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How to Make Your Crush Jealous: 18 Ways to Make Him Desire You Badly

How to Make Your Crush Jealous: 18 Ways to Make Him Desire You Badly

How to make your crush jealous can be determined by how close you both are, in terms of how you guys relate. There are times you crush on someone very close to you and there are other times crush from afar. 

To make your crush jealous can be a bit hard if you crush from afar without letting him or her know your intentions. But it can be a lot easier if he or she is close to you because you can easily tell of their reaction when you pass out some certain attitudes or messages. There are different ways to know if your crush is jealous and wants you, and these ways will be discussed below.

18 ways to make your crush jealous and want you 

1. Talk more about your exes:

Trust me, no one likes when they are in a conversation with someone they love or crushing on and the topic of discussion is someone else, especially when the person being talked about is their ex. 

When you just want the environment to change, just cause a little distraction by talking often about your ex in a pleasant way. He or she won’t feel comfortable because they feel the topic is irrelevant to them but they can’t intrude on the topic with their own words because they might come off as rude. 

2. Be good looking:

If you must know, looking good is good business. It is a kind of business where you do transactions with your breathtaking looks. Many individuals love to look exquisite and also love to see people around them look the same. This right here is one of the ways you can make your crush jealous and want you because he or she might not have a girl or a boy who endeavors to look good.

3. Don’t pick their calls:

When you seriously want to make your crush jealous and want you, ignore their calls, don’t pay attention. This act will bring them closer psychologically and emotionally because they will always have you in mind and try to figure out what the problem is.

If you also want to switch up the tense atmosphere, busy their calls, they will keep wondering who you are on to or giving much attention to.

4. Be friendly to others:

Another way to make your crush jealous is by being friendly to others, especially your opposite gender. This can keep them uneasy and always up on their feet anytime you are spending quality time with your other friends. Your crush might see your closeness to other friends as a threat and they try as much as possible to prevent that circumstance. When you notice that they are acting strange, that can be a clue that they want you.

5. Randomly text your ex:

Texting your ex in your crush’s presence can simply do the trick. You can laugh so hard when you receive a reply from your ex and then pretend your crush isn’t with you. If he then gains your attention by his gesticulations, you can just boldly smile in mischief and delve right into your phone. This will keep him or her off balance and they will like to bring up discussions that will involve you both.

6. Have opposite best friends:

Having a best friend who is not the same sex as you is a way-to-go in making your crush jealous. As I stated earlier, you can only make your crush jealous if you are close to them. If you are close to them, they can get envious of the slightest things you do. If not all effort of making them envious can go down the drain.

7. Compliment opposite sex: 

Complimenting people is so thoughtful and unique but when you do this around someone who might be your crush and at the same time have a crush on you can be very hard.

Passing out praises to the opposite sex around your crush can create a mountain out from a molehill because they will tend to ask and know why you praised the opposite gender so much, some go as far as concluding that you have something intimate to do with them.  

8. Distract yourself in the middle of a conversation:

Conversations ignite different views from people involved on a particular topic. When conversing with your crush, try to seem uninterested. Distract yourself by giving excuses, and leave in the middle of him or her talking to you. When you notice his or her mood change, you will surely know there’s an atom of jealousy and a feeling that they want to be with you. 

9. When he flirts, ignore:

Another way-to-go in making your crush jealous is by ignoring him or her when he or she is flirtatious. This will allow a series of questions run through their mind and can make them end up worried. While avoiding them, you can do it moderately in order not to annoy or make them vexed.

10. Have a good time:

Spending and having a good time is a great deal and should be practiced once in a blue moon. This goes to all classes and gender, regardless of how you spoil yourself, be it big or small. 

If it is to spend more time with yourself, by visiting your old time friends, playing video games, visiting the spa, and doing all that makes you happy. 

When you engage yourself in all these, it would make them feel jealous that you had a great day without them. 

11. Do what you love:

When you involve yourself in activities you love, you tend to get immersed in these activities. If your crush doesn’t in turn have what he loves or probably feel jealous by what you love, he or she might be jealous that you are creating more time for what you love than for him.

12. Attend date appointment:

Jealousy plays a great role in a romantic relationship because it clarifies a desire you seem is fading. One way to make your crush feel envious is by attending dinner date appointments without telling him or her and making him or her know after you must have been back and not feeling remorseful.

13. Store other friends’ numbers with a pet name:

Pet names are generated to make one feel extremely special and loved. Storing random friends’ numbers with a pet name and your crush getting to know can make him or her envious. And at the same time, this can make him doubt the supposed feelings the crush has for him too.

14. Be inexplicable:

In order not to be predictable, don’t open up or reveal too much about yourself. Always give them something to ponder on, it can be your style, way of life, or how you do things. Be vague in your answers and avoid having long talks. This is also a way how to make your crush jealous.

15. Still having what your ex got for you:

Whatever has happened in the past should be kept in the past. Keeping an ex’s gift can go a long way in making your crush jealous. If you want him to get envious, wear or use your ex’s gift for this will give him a sense of rejection and might wonder how he or she could win your heart. 

16. Post pictures on your social handles:

The picture they say, speaks a lot of words that you can and cannot imagine. To get your crush envious, post pictures that seem erotic and mind-blowing at the same time then tag someone else with a heart right after his or her name.

17. Skip a date:

Don’t be available all the time. Once in a while, turn down his date proposals and ignore his pleas. Even if deep within you, you want to go for that date, skip it and see how jealous he would be for turning down his proposals.

18. Compare them with your celebrity crush:

We have written that comparison is a killer of vibe, inner and outer expressions, and worth. Nobody loves to be compared, even if the person you are being compared with is a very important figure in your country. So to make your crush jealous, relate him with your celebrity crush and let him feel timid for some seconds.

How do I know my crush is jealous?

A jealous crush hardly tells you he or she is jealous. But you can tell in their reactions and actions towards certain things that go on within you guys. If you are looking for signs to look out for, here are some signs.

1. They use the phrase “I don’t care”:

When your crush says he or she doesn’t care about you or something you are involved in, they don’t mean that, in fact, they mean the opposite of what they said. 

An envious crush will always want to know what you have been up to and at the same time try to make you understand how jealous he or she is when they feel you are not giving them the attention they crave for.

2. Frequent text and call:

To know if your crush is jealous, they frequently text and call you asking for your whereabouts and how you have been faring throughout that particular day. They do this to know if another person is taking your attention from them or wants to take you away, so they are always on alert.

3. They haul off:

If your crush is jealous and at the same time lacks self-confidence, he or she tends to stay away from you to be on the safe side. When you notice these acts, try to understand and give them some time to come around if need be.

4. They get furious easily:

When every little thing angers your crush, it is a tip to note. When you are adorably talking about your opposite sex, they tend to snap every second to get. They get angry at you for noticing someone else rather than them.   

5. They ask questions:

Questions you might not expect might come from your crush at this point. He or she can put you in a question-and-answer zone and expect you to give an accurate answer. Most of the questions can be about the guy or girl you were talking with or the ones you were laughing with.

What to do when a crush is jealous?

You can only do something when you are sure your crush is jealous. I listed some points on how you can know if your crush is jealous above. If you have observed most of the points in your crush’s attitude, he or she is jealous. What to do is not far-fetched. 

When you seem that you feel the same way by also crushing on him or her, you can just quit making him or her jealous and start a bonding union together; this will save the stress and avoid unnecessary heartbreak. But if you just wanted to know how your skills are in making a crush of yours jealous, you can as well open up to him or her your true intentions, to avoid unpleasant tales.

Final Notes:

Getting your crush jealous might seem interesting and fun but you need to be careful. This can save you from spoiling the relationship you both might be building or about to build. It may be worthless if all the stunts of making him or her jealous go down the drain and do not yield to something positive in the future. 

The idea of making him or her jealous is to attract them more to you and also get things spiced up a little bit. Enacting the act of jealousy can also be seen as restoring lost vibes.

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