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Do Men Fall In Love When They Miss you?

Do Men Fall In Love When They Miss you?

Do men fall in love with you when they miss you? Yes, they do. They can dream about what you are doing, thinking if you are happy without and considering if they should leave things as they are this right here is a trigger.

Men are perceived to be visually oriented. That is, they get attracted to the physical appearance firstly before they figure out other side attractions in their female counterparts.

Psychologically, at the beginning of a relationship, the brain produces a high level of a chemical known as phenylethylamine(PEA), a licensed professional counsellor Dr Jake Porter, LPC, tells us.

Why do men fall in love when they miss you?

There are various reasons why men fall in love when they miss you, I would be discussing 7 reasons below.

1.The fear of losing you

Men fall in love when they miss you because they fear the fact that they might lose you if they don’t reach out. They try as much as possible to do away with negative thoughts surrounding it.

Fear is a human behaviour that triggers the actions of humans whether it is a good or bad light.

A man senses something off when you start ignoring and pulling yourself from him. He does all that it takes to restore all that had transpired before he sees you slipping out of his life.

In light of this, they start to come to terms that they can’t do without you and agree to the feeling that they have fallen in love with you.  

2. Men don’t like it when a woman is too available

Men like it when they are being challenged. They love when a woman makes an effort and tries to win them over, no matter how long it may persist.

They dislike women who seem easy to catch with their sweet words because they don’t feel the woman in question has the values to look out for.

Men tend to love you more when they remember how hard it was to get your attention, they see you as a diamond they mined and appreciate you more. 

If you show him signs that he doesn’t have to fight for you to get your attention or maybe you are always at his beck and call, he won’t invest the kind of energy you want him to invest into the relationship.

Make him want you and miss you for he would, in turn, love you more

3. They like when they chase you

Men fall in love when they miss you and tend to chase you. They like the intriguing feeling of how they are always the ones to look out for you. 

The man initiates dialogues at the first meeting and asks for your number to reach out to you and keep in touch. 

Let him be active in what he is destined to do which is to pursue, don’t be the one doing the chasing, it will speak low of you and may dent your image. 

4. Be unusual

Do not reveal everything about yourself, make him always try to figure things out about you. He will see you as a very special person and he will always want to keep conversations with you going.

When you are not around him, he tends to think about you and at the same time miss you.

5. The fear of skepticism

Generally, nobody knows what life has in store for them so there are times fear grips you when you are wild in thoughts, the same still goes in a relationship. 

As a man who feels an emotional connection with you and also has envisaged a happy ending with you, if you start showing any form of attitude towards him, he will be so worried and scared to lose you.

All these will make him fall in love with you more and miss you

6. Their feelings make them ask for more

For a man to fall in love when they miss you, there must be an already felt emotion towards you that makes his heart skip a beat. 

They can’t just wake up one morning and fall in love with a total stranger because they take time to process their love for someone. They at least need to like you to a certain level.

 If you both share the same emotional phase, you can easily make him miss you and make him start wanting more.

The fact you have made him start missing you, he feels awful and down and feels the separation. He eventually realizes that there’s nothing he can do without you in his life, making him admit that he is in love with you.

7. When you don’t make him your priority

If you have not gotten stable in the relationship you have with him, don’t make him your priority. 

This will make him be on his toes. If at any slight opportunity you show him that he is the only one you are taking to heart, you may ruin your chances of making him fall in love with you.

 If you are always there, you won’t allow him to have the urge to miss you and he might get tired of you being around him.

What makes men fall in love with you?

Some different things and attributes make men fall in love with you. Let’s take a look!

1. Physical appearance

This is the first thing that gets a man attracted to you. If you are physically endowed, you sure have the master key to a man’s heart. But hold up! this depends.

Every man has their spec, what Mr A appreciates physically in a woman can be different from what Mr B appreciates. 

The idea is to be physically represented, be clean, smell heavenly, act cool, have a lovely facial expression, and see yourself going into their heart.

2. Empathy

Men fall in love when they miss you because you always understand and share their feelings with them when you both are together.

 You show and give them reasons to be free with you regardless of the situation. They cherish and miss women with these attributes.

3. Sexual compatibility

After a man has gotten attracted to you physically, they start envisaging how sexually compatible you both are. 

They try to find out if you both share the same sex drives and if you enjoy the sex the same way he does.

If you check all these on his list, he will fall in love with you and give love a chance.

4. Connect with him emotionally

If you don’t have to wait for a man to tell you what he is passing through before you know, it is a ticket to making a man fall in love with you. 

Men appreciate women that connect with them emotionally and they fall deeply with this kind of woman.

5. Commitment 

A man falls in love and misses a woman that is committed to the relationship. If you, as a woman, always see to the well-being of the relationship, the man will always see good reasons to always fall in love and cherish you. 

What it means when men fall in love with you

When men fall in love with you, it means you have started to become a very big part of them. They cherish you wholeheartedly and do everything within their power to make you happy. Men do not hide their feelings anymore when they are sincerely into you.

You will be all that they will ever think and talk about and if they have the opportunity, they would rather stay with you than hang out with their male friends.

It means you are lovable and caring. They desire you as a life partner. They see you as someone they always want to be with. So many men want a woman they can always go home to happily.

It also means that you as a woman make his world glow with care, love, pride, and respect.  

How to make men miss you

If you feel that a man you love or have feelings for is not giving you the attention you crave for and you want him to also miss you, there are several ways you can accomplish that.

1. Give them less attention

Men can kill for the attention of a girl they truly like. If in a way, you want your man to miss you for some time, all you have to do is attend to them less.

Make them feel you have better things to do rather than you being with them and always available. Let them feel how happy you are without them, when they call you, ignore and don’t return the call. By doing all these, he will miss you and allow his feelings to grow towards you.

2. Have a good dress sense

If you always bring an A-game into your dressing, you are not going to be easily forgotten when there is a little line between you guys.

He misses the fact that you are beautiful and not only that, you dress to kill which makes you irresistible to him. Always up your wardrobe, it will solve your missing puzzle.

3. Make him know you are the one

The times you must have spent with him should give you the boldness to know that you are the right girl for your man, the ideal woman he has always wished to be beside.

 Make an effort to always know his day-to-day activities and show him how serious you are when it comes to loving him. 

By doing this, you will have everything figured out and know how best to make him crave and miss you like never before. 

4. Self-love

Self-love is one of the greatest loves a person can ever have. If you love yourself, people will love you but if you don’t, nobody will bother themselves loving you because they might see it as a total waste of time. 

Loving yourself for who you are will make him love you too. A woman that loves herself is usually and most times independent, that is what drives men crazily in love 

5. Don’t contact him

Men fall in love when they miss you, especially when you don’t contact them. They will feel so worried and bothered if you show them that kind of attitude.

If they are lucky enough to know your sibling’s number, they won’t give it a second thought, they will surely call them in order to hear from you or if they are opportuned to know your house address, they can come to visit on the day you don’t expect them.

This is a clear sign that they miss you and crave your attention.

How do men realize they are in love?

It is written that men take an average of 88 days, approximately three months to open up to their partner on how they feel about them.

 Men realize they are in love when they think about a lady constantly, and they also get extremely happy when their messages are considered as a priority to that lady. 

They realize they are in love when they always see and put you in their plans and they tend to appreciate you being in their lives. 

They don’t take the love they have for you for granted for they always look for possible ways to make you comfortable in their lives.

 Although, all these don’t necessarily mean a relationship will lead to marriage they are signs men realize they are in love.

What happens when a man falls in love with you; what’s next?

When a man falls in love with you, they start to get extremely serious in the relationship than the previous time they newly started dating you.

 He knows he has you and he is happy with the idea he approached you from the beginning. The man wouldn’t want to start a new relationship with someone else because he is content with you being in his life.

 They start seeing family with you and they make possible arrangements for you both to be one in marriage.

When a man falls in love with you, he will accept all your flaws and make you comfortable in your skin and never make you feel less of a person. 

When a man has seen this kind of love, he won’t need any relationship advice because he has come to understand the basics of his true relationship with his spouse. 

How to know if he has feelings for you

1. He texts a lot

When a man has started developing feelings for you, he texts a lot to know how you are and faring. He also sends cute paragraphs to make his crush know he has feelings for her. 

They could text during the day and at night. This is a true indicator that he is into you. If a guy you are seeing doesn’t text you at least once a day, it could be he is just whiling time with you.

2. They remember the things you say in detail

If you are talking to a guy who has feelings for you, you tend to see him reminding you of the things you said some time ago.

 Normally, paying attention to people can be very tasking but a guy that finds you appealing can listen to you while you talk all night long to remember your thoughts and actions.

3. They shower you with lots of compliments

A person who is appreciative of you will forever compliment you because they feel you are a rare gem so they eulogize you as part of showing how they feel towards you.

 Stacy Kaiser, a licensed psychotherapist explains that often a person who is having feelings for you will be appreciative and gracious.

Kaiser also adds that “you will find that you are getting a lot of compliments, perhaps a thank you for a cup of coffee for some work you did with them or they often offer to return the favour if you have done something for them.” 

4. They get jealous

Jealousy will always pave in when it comes to a man falling in love with you. He won’t want to share your attention with anyone.

 If by any chance he sees you talking or texting a random guy, he feels extremely jealous and goes a long way in confronting you by asking what exactly you were discussing with him.

If as a lady, you notice all these, find how to approach it and do it nicely. 

5. He asks for a dinner date

Men fall in love when they miss you and find every possible way to always be with you. They tend to organize dinner dates with you for you both to spend quality time together. It can be a movie, picnic, or a shopping date.

He is in love when you see him always trying to see if you are okay when you both hang out.

How to keep the love burning hot?

Love is a beautiful thing that shouldn’t be twisted. If you are blessed and lucky enough to have someone that you love and who in turn loves you too with the same energy, endeavour to keep the love burning in a beautiful flame.

There are ways you can achieve that

1. Continue to grow together

To keep the love burning hot, you guys as a couple need to do beautiful things together to see each other grow as one.

 Always have one and another on individual plans, have the zeal to be there always for your partner, by doing this, the love will keep burning hot.

2. Often surprise one another

Surprise your partner with the things he or she ever wanted, take them to places they have always wanted to go. 

Beautiful surprises always go a long way in sustaining a relationship. You both will forever cherish what you guys share forever and your relationship will continue to be a blast.

3. Be appreciative

When you show gratitude to your partner for the things they do to you, they will always want to do more, even if it is out of their capability, they will look for every way and means to make you happy because seeing you happy is what they always want to behold.

4. Try to forgive

We know all relationships cannot always be rosy. There are sometimes your partner can wrong you and make you feel a certain ton of anger but do not always act and keep it on your mind.

 If your partner offends you and later comes to you to apologize, always be open to acceptance, don’t persist on grudges for this could terminate a blossoming relationship and you would find yourself to blame. 

5. Be attentive

How often do you pay attention to your spouse? Do you pay close attention to whatever they have to say? If your answer is affirmative, you are on the right track. 

Don’t always be the one doing the talking, also give listen ears. 

Give your partner the assurance that what they are saying is valid and you agree with them but if for some reason you don’t agree with them, tell them politely and make them see reasons with you.

Final Note

Again love is a beautiful thing and falling in love is a feeling only you can experience, express, and know how you feel towards a certain person.

 It might seem difficult if the person you are telling this to isn’t feeling the same way but that doesn’t mean you should give up on love for someone out there will reciprocate that same love you give.

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