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100 Heart Melting Paragraphs For Your Crush

100 Heart Melting Paragraphs For Your Crush

Winning the heart of a crush is priority to every chaser; to do this, you have to confess your feelings to them and make them know what you feel precisely. There are paragraphs for your crush that will help melt their hearts and move your friendship with them to the next level.

You shouldn’t only rely on non-verbal or written ways to make your crush happy, you should also tell them how you feel about them, and it’s only that way you’d be sure of their feelings for you too.

It might be super challenging for many to tell their crush how they feel precisely, but this piece has a hundred paragraphs for your crush that will make them know how much you desire them.

100 Paragraphs For Your Crush To Melt Their Heart

1. A development has lived deep inside my mind for countless hours now, and I swear by the gods, I can keep help but express it directly. I commenced having this fondness for you from the first day my eyes knew you, and our friendship further helped plunge me into your love.

2. Even if I barely see you, you never appear far away from me because I continuously think about you.

3. Perhaps, I can’t always be with you; I want you to understand I am forever on your side because you are the queen of my mind.

4. For a period now, we have been very cordial, and everyone thinks we are dating; we do everything as though we are. The thing is, I meditate about you and believe in my little heart that you are mine. I cherish and love you.

5. One thing I love more about being friends with you is how we work to make sure we both progress and move to the next level of achievement. I desire that this friendship becomes deeper by you agreeing to be my babe.

6. Whenever I feel like giving up, I think of you. You are all I need to get me motivated again. Whenever I feel incapable, I think of you and find myself gaining the courage to push on.

7. I am shocked you’ve had unworthy adventures in all your relationships. I want to create with you a new chapter of bliss and progress.

8. Although I don’t know what the future holds for me, one thing I am sure about is that I want you to be part of it forever.

9. For a long stretch, I have silently had sensations for you, but I don’t know how to say it. I don’t want to overthink it. Hey, I am in love with you.

10. Maybe I might be making the wrong (not sure) call, but for a while now, babe, have you detected we have been flirty with each other? I don’t want us to remain like that. I want us to be official.

11. Having just been friends with you, my life has been much better. I picture how it would be when I someday have you as mine.

12. I understand you’ve groaned that I always wake up late. It’s because I consistently see you in my dream every time I sleep, so it’s challenging for me to wake up early.

13. Whenever I witness your smile, I get a tinkling in my core, allowing me to become like a child who sees a new phenomenon for the first time. I have never felt this way before, and I can’t get over the introspection of being with you.

14. The further I dig into trying to comprehend you, the greater I concede how much I am plunging in your love. Your pure heart and truthfulness won me over.

15. I suppose every once in our lives, we find the person who can turn the world around for us, and I think you are that person for me.

Romantic Paragraphs For Your Crush

16. If you ask me to explain how much I love you, I am a million percent sure I’d be unable to because I love you above what words describe.

17. Never have I felt more devoted to anything than making me and you come to pass.

18. When we exchange texts, a big smile on my face always finds its way into my face. Just wondering about you alone brightens my day.

19. Babe, you sound like a beautiful melody that I cannot get out of my head.

20. Waking up beside you is one goal I am fighting hard to achieve.

21. One of my best wins is having you as my boyfriend/girlfriend.

22. I may not be an astronaut, but I love you to the moon and beyond.

23. Your habit of caring for me shows how wonderful you are, and since you have been my friend, it is like I have no more misery in my life.

24. Have you not noticed that everyone thinks we are cool together? People spot us quickly, even if we are sitting and not saying anything. I believe that is because our energy corresponds well, and we are meant to be together.

25. Even if I know you have had a bloke before me, I can only imagine the future with you whenever I sit with you, and I promise I will do anything to have you as mine.

26. I continuously hope and pray we never jam what we make us spend a minute apart.

27. I am a terrible science student, but I can notice the chemistry between us, and I know you can too.

28. Hey babe, I want to open up about the level of gladness you generate from me, inspired by your tenderness. My favorite part is when I am with you, and I don’t have to fake or fake who I am. I am just me, and you like me like that. On my worst days, you still believe I am looking sharp. It shows how much you care about me, making me so happy.

Cute Paragraphs For Your Crush

29. I am joyful that I have someone as cute as you as my friend. I pray one day, all my wishes will come through, and I will have someone like you as a boyfriend/ girlfriend

30. I can’t spend a sec of the day without your thoughts coming into my mind. Even when I sleep, I am certainly going to dream about you. It’s obvious my mind is trying to tell me something, and I love you so much.

31. Just one message from your end is okay to make me feel like I am in heaven. Dearie, you mean everything to me.

32. I never thought I would care and love someone so much until I met you. I used to look at people who are crazy in love as insane. But since I set my eyes on you have seen what made them act the way they did. You have made me insanely in love with you.

33. You came into my life at the time my life was going nowhere. When I thought I had no one to care about me. Since you came in, I have had nothing but joy. Well, this is me telling you that I love you.

34. I thought it was a regular occurrence to meditate about you and me until everyone started thinking I was dead. Lol! Like when I am outside with my friends, I find myself daydreaming about you that I get lost and forget I am out with them till they have to hit me or call my name.

35. I never thought those fairy tales love stories about the knight in shining armor and princess in distress were true till I met you. Now I feel like I am living a fairy tale life because of the way I have been glued to you.

36. Even if I can’t always be by your side, I want you to know that you are a part of me every day, and I can’t wait to have you as part of me forever.

37. Seeing you sad is one thing that I cannot stand. My goal is to always put a smile on your face. That’s what I will do for the rest of my life.

38. One thing that has always been a part of my life principles is knowing what I want. And since I set my eyes on you, I have always felt that you are what I want. I love you and want you to be my girlfriend/boyfriend.

39. Loving you is no longer an option for me. I might have kept it mute for a long time, but I know you have always seen it in my eyes. What I want to know is, do you feel the same way?

40. It’s been years since I have been this open and close to anyone. As reserved and introverted as I am, I tell you everything. That’s how comfortable I am with you and how much I have secretly developed feelings for you.

More Paragraphs For Your Crush To Take Your Relationship One Step Further

41. The more I try to deny it, the more I fall deeper for you. From the way you walk to the way you talk, everything drives me crazy. You drive me crazy.

42. Sometimes, I used to think maybe you are from the underworld or have magical power because the spell you cast on me does not feel ordinary. I can’t do anything without it.

43. Have you noticed how we look so perfect together? Even with all the odds around us, it feels like we are met together. No, I feel like I know we are meant to be together.

44. I have been struggling with this feeling for a long time and I think it’s time I make it clear to you that I have loved you for a very long time. You see, those times you catch me staring at you, it is because I can’t get enough of you.

45. I know as humans we have so many desires some of which might be a figment of our imagination. But having you as mine is one desire and imagination I know I want to come to pass.

46. Do you know you are the most beautiful girl I have seen? It surprises me that everyone is in love with you. Who can resist someone as beautiful as you??

47. One of my wishes is to fall asleep and wake up with you on the same bed the next morning. Will you help me bring this wish to pass?

48. Do you believe that best friends make the best couples? If you do? We should make it happen.

49. I can’t forget the way I felt when I saw you for the first time. Ever since then, I can’t get my eyes off you.

50. I think this feeling has become intense since the last time I saw you. Yes, I know you would question them—the feeling of love I have always had for you.

51. It might look like I am being desirous because I am spending a lot of time with you and pushing you away from your other friends. It’s just because I want you so much and don’t want to share you with anyone.

52. I have always been looking for someone to brighten my day and put an everlasting smile on my face. And I have realized that’s you.

53. There is no denying it, and you know that for sure. My intentions for you are pure. Even if I returned to this world a second time, I would still choose your soul.

54. I know everyone comes into our life for a reason, and you have come into my life to give me the kind of happy-ever-after life I have always wanted.

55. Every time I set my eyes on you, I get astounded by how beautiful you are. I think God took extra days to create you.

56. If I see the genie today, my first wish is to make you mine forever.

57. I have never believed that anything like true love existed, but since I saw you, you have entirely changed my perception.

Paragraphs For Your Crush That Will Make Her Heart Race

58. I have never seen a girl as beautiful as you and even if you were a twin I would still choose you.

59. I was marauding through the abyss of darkness, and your light found me.

60. After all my deductions and calculations, I reached a plausible conclusion that you are a big plus to my soul.

61. I can go on non-stop about your beauty, but I think my goal is to show you your soul, it’s like five heavens put in one.

62. Whenever these assignments come through, I know I’ve got to make space for you, no matter how close the deadline is.

63. You are the treasure that I have been seeking. You have been close to me for years, yet I could not see you until yesterday when we met, and I realize you are the perfect one for me.

64. Even if I might not be capable of having you as mine just yet, one thing is I am going to do everything I can to make sure I get you mine.

65. Your presence is magical to me. When I hear your voice, it puts me in a state I can not explain. I am so happy to find someone that makes me feel this way.

66. The feeling I have for you is something that happens once in a while. Since you came into my life, I have had joy all through.

67. Why do I feel like the luckiest man to ever visit earth? I’ve never been to the white house, but you make me feel like the number one citizen here on earth.

68. Let this text remind you that I always think about every sec of the day.

69. This is a new day and another opportunity to thank the universe for making me meet you. Now, my existence revolves around your sweetness.

70. I have a throne in my heart that was once occupied by toxicity, but you usurped the hate and brought untold love into my life.

71. If anyone told me I’d be a happy fellow again, I’d have called them a con, but you have made me one of the happiest fellas to breathe in oxygen.

72. Lord knows this love is from him, it can only be from him because he makes everything perfect. This love is more than perfect.

73. Many have tried, but you chose me, opened your heaven and earth for me, and now we live in each other’s world. I’m more than delighted to be yours as you are mine.

74. I was walking through the path of no return and then I met you, an angel who took my hand and said, “let’s start all over again. We can be spectacular again.”

More Paragraphs For Your Crush To Convince Her

75. One day, I was down; the next, you lifted me. I owe you not just my heart; I would want the world to know you are a queen.

76. You are unbelievably everywhere I go, I transport you around, and it’s something I pray to never stop for the remaining part of my earthly and eternal existence.

77. Sometimes, I sit back to gape at you as I’ve never seen you, you become new to me like every new sun.

78. I would like to know who your marabout is; they are giving you the best love concoctions ever, and I pray and hope this spell never dies.

79. When I am splitting wood, I think I’m only engrossed in the act, but later I find out that you are my strength, my muse.

80. I want to do this life thing with you alone, baby.

81. Even though we piss each other off, I can’t let my pride come in the way of this thing we share. I revere it like my last breath.

82. I was once a terrible loser, but as you stepped into my life, all I began to see were wins

83. When I help you with stuff, I feel tingling inside, which I feel for nobody in the universe.

84. Why do I suspect you are my soul mate and twin flame because you are in my consciousness and subconsciousness?

85. I’m an atheist and tempted to plead with God to pronounce you as my future because that’s all I desire now.

Conscise Paragraphs For Your Crush

86. Please, baby, let’s not stop here; allow’s increase the tempo. I want your soul, your whole.

87. I believe your thoughts are littered with what we’ll become together.

88. This friendship needs to be promoted to another ship, a bigger one. Let’s get it done for real.

89. Who else do I wish I could commune with you from sun up to sun down? Only you, girl.

90. Your voice stills the storm like a miracle, and I know this can only be a miracle.

91. I finished with a second class, but I would be grateful if you could become my first distinction.

92. I thought I could do this life thing alone till your touch opened my eyes.

93. You bring out the Shakespeare in me; now, I have an ever-flowing well, all running for you.

94. I’m really tired of not seeing you daily, it’s becoming all too hurtful for me.

95. We could rule this earth together, just the two mice we saw on television.

96. I began by thinking this was biology, and then I understood later it could only be chemistry.

97. I see my mother in you, a strong-willed queen. I wish I could be on your right-hand side as King.

98. I now believe that you are the answer to my prayers.

99. Whatever the naysayers might say and posit, I’d never put a spear in your heart, I’d keep my word, and we’ll finish together.

100. You’ve found a way to crush all my doubts, and I want to be in your life as the number one.

Should I Text My Crush Heartwarming Paragraphs?

Yes, you should. Sending them this kind of text will help them know how you feel about them and help you understand what they think and your stand in their life. Sometimes it’s best to think from within when you send these paragraphs to your crush so that you would express yourself completely.


Disclosing to your crush how you feel is one thing that can make your heart race, but it’s the best thing to do instead of waiting in silence. If you don’t know how to do it, you can use this article as a guide for getting paragraphs for your crush, and you have to note that you either get a good or a bad response.

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