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11 Answers for: What To Respond When Someone Says They’ve Been Busy?

11 Answers for: What To Respond When Someone Says They’ve Been Busy?

Wondering what to respond when someone says they’ve been busy? Well, before you can think of a perfect response for them, you have to confirm if they are really busy and what might be keeping them busy. If they are your partner, they are supposed to explain to you. But if they are not your partner or close friend, you need to respect their schedule and try to ask them for the right time to text them.

What to respond when someone says they’ve been busy can be a difficult task, but one of the best responses is: Ok, hope you’re good?

Below are more ideas on how to respond when someone says they are busy and when to use them:

10+ Responses for ‘I’ve been busy.’

1. “Oh, just wanted to say hi”. 

What to respond to someone when busy depends on the person. For instance, if it’s someone you are not close with and he texts you ‘I have been busy’ after you tried reaching them, this reply would be good though. ‘I have been busy’ might be rude to someone if you are close to them, but responding with ‘oh, just wanted to say hi.’ can make it feel like you are leaving the conversation. If they did not text or reach you again, then maybe you don’t text them again.

2. “Ok, hope you are good?”

Just like the first one, you can also use this response if the person is your friend, and it also depends on what you sent to them first. Maybe if you asked initially ‘where have you been?’ and they say they have been busy, then this reply is okay.

3. “How is work going?”

You know this person is busy even if you are close to them, you know they have a very tight work schedule. So if you sent them a text or have been trying to reach them, and they sent you a text saying they have been busy, then it would be nice to send the “How is work going?” especially if you reach them during working hours. But if this keeps happening, it might mean they are trying to avoid you.

4. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to bother you.”

Just like I have earlier said, saying ‘I’ve been busy’ to someone is not nice. It is like telling someone I have been busy and you are disturbing me. So you can send the person this message to let them know you didn’t mean to disturb them and if they did not send you a message first, bother them again.

5. “Ok, text me when you can.” 

If you are been trying to reach someone like your boss, or a friend and they said I am busy, this one is a very good response. It lets them know you are waiting for them to reach back to you.

6. “I was working on my project too”

They always say they are busy, making it seem like you are the one who has nothing serious going on. You can reply to them with: Okay, I was working on my project too. This is like telling them that even if you were working on something, you still tried to reach them, so, they cannot be too busy to reach you.

7. Say nothing:

Another clue on how to respond when someone says they have been busy and you know he or she is not is by not saying anything, leave the text, and do something else. If they want to reach you, they would try reaching you again.

8. “Oh, I see.”

You know they are lying because that has always been their excuse. Just send this and leave that conversation.

9. “Ok, please don’t work too hard.”

If you are dating someone and they send you a text that they have been busy, you can send them this letting them know you understand and you care about them. They also have to reciprocate by telling you they would reach you as soon as they chanced.

10. “Oh! What has been keeping you busy?”

You know this person’s schedule and but now he is always saying he is busy or he has been busy, send him this ‘Oh! What has been keeping you busy?’ They should explain to you if they are avoiding you or not.  If someone values you, they would tell you what’s been keeping them busy.

11. “Okay”

Wonder what to respond when someone says they’ve been busy, the simple answer to such a reply is ‘okay’. This one is perfect, it works very well no matter who the person is to you.

What does it mean when they say they’re busy?

When someone says they are busy, it could mean that they are busy. But if someone says this to you, without further explanation, then it means that you are not a priority to them, they have other things that they are doing. So tell them it feels like you are bothering them. Most times, people use “I am busy” as a tool for avoidance. When they try to avoid someone, they just tell them they are busy. When someone truly loves you, and they are busy, you would be creative with ways to say so and not say it directly.

Are they truly busy?

If someone is truly busy, they would always try to reach you when they get some free time. They would always be the first to contact you. If you always have to remind them to call you in their free time, then they might not be busy as they say, it might just be that they don’t want to talk to you.

How do you text busy people?

1. Contact them in their free time: 

If it’s someone you are close to, you have can ask for their free time so you can maybe text them, that will be better than dropping unreplied text. If he is someone you don’t know and they are always busy, you should ask them when it’s okay to text them and wait for their reply.

2. Let your conversation be short:

When you want to text people who are truly busy, make sure you make the text short, especially when the text is simply greeting the receiver. That way, they would know you are considerate and will find time to reply to you.

3. Don’t double-text them: 

Double texting can be annoying if the person is busy or not. For a busy person, never double-text them except you want to piss them off or make them think you only care about yourself.

4. Put yourself in their shoes (respect their busy schedule)

If you were in their shoes, would you have the time to always text? You have to put that into consideration and text how you would want to be texted if you were in their shoes.

What to do when they tell you they are constantly busy?

It depends on who the person is to you, the level of cordiality and closeness. If it’s someone you are trying to contact about something like a job, and if for instance, they tell you they are constantly busy, maybe you should give them some time and try to reach them again, but be persistent.

However, if it’s a close friend or someone you are in a relationship with, then if they are always busy and you know they are not, or even if they are and they don’t show any effort, the best thing is to get busy too and focus on yourself. If they value you enough, they would create time to get in touch with you even if it’s for a few minutes.

How to deal with someone always busy?

1. Communicate: 

Communication is key if you want to deal with any issue with someone. If you think they are too busy, you should discuss it with them. And both parties can have a proper plan for texting that won’t hurt any party.

2. Get yourself busy: 

If you have a lot of free time on your hands, you can actually get busy and relax on that move. You will always win by being busy with something. Go out with friends or look for other ways you can distract yourself.

3. Resist the urge to always text them: 

Even if you are keeping yourself busy, it can be tempting to call someone especially when you are the clingy type. You have to resist that urge.

4. Let them text in their free time first:

Allow them to initiate the conversation first, when they do, you can follow. But don’t get too chatty because they may want to leave soon.

5. Maximize the time you get to spend with them

If you just get to text or see them a few times, make good use of it. Make every minute of that day worth it, and create memories that would last long.

What does it mean when a girl tells a guy that she’s busy?

If a girl tells a guy she is busy, it could be that she truly is. We all have jobs or things we have to do. If it’s a girl you are trying to become friends with and she tells you she is busy all the time, that may indicate that she does not want to talk to you or she is not interested in you. If you don’t get the hint soon, she might have to say it out directly and maybe rudely.

But if it’s someone you are dating and always claim busy and you feel she is not and she never care to make any effort to explain things to you or try to reach out when they are free, then it means she is trying to tell you she has lost interest in you.

What does it mean when a man tells a woman that he’s busy?

Just as it applies to a woman, it is the same for a man too. When a man tells you he’s busy and he has been doing it constantly, without trying to reach back to you when he is free, then he does not think you are important enough to be a priority to him. No one is actually too busy for the people they cherish.

Can one be ever too busy?

Yes, people get busy with work, but for someone to be too busy to reach someone they care about, is not possible. Once you care about someone you find ways to put them into your schedules even if you might not be able to reach them always, there’d always be tries.


Now you know what to respond when someone says they’ve been busy, I hope you utilize them when needed. Being busy is not always a dating deal breaker. A busy partner can put in the right efforts and a healthy relationship is achievable. But you should quit with someone who tells you they are busy and does not get back to you for days even after you try reaching them again, you still get the same ‘I am busy’ text.  However, if it is someone you don’t know and they are busy you have to respect their schedule and try to request some free time you can text them

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