached, this makes them do things logically even when it comes to love and money.

19. They are unreliable:

Libra men are usually unreliable and you can’t trust them to come through for you during emergencies. They make all these elaborate plans to assure you, and at the end of the day, they fail to show up for you.

20. They are lazy:

Another weakness of a Libra man is that he is not hardworking, he is usually lazy and unmotivated. They get to avoid the work and always want an easy way out to resolve issues.

21. They don’t know how to keep secrets: 

A weakness about Libra man is that you cannot tell him anything you don’t want the rest of the world to hear. Libra man finds it difficult to keep secrets.

22. They lie:

Most times, a Libra man is not always truthful. They tend to twist the truth to suit them. Most times, they tell lies to please others or to avoid conflict.

23. They have commitment issues:

Another weakness of a Libra man is that he is scared to commit. They tend to overthink and this makes them scared to commit to others, and also they are romantic at heart so they sometimes keep their option open.

24. They indulge in self-pity:

Another thing about Libra men is that they tend to pity themselves too much. When the going gets tough, instead of them being optimistic, they would rather feel pity for themselves and give up easily. They even tend to blame everyone for their problems instead of facing these issues head-on.

25. They are impatient:

When things don’t go the way a Libra man wants, he tends to get impatient and lose interest or he lashes out at those around him.

A Libra man’s biggest weakness.

A Libra man’s biggest weakness is that he is love-obsessed and when they are in love they forget about everything else and focus on his relationship. This keeps them from seeing the bigger picture and most times, they don’t notice the red flag until it is too late.

Can a Libra man overcome his weakness?

Yes, a Libra man can overcome a weakness, but he has to realize he has a weakness and be able to identify them before he can overcome them. He would have to put in a lot of work and time to be able to overcome them. And the most important thing is that he has to be willing to change before he can overcome his weakness.


Now that you have seen most of the weaknesses of a Libra man, you should understand that most of these weaknesses are a result of their situations and their childhood history. Despite their flaws, a Libra man is a sweet and loving man, and they make pretty good lovers too.

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