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20 Sure Signs A Virgo Man Is Serious About You

20 Sure Signs A Virgo Man Is Serious About You

Did you just fall in love with a Virgo man or you are dating one already? But due to his reserved nature, you seek signs a Virgo man is serious about you

Virgo men are not the type that will show love based on words. Though they can be the very honest type, they prefer to do it by action. Is he treating you like you are married? Is he always there for you? gives you everything you deserve as couples should? Those are some signs a Virgo man is serious about you.

Virgo men are one of the most devoted in the zodiac below are sure signs, your Virgo man is serious about you.


20 sure signs a Virgo man is serious about you 

1.  Spends quality time with you

If you are the one that always initiates conversations with him, then he might not be interested in you. They are the type of men that won’t wait for you to start a conversation. When he is with you he is conversational and does not want to leave.

2. Pampers you

He is very attentive when he is in love. So, if you are dating a Virgo man that’s really in love with you, be ready for him to spoil you with gifts.

3. Starts treating you like you are married

He becomes your best friend, he is supportive and protective, when he is in love with you. A Virgo man can do anything for you when he is serious about you

4. Controlling 

Virgo men are controlling and very possessive, especially when they are in a serious relationship with you. They would want you to do everything their way. This can be annoying most times. But it’s just their way of showing you that you mean so much to them.

So, they want you to do things they think are right. The fact is constantly seeking perfection, makes him want to make you do the same.

5. Lets you meet his family and friends 

Introducing you to friends and family is one thing guys do when they are serious about you. But for Virgo men, it means a lot, because they are the type that likes to take things slowly.  So, if they let you meet their friends and introduce you as a partner. then they are really serious about you.

6. Supportive 

He is ready to do anything it takes to help you achieve your goals, passionate and ambitious. When he is in love with you, he sees your goals as his, and he is going to help you pursue and achieve them.

7. Let his guard down 

The fact that they are easily hurt, and very sensitive, they don’t easily let their guards down. He might be so in love with you, but until he feels you won’t hurt his feelings, he won’t start to show emotions. So, if he is very emotional and vulnerable around you, then he must be in love with you.

8. Makes you his priority 

In everything, he is going to put your first. He makes sacrifices for you and demonstrates your importance through actions. This is what they are mostly known for showing love with actions

9. Wants to learn more about you

He is not the type of man that would rush things with you. If he is rushing, maybe he is not interested in you, or might just want to sleep with you. 

10.  Protective

Though his protectiveness can turn into possessiveness, it’s just him showing how much he cares about you. As a partner, if you are not cool with it, you can talk to him about it.

11. Trust him

He is not going to lie to you and will do everything, to be honest with you. He does not want anything that would make you doubt your trust in him.

12. Talks about the future with you

If he is planning a future with you, then it means he is really serious about you. They are the type of men that are well organized. So, if he adds you to his a plan, you got yourself a committed Virgo man

13. Calls and texts you often 

They are not the type of men that like to stay idle, they like to keep themselves busy.  Always calling and texting you are one of the signs a Virgo man is serious about you.

14. Notices everything about you

He is the type of man that is very attentive when he is in love. He can sense your mood and start to ask questions and not the type of man that pays close attention to just anyone. So paying close attention to you is one of the signs a Virgo man is serious about you. 

15. Loyal 

Being Loyal is one of the signs a Virgo man is serious about you. He won’t want to give you any chance to doubt his loyalty. He would do anything that would make you believe he is not cheating. Like allowing you to touch his phone, having his Facebook password, etc.

16. Set boundaries for your relationship 

He is ready to set and maintain boundaries in a relationship. Setting boundaries is one of the signs a Virgo man is serious about you. He won’t want to do anything that will ruin his relationship with you. So he places boundaries so both of you know when you cross the line.

17. He wants to be alone sometimes 

When he is in love, he needs some time to think things through. He does not like rushing things. So, he would like to slow things down a little. When he does this, you might think he is going to ghost you. He just needs the time.

18.  Remembers little details about you 

He doesn’t just want to learn everything about you, he is also good at remembering them when he is serious about you.

19. Loves and accepts your flaws 

He is the type of man that would love you for you. He does not rush into things so before he has a relationship with you, he is going to make sure he knows and accepts everything about you.

20. Asks if you want things to be more serious 

When a Virgo man is in love and wants a serious relationship, he is going to talk to you about it. He is going to come directly to you, and ask for your permission to take your relationship to the next level.

How to know a Virgo man is pushing you away

1. He does not want to be seen with you in public 

When a Virgo man is serious with you, he will let everyone in his life know you. When he does not want to go out with you, or even let you hang around his friends, then he is trying to tell you he is tired of you.

2. Not making plans for the two of you 

They are very organized. They make plans and keep to them. So if he stops making plans with you or when he does, he does not show up, then he is trying to push you away because that is not in his character.

3. No longer interested in talking to you

Virgo men always want to initiate conversation when they are interested in you. If he doesn’t call you, or even talk with you when you are together, then he is no longer interested in you.

4. Does not want to see you anymore 

Has he stopped fixing dates? Or never fixed the dates, for you guys to meet up? That’s clear he does not want you.

5. Mad at you without giving you any reason

He is picking on you or looking for every means to start an argument with you. He is going to make the relationship unhealthy for you as a sign he doesn’t want you anymore.

How to make a Virgo man obsessed with you

1.   Show him your smart and intelligent side

Virgo men are smart, logical, and very good observers. You have to show him that you are as intelligent as he is, to be able to make him fall in love with you. You have to be able to engage in an intelligent conversation, that would make him long for you.

2. Be clean and organized

Cleanliness attracts every man. But for Virgo men, it’s one of the first things they look out for when choosing a woman. They are neat freaks. So, you have to learn to keep the house clean and be clean generally. They don’t like things scattered around the place, they are very organized. So, you have to learn to organize yourself,  to attract them to you.

3. Loosen him up 

They are not the most emotional of the zodiac sign, they like to take things very slowly. So one way you can make him obsessed with you is to make him lose his guard around you.

They are not quick to show emotions, but when he starts to show it, it means he is falling in love with you. If you keep having deep discussions with him and make him trust you, he is going to start to loosen up around you.

4. Appreciate his help

You have to make him know, you notice even the littlest of things that he does for you. He likes to be appreciated, and this gives him the energy to do more.

5. Show him unconditional care and love 

They like that feeling of motherly love. When they are comfortable around you, they would want to know they can always lean on you. If you can do this, you are going to get him to obsessed with you soon

6. Strive for perfection

He is the type of man that is always seeking perfection. He is always punctual and likes to do things perfectly. 

So, if you are like him, he will be so interested in you, because he is attracted to people that seek perfection too.

9. Always listen to him

Virgo men can be very controlling at times.  They like women that can bend their way. So, if you want him to be obsessed with you, you have to learn to do things his way sometimes. If you are not comfortable with it, it is something you can talk about. If he truly loves you, he will value your opinion too.

8 Signs a Virgo man is falling for you

1. He will loosen up around you

A Virgo man is not the type that easily lets his guard down. So, if he shows his vulnerability, and lets you see his weak side, that is a sign he is falling for you.

2. Calls and texts you regularly 

They like to keep themselves. One way you would know he has fallen for you, is when he always calls and texts you, no matter how busy he is. When he is in love with you, he will think of you all day and want to show you, with the kind of text sends you. 

3. Romantic gestures 

The fact that they are not always romantic, sells them out when they are in love. When a Virgo man is in love, he begins to put the effort into his romance. He always gets you gifts and flowers.

Actions are important to this man. So, he is going to be doing a lot of things to show his love for you.

4. Overprotective 

He wants to be your guardian angel when he is in love, mostly willing to stand for you and protect you. He won’t let you hang around people, that would hurt you. And when anyone seems like a threat to you, is willing to stand to fight for you. To him, it is his job to protect the woman he loves.

5. Values your opinions 

They can be controlling because they don’t want you to do things that might harm you. They are always seeking perfection, they try to make you follow that route. But when he is in love with you, he will listen to you. Even if he is trying to control you, and you tell him not to, he is going to respect it.

6. Introduces you to his friends 

He is the type that likes to take things very slowly. If he is starting to take you to meet his friends and even family, then is falling for you.

7. Honest about his feelings 

If he has fallen for you, he will say it in no time. They are the type that doesn’t play mind games or send confusing signals. If he is interested in you, he is going to make it known to you directly.

8. Touchy 

When they are in love, they are not afraid to show it even in public. He may be shy at first, but as he gets comfortable, he is going to hold your hands, hug you and show a lot of physical affection to you.

3 zodiac signs that will lead you on

1.  Aries 

They are the most likely sign to lead you on.  They are easy to catch the eye and very easy to make you feel like they are into you. The thing about them is, that they are very quick to leave when they feel you are not appreciating them enough.

2. Gemini 

They are the type that can make you believe they like you, even when they don’t. They are very vibrant and friendly, which makes them very attractive. The gift with the silver tongue makes it easier for them to act like they are into you, even when they are not.

3. Sagittarius 

They are very good flirts, they can make anyone feel like the one for them, when they are not even ready for commitment, and they do this for fun. When they sense that you are getting serious, they might ghost you.

Characteristics of a Virgo man

1.  Intellectuals

They pay so much attention and remember details a lot. This makes them very intelligent.

2.  Blunt and direct  

Very honest and can be straightforward with how they feel. If a Virgo man does not like you, he is not the type that would beat around the bush. He would tell you directly. 

3. Perfectionist 

They like things to be tidy, they like to be punctual, and they seem to always do things the perfect way.

4. Controlling 

The fact that they seek perfection makes them controlling. They want people around them to do things the perfect way, so that makes them start to control others.

5. Rational thinkers 

They like to be the ones that always solve problems.  He is protective and programmed to help people. So when you are in trouble, be sure that a Virgo man would always look for ways to help you out.

6. Adventurous 

They are not the type that can stay in one place they like to move and have an adventure.

What kind of girl does a Virgo man like  

A Virgo man likes a woman that is clean and tidy. The fact that he likes perfection, makes him seek women that are set. He likes a woman that would listen and not rush to conclusions because he likes to take things slowly.

A Virgo man always seeks women, who are passionate, intelligent, trustworthy, reliable, patient, and affectionate.

Do Virgo men like to be chased?

Virgo men don’t like to rush things so he would not like for you to chase him. Instead, you can subtly show your interest in him this will make him gravitate toward you like he is the one doing the chase. You can show him you are interested in giving him all the signs but don’t start to chase him.

Is a Virgo man clingy?

When he is in love a Virgo man can be pretty clingy. Though they are deep thinkers and value alone time, they would always be thinking that you would leave. So, they would want to be perfect for you. This makes him clingy. So you have to always remind him of your affection for him, to keep the relationship going.

How does a Virgo man flirt with you

1.  Shows off

He might not be that loud and flashy about his achievements but when he wants to flirt with you he is going to show you that he is good at all things he has achieved.

2.  Witty jokes

When he has loosened up around you you are to hear a lot of sweet witty remarks and comments.

3. Pampers you

Will do everything to make you feel good. Get your thoughts full of gifts and do anything to spoil you. While he is flirting with you.

4. Reserved

When he is flirting, he will not be the type that will be all touchy. He is going to keep his distance because he is nervous and shy. 

5. Compliments

He is honest and not reserved about his compliments. This is one way he flirts; he tells you nice things mostly through text. He is going to be sending a lot of flirty messages.

Compatible signs for a Virgo man 

1.  Cancer 

Cancer likes to live life at a slow pace; this is one thing that Virgo loves about them. They are organized and big planners just like Virgo men. This makes them very compatible.

2. Taurus 

They are both old-fashioned, and easy to live with without a clash of values. They have a very caring nature and as a couple, it’s easier for Taurus woman and Virgo man to lean on each other because their signs complement each other.

3. Capricorn 

Capricorn and Virgo click easily because they allow themself, to be themselves around each other. This makes them have a lasting relationship 

4. Scorpio 

Scorpio and Virgo are highly compatible because they have a lot in common. It’s easier for them to live together because they think and do things alike.

In conclusion, noticing and realizing the signs that a Virgo man is serious about you can be very difficult because of their reserved nature. But one thing is for sure. If he is interested in you, you are going to see the signs listed in this article and soon he is going to come directly. They are very honest with their feelings.

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