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Ten Shocking Reasons Why Guys Like Their Exes Pictures?

Ten Shocking Reasons Why Guys Like Their Exes Pictures?

When you see your boyfriend liking his ex’s pictures every time on Facebook, it can make you start to think that they still have feelings or something is still going on between them. But that might not be the case. He might just innocently like the pictures because he thinks it’s nice. But why do guys like their exes’ pictures, if they are no longer together?

Most times, guys like their exes’ pictures because they don’t see a big deal with pressing the like button on their ex’s pictures. Sometimes, you can also be right that they still have feelings for them and that’s why they still like their exes’ pictures. When we see pictures of people we used to love, it can trigger a part of us that starts to miss and want them.

If you’re wondering why your boyfriend is liking his exes’ picture, I am going to list ten obvious reasons. Also, what to expect when that happens and how to deal with such a situation.

Ten reasons why guys like their exes’ pictures

1. He is not over her:

Your boyfriend might not be over their ex. So anytime he sees her pictures, it feels like he should go back to her. When we are not over people, a little memory makes us want to have them back. If this happens, you should be very careful because he might be trying to go back to her and that might be bad for you. 

2. It’s just a harmless like:

It might be that you are overreacting and it is just a simple like. Well, you have every right to be jealous. If he does not do it all the time or rarely likes her picture, then it means it might just be ordinary and it’s nothing to worry about. 

If it happens often, you can talk to him about it and let him know you don’t like the fact that he likes a picture of his ex. If he loves you, he is going to stop because he does not want to do anything that will hurt your feelings. If he does not stop, that will make you feel bad or cause a disagreement between you too.

3. The picture made him miss her:

Sometimes, when we stop dating someone, we immediately start to get flashbacks of memories of them when we see their pictures. This makes us start to miss them. But the fact that we miss someone does not always mean we want them back. So, when your boyfriend is liking his ex’s pictures, it could be because he misses her, it does not always mean that he wants her back in his life, and it can also mean that too. 

If he is not only liking her pictures but still calls her too, then he might be trying to create a connection with her. You have to try to talk to your boyfriend about it, just so you can clarify things. If he wants to end the relationship and go back to his ex or if he wants you. You have to set rules for him.

4. He is trying to tell her he is still available:

Your boyfriend might be liking his ex pictures because he is trying to tell her that he is still available if she wants him back. Liking her picture is like sneakily telling her “Hey I still like you, and I am here when you want us to fix things”. So, if he is always doing this and you think it’s getting out of hand, and even when you talk to him about it, he turns a deaf ear. Then you should quit such a relationship. If you don’t leave him soon he is going to leave you. 

5. He is obsessed with her:

If he is always liking her pictures and even has them on his phone, then he might be obsessed with her. If he always talks about her, it seems like he is not really into you. If he also calls her name in bed, then he is obsessed with her.

The best thing for you to do is try to end whatever you have with him because the fact he is thinking of her while he is with you means he doesn’t love you. Don’t be plan B, so move on with your life. Get yourself someone that truly loves you.

6. He thinks she is cuter than you:

He might like her picture because he thinks she is so good-looking. This means that you are not beautiful enough for him. He thinks she is better-looking than you are and inside of him, he wants to go for her. Your boyfriend has to see you as the most beautiful girl in the world.

7. He is going to break up with you soon:

If he is liking her pictures every time, it might be that he is sending you a message that he is going to break up with you soon. If he is doing that, then that’s a red flag and there is nothing you should be doing in that kind of relationship. You will only be putting your heart at risk. 

8. He wants to sleep with her:

If he is liking her hot pictures, then he is having thoughts of sleeping with her. Maybe the pictures are turning him on and reminding him of the good sex times they had together.

9. He does not care about your feelings:

If he is always liking and commenting, then he doesn’t care about your feelings. If he cares so much about your feelings, he would know that pictures of him will hurt you and make you sad.

If he is doing that, it means that they don’t care if they will hurt you or not.

10. He wants her back:

When he always likes his ex-girlfriend’s pictures, it means that he might want her back. If he is doing this frequently without even caring about you, you should end such a relationship.

What do guys get from liking their ex pictures?

A guy that likes his ex’s pictures is doing it to make himself feel better. He is just doing it because he is probably not happy with his present lover or bored. He might also be doing this to taunt his ex and make her regret her decision of leaving him.

Is it bad to like your ex’s pictures?

If it is just a simple like and nothing attached, then it’s not a big deal. If he likes a birthday or graduation picture, there is nothing wrong with liking that. But if it is just a random picture, it is not ideal to be liking your ex pictures. When you like your ex pictures, it sends the wrong message to both your ex and your current partner even when you are just doing it with nothing in mind. Your ex might start thinking you are not over her or you even stalk them. Your current partner would start to think you don’t love them enough and you still love them. This might ruin your relationship.

WHy do guys like their exes’ pictures: How to stop them

To make your ex stop liking their exes’ pictures, you have to try to talk to him about it and see if he still likes his ex. Try to communicate with him to also see if you can make him forget his ex and be with you. When a guy is still liking his ex pictures, it means that he still has feelings for them. I am going to help you with a few tips to make your boyfriend forget their ex: 

1.  Never talk about her:

When you are always talking about his exes, you make him remember them, and when he does, he might start catching feelings for them again. Rather than for you to talk about them, look for other interesting topics you can talk about.

2.  Don’t compare her with you:

Don’t compare her with you. Try to leave your own life, don’t start seeing the ex like a competition. This will make him start to find reasons to let go of his ex and be with you. 

3. Do things she did not do:

Find out what she lacks and start to do those things. This will make him start to see you like the real one for him and not his wife.

4.  Never try to fix him:

Don’t try to make him feel like something is wrong with him. Yes, liking his ex pictures makes you feel bad, but over time, he is going to gradually fix himself if he wants you.

5. Don’t talk about your ex:

If you start trying to reciprocate his gesture, it will make everything worse. Try as much as possible not to talk of your ex or try to compare him to your ex. 

6. Get to know him better:

Sometimes, he might still be having feelings for his ex because he has not found time to know you well. You two have to work on knowing each other so you can find your spark.

7. Ask him to unfriend her:

If they are still friends, it is going to be hard for him to forget his ex. So you are going to try to make him cut her off if he says he wants to be with you. 

8. You both should get busy:

Once you both are busy and spend less time on social media, this will reduce the chances of you seeing your ex on the internet. Being busy will take your mind off irrelevancies and make you more productive for your relationship.

9. Don’t be insecure:

Don’t be the kind of woman that’s always suspecting something. Don’t act too jealous all the time.

10. Tell him you might quit:

If he still has feelings for his ex, tell him you are going to quit. If he loves you and thinks he wants you forever, he is going to come chasing you.

What does it mean when an ex likes your pictures?

If your ex likes one of your pictures, it means that he thinks it’s nice and nothing more. But if he always likes your pictures, then he is trying to get your attention and let you know you are still in his mind. But if you and your ex are already on good terms and are friends now and he starts liking your pictures, it doesn’t mean anything. But if you have cut ties with your ex for a while and suddenly like your pictures, then they might be trying to get back to you.

Is it weird to have pictures of your ex?

If you are keeping your ex pictures, it means that you are still stuck in the memories you have for them. The fact your exes’ pictures are on your phone is going to slow down your healing process because anytime you like them you might start to want them back. 

Your current partner will also not be cool with the fact that you still keep your exes’ pictures. You have to delete those photos. They belong to the past and you should have no business with the past. You keeping the picture makes you look obsessed and your ex might not even have a single picture of you on their phone.

Should you delete your exes’ photos?

After a breakup, you should delete your ex photos to be able to allow yourself to move on. Keeping the photos will make it look like you are still in love with them. Deleting the pictures is something you must do to free yourself from the past and get yourself a new relationship.

Why should you be concerned when a man likes his ex’s pictures?

When a man likes his ex-girlfriend pictures and he is still dating you, it means he is confused. You should be concerned because your relationship is about to go through hell. So if he is always liking his exes’ pictures it is something for you to worry about. 

There are things you should not overlook in a relationship and if you do, will come back to hurt you. Keeping ex photos is one of them, if you don’t show concern and trash out the issue now, it is going to come back and hurt you.


A guy will like his ex picture when he is trying to kick-start things between the both of them. If it’s a harmless like, and they totally moved on from each other, you are safe. But if it isn’t a simple like, it might spell doom for you soon. So if they are posting and you have tried to talk to them about it, and they still keep doing it, you should end such a relationship because he does not care about your feelings.

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