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30 Cunning Signs A Married Man Is In Love With You

30 Cunning Signs A Married Man Is In Love With You

Dating a married man is fun to some ladies, which makes them also look for a love built around a married man. To know when a married man falls is in love with you, he will show you to his family, buy you expensive gifts, and help you accomplish your goals.

30 Signs To Tell When A Married Man Falls In Love With You

1. He cares about everything you tell him:

If he loves you, he will consistently hear all you have to say, care about what you say, and remember everything you tell him.

2. He seeks your loyalty:

Being with a married man who is okay with you dating single guys, then it means he doesn’t love you, but if he insists on you dating just him alone, it means that he loves you and doesn’t want to lose you.

3. Becomes a dapper man for you:

When he is putting effort into his looks for your sake and endeavoring to keep up with the trend to look younger for you, that means that he loves you.

4. He no longer mates with his partner:

If your married boyfriend is no longer having sex with his wife, it means that he loves you to be able to stop sex with his wife and focus on just you.

5. He avoids his wife:

Another sign to know when a married man falls in love with you is when he actively avoids his wife and no longer wants anything to do with him.

6. He eulogizes you:

He doesn’t compliment your looks; he compliments your achievements and values and will appreciate you on a deeper level.

7. He spends all his time with you:

He always stays with you and hardly goes home to his family. If he falls in love with you, he will continually want to be with you.

8. He gaslights his wife :

When he starts to gaslight his wife and sometimes undermine her, it could mean he is in love with you.

9. He endeavors to have it both ways:

A married man trying to show he loves you will try to get his wife to be okay with him dating you.

10. He compares you to his wife:

He is always making a comparison between you and his wife.

11. He tells you his wife can’t satisfy him:

Most times, he could just be lying, but if he keeps telling you that his wife can’t satisfy his sexual urge as you do, he may have feelings for you.

12. He talks to you more:

Having conversations is always more fun with people who we like. If he would rather talk to you than his wife, then the feelings might be genuine:

13. He spends time with your friends and family:

When a married man falls in love with you, he creates and spends to time with you It means he sees as you as someone he can connect with and spend valuable time with.

14. He talks about his marital problems:

If he is open to you about his marriage and the difficulties he is facing in his marriage, then he loves you and values your opinion.

15. He plans for the future:

If he plans a future with you, that is one of the top signs that he loves you. He won’t plan a future with you if he doesn’t love you.

16. He treats his wife like a second thought:

He starts to treat his wife like an afterthought, treating her like she is unimportant and her opinion does not matter. This type of men belive their wives are cold or isn’t matching their energy.

17. He forgets important dates with his wife:

When he is in love with you, he forgets key dates with his wife or begins to avoid marking important dates with his wife.

18. He buys you expensive gifts:

When he loves you, he spends money and time on you, buys you costly gifts, and makes sure he invests in you.

19. He treats you nicely :

A man who loves you would treat you like a queen, he would not take you for granted, so if you notice this behavior from him, it means he loves you.

20. He lets his guard down:

If he doesn’t care or value you, his guard is always up, especially in public. He won’t hide when he is with you and lets his guard down.

21. He divorces his wife :

When he loves his side chick, he quickly divorces his wife. He loves you and hastes up to divorce his wife to be with you.

22. He introduces you to his kids:

He introduces you to his kids; even if he doesn’t tell them you are his mistress, he just wants them to get used to you.

23. He writes a will that benefits you:

When he loves you, he ensures you are in his will.

24. He tells his wife about you :

The most significant sign that he loves you is when he tells his wife about you and his feelings for you. He could tell you how he hates his wife and all flaws and strengths.

25. He hates to see you unhappy:

When you are dating a married man and your happiness is his priority, he is genuinely in love with you.

26. He doesn’t wear his wedding ring around you:

When he no longer wears his wedding band around you, he loves you and no longer wears it because he doesn’t want you to feel bad.

27. He pleases you:

Most married men do not care if you are happy, but if he makes sure to please you and put you first in everything he does, then he loves you.

28. He is jealous:

He shows jealousy when you talk to other men with other men even though he is married.

29. He encourages you:

When he loves you, he pushes you to be the best you can be, encourages you, and ensures you are chasing your best potential.

30. He no longer cares if his wife finds out:

He is no longer paranoid and does not care if his wife finds out that means he loves you.

What Does It Mean When A Married Man Loves You?

When a married man says he loves you, it means he loves you because he is putting a lot on the line to be with you, but it might take some time and a lot of challenges for you both to get to the point where you can express your feelings.

What Do I Do When A Married Man Is In Love With Me?

When a married man is in love with you, and the feelings are not reciprocated, you might let him know and tell him you are not interested in a married man. When the emotions are reciprocated, you can easily start a relationship with him.

Can A Happily Married Man Truly Love Another Woman?

A happy married man can love another woman, which doesn’t imply that he is unsatisfied at home. It simply means he found something in you he did not see in his wife. And most times, he may appear happy, but he is not actually happy.

Signs A Married Man Is Attracted To You

He licks his lips when talking to you, showing that he is sexually attracted to you, and might tell you he wants to mate with you.

He touches you all the time; most times, he does it on purpose; other times, he does not.

This man moves close to you when talking to you. He does it like he is about to share an important secret with you.

He makes inappropriate jokes with you; he makes sexual jokes all the time around you.

The Disadvantage Of Dating A Married Man

  1. When dating a married man, you must know that he is unreliable; you can’t rely on him when you have problems.

2 There would be no respect in the relationship; dating a married man means losing all respect.

3 When you are dating a married man, there is no future because there is no possibility that he will ever leave his wife for you.

4 There is no commitment in the relationship; when dating a married man, he will never fully commit to you. You can also try to end any relationship with a married man and build one with a single man if you have issues with him committing to you fully.

Advantages Of Dating A Married Man

1 He spends heavily on you. When you date a married man, he will ensure all your financial needs are met.

2 You don’t have to spend money on him.

3 He is more experienced than you because he may be older than you.

4 You never have to put him first because you know he does not put you first.

Should I, For Any Reason, Date A Married Man?

Dating a married man for any reason is never a good idea; when you date one, it is morally wrong, and society frowns upon it. Also, dating a married man means setting yourself up for heartbreak. Most times, he may never commit truly to you.


A married man may be in love with you and also in love with his wife, most times, and if he tells you he loves you, it could be fake. It could also mean that the situation of things might not allow him to show you or be with you genuinely.

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