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Will Scorpios Feel Bad When They Hurt Someone?

Will Scorpios Feel Bad When They Hurt Someone?

Scorpios prefer to keep their feelings hidden and this position most times, makes people ask: Do Scorpios feel bad when they hurt someone? A Scorpio most likely will feel bad when he or she hurts someone and this can also lead him or her to apologizing for the mistake or wrongdoing.

They do not like for anyone to see the real them or for people to know that they hurt. So most times, when they feel guilty about hurting you, they may not show it. It is up to you to look for the signs that he is feeling guilty about how he treated you.

10 Signs a Scorpio feels bad about hurting someone 

1. He would apologize:

The first step a Scorpio man takes when he feels guilty is that he apologizes. So when a Scorpio man feels bad for what he has done to you, he would apologize to you.

2. He avoids you:

Another way to know that a Scorpio man feels bad for hurting you is that he avoids you, if he hurts you and he is purposely canceling a date or he finds excuses not to hang with you, then he feels bad for his actions.

3. He buys you an expensive gift:

When a Scorpio man starts buying you an expensive gift after a fight that hurt your feelings, it simply means that he is sorry about what he did and he does not know how to apologize.

4. He tells you: 

Another way to know that a Scorpio man is sorry or he feels bad about hurting you is when he admits to his guilt; he comes right out to tell you that he is hurting because he caused you pain.

5. He promises to change:

Another way to know that a Scorpio feels bad about hurting you is if he comes to you and tells you he would change his behavior and do better with you.

6. He is trying to get you to smile: 

When a Scorpio man feels bad about hurting you, he would usually try to make you smile and even crack any joke he can think of just to make you smile.

7. He agrees to anything you want:

Another way to know that a Scorpio man feels bad about the way he treats you is when he agrees to do anything you want, even the things he usually won’t agree to.

8. He looks for reasons to talk to you:

When a Scorpio man feels guilty, he looks for any random excuses to make conversation with you. When he is making excuses to talk to you, he is trying to see your reaction and to know how you feel.

9. He starts to help you out:

When your man who usually won’t help with house chores starts to do so after a fight, it means that he is feeling bad for the way he treated you.

10. He is honest with you:

A Scorpio man who is sorry will have an open-to-God honest conversation with you where he would admit his guilt and look for ways to treat you better.

Do Scorpios ever say sorry or apologize 

Yes, Scorpios apologize when they hurt you, but it might take time for them to apologize because they are hesitant and they are very proud. Most times, they even go as far as convincing themselves they are right just to avoid apologizing for their wrongs.

What does it mean if a Scorpio says sorry after hurting you?

When a Scorpio apologizes, it means that he could not find a way to convince you he did no wrong or he could not find a way to shift the blame to you for his wrongdoing. When a Scorpio apologizes they are neither genuinely sorry nor appreciate how forgiving you are. He likes the fact that he could not maneuver you into accepting his faults. It could also mean that he genuinely likes you and he knows that he runs a risk of losing you.

How does a Scorpio man say sorry?

When a Scorpio man wants to apologize, he apologizes reluctantly. They are very proud people and they hate to admit to their wrongdoing. Another way a Scorpio man apologizes is by trying to shift the blame to you. They are very calculated and if he tried to lay the blame on his accuser and it doesn’t work, he may shift the blame to someone else.

A Scorpio man apologizes sincerely when he wants to apologize. They do so because it takes them a long time to come up with an apology and when they finally do so, it is usually sincere.

Should I forgive a Scorpio man when he comes to apologize?

If a Scorpio man apologizes, they usually mean it. This is because they find it difficult to do so and when they finally do, they are sincere. Even if you no longer want a relationship with him, you can still forgive him and keep being friends with him.

Do Scorpio men mean it when they apologize?

Scorpio men will not apologize except they mean it or they are truly sorry, so when a Scorpio man says sorry he means sorry. If a Scorpio man is not sorry, he won’t bother apologizing even if it will make things easier or ease your hurt. He would even go as far as explaining why he is not sorry to you.


Scorpio men are proud, they do not know how you let people know what they are feeling nor do they talk about their feelings; so it might be difficult for you to know how he truly feels and could make their partner ask: Do Scorpios feel bad when they hurt someone? Scorpio men do not like to admit when they are wrong neither would he apologize, so dealing with them is never easy. For a Scorpio man, if he apologizes it means he was wrong and a Scorpio man can do no wrong in his own eyes.

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