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I Love You So Much It Hurts – Meaning And What to Do

I Love You So Much It Hurts – Meaning And What to Do

Love is a beautiful thing; love is a strong word that most people who are engaged in it do get hurt. But still love is fair if only love treats you well. I love you so much it hurts meaning?

There is a point when you get into a relationship where you can’t even imagine getting hurt because of the strong foundation you lay down, but experience has taught us so many lessons that love is never enough. 

You may love someone so much and end up being a minor thing to them or an after thought. Dive with me as I will be exposing to you the feelings I will generate from love and hurt.

What does ‘love till it hurts’ mean?

This kind of love is best described as “being madly in love”. Many individuals fall in love with all of their hearts and do not consider their mental health. Many believed they cannot get hurt not until they are hurt.

Love till it hurts is the kind of love I can also phrase as “Been Blinded by Love”. 

There might have been some little hurt (attitude) that has been showing up on different occasions but the reason you do not see it as hurt is that you are madly in love or are blinded by love.  

You being in this situation is very difficult to identify when someone hurts you. Not until it becomes so conspicuous to you, and this is the time when you get so emotionally hurt. The reason is that you fail to identify the little unusual attitude possessed by your spouse.

Love in a relationship is a two way street and should not be sideways or one-way.

I love him so much it hurts – what to do

When you truly love someone you will eventually fight to get him back, trying your best to amend your differences and looking at the light ahead of the tunnel. But oftentimes you may get hurt by doing what is right and look imprudent.

Fighting for the happiness you desire is not stupidity but mettle. From this viewpoint you should look at the bright side to see if there is a chance for amendment, you shake off the loads to see if you can endure it. 

What to do is to do what you know won’t bring any more emotional hurt, emotional instability. Try to know if he still loves you or not. Imploring the future is what you should think about. Find your happiness with or without him. 

Why does one love another so much till it hurts

I believe the reason you love someone so much is that you perceive happiness and peace around that person, and anywhere there is peace of mind that is where you want to be. 

The basic reason you are hurt when you love someone so much is that what you didn’t expect is what was seen, loving someone with all of your heart and being and finding out he doesn’t feel the same way is what hurts the most.

Can one love someone so much?

Loving someone too much is common among ladies who haven’t experienced any trauma in a relationship and those who are a little ignorant about certain things. 

You can love someone too much and you will discover it is the best thing you ever did, due to the happiness, joy and peace of mind you feel. While you can also love someone too much and find out that he doesn’t feel the same way for you, this is where the hurt comes in.

Try to always balance the love affairs between you and your spouse, study your partner, test him or her with certain things to know how he or she would react, always observe little things that you think are not important. 

Truthfully you can love too much due to the enthralling activities that are involved.

My verdict here is,  before you love too much, which is always possible in a relationship if truly you love the person, have in mind what is at stake ‘Guard your heart jealousy’, there is a reason for this quote.

Everyone is worth loving but you cannot simply love everyone. Loving too much is a risk that we all do take.

13 signs – I love him so much it hurts

Before it gets to the point where it hurts the most and later gravitates to break up, always pay attention to those silly little signs or attitudes that spark an unusual reaction.

1. Using your partner’s unconditional love against him/here

If your partner knows of your unconditional love for him or her, it can be a weapon against you, especially when the love is not even half-measure as compared to yours. 

Knowing that someone is madly in love with you is an advantage used by your spouse to do what they want with you. 

They may even behave rashly most times and don’t care about the emotional hurt that will be poured out, because your spouse knows they have a hold on the reckless love you pour to them.

This is one of the signs that generate emotional hurt when you finally see what you paid less attention to. 

2. Always reaching over any mistakes made

When your partner always finds fault in whatsoever you do, is one of the things that pierces your heart deep and how your partner reacts, not even considering that they might be room for change.

There is a phrase one once read in an article that states “Don’t replace her because of her attitude; teach her to be the version you want”.

Did that do the magic?

3. Using one of your embarrassing and regrettable past mistakes against you

Having them bring up something they very well know, you are insecure about, during an argument, hitting you below the belt. A very low blow

Pouring out your secret mistakes to your face is a pretty painful thing, it hurts. Especially when your partner goes around sharing your secrets while you two are together. And then hearing it from a source is so shocking knowing you trusted him or her with it. 

Your secret sin is a very big weapon that can be used to hurt you. 

4. Lack of constant communication

When you are in this mess of loving so much, and your partner never cares about reaching out to you daily. This hurts,  women find it not nice.

Women love communicating with their spouse always, that is one of the signs of a kind-hearted love, when you do not reciprocate; it becomes a problem to tackle. 

5. Always busy

 in a relationship one of the major things that makes a woman fall for you is always spending time with her, women like attention. In a situation when you don’t spend time with her, saying you are busy, not seeing her for weeks when there is no distance barrier, is deeply a strong emotional hurt for the woman 

6. When they want to make the relationship a secret

A  woman or man as the incase may be, will find it hard to understand any of your points about you wanting to make the relationship secret from others. He/She will think a lot of things, maybe not good enough, or maybe she doesn’t possess the qualities of a woman you want, maybe even her look, stature, shape, etc. 

When you’re suggesting such secrecy it means there is more to be fetched out. 

7. Expensive management

You can’t claim you love someone and you barely spend on her. You should know that true love is marked by giving. Managing expenditure is good but being stingy on spending on her is not an option. 

8. Not adapting to the version you want even when you have done the same for them

There are things you guys don’t like in each other that you have both pointed out for change. In the situation when she has tried to adjust and you haven’t done the same. There is a  degree of hurt that ensues after this because you insult and disregard her and are selfish.

Love isn’t these bad things or words.

9. Disrespect

Both spouse love to be respected and cherished, when your partner gradually and consistently show more disrespect to you, you should know what that means 

I do not know about you but I do not stay where I am not respected

10. Showing less concern for things that bother you

When you don’t show signs of concern over any issues she brings to you it cuts deep, even if you can’t solve it,  at least show concern that you care. 

11. Lack of interest in any discussion they bring

Communication is the best romance in a relationship, when there is no communication there is no strong bond, when she Loves you so much and you always show no interest in her discussion, you are causing emotional hurt. 

12. Priority

Ask yourself did they put you in the front of their heart, or you are just a minor. Are you the first thing on their list or are you at the bottom or are you even on the list?  If not, why are you busy disturbing your poor heart?

13. Too serious

Not jovial or funny, always serious, it is a really big issue to be dealt with. These are signs that gradually bring you emotional hurt. 

What to do when the person you love hurts you

Like earlier said, when you are in this situation, you should know what you want. You should ask yourself a series of questions, try to visualise, and see if there is a chance worth fighting for, but if there is none you should try to move on and focus on yourself and your happiness.

Is it healthy to love someone so much till it hurts?

Like I said in my introductory message when you are in a relationship always remember your mental health matters. It is not bad to love someone so much but it is unhealthy to get mentally hurt in the process. Why do you think some people who get hurts in a relationship do commit suicide?

It is because their mental health was in question. Many due to relationship trauma became so emaciated due to overthinking and weeping, some even go crazing and lose themselves self-due to the hurt, because of all they pour into it

Ways to get out before it costs you your sanity

At first, it would seem impossible to get him off your head due to the hurt, but be rest assured you can get over it in due time.

I have seen a lot of states of affairs firsthand, whereby the lady will become enemies with her ex for life because of the heartbreak but is that the nicest thing to do?

Some curse them every day when they remember the hurt they caused, but I will bring it to your notice that it is not going to help you heal. ‘I love you so much it hurts, and you think having enmity with him will help you get rid of him. You should always consider your mental health. Once you are in this situation of this obsession, try to move on, forgetting the past and the hurt it causes.

I love him so much it hurts – ways to get out

Stop thinking much about the time spent with him, I know this is one thing that seems impossible to do, but you should know that when you care less about the past you focused more on the future

Erase anything that will always make you think of him, anything that will trigger memories should be eradicated. Maybe like his T-shirt, cap, hand wrist, etc.

Try to be around friends who love you unconditionally

Be busy with yourself. Make sure to kill time by doing something, anything other than thinking about them. Fill your mind with what you have to do and the needed steps you will have to take

See your hurt as a lesson to learn from. Do not be too hard on yourself. We can’t always be cautious about everything. You are not the first and you won’t be the last. The fall is not what matters but how well can you lift yourself back up

Generate your happiness. Your happiness is in your hands. It is not in James, Agatha, John or Jessica’s hands. Find what makes your soul smile and do them. Feed your soul with things you love doing, things that will bring you joy and peace

Can you stop loving someone you once loved?

This depends on how the relationship ends. There is a saying that says you can’t forget your first love, so I believe the atmosphere in which the relationship ended should fade out some of the love you feel.

You can stop loving someone if he or she happens to constantly cheat on you, even if the love you have for him or her is strong, just know that each I am sorry is a stepping stone to goodbye.

Sometimes, your partner may end up loving you forever even when you both go your separate ways, but whatever.

But if you guys break up due to not being sure of the love you got for each other the love may gradually die as time goes on.

How to make a man crazy in love with you

When in love, a woman will do anything to make the man of her dreams fall in love with her as well. She is willing to change her behaviours, her attitude, and her appearance to attract him. 

Those things are important but some specific things can ultimately pull him towards you. How to make him go crazy in love with you;

1. Display a likeable personality 

Every man wants a woman with a good personality. Men love women who are fun and sociable. Be someone that a man can be comfortable with. Initiate fun conversations to keep him engaged with you.

2. Respect

 This is one of the major things that got a man attracted to you. When a woman shows maximum respect to a man.

3. Be a woman with dignity

A woman with dignity is not be influenced by others always have integrity in what they do, men do play with a woman who always knows are stand and has not been deceived by friends

4. Uniqueness

Every woman has a special trait of uniqueness in them. That’s what makes you different from millions of people. Men are also interested in women who are not afraid to show off their unique characteristics

5. Wear a smile

Give him your best smile when you happen to see him. Smiling will give off this aura that will make you look better. You’ll appear more approachable and graceful.

He’ll start seeing you as someone lively and friendly. Who doesn’t want to be around warmth?

6. Give him attention

How to make him go crazy in love with you? Attention will make him go crazy in love with you, especially if he is fond of you. Men love it when they receive attention.

7. Showcase your inner beauty

Sharpen your soft skills and let him see you. Be soft spoken, kind, considerate, generous, humble and absolutely loving

8. Be open

If you’re the kind of woman who is very guarded about her life, it’s time to let it down. There is no way to let him into your life if you’re not willing to be open with him. You must learn to trust the man you claim to love

9. Give him green light

Once you see him be completely in love with you, give him the green light. 

This means that you should give him the absolute assurance to have a relationship with you. He will be sure of choosing you and won’t try to chase other women.

10. Send him funny messages to make him laugh

A joyful heart is a grateful heart. Make him smile so he forgets his worries, be his peace and solitude. Be where he runs to after a sad or hard working day

11. Cook him his favourite food 

Truly it said the way to a man’s heart is his stomach. So why don’t you cook away and fill that heart. lol

12. Make intense eye contact with him. 

They say the heart is a window to the soul. Lock gazes and see in each other’s eyes the truth. Get familiar with the window to their soul. 

The eyes never lie

13. Don’t overdo anything, be yourself. 

There can never be another you. You my dear are an original. And not a prototype or second edition. Be you Be you tiful…

I love you so much it hurts meaning; in every relationship, the assurance of succeeding is 50/50. You must get hurt; how you tackle it is what matters.

Getting hurt makes you stop loving and searching, because this gives you an experience you might not like and it teaches you a lesson about life, do not stop searching for love because in searching you might just unlock your perfect treasure.

It is to be of note that this article is not for just a gender but for both. T for thanks

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