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Did He Block Me To Hide His Feelings? 19 Reasons Why A Guy Would Block You

Did He Block Me To Hide His Feelings? 19 Reasons Why A Guy Would Block You

Reasons why a guy would block you – There are a lot of reasons why a guy may block you, he may block you because he cares about you and you don’t feel the same, or he is confused about his feelings for you.

You are wondering why he blocked you, did you do anything wrong to him. Well, asking yourself these questions is not bad. We will help you. 

Here are a few reasons why you blocked you.


19 Reasons why a guy would block you

1. You made him mad

Did you two engage in a big fight, did you insult him and hurt his feelings, well there you have it. That’s probably the reason why he blocked you. 

Most times people react in anger, so he probably blocked you because you made him mad. He is blocking you to gain a clearer perspective, but he could also be using it as a revenge tactic to make you come begging.

2. He has an insecure girlfriend

If he is just your friend then the reason he blocked you may be because of his girlfriend. She may be extremely jealous, and he does not want to hurt her feelings.

His girlfriend may feel threatened by your continuous friendship, so he may block you so that there would be peace in his relationship.

3. You are being too clingy

Another reason a guy may block you is that he feels that you are doing too much and he doesn’t know how to tell you. You may be calling him too much, liking & commenting on almost all his pictures all the time. 

Sometimes you even stalk him on social media, well your clinginess may just be too much for him to handle so he simply chooses to block you instead.

4. He likes you way too much

Let’s assume he is just your friend, well he may block you because he sees you as more than a friend and does not know how to handle such feelings. 

It may also be that you are his ex and he still has feelings for you, so he chooses to block you to protect himself. His blocking you is a way to reduce the temptation to always check up on you.

5. He no longer has feelings for you

Another important reason why he blocked you may be because he no longer has feelings for you, so he sees no reason not to block you. Well if you still have feelings for him this is his clear way of making a statement that he is over you and that you should move on.

Move on sis.

6. He is confused

If he is confused about his feelings for you he may choose to block you. He may not be sure of your intentions towards him. So he chooses to block you to enable him to focus and prioritize his feelings towards you, especially if you both keep going back and forth. 

7. He does not see you in a romantic light

Assuming you let him know that you are into him romantically and he doesn’t feel the same way. He may resort to blocking you to avoid the awkwardness that may follow. Also, he may block you to prevent you from stalking him.

8. He is waiting for you to apologise

If you guys had a huge fight and you were the person at fault, he may be holding out for you to apologise to him, so he blocked you so that you may get the memo that you hurt his feelings, so you can apologise to him.

9. He wants to move on

If your guys just ended your relationship, and it was not on a good note, he may block you so he may be able to move on. He may not want any reminder of the past relationship you guys shared, or it may be that he still has feelings for you and blocking you is the only way to get over his feelings.

10. He needs space

He may need time to get hold of himself and his emotions. Being around you in any way at all is going to affect him. So blocking you, is his way of taking out the time he needs for himself for his emotional well being.

11. He reacted spontaneously

Well his blocking may also be a result of how he was feeling at that particular time, he may just be reacting to the jealousy or anger he felt at that particular time.

12. He didn’t do it intentionally

Try to call him and find out from him if he blocked you. It may be that he wasn’t even aware that he blocked you, and might have been an unconscious move.

Although, you should have in mind that blocking someone is not a mistake because blocking someone takes some steps, so he may just be using it as an excuse.

13. He is trying to retain control

Another reason why he blocked you may be that he feels as if he has lost control in the relationship and he feels that blocking you would give him back the control he seems to have lost. He feels that blocking you would leave you wondering what you did wrong and come back with apologies.

Well if he does this it simply means he is a narcissist and he just wants to manipulate you.

14. He doesn’t want any reminder of you

He has someone he is dating but already he is catching some feelings for you. He may have blocked you because he cares too much.

He doesn’t want the feelings to grow, and any reminder of you around him. So blocking you on social media may be another way for him to move and forget about you.

15. He still cares about you

He may be angry but that does not mean he doesn’t care about you, he won’t be mad at you if he doesn’t have feelings for you, he cares too much. That is why he is trying to avoid seeing anything that has to do with you.

16. He just  wanted a fling

Well there you have it, he may not have had any real feelings for you. He just wanted to use you, and he succeeded so now he has moved on. If such happens you should forget about him and stop thinking about why he blocked you.

17. You intimidate him

Some guys are intimidated by strong and independent women and maybe he is one of such people. Your independence may scare him and he does not know how to handle it. He is used to women needing him so he is unsure of how to proceed with a woman that does not want anything from him.

18. He is trying to get your attention

A guy may block you because he feels that the only way to get your attention is by trying to get you to talk to him or reach out to him. This is the only way he could think you do so. Such a person can be considered childish though.

19. He wants to hurt you

Another reason he could have blocked you is that he knows that doing so will hurt you, and that is exactly what he wants to do. He may be doing this to make you feel guilty for something you didn’t even do in the first place.

If he is the kind of person that plays games with people’s feelings then you most certainly do not want him in your life. Good riddance to bad rubbish

What to do when he blocks you.

After checking out all the possible scenarios why he blocked you, it is time to see what you can do about the fact that he blocked you. 

After blocking you, do not try to stalk him or call him or even text him. This is because doing so will aggravate the issue, or you may just succeed in getting him to unblock you and make things more awkward.

When he blocks you never try to reach out to him, don’t think about trying to find out the reasons for his actions because this will only make you look desperate. Show him that blocking you is his loss, not yours. Let him see you are independent and do not need him.

Or another option is to give him enough space and time before reaching out. You may give him time to sort out his feelings and at the same time, you can work on sorting yours out too.

You need to get him to miss you then you can reach out to him and try to find out what went wrong. But let’s be real for a moment you can give him all the time he needs and you may not get the feedback you want.

How long is blocking supposed to last?

Blocking does not have any specific time frame. It usually depends on what led to the blocking. So blocking may last a day or even up to a year, depending on how much damage was done in the first place that led to the blocking.

Should I still hope for happily ever with a guy that blocked me?

Yes, you can still get your happily ever after if not with him most certainly with someone else. Just because he blocked you does not mean you both can’t get your happily ever after.

If he is not the right person for you, the right person can still find that person that will treat you like the princess you are and live the fairy tale life you deserve.

Why would a guy that likes you, block you?

A guy may block you if he likes you because he is confused about how he feels and he is trying to get a hold of his feelings. His blocking you may be a way to regroup.

Another reason he may block you if he likes you may be because he knows you are in a relationship and there is no chance for him. So he blocks you even though he likes you to avoid getting hurt.

Did he truly love you? 8 ways to know that he is in love with you

The answer to that question is not what anyone can answer for you, because nobody can tell the true feelings of another person, but here are a few ways to know that he loves you.

1. He makes you a priority

If a man truly loves you then he will ensure you are never made to feel like a choice. He makes sure you know you are his topmost priority.

2. He asks for your advice about the important stuff

When a guy starts to ask you for advice about the important stuff in his life then it is obvious he is in love with you.

3. He remembers every little thing about you

A man who is in love with you would not forget anything about you, even the tiniest details. So if he always remembers everything about you, then he is in love with you.

4. He defends you

A man who is in love with you will always protect you and ensure you know that you are always safe with him.

5. He also has time for you

A man that is willing to drop everything to come to your rescue. He does not mind leaving whatever he is doing to come to you when you call, is definitely in love with you.

6. He shows you off

If he is in love with you he would show you off to the world he would tell everyone about you and introduce you to all the important people in his life.

7. He makes plans for the future with you

If he is in love with you all his plans would include you always.

8. He supports you

If he loves you he would be your biggest cheerleader. He will always support you and encourage you to attain the biggest height you can attain.

Did you hurt him? 8 ways to know you hurt him.

Men tend to be able to hide their feelings pretty well so being able to know if you hurt him maybe a little difficult. But you can look out for these signs to know if you hurt him or not.

1. He is drinking more than usual

If a man is hurt they tend to hide their feelings inside the bottle.

2. He doesn’t want you around

He may avoid you and try as much as possible not to see you.

3. He is not dating anyone

If you hurt him he would not want to rush into any new relationship.

4. If he blocks you from all of his social media

That means that you must have hurt him a lot for him to bother with this

5. Always posting depressing posts

If he is always posting depressing posts that could mean that you hurt him badly.

6. His expression

If you hurt him it will show in the way he expresses his anger.

7. Talks ill of you

A man who is hurt may end up bad-mouthing you to those around him.

8. Drunk dial your number

He may drink and dial you to express his hurt, and may just need a little liquid courage to do so.

8 signs he has a new girl – reasons why a guy would block you

1. His posts

A clear sign that he has a new girl is if you start to notice that he is always posting a new girl on his social media platforms.

2. New girl

If there is a new girl in the picture he may no longer want to keep communicating with you.

3. Take back his belongings

If he suddenly wants to take back all of his stuff in your place then, it shows that he moved on with someone else.

4. Stop reaching out

He may stop reaching out to you if he has a new girl and he has finally moved on from you.

5. Slip up

If you guys are still friendly towards each other, you may catch him slipping and always talking about one particular girl.

6. Trying new things

If a guy has a new girl he may start to try out new things, and he may pick up new hobbies that he and his new girl can try together.

7. No longer flirts

Have you noticed he no longer tries to flirt with you, or he is no longer talking about his emotions with you then he may have a new girl already in his life

8. He becomes rude

If he sounds meaner or ruder than usual when you call him, then he may want you to get the clear message that he has a new girl.

8 ways to make him regret blocking you

1. Make him jealous

Try making him jealous. Although jealousy is not the best feeling. It sometimes aids us in knowing how valuable some people are to us.

2. Self-development

Improving yourself is another way to make him regret his actions. Step up your dressing game, your make-up, and everything about you. Both physically and internally. I bet you, he will surely regret his actions.

3. Live your best life

If you want him to regret his actions, you have to ensure you are living your best life and having all the fun you can have. Don’t just sit in one corner moping out his actions.

4. Be in his face

You have to be up in his face, and show him how well you are doing. Just make sure you got his attention especially when something good came through for you.

This one seems the hardest though. lol

5. Love him

The best way to ensure he regrets his actions is to love himself wholeheartedly. When he sees that you are not doubting his worth he will regret his actions.

6. Social media

This can be used to your advantage. You can post pictures and videos of yourself having fun.

7. Ignore him

Ignoring him is another way to make him regret it, especially if he is used to talking to you regularly. So your ignoring would get to him.

8. He knows how you feel

Another way to ensure he regrets his feelings is by ensuring that he knows how you truly feel about him. You can have an honest and open conversation with him about how you feel.

Is it okay to block someone, especially the one you claim to care about?

Yeah, it is okay to block someone you care about, especially if it is for your mental health. Most times you have to put yourself first. If having to block the person you care about is the only way to put yourself first, then yea, there is no harm in blocking the person.

It hurts! He blocked me and it hurts, but how do I move on?

A woman with her nose on a wooden barricade, looking sad.

It can be extremely painful for you to get blocked by someone you care about, especially if he blocked you for no reason,  it can be extremely painful but you have to move on.  Here are some ways you could move on if he blocks you.

1. Don’t stalk him

Stalking him can only cause you more pain, and bring more heartache to you.

2. Don’t check his social media

Another way to move on is by totally ignoring his social media accounts.

3. Don’t ask mutual friends about him

If you want to move on from him don’t try to find out how he is doing, just try and pretend like he does not exist.

4. Go out and have fun

Try and hang around the people that can help take your mind away from him and the reason why he blocked you.

5. Get closure

Try talking to him after some time and let him give you a reason why he blocked you, then explain to him how his actions affected you.

Hope this article helped you get the clarity you were after. If he blocks you it is not the end of the world rather it is the beginning of something new and fresh for you.

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