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Be Nice! You Never Know What Someone Is Going Through

Be Nice! You Never Know What Someone Is Going Through

Most times, people face different challenges that could range from academic challenges, financial crises at home, harassment or discrimination at work, abandonment in family, and abuse in marriages. It is very difficult for people to speak up about these challenges, which can lead to depression and sometimes even suicide. That is one reason it is advised to always show kindness because you never know what someone is going through.

Holding someone while they cry, visiting someone when they are sick, or buying someone a gift, are some of the few ways you can show an act of kindness to them.

Exhibiting an act of kindness may seem like an easy thing, but not everyone is good at it, and sometimes, it can be difficult to know the right act of kindness, for the right moment.

 If you are wondering how you can show kindness to people, here are a few ways you can do that.

70 Ways to show kindness to others:

1. Let someone cut in front of you in a line:

Maybe you are in a queue, and there is an old or pregnant lady at your back, you can offer them to come before you.

2. Give someone your seat:

Are you on a public bus, and you feel someone is not fit enough to stand, but they are standing? If you think you can stand, be nice and offer them your sit.

3. Offer to help someone with a heavy load: 

If someone is carrying something heavy, just offer to assist them.

4. Get them some medicine if they are sick:

If you have a sick friend, you can get them some vitamins, or Ibuprofen. 

5. Always tip the waiter and say thank you:

Tipping the waiter is not just enough, tell them to thank you if you enjoyed their services.

6. Don’t raise your voice on the customer care:

Even if they say customers are never wrong, be a nice person and speak to the customer care calmly.

7. Donate blood:

Blood donation is another way you can be kind.

8. Give someone a surprise visit: 

Give your friend a surprise visit, you never know what someone is going through. They might just have been needing someone to talk to.

9. Offer someone a drink: 

If you have a visitor or you are in a public place, you can offer someone a free drink.

10. Respect someone’s wish:

Did a friend make a wish or even a stranger, you can grant it for them or respect it.

12. Say thank you to the janitor at school:

If you are at school, say thank you to the janitor, and other school staff.

13. Compliment someone’s look: 

Say something beautiful to someone like: “hey I like your dress.” 

14. Make friends with someone new: 

If you see anyone acting all alone, request to be their friend. You never know what someone is going through, maybe all they just need is someone to call a friend, to save them from suicide.

15. Take the garbage out for a friend: 

You can take the garbage for a friend or a neighbor.

16. If you have not been with someone for a while, call or visit them: 

Always check on people 

17. Give someone a thoughtful gift:

It must not be something expensive, just give them something they would appreciate.

18. Say “I am sorry”

Apologize when you are wrong.

19. Hold a door for someone: 

If someone is coming through the door, you can quickly hold it for them.

20. Treat the Uber guy nicely: 

If you are in an Uber, treat the Uber guy like you would treat your friend. You never know what someone is going through. If you are not nice, you can say some things that would make him quit his job.

21. Return a misplaced item: 

Did you find a missing item? The nice thing is to return it.

22. Say positive things to people: 

Say positive things to yourself and people.

23. Volunteer:

You can volunteer to join the Red Cross, assist your school, be a mentor, etc.

24. Hug a friend: 

You never know what someone is going through, a warm hug can cheer them up.

25. Smile at strangers

Just smile. Not like a crazy smile, just a shy smile and Hi, would be cool.

26. Be polite 

Don’t be rude to anyone, colleagues, clients, and staff is always polite.

27. Cook a special meal and share it with neighbors: 

Prepare something special, and give it to your neighbors. you may not know what they are going through, but everyone needs to eat.

28. Offer to buy someone lunch:

Buy a free lunch for someone 

29. Give a free movie ticket to someone: 

Is there a movie you think your friend would like? Get them a movie ticket.

30. Gift out something you no longer use: 

If it’s an old phone or old Tv, just give it out. It might be old to you, but would be new to them.

31. Donate to the orphanage: 

Always support the orphanage, no matter how small 

32. Gift something to the homeless and talk with them:

Talking with the homeless, and giving them something nice, boosts their self-esteem.

33. Place a happy positive sign on your front yard: 

You can just display something like: “Hey you, you are  a champion.”

34. Be polite to your customers:

Don’t be rude to the customers.

35. Commend the police officer: 

See a police officer?  Tell him I appreciate you for your service.

36. Give someone a ride in your car: 

Though you should be careful when doing this, a free ride is an act of kindness.

37. Offer to babysit for someone: 

Help a new mom, babysit her newborn. 

38. Forgive someone: 

Let someone know you have forgiven them.

39. Tell someone you love them: 

It does not have to be a romantic relationship, always tell your friend you love them.

40. Help the needy: 

Support people in need.

41. Help the grandma cross the road: 

Did you see a grandma crossing? Help her watch the road through the street light, it might be a street light, but some people are dimwits. You can also help unsupervised kids too.

42. Plant a tree: 

Plant a tree and be kind to the environment.

43. Don’t pollute the environment: 

Environmental pollution is bad, be kind to the ecosystem.

44. Give out money no matter how little it is: 

Even if it’s a little, give out money to someone

45. Share your lunch: 

Share your food with someone, even if they don’t look hungry.

46. Donate funds to someone: 

If it’s on gofundme, or any type, just support fundraising.

47. Drop off a stray cat or dog at an animal center:

If you see a stray, drip them off at the animal center.

48. Call your parents and grandparents: 

Don’t neglect your parents, always call them.

48. Offer to do chores for someone: 

Help someone with household chores. 

49. Pray for someone: 

Say a prayer for someone. 

50. Give someone an inspiring book:

Give someone a book you know will inspire them.

51. Thank your mailman for his hard work:

Appreciate the mailman.

52. Give away lottery tickets: 

Give out free raffle tickets to strangers or friends.

53. Wash and dress an injured friend’s wound: 

Do you have an injured friend, help them dress their wound.

54. Invite someone to offer:

Invite a friend to your place and make them feel special. 

55. Take someone on a friendly date: 

Take someone out for a friendly dinner.

56. Listen to people:

Some people just want to be heard. So be quick to listen.

57. Ask how you can help: 

If you don’t know how you can help someone, ask them

58. Write them a letter:

Write something sweet in a letter, send it to them, or just say you wanted to say hello.

59. Send them a Christmas card: 

Send someone a Christmas card during Christmas. 

60. Use a kind voice: 

Always talk politely 

61. Give a new mom a gift:

Give a new mom a thoughtful gift.

62. Write something nice and put it on their pillow on all their seats:

This will make them feel so special. Especially if they see it before going to bed.

63. Hold them why they cry: 

Console them when they cry, by holding them.

64. Pay a bereaved a condolences visit:

If your friend lost someone, visit them.

65. Call someone that seems lonely: 

You have a friend who looks like they are lonely, give them a call

66. Walk someone’s dog: 

Help someone walk their dog.

67. Keep the elderly company: 

If you have the elderly around don’t leave them isolated.

68. Don’t keep someone waiting: 

Respect people and be punctual. If you keep them waiting always, they think you are taking them for granted.

69. Don’t treat employees like inferiors:

If you are a boss, respect your start.

70. Admit when you are wrong:

Be quick to accept your mistakes, don’t gaslight people.

Is it my fault I don’t know what someone else is going through?

It’s not your fault if you don’t feel what others are going through. Due to the way some people grow up or have been trained or indoctrinated, they can’t feel others’ pain.

If you are someone like this, it would be hard for you to feel others’ pain. Some of us have a self-centered trait that developed over time. If you want to feel what others are feeling, put yourself in their shoes.

Just create an image in your head like; what if this happened to me? What if I were this person, how would I feel?  That way you will be able to understand better how they feel.

Will kindness make me weak?

Although you will come off as weak to some people, being kind does not equate to weakness.

It means that you are powerful enough to be able to feel what others are feeling. Being Kind can only make you look weak when people begin to take advantage of you. That’s why you have to be careful of who you are nice to. 

You cannot be too careful enough because in the world today, people like using good people. That’s their loss and not yours, keep being good, and don’t let anyone change you

Are kind people perceived as proud?

Kind people are good people. Everyone loves a kind person, but when you are the type that likes the world to know what you have done, your act of kindness would be seen as more of a means to show off.

Are challenges surmountable?

Yes, if they are not beyond human control. Some challenges like financial crises, poor grades, abuse in the marriage, and joblessness are possible to be overcome but situations like a terminal or serious health condition are rarely surmountable one has to learn to live a happy life. Just like late America’s got talent contestant rightly said;

You can’t wait until life isn’t hard anymore before you decide to be happy ~ Nightbird

Should I listen to people who want to tell me what they are going through?

Yes, you should. Listening to someone is a major act of kindness. Sometimes, all they might just need is someone to talk to. If you can lend them a listening ear it’s going to make them feel relieved.

Should I tell people what I am going through?

Yes, if you have friends that you trust and you know care about you, it’s advisable to tell them what you are going through, it makes you feel better. And also, when they give you the attention and care, it helps to distract from those challenges. 

The good thing about speaking up is that you might find a solution to that challenge before it becomes too late. But if you have friends that are not reliable, see a therapist. Never face challenges without speaking up.

How to overcome my internal crises?

Ask for help:

Sometimes because of social stigma, people tend to be shy to ask for help. But if you want to overcome your internal crisis, you have to speak out. Someone might be able to help.

Accept support: 

It is one thing to ask for help and another to accept support. When people are willing to offer help, be open to receiving their support 

Don’t give up: 

If you want to overcome challenges, you have to have a fighting spirit. They are called challenges because they are hurdles. If you want to scale through, you have to be persistent. 

Face your fears: 

Sometimes the reason we can’t overcome issues is that we are not willing to face them. Whatever you fear, you have to face it to be able to be victorious.

Positive mindset:

Even when it looks like there is no light at the end of the tunnel, be optimistic. This is the only way you can push through.

Get a distraction: 

You need something to get your mind off that crisis for a while. It depends on the crisis. If it’s something you have to wait for, getting a distraction would be very beneficial to you.


If you have been wondering how to be kind to someone, I hope reading this article has been able to help.  As simple as those gestures may seem, they can go a long way in putting a smile on someone’s face. Go out there, and make the world a better place.

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