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Ex Is Rubbing A New Relationship in My Face: What to do

Ex Is Rubbing A New Relationship in My Face: What to do

I have been in countless relationships which ended bitterly or pleasantly depending on the guy I dated then. An ex rubbing a new relationship in my face became regular to me but always very heartbreaking to see and witness, and at each point, I felt he should grow up from that act.

Outsiders might say: Why don’t you just delete his number? Block him on all social media handles and ignore him. But for some reasons unknown to me, I didn’t want to block him on all socials, while hurting. 

So many of us have been in this position where an ex rubs new relationships in our face for no reason. The truth is, there are many reasons they do that and we will mention them below.

Why is my ex rubbing a new relationship in my face?      

1. They don’t love you anymore:

Firstly, the love you both shared is now nowhere to be found causing you both to separate. This separation can be caused by whatever reason, the love is lost. And for the fact they don’t longer love you, they rub their new relationship on your face.

2. They want you to suffer emotionally:

Secondly, everyone who is out of love now thinks they were the ones that endured all the bullshit that went on in the relationship. They feel that they are more tolerant and loving but in some cases, the reverse is the case. 

If you notice your ex is flaunting his or her new relationship towards you, have it in mind that you must have seriously angered your ex when you both were dating and he or she is coming back to haunt you emotionally.

3. They want you to be envious:

Thirdly, an ex rubbing a new relationship in your face just wants you to be envious. He wants to build an ark of jealousy in your heart. Some will go as far as texting you “I got a girl sexier and finer than you, deal with it”, that’s how far they go.

 They want you to blame yourself for the relationship breakup that happened and make you wish you could have them back.

4. Attention:

They try to get your attention. It might not be because they want you back or not, some just want you to know that they can do without you. 

They feel if they get your attention, you would be surprised about how they were able to move on and find love again.

5. To show that they are over you:

Another reason they flaunt their new relationship in your face is to show that they are over you. 

If you end up being in the same gathering with them, maybe at a dinner party. They tend to be all over their new babe to show that they are completely over you. Some won’t even recognize that you are at the same gathering with them. 

6. To forget the past:

If you notice that your ex is rubbing his or her new relationship in your face, it is a clear sign that they have eventually forgotten the times you both shared. And also shows his willingness to move on with or without your consent or approval.

They keep a vague memory of the relationship that might cost them their happiness and joy.

7. To make them unhappy:

An ex rubbing a new relationship in my face might be to make you feel unhappy with yourself. Even if you have moved on with your life, I would sometimes feel bad when I remember how my ex flaunted his babe in front of me at an event or how he wrote an epistle marking their anniversary.

8. They feel secure in their new relationship:

Not everyone feels secure in their new relationship. Some do feel so secure and this makes them proud enough to show off their new relationship. They feel you got nothing on them to make them few awkward in their new relationship. 

Do rebounds make you miss your ex more?

The answer to this question is yes. One can miss his or her ex more during rebounds. This can happen if they think about the good times they shared with their ex, especially if their present relationship is lacking what they enjoyed in their last relationship.

Some go as far as texting and visiting their ex, probably to quench the desire they might be keeping in them. 

In order not to be confused, a rebound relationship is a type of relationship one gets into after a breakup. If you notice that you are already in a relationship after you broke up with your ex maybe after two weeks of the breakup, you are rebounding. 

Some go into rebound to forget about their ex. Some want to keep enjoying the benefits of a relationship quickly. This ultimately makes them feel loved and wanted.

How to stop your ex from rubbing a new relationship in your face:

There are different ways in which you can stop your ex from rubbing a new relationship in your face. Below are some of the ways.

1. Ignore them:

Having to ignore an ex who is trying to flaunt his or her babe or guy is the first thing you should do. Try to forget about the times you guys share and move on. If they come to harass you whether physically or with text, you can leave them unattended and focus on whatever you might have in front of you.

2. Restrict them from contacting you:

Your ex can only rub their new relationship on your face when they can still access your contact. 

Block their phone numbers from calling and texting or block their social media handles and mail. They will get nothing on you because they are unable to get to you. By doing this, you are certainly on a great path to a sane and happy mind.

3. Don’t go back with your ex:

It is not healthy to get back with an ex. Although getting back can seem all fun and lovely, that’s because you guys never had an issue that resulted in a breakup or he or she is trying to bring back memories you are trying to put aside. 

In most cases, some people break up with their exes because they did one or two things that were bad. You must evaluate any situation you find yourself in to know the right approach to use.

How not to get hurt by your ex’s new relationship:

1. Engage yourself:

If you don’t want to get hurt by your ex’s new relationship, involve yourself in things, engage yourself. 

You can attend seminars, and learn skills. Do things you have never done before and all these will make you forget that you were once in a relationship with someone. Don’t let your happiness be decided by your ex.

2. Be self-aware:

As an individual, you have to know what you truly want for yourself. Don’t lay back and become lazy, be up and doing so you can achieve whatever you wanted in your previous relationship. 

Always use your past as a stepping stone to your future and endeavor not to be stagnant, try to move on. Be aware of your present state, if for no reason you are thinking about your ex, try to bring yourself out of that trance by channeling your thoughts to something worth it.

3. Never be deceived by what you see:

You can’t bank on what you see concerning your ex because people tend to live a different life outside.

They make it seem like they are living perfectly and if care is not taken, you become angry unnecessarily. It is advised to look away and unbothered if an ex is flaunting his or her babe because if you tend to figure things out, you might just be breaking an already broken heart.

4. Shift your attention:

If maybe out of the blues, you saw your ex with his or her new babe, or for no good reason, the memories of your ex keep flooding into your head. Don’t be agitated, just be calm and shift your gaze and attention. 

You can shift your attention to the things you love, catch fun like going for a picnic, watching movies, playing games, etc.

5. Visit a therapist:

Certainly, you don’t seem to get over your ex and it is getting the better side of you, try to visit a therapist. Pour down your heart in the question and answer session during the therapy.

Do not hide any inner feelings, take your time to remember the things you loved and detested about your ex. Don’t be in a hurry to dish it all out, take your time to process it, so as not to left any feeling or thought untouched.   

Should I make my ex jealous back?

Furthermore, there is no need to bother yourself by making your ex jealous in return. You both are done. Your ex is your ex and there is no need to try to impress anyone by making each other jealous, except maybe you haven’t gotten them off your mind. Making an ex jealous is a total waste of time and it can be problematic. 

According to psychodynamic therapist Claire McRitchie, the behavior is a form of control and self-protection. Whether or not the person exhibiting it knows this, and ultimately, it’s unhealthy. 

You need to be very careful if you are considering this in order not to tamper with your sane mind and peace of mind.

What kind of ex tries to get his/her ex jealous?

An ex that tries to get his or her ex jealous is problematic. This might look cool in their eyes and behavior because they might feel good to still be wanted. 

But this is immature. In most cases, they may not want the relationship back, But they only just want to show their ex what they are missing and how fine they live and do without them. 

Similarly, an ex that tries to make you jealous wants you to feel unhappy, weak, depressed, unwanted, unloved, and miserable. They just want to offend and punish you for what you did at any slightest opportunity they get. They derive joy in doing this to feel superior and also feel that they have overpowered you.


Finally, you will always find that one crazy ex who is immature to let go and flaunt their new relationship in your face. But don’t let this act justify the fact that you didn’t try, even if you were the toxic one, don’t let it leave you in that toxic shape or state. 

Explore and read more meaningful meanings in their attitudes in order not to fall prey to whatever they must have planned and develop the spirit to move on so you won’t be caged in unwanted circumstances. 

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