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What To Expect When Reconnecting With An Ex-Boyfriend After 30 Years Apart

What To Expect When Reconnecting With An Ex-Boyfriend After 30 Years Apart

Reconnecting with an ex-boyfriend after 30 years might be exciting and make your inside glad. To reconnect with an ex from 30 years, don’t rush the connection. Ensure he is available, and look back at what made you split three decades ago and how things have or haven’t changed.

19 Helpful Tips When Reconnecting With An Ex-Boyfriend Of 30 Years

1 Honesty: 

Firstly, ask yourself critical questions like “Do you really want to get back with him?” “Are you ready to be with him again?” “Is loneliness the reason you want him back?”

Reuniting with your past lover can come with lots of emotional burdens, even after 30 years; you also have to consider the possibility of him being a completely different being from what he was three decades ago. He may have changed for the better or worse. So you have to embrace honesty at this stage to analyze these desires carefully.

2. Don’t try to impress him:  

When attempting to reconcile with a blast from the past, don’t make the mistake of trying too hard. If you strive too hard, he may see you as desperate. 

Please don’t attempt to show him how well you have been since the breakup by showing or telling him all you have achieved since your breakup. Endeavoring to impress him too much might not do good for the affair.

3. Patience:  

When trying to reunite with your past lover, you need to be patient, don’t attempt to force things. Just go with the flow and know that as much as you find it tricky, so is he. Be there for him when he wants to talk, love him, and give the flame time to grow back to where it was before.

4. Don’t rush:  

Your man has a lot of emotions and has to also get in touch with his feelings, so if you strive to rush him, he might shut you out. Take it one day at a time, and don’t attempt to push him to move too fast.

5. Don’t force him to talk about the past: 

Talking about what caused you sadness years ago is all well and good, but both of you have to be willing to talk about it. You can’t just keep struggling to force your old flame to talk about it. He may not be ready, so give him space, and when he is ready, he will talk.

6. Don’t be scared of mistakes: 

You guys attempt to get accustomed to each other again after three decades, so a mistake or two is allowed. So don’t be scared to make mistakes; when you strive to be perfect, you may end up causing your affair more harm.

7. Don’t rush into a relationship too soon: 

Yes, I know you guys want to be together. Still, three decades is a long time to be apart. So, take time to become accustomed to each other again, know what changes the past thirty years came along with and if it is the type of changes you are willing to accept before you enter into an affair with him again.

8. Try to show him how things could be:

When reuniting with your previous lover, you can try to paint him a picture of the kind of life the two of you could have together and attempt to let him see the brand new type of life using lots of feelings and emotions.

9. Ensure he is available: 

Your old flame might not be available even though he is trying to link up with you, so before entering a relationship, darling, you must ensure he is available emotionally and physically and is actually single.

10. Evaluate yourself: 

Perhaps you are without a partner and desire to open up for a new one, and your lover from thirty years pops up to fill the void; make sure you thoroughly analyze the situation to make a wise decision. And you being with a partner should close you off from a past lover.

11. Consider why you guys broke up: 

Before taking back a past lover of three decades, recollect why you both broke up, and you must know if things have changed after the break and if you can let go of the past hurt and pain.

12. Therapy: 

30 years is a long time to be apart, so before you think of getting back with your ex after such a long time, you might consider getting professional help to help you guys navigate your new relationship.

13. Ensure you are in a better space: 

When you are single, you have the time in the world to change yourself and better your life, so before reconnecting with your past lover, you must ensure you are in a better space emotionally and mentally.

14. Can you fix it?

Querying yourself on this will honestly help you. Deciphering whether there’s a change from what caused the split is imperative.

15. Don’t overthink: 

Once you have concluded that you still love your ex and he is still available, go with the flow, don’t overthink it, and start to confuse yourself more.

16. Be prepared for some awkwardness:

The situation can feel awkward, especially at the initial stages and at this phase, you could lose interest or move into another higher level of interest.

17. Do your motives match?:

Reconnecting with an ex-boyfriend after 30 years is fine, but prioritize finding his motives and if they match so as not to hit a wall again.

18. Be ready to work:

The excitement of linking up with the past lover will eventually wear out, be ready to work for the affair to become a success.

19. Look at the positives:

Endeavor not to stick to the negatives. This new connection promises positive separation-mending signs, and you should embrace them and enjoy every moment.

Is It Possible To Have Feelings For An Ex-Boyfriend After 30 Years?

Love is a very strange feeling; love is a feeling that never dies. When you share that genuine, mind-blowing love with someone, even after 50 years, and you guys are apart, feelings will never die, especially if that person is your twin flame.

But sometimes, after thirty years, you hang on to a fantasy and memories that no longer exist, so nostalgically may be why you still love him. It might not be love but just fondness from someone you used to love.

Is It Common For Exes To Come Back Together After Many Years Apart?

Many couples come back together even after many years, but the chances of it working out are very low. Some couples get lucky and then go on to live happily ever after, while some end up getting hurt again.

Why Would An Old Flame Contact You?

An old flame would contact you after a while because he missed you and wants to return. He could also just be looking for that easy friendship you guys shared. Having an old flame contact you does not mean he wants a romantic relationship; he could just want to make peace with his past and attempt to move on.

It’s 30 Years Apart; What Does He Want? 

The closure is something your ex may want and could be why he is returning after 30 years. Your ex might miss you and regret letting you go. There are some people in this life you just can’t let go of, and you may not be able to forget them. So even after 30 years, he may have realized that you are his soulmate, which is why he is returning after a long time.

Why Do I Still Have Feelings For My Ex After 30 Years?

Feelings and genuine feelings never die. So when you realize you still have feelings for your ex after 30 years, you have to accept it as normal, and it is okay to have feelings for him still. Love is a feeling that comes and goes. So still having feelings for your ex means you both share a deep connection and bond that may be difficult to break. 

Can I Fall Back In Love With An Ex After 30 Years?

Absolutely! You can fall back in love with your ex after 30 years, and it might just take a little bit of time. Be aware that reuniting will consume time due to the time spent apart as you will try to know what has happened during the break. You have to be patient and take your time, don’t try to rush things. Just move with the flow.

I Am Reconnecting With An Old Flame Who Is Married

Resuming with a past lover who is married could be a flawed idea. His wife could find it disrespectful, and you must think about his wife’s feelings and put yourself in her shoes. 

But before you reunite with your married ex, you must also come clean by ensuring that your intentions are pure and you do not have any hidden agenda.


Reconnecting with an ex-boyfriend after 30 years especially when the breakup wasn’t toxic can be exciting. You can still love your ex after a 30 years break. Your memories of the kind of person he was, how he loved you and so on may cloud your judgment. 30 years is a long time, so you have to focus on getting to know him again and to ensure that the reason you want him back stem from a good place and not a place of bitterness or vengeance.

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