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My Ex-Boyfriend’s New Girlfriend Is Jealous of Me – 12 Signs

My Ex-Boyfriend’s New Girlfriend Is Jealous of Me – 12 Signs

After breaking up, you decided to be friends with your ex, even though you have moved on, but you then notice signs his new girlfriend is jealous of you. This friendship is becoming unhealthy because his girlfriend is starting to act like she does want you around and you think it’s jealousy.

But is that a sure sign, that his new girlfriend is jealous of you? 

If she is jealous of you being around her boyfriend you should be able to notice how she switches into a bad mood when you are around. She would purposely interrupt your conversation with him and would give you the; “I don’t want you here” eyes.

If you are still not sure it’s jealousy, below are explained signs that show your ex’s new girlfriend is jealous of you.


12 obvious signs his new girlfriend is jealous of you

1. She is always calling his name when you are there or on a call with him

She always has a reason to call his name. Maybe when you come visiting or even when you are on a call with him she starts to call his name just so she can disrupt the conversation.

She is doing all this because she is jealous that you are talking to her boyfriend and she is trying to let you know that he belongs to her now.

2. She interrupts your conversation with him

This is similar to the first one. She looks for ways to interrupt your conversation, maybe not by calling out his name. 

She can just sit close to him while he is talking with you and start to do a sort of romantic gesture with him,  just to make you uncomfortable.

3. She is trying to be better than you

This is one sure sign his new girlfriend is jealous of you. She sees you as a competition. Maybe you are prettier than her. She is going to try to look better than you and rub it in your face.

She is going to invest in her looks or in anything she feels she can do to make her look like she is better than you. As the new girlfriend, she is trying to make it seem like your ex left you for someone better and she is doing all this out of jealousy and insecurity.

4. She says it to you to your face

You are going to see this if you keep being friends with your ex-boyfriend. His new girlfriend is going to be mad about the friendship to the extent she comes directly to you and asks you to leave her boyfriend. 

She is going to confront you angrily. If you don’t react properly, it might lead to a serious fracas between you two.

5. She never has anything good to say about you

Well, no one has anything good to say about their foe. Whether you like it or not, she already sees you as an enemy. 

She is telling people how ugly you are and making derogatory comments about you and anything you do. She is trying to let you and everyone know how much she hates you.

6. Always in a bad mood when are around

Maybe there is something that you need to do at your boyfriends’ place and you have to visit. When she sees you, she is going to switch into a bad mood. She will be walking around, making all sorts of noise, and giving you the “I don’t want you around” attitude. 

7. Snubs him when you are around 

When her mood changes at the sight of seeing you, she is going to start to snub your ex. Even when he tries to talk to her to help him with stuff she is going to be rude to him. 

She might even leave the house or angrily slam the door to let you guys know she is angry.

8. Tells him to cut contact with you

Has your ex-boyfriend told you that his girlfriend does not want him to be speaking with you anymore? If he has, then it’s because she is jealous. 

She may have told him but your ex might not want to tell you but any which way you should know she is not happy that you are still friends with him.

9. She tried to get on your nerve 

She is going to be doing things to try to piss you off. She might want to try to pick up a fight with you, to be properly able to vent her anger so you have to be careful around her.

10. She criticizes everything you do

Even when it looks like you are just trying to help, she is going to think you are doing it to get your ex back. So she is going to criticize it. She might tell it to your face or tell your mutual friends 

11. She wants you to fail

The fact she doesn’t like you will make her not want you to succeed in anything. And when you fail she is going to be one of the happiest people. She is happy when something bad happens to you. 

12. She gives you evil

Even if the man used to be yours, now he is no longer yours and now she sees you as a competitor and a threat. So she is going to treat you as badly as she can. 

She can take your boyfriend’s phone and start sending you mean texts, making you think it’s your boyfriend that’s sending it.

Reasons why his new girlfriend is jealous of you

1. She thinks you are trying to get him back

The fact that you once dated, means that there are possibilities that you still have feelings for him. Or that he still has feelings for you. So his new girlfriend is going to be afraid of you coming back together, whenever he sees you with her. So that’s going to spark anger and jealousy in her.

2.  You look better than her

Seeing that you look better, means that you are still a threat to their new relationship. She is going to try to do as much as she can do to become prettier than you. 

It’s not like she is not cute too, you might even think she is more good-looking than you. But the moment she sees you, it’s like you are so much better-looking than she is. She is having this feeling because of her insecurities.

3. She is not comfortable with both of you being friends

This is normal. Most women are not comfortable with their boyfriends being friends with their ex. This is going to make them feel angry for so many reasons.  

So, that’s the reason she has been acting up and jealous around you too. She does not want to be friends with him anymore.

4. You were there before her  

She just came into the picture. The fact that he still wants to be your friend, means that he still has a soft spot for you. And this makes his new girlfriend worried.

Both of you have had a few memories together and even if he is dating her now, he is more comfortable around you, and she might just be a rebound partner.

How to respond to her jealousy 

1. Try to explain things to her

Well, she has every right to be jealous. If you were in her shoes you would have felt the same. So you have to try to explain things to her, make her understand why you guys have to keep being friends. 

For example, if you had kids together with your ex, you have to explain to her for the sake of your kids. 

2. Don’t retaliate 

When she is throwing all evil at you, the worst thing you would do it’s to retaliate. This will aggravate everything. So the best thing to do is to try to return everything she does to you, with kindness.

3. See if you can limit contact with your ex

Well, you also have to see how you can limit contact with your ex. This will let her know that you are not there to steal her man. 

You are just there for the reasons that you guys have to be friends. Most probably for the sake of your kids, or maybe for a project you started together, while you were dating.

Is it normal for his new girlfriend to be jealous of me?

Yes, it is. She is his girlfriend now. Women are naturally jealous when they see their men around other women. And the fact you too had something before makes it worse. 

So she has every right to be jealous. It might just be her insecurities or your boyfriend has shown some signs that there are still feelings between you two. Whatever way, she has every reason to be jealous.

Should I warn his new girlfriend about my ex?

No, you shouldn’t. Don’t bother warning her about anything. It might be that you mean well to her, but she is not going to see you that way. 

Anything you do might seem to her that you are trying to ruin their new relationship. Even if you know him so well, people can decide to change. 

Besides, what if you are warning her and your ex is ready to change? That makes you destroy what they are trying to build or even make his new girlfriend see you as more of an enemy.

How to make my ex-boyfriend leave his new girlfriend

You feel your ex-boyfriend is worth getting back, but he might still reject you even if he like you too. Below are a few things you can do

1. Always look your best 

Work on your looks. That’s one way you can get his attention again. If he sees that you now become more good-looking than he remembers, it’s going to start to make him want to come back to you.

 Even if he does not make the move yet, the thought of it will surely go through his mind.

2. Don’t contact him

When you are trying to make him leave his new girlfriend, you think contacting him all the time it’s the right thing to do, but you are wrong. 

If you are trying to get him you don’t contact him. But when he does contact you, don’t answer like you have been waiting for his call or text.

3. Let him know you are still available 

You can give him the sign that you are still here if he wants to get things back together but never make the first move. You can tell him you are still single and let him know you liked some things about him, but you prefer to be alone for now. This will let him know if he tries he can be able to get you.

4. Remind him of the good times you had

One way you can get him to start to miss you, and want to get back to you, is to try to remind him of all the good times you guys had when you were together. 

This will make him start to have some nostalgic feelings and might want to leave his girlfriend for you.

5. Play hard to get

When he starts to make a move, act like you don’t want to get back, play a little hard to get. This will make his feelings for you start to grow more.

Will dating someone else makes my ex jealous

Yes. If they once loved you and still have feelings for you, they are going to feel jealous. When they see you are dating someone else, they are going to start doing everything to try to get you back. 

When they see you with someone else, their feelings for you will start to come up again. He sees someone else having so much fun with you that is going to hurt and will miss you.

Why your ex can’t move on

1.  They are lonely 

They are lonely and trying to get back to you so they can feel that space in their heart.

2. They can’t replace you

They might be running back to you because they have tried to find someone else but can’t. So their mind would always be drawing them back to you.

3. They are still in love with you 

The fact that you are no longer together does not mean that they have stopped loving you. Your ex must still be very much in love with you. That’s why he can’t have an interest in dating someone else.

4. Emotional attachment 

Due to all the memories, you have shared, sometimes it can be very hard for those memories to completely wipe off. So he is going to be feeling attached to you.

So that’s why it’s hard for him to move on

5. Regrets 

When we hurt people the guilt can make it hard for us to move on. They will still be feeling indebted to you and that will make it difficult for them to move on.

How do I stop obsessing over my ex and his new girlfriend? 

1.   Accept the truth

You have to accept the fact that it’s over between you and your ex. He is dating someone else now even if it hurts and you can’t get your mind off him and his new girlfriend. 

You have to tell & remind yourself that they are not yours anymore. 

2. Cut all contacts

Delete numbers and unfollow them from all social media. Yes, you are going to be tempted to go and check their social media, that’s where discipline comes in. 

You have to discipline yourself and look for other distractions that can help you get your mind off him.

3. Take away reminders

Delete all the photos, and take away everything that reminds you of him. Including that sweet text, he sent you when you were dating. You have to delete all of it to be able to get your mind off him.

4. Work on yourself

Do new things, learn a new skill, and do anything that helps you develop yourself. This will act as a distraction and also get better. 

5. Make new friends

Go out and make new friends. Just do anything that helps your mind feel relaxed. If you are having so much fun, you won’t have the time to be stalking your new relationship.

6. Try getting your relationship 

Try to find someone new. It might just be a rebound but if they are meant for you it might develop until something wonderful happens.

7. Seek help 

You can get help from friends. Maybe they have been in such a situation and might help you with how to get over him. 

You can also seek the help of professionals like therapists.

How long does a rebound relationship  last

A rebound relationship can last from months to a year. Though it is very rare for a rebound relationship to last very long, the fact that one party is just using it to get over their former relationship makes it easy for it to end. 

When they are getting over their ex their feeling for the rebounding partner begins to die.

How to express jealousy positively

To rightly express jealousy, you have to firstly work on yourself because most times, jealousy is a result of your insecurity. We feel that the other person is better than us and we start to be jealous of them. So you have to work on your self-esteem and how you see yourself.

In expressing your jealousy, learn not to do it out of anger. You have to express your concern to your partner, not an accusation. For instance Instead of saying “you are having an affair with your ex,” you can say “I feel your relationship with your ex is not good for this relationship. Maybe you should try to do something about it, thank you.”

You should know as a woman your ex’s new girlfriend has every right to be jealous of your friendship with your ex. Though it can be mainly because of her insecurities, you should try and cut contact with your ex because if you were in her shoes, you would have done the same. 

If other reasons make you have to be friends with your ex, you can meet her and explain things to her.

All the best, cheers!

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