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13 Distinct Ways to Make A Virgo Man Chase you Continuously

13 Distinct Ways to Make A Virgo Man Chase you Continuously

Did you just meet a Virgo guy or you are already seeing one and you hope to make him permanently yours?  Well, if your answer is yes, then you are in the right place. This article will elaborate on how to make a Virgo man chase you and how to make him yours.

Virgo is used for describing men born under the 6th sign in the zodiac. It’s a mutable earth sign ruled by mercury. Some of the most effective ways to make a Virgo man fall in love and chase you are: Be the best version of yourself, keep to your words, make him feel like you need him, carry yourself in high value, be classy and modest, be used to him and be humble.

If you are looking for more effective ways to get your Virgo man to think about you all the time and chase you, here are some effective ways you can do that:

13 ways to make a Virgo man chase you 

1. Take things slowly: 

Firstly, if you want him to truly love you, you have to take things slow. They are not the type of men that would just jump into a relationship. He would want to be your friend first then, be able to trust you, and wants you to be able to trust him too. To make him chase you, you have to try to win his trust first. If you try to jump into things with him, sex might be the only thing you are going to get.

2. Be yourself: 

Secondly, Virgo men are people in a deep quest to master perfection. So if you are thinking of winning him over, you have to try to be perfect yourself.  He is not telling you to be a perfect person. All he wants is for you to be the best version of yourself, be true to yourself. He wants somebody who loves themselves and does not try to be somebody they are not.

3. Be humble:

He likes someone who is not proud and does not believe that they are better or should be treated better than other people. He likes someone who wants to learn. Someone who does not think the world revolves around their head. So if you want to get your Virgo man, you have to learn how to do stuff with humility.

4. Always need him:

Furthermore, he likes to be seen as the savior. So you have to try to invoke his savior complex. They are the type of men that will go beyond their way to be there for you. You have to always need his help and when he helps you, always try to return the favor when you can. Although they are better at giving than receiving, they like when you help them too.

5. Show him that you are confident and independent: 

Just like every other man, Virgo men like independent and strong women. You have to show that you can overcome challenges on your own. And you have to show that you’ve confidence in yourself. He will be impressed with you when he realizes how many life challenges you have been through and still standing. He likes people who can face challenges and not run from them.

6. Be a person of virtue:

In addition, he likes someone who is morally upright. He will rarely fall for someone who is a liar and a cheat. Always tell the truth when you are with him. It’s usually easy for him to spot a liar and when he does see you like one, it is over.

7.  Be a person of high standards: 

Modesty and class are some of the things associated with this sign. You have to know how to dress and carry yourself.  Not just any type of dressing, one that goes well with the event. He likes someone who dresses modestly and classily.

8. Have a good engine:

Virgo men are extraordinarily clean.  They take cleanliness and purity very seriously. He is not going to fall for a disorganized partner. You have to make yourself appear as neat as you can be. 

9. Appreciate him:

He likes to be needed. He also likes to be appreciated when he has done what you needed him for. A Virgo man needs you to constantly tell him how important he has been to you and how you would have not been able to do a lot of stuff without him. If you are wondering how to make a Virgo man chase you, this is one way you can try. They like someone who always needs them and values their presence in her life.

10. Have good value:

Interestingly, he likes someone who can be of use to him, but he is not someone who is going to tell you what he wants you to do. He likes someone who has a spirit of discernment. You can be able to judge what to do and what not to do. He wants to be useful to you and also wants a woman that would be of great use to him.

11. Loosen him up:

He is the kind of man that likes to be reserved and well-conducted. But to get him to like you, you have to be able to help him access his carefree side. Even though they like to be critical and sharp. They have a playful side that you just have to access. When you can do that, they become so comfortable around you.

12. Offer him practical help:

Virgo men are workaholics. They like to busy themselves with projects. So if you want to get him to chase you. You have to be the type of girl that will be there to always give him a helping hand. 

13. Be patient: 

Getting a Virgo man can be very difficult. They are the type of people that you need to first be friends with. You need to get used to him and he needs to get used to you and this process is going to take a lot of time. You might even get frustrated at some point but your patience is going to get you the best result. And patience is one of the things that attracts him to a woman.

Should you make a Virgo man chase you?

I think the question you are supposed to ask is should you make a man chase you. Well, the answer is yes. Men like to chase and women like to be chased. Virgo man chooses to perform your chasing but it has to know you want him to before he can start to chase you. If he sees you as someone that portrays everything that he likes he is going to come to chase you. When he chases you, you have to pose to be a little of a challenge to him.

How to make a Virgo man chase you through text (7 tips)

1. Keep it a little fun:

Although he is the type of man that likes a very serious conversation, he likes fun topics too. You can send him silly memes that will make him smile, try to be witty. This way you can have a conversation that can help him relax and also make your texting interesting.

2. Compliment him through text:

Send him compliments. Maybe first thing in the morning, you can tell him how sweet and knowledgeable he is. How pleased you are to have him in your life. If you are not that close to him yet, hold back on anything too emotional so he does not start to think you are rushing things

3. Keep some mystery:

When texting him, you have to avoid oversharing. Let him be the one to find out some things about you. That makes him want to always get to know you and be attracted to you. Keep yourself a mystery to him.

4. Show that you are intelligent:

You have to show him how brainy you are while you are texting. You need to send him topics about interesting topics like politics and all things happening around the world. Also, you need to write well too. This will make him see you as intelligent and he is the type of man that is attracted to intelligent women.

5. Don’t force information out of him:

He is the type that likes to reveal himself gradually. So if it looks like he is holding back, you have to give him time. Don’t make it look like you are prying into his affairs the more he gets to trust you, the more he gets to share.

6. Be yourself:

He sees texting as real life too. So while you are texting him, he is going to see you as that person but if you turn out to be someone else face to face it’s going to turn him off.

7. Show positivity and success:

He likes women who take challenges and come out victorious. He knows women who are dream chasers. So you have to tell him about your day. Things you did, how you did an awesome thing at work. This will make him draw some positive energy from you. If you are the type that likes to talk negatively while you text, he is going to draw away from you.

What to say to Virgo man so as to get his attention:

When you are talking with a Virgo man, you have to try to keep your conversation with him honest and practical. Don’t say one thing and do the other. He is the type that remembers little things you say. So you have to stay true to yourself. 

When you are talking, try to make it intelligent. He is going to be very interested in you this way. He likes his woman to be intelligent. Don’t brag. Tell him how you went through challenges, maybe how you came from a struggling family and did it yourself. These things are going to attract him to you.

Do Virgo men like chasing?

They are not the type to rush into chasing a woman. Yes, he likes to chase but he will only chase you when he has carefully studied and seen that you have the qualities he desires in a woman. If he finds out you are what he wants, he is going to do everything he got to make you his woman.

How do Virgo men feel when chased?

Most times when you chase a Virgo man, he is going to see it like you are pushing him. It might even make him lose interest in you. He is only going to show a little interest when he sees that you are his kind of woman. So if at all you want to chase a Virgo man, you have to keep things slow. If you call and he does not return your calls you shouldn’t start to complain. You have to give him time when he feels comfortable about it and he is going to start calling you.

Final notes: 

Virgo men are quite picky when it comes to choosing a woman. So to make a Virgo man chase you, you have to try to make yourself his kind of woman. He is not going to chase you if he does not have an interest in you. They are mostly straightforward. If you can make him interested in you, he is going to come chasing you. One thing you have to learn is patience.  Remember, he is not going to come chasing you instantly, he is going to give himself time to be 100% sure that you are the one, and when he does he is going to come to get you.

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