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20 Tips on How To Make Your Baby Daddy Regret Leaving You

20 Tips on How To Make Your Baby Daddy Regret Leaving You

Your baby daddy left and you want to know how to make your baby daddy regret leaving you? In this article, tips will be given on how to make your baby daddy regret leaving you, a real queen. Your relationship with your baby daddy ended, and just like any of your exes, leaving you hurt and you want him to regret it. Even if he has a girlfriend now, you also want to get him back from her, but the first thing is to make him miss you enough, to think of coming back to you. 

To make your baby daddy regret leaving you, you have to work on yourself and love yourself. No man wants to go back to the woman who is not confident in herself, or who is still dwelling on the breakup. He will only regret leaving you when he sees that you have moved on from everything, and are living a happy life.

If you want to know how to make your baby day regret leaving you, here are a few ways to go about it successfully:


20 Ways to make your baby daddy regret leaving you:

1.  Enjoy your life:

No man would regret losing a woman that is living her past. If your baby daddy left you and sees the impact he still very much felt in your life, he would not miss you. You have to show him that you enjoy your new life. Even if it’s hurting, you need to put that beside you and make the most of it. Have fun with your kid and post pictures of you two having fun together. It will make this man start to wish he can join in.

2. Be independent:

If you don’t have a job, you have to get one. A job that can allow you to have time for yourself and your child. Show him that you can take care of yourself and the baby. Anytime he sees you guys doing well without him, it’s going to make him regret leaving you. When a man who left you sees that you can do very much without him, it will hurt his ego.

3. Love yourself:

The fact that he left you, maybe for another woman or other reasons, can hurt you so much. You have to put that beside you and look at the positive side. Look at all the good things that you have that he is missing. Always tell yourself that even if he left, he is the one that is missing a lot and not you.

4. Work on yourself: 

Work on yourself. Don’t allow the hurt to put you down. If you think too much about it, it may lead to emotional stress. You have to work on your looks. You could visit the gym a few times if you have the time, and the next time this man sees you, he is going to make him realize what he has lost. If something was missing in your relationship that caused the issue between you two, you should work on that part of you, 

5. Don’t force them to commit to the child:

If you are wondering how to make your baby daddy regret leaving you, maybe because of the hate, and hurt you feel, you might think of using the child to manipulate him. But that would not make him regret leaving you, it would only make him happy he left you. Take care of your child as much as you can, if he wants to assist, allow him but don’t force him.

6. Get over the breakup: 

Holding onto the breakup can hold you back from getting back to yourself. He left you with his child, and that does not tell the kind of woman you are, it tells the kind of man he is. Yes, it hurts to accept it, but you have to move on with your life. See your baby as your reason to be happy again.

7. Give him space: 

Just like we talked about being independent, it means you have to give this man space. If he sees that you are living like he doesn’t exist, it might bring him back to his senses.

8. Have fun:

Go out and have fun with your friends, post it on your social media, take your baby along, and show him how cool you are rocking your new life.

9. Don’t contact him:

Cut contact completely with this man, he has to know that he is not needed. With time, he will realize his mistake.

10. Post yourself having fun with your child:

Yes, always post pictures of your child, show how cute the baby is growing, don’t do it because of him. Don’t add any caption that might be throwing jabs at him. Post yourself and your child having fun. When he sees this, it will make him miss you and the child.

12.  Forgive him:

Forgiveness is very important. If you want to move on, you have to forgive. Though this is very difficult, it is the only way to free yourself from hate which will only cause bitterness inside of you.

13. Boost your confidence: 

Work on regaining your self-confidence. Yes, it can indeed drain you and make you feel less of yourself. You have to look at the positive side to regain your confidence. Men are naturally attracted to confidence. If he sees that you are confident in yourself, he will wish he still has you.

14. When he contacts you, act naturally: 

Control your emotions. When you see him or when this man tries to contact you, maybe to reach the baby, Act normal. Don’t show that you are sad or that you are hurt. Talk to him like nothing is wrong.

15. Don’t deny him access to the child: 

Except this man has a negative influence on the baby, you should not deny him access to the child. Though that can make him regret leaving you, it will only be manipulation. And he might not come to you because he misses you or wants you. He will only want to come to you because of the child, and that’s not exactly what you want.

16. Don’t play the victim: 

Don’t try to play the victim. Sometimes, some relationships are not meant to work out. It could be that leaving you could be a good thing for you. Don’t start blaming him for anything, remember as we said, try to be independent if you want him to miss you.

17. Make him jealous: 

Furthermore, if you want to learn how to make your baby daddy regret leaving you, making him jealous is one quick way you can do that. Post pictures of you with a close friend and the baby, this will make any man jealous; seeing another man doing his job.

18. Get yourself busy: 

Getting yourself busy can act as a distraction and can also do the job of making your baby daddy regret losing you. Taking care of the child could be stressful for you, but you will need to do other things to get your mind off the whole issue. Maybe learning something alongside your job will help. If you don’t have the time, maybe you should leave this one out.

19. Take care of your child:

I should emphasize this: Don’t ever look at your child as a misfortune. Maybe it all happened as a mistake. That child is a blessing to you. Take good care of the baby, don’t ever regret having him/her.

20. Find someone else: 

Instead of dwelling on how to make your baby daddy regret leaving you, maybe it’s time for you to move on with your life and find someone that would appreciate and love you and your baby. 

How do you know your baby daddy still loves you?

1. He drunk calls you: 

He might sound drunk to you or tells you he was drunk the last time he called you, but this man still has feelings for you. He is just using being drunk as an excuse to hear from you.

2. He is still protecting you:

Even if you are not together, this man still cares about you, and when he senses anything that looks harmful coming your way, he will be there to protect you. That’s a sign he still loves you. If he doesn’t, he would only care about protecting his baby and not you.

3. He asks friends about you: 

Your friend has been telling you that he has been asking about you. Maybe anytime he calls you, you don’t give him a detailed answer concerning how you and the kid are doing. This man would ask everyone that knows you how you are because he still cares about you.

4. He always finds an excuse to visit: 

He might say he is coming to visit the kid, but when he is there, you will notice he does not want to leave. Even when the baby has fallen asleep, he would still not want to go because he misses you.

5. He shows signs of improvement:

If your relationship ended because of some things he did, you will be able to notice he is changing. If he still loves you, he would want to change his behavior and let you know, so you can let him back into your life.

6. He is always contacting you: 

He always finds a reason to contact you. He might say it’s because of the baby, but that might not be true. This man misses you, so he always wants to contact you because he still cares.

7. You catch him staring at you:

When he is around you, you will catch him looking at you with eyes that show he still wants you.

8. He still gets you gifts: 

He sends gifts not just for the baby, but also send gifts for you. 

9. He is always there for you and the baby:

He will still care for and assist you and the baby if he still loves you.

10. He will drop hints: 

He might not tell you directly, but he will say things that would let you know he still has feelings for you.

How do you know if your baby daddy has moved on?

1. He encourages you to find someone else: 

If he talks to you about thinking of getting someone else, then it’s obvious that he is over you.

2. He barely calls except he wants to talk to the baby: 

He rarely contacts you. Even when he does, he does not talk to you, only wants to talk to the baby.

3. He spends time with the baby but avoids spending time with you: 

When he comes to visit, he will only spend time with the baby and leave immediately after he finishes seeing the baby. He does not have any interest in talking with you.

4. He introduces you to his new partner:

If he has brought his new partner to the house to see the baby, that’s a clear sign he has moved on.

5. Your friends advised you to move on: 

Your mutual friends must have seen signs that this man no longer cares about you. If they are advising you to forget about him, then it means they know this man no longer loves you.

Will my baby daddy leave his girlfriend for me?

There is no straight answer to if your baby daddy will come back to you or not. The only thing is if he still shows most of the signs: he still calls you even if he has a girlfriend, still wants to spend time with you, he is looking for excuses to always come over, and he still protects and cares for you, then this man might come back to you. It may be the girlfriend was just a way for him to get over the breakup between you two or he started a relationship with this girl because some things happened between you two. 

However, if he is still showing signs that he loves you, then he might come back. But if he is not, then he will not. You should not really be concerned about him coming back or not. It will be healthier for you to just focus on yourself for now.

What to do if my baby daddy wants me again

1. Have you forgiven him?

If this man offended you and he wants you back, you have to forgive him before you can think of getting back to him. So if he offended you, do you think what he did is forgivable?

2. Do you want to get back?

If yes, then you would also need to figure out if you want this man back in your life. 

3. Try to figure out the reason he is coming back: 

After that, you would need to take things slowly so you can try to know his true intentions for coming back to you.

4. Can you trust him again?

Trust is very essential, if you cannot trust him there is no need of getting back to him.

5. Seek the advice of family and friends: 

If you are having a conflict of decision, you can seek the help of family or friends. They might be able to see things you don’t see.

6. Be brave and honest: 

Be bold enough to say how you feel. Don’t accept him back because you are thinking of your child. If you think you can’t get back to him, then don’t.  It might be a hard decision, but if it’s the right one, then take it.

What do I do if my baby daddy still detests me? 

It depends on the reason he hates you. But if he hates you maybe because you kept the child and he asked you not to, or any other reason, you have to man up and talk to him and you have to make sure he takes full responsibility for the child even if it means bringing the law in. Nevertheless, whichever reason makes him hate you, you don’t need it near your child.  If it’s possible, you have to move as far as you can from him for now. If he is becoming any form of threat to you, you can seek the help of law enforcement.


When it comes to making your baby daddy regret leaving you, the tips in this article can help you achieve that. But what you have to consider is, is he worth all these? If you are still dwelling on how to make him regret, it means you are still holding on to the hurt and you have to free yourself from that if you want to make him regret leaving you. 

The fact that you had a baby with him, does not mean he is the right one for you. He could have never loved you. But if you did something that made him leave you, you need to treat that issue and then try to get him back.

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