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5 Reasons Why Perm Is Going Straight

5 Reasons Why Perm Is Going Straight

A perm in simple terms is a hairstyle consisting of waves or curls set into the hair. When curls last for a long period like two to three months, it is then called a perm. Perms are applied using a chemical or thermal method. Normally, perms are supposed to cause curly effects on our hair, if those curly effects begin to go straight, then there is a problem which may lead you to ask yourself why is my perm going straight? 

One of the reasons why your perm is going straight is the use of wrong shampoo products in washing your hair.

Perm is a short form of permanent hairstyle, once they are applied, they should be there permanently. So before you apply perm on your hair, be very sure it is what you want because, after the application, you might not have the opportunity of reversing such a hairstyle.

Five reasons why your perm is going straight?

After applying a perm on your hair and you observe that the perm is going straight, the perm is no longer curly because of these reasons:

1. You washed the perm very early:

After you apply perm on your hair, you should use a gel or hairspray or even a dry shampoo to hold the perm firm on the hair. 

After doing this, do not wash or wet the hair for 2 to 3 days. Do not wash the hair excessively, do not use the wrong products on the hair as this can also let the curls perm go straight.

2. Using the wrong shampoo to wash your hair:

If you have thick hair, you can use just shampoo and not use a conditioner. This makes your hair not get too heavy and your curl perm, not go straight. 

If you have fine hair, you should use a conditioner because the conditioner will help to nourish and define the curl more. If your hair is wet and you have already used shampoo or conditioner, you should comb through your hair with a wide-toothed

3. A terrible haircut:

A good haircut will refresh the dried part and prevent the curls from going straight. It will improve the shape of your curls rather than stretch them. Whereas a terrible can cause the perm to go straight.

4. No nourishing treatments:

When you don’t moisturize your hair, hair may become dehydrated and stretched, thereby losing its curls. Apply a nourishing mask and add a few drops of any serum or oil. Use the mask at all intervals every ten to fifteen days. These curls will maintain their shape.

5. You haven’t been using styling products:

Using styling products on your hair can help you maintain your curls and prevent the perm from stretching.

How do I fix a bad perm?

You desired a very beautiful perm but along the line, the perm got messed up and it is now looking very bad and you are wondering how to fix it. Here are some tips on how to fix a bad perm or a perm gone wrong.

1. Deep conditioning:

Apply a very good and thick conditioner to settle your hair. It prevents the curl perm from puffing out and also tames the perm. Leave the conditioner for about 30 minutes until the hair is soft. Use a comb to untangle the curls. Do not apply force as the hair is still soft and can break easily.

2. Wash the hair:

Wash the hair as soon as you notice the perm on your hair is bad. Get it washed in the salon or your house. It prevents the perm from spreading any further, you can also use a deep conditioning shampoo to wash your hair.

3. Trim the loose ends:

Also, When you have loose ends on your hair, it makes the perm look unkempt and rough. Trim such ends or have a very nice haircut where such loose ends are trimmed.

4. Hot oil treatment:

Hot oil treatment provides added nourishment and moisture to the hair. Use a shower cap to cover your hair while going through its process. When rinsing through, use relaxing shampoo and conditioner as they help to remove the chemicals used in the perming process.

How to keep my hair permed healthy:

Below are some healthy tips on how to keep a permed hair healthy:

1. Do not comb your hair for the first 24 hours after you apply perm.

2. Do not dye your hair for at least two weeks before and after you perm your hair.

3. Moisturize your hair with a good moisturizer.

4. Use less shampoo on your hair because it might affect the curl rather use more conditioner on your hair.

5. Do not apply any hair product on the hair the day you perm the hair.

Why didn’t my perm last for 24 hours?

If you apply a perm on your hair and it starts to get straight and you ask why is my perm going straight? There could be various reasons why it didn’t last a day. Some of the possible reasons can be

i. The perm solution was not left long enough.

ii. The hair was not rinsed well.

iii. The rods weren’t wrapped carefully.

iv. The rods weren’t wrapped with enough tension.

v. The neutralizer wasn’t left long enough.

vi. The neutralizer wasn’t rinsed out well. 

Why does my perm go straight when dry?

When your perm goes straight when dry, it could be as a result of various reasons. Most times, the hair is curly when wet and gets straight when dried.

The two major reasons why your hair will get straight when dry is because the perm was washed earlier than it should. You should leave the perm for 48-72 hours before washing the perm. 

The second reason is using styling products that contain alcohol and silicon. Go for cream styling and curl activators. Make sure the hair is very healthy before applying the styling products.

How to know if my perm will go straight

We all want some beautiful curls on our hair when we perm. We do not want the perm to go straight after a short while, however, before the hair goes straight, we already know it will happen. That being written, here are a few signs that notify you if your perm will go straight.

1. Your hair is not the type that supports perming:

Before you undergo the process of perming, make sure your hair supports the process and does not have any of the following conditions.

-Henna treated hair

-Keratin treated hair

-Dry or damaged hair

-Pre-lightened hair

You need healthy hair, free of metallic salts e.t.c. to achieve a good hairstyle.

2. Lack of proper care of the hair:

We need to take good care of our hair if we want to moderate our perms. We should not only apply moisture-rich contents which make the hair silky and smooth, but we should also get products that create strong bonds of elasticity and resilience in the hair, products that give strength and also repair hair cells.

If we do this, we are sure to achieve a good and long-lasting.

3. Allowing an unprofessional hairstylist

When we meet a “quack” or someone that is not skilled in perming, the person might perm your hair in a wrong and bad way or use the wrong techniques or use the wrong products.

It is advisable to meet a professional when you want to perm your hair to avoid the question why is my perm going straight?

4. Some curls are not created chemically:

Some of the beautiful curls we see around are not created chemically but are made through heat styling.

This is why you need a professional stylist who will look at the kind of your hair you have and your desirable curl and tell you if it’s achievable or not.

Should I perm my hair immediately after it goes straight?

Furthermore, it is advisable not to perm your hair immediately if the hair has been subject to harsh chemical processes. 

You should seek the advice of a professional hairstylist because the time of repairing hair is about six to ten weeks but if it is a case of perm gone then you should wait for about one to two weeks, this is because the hair takes time to become normal before it gets perm again.


In brief, perms are beautiful when done properly, however, they do not last and they become straight. If they become straight, no need to panic or feel worried and start asking why is my perm going straight?  There are good and healthy processes of fixing a bad perm. Make sure you meet a professional for advice and do not use a technique you are not familiar with.

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