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22 Unfailing Signs A Coworker Likes You; Blink And You Will Miss Them

22 Unfailing Signs A Coworker Likes You; Blink And You Will Miss Them

You keep catching his gaze on you, he keeps wanting to always be around you and always coming to your rescue, got you seeking the ‘signs a coworker likes you’. We got you!

You work in an environment where both male and female people work. You mingle with your male colleagues every day and you are most definitely attractive too. So it is normal for your male colleagues to find you attractive, after all, they are not blind. 

There are visible signs to determine for sure if a co-worker likes you or not. You always look up and catch him staring, he is nervous when you are near, and he wants to talk to you every chance he gets – just to mention a few.There are more watery details below

Below are more detailed signs you should look out for or else you just might miss the fact that your coworkers like you.

22 unfailing signs that your male coworker likes you

1. He always compliments you

It is normal for your male colleague to compliment you. It doesn’t necessarily mean anything special, but when his compliment starts to feel personal or, it comes across as flirting then it means that he just may like you.

2. He follows you on social media

Most people do not like to associate with their co-workers outside the work environment. So it would be noticeable if your colleague at work sends you a private message on social media. 

He is doing this because he knows he has to get your attention outside of the work environment. 

If your male colleague starts to go through your social media it means that he is paying close attention to you.

3. He wants to talk about stuff not work-related

If your male coworker likes you he would want to know all about your life outside the workspace. 

He may ask about your family, your birthday, things you like to do for fun, and so on. He would want to seem interesting to you.

4. He looks for ways to spend alone time with you.

Have you noticed that he always wants to get lunch with you, or he goes out and gets lunch and insists on the both of you eating lunch alone, together? 

Always offers to take you to work and he also wants to take you back home after the close of work. Well isn’t it obvious?

5. His dress sense improves. 

Have you suddenly noticed that he now cares about his dressing to work when he is usually so carefree about his work attire? Or, he now smells better than he used to. 

Well, he may just be working on his appearance because he likes you and wants you to notice him.

6. Steals glances at you.

Always looking at you, but once your eyes meet him he would quickly look away.

He may be shy, and stealing glances at you may be the only way he knows how to react with his likeness for you.

7. He is always coming to your rescue in the office.

If your male colleague is always there when you need help around the office, always ensuring you are okay. 

Then dearie, if this isn’t a sign, I don’t know what is. Besides he knows that helping you out might make you start noticing and liking him

8. He is always cracking jokes around you 

When your male co-worker starts to always make you laugh to the extent that you guys now have your inside jokes, then it means that he has an interest in you darling 

9. Your colleagues notice it 

Most times when it comes to stuff about us we are mostly the last people to notice. 

So it is left for those around us to point it out to us, and usually, they know better, they see what you don’t see. 

Your colleagues are telling you that another male colleague likes you, then you should take it as a sign because most times your colleagues are the ones who pay extra close attention to the special treatments he is giving you.

10. You feel the sexual tension. 

Even if you want to deny that your co-workers have feelings for you, your body cannot deny that fact.

Have you noticed the sexual tension when he is around, when he touches you, or when he hugs you then it may just be that he likes you hence the sexual tension you’d?

11. He acts weird around you.

Have you felt a different kind of tension around him lately, not the sexual one. Lately, he doesn’t act the same around you,  he gives you these weird vibes. 

He is always cautious of the way he talks and behaves around you, he seems tense around you. And he used to be this carefree person around you. This is a clear sign that he likes you and that’s the cause of all the tension you have been noticing around him.

12. He flirts with you.

Colleagues tease each other all the time, I mean they have to try to make their office environment a little bit more bearable but have you noticed that he is flirting with you much more than usual. 

He always has this sheepish smile on his face when talking with you, or have you noticed that he looks at you like the sun is shining right out of your face. This is a very obvious sign that he likes you, aye.

13. He is jealous of another male co-worker who talks to you.

Have you noticed that he behaves strangely when he notices another male co-worker talking to you or does his mood suddenly change if he sees you paying attention to another male co-worker? Well, you don’t need any further proof to know that he is an admirer.

14. He buys you stuff.

A person who sees you as just his colleagues won’t buy you a gift except maybe on a special occasion like your birthday or something. 

So when your male colleague casually buys you a gift or pays for stuff for you then it may mean that he sees you in a different light.

15. He remembers every little thing you tell him.

Your colleague has no reason to keep everything you tell him in his mind, but have you noticed that this one male colleague does not forget anything you tell him. 

Most times you have even forgotten that such an event took place, well the only reason he keeps it to mind is that he likes you.

16. He values your opinion.

Have you noticed that he holds your opinion in high esteem, or that he is always seeking your advice about important stuff? 

Hmm, you no longer need a soothsayer to tell you he likes you because he won’t seek advice from you except he likes you. 

17. He wants to know about your love life.

He stylishly wants to know about your relationship status, he wants to ensure you are available before he indicates his interest.

No man who doesn’t like you would care about your relationship life/status. 

He is trying to find out if there is a chance for him. Is there a chance for him? Winks*

18. He always sings your praises.

He is always telling anyone that cares to listen how great you are and how you can do no wrong in his eyes. 

It might just be that he enjoys praising others’ efforts, but if you notice that in your case he seems to be talking about you more than usual he most certainly likes you.

19. He always wants to be near you.

Have you noticed that this particular male colleague is always sitting near you in all meetings in the office or does he ensure to sit near you when you guys are having lunch? 

Then it is a sign that he likes you.

20. He touches you frequently.

Have you noticed that he is always looking for an opportunity to touch you? Whether by giving you a high five regularly or always looking for a way to touch your arms when talking to you.

It may mean that he is just naturally touchy-feely or he is attracted to you.

21. He imitates you.

When a male work colleague likes you he will mirror your every behavior unintentionally, because he has been watching you for a long time.

22. He also wants to hang out with you after work.

Have you noticed that he is always initiating group hangouts after work and he always ensures that you come along? 

Well, he is doing it to get an opportunity to hang out with you and he doesn’t even mind if the rest of the office tags along.

What to do after confirming your co-worker likes you

When you find out your co-worker likes you there are two possible ways you can handle the situation.

If you have no interest in him, you should mind the way you are with the person, do not act in ways that can lead the person into thinking you like them. Do not accept gifts or any kind of special treatment from him, knowing full well you have no intention to reciprocate. 

On the other hand, if you confirm your co-worker likes you and you are interested in him, then you should give him the green light, but bearing in mind that workplace romance can be difficult. 

Your relationship might lead to gossip from your colleagues and you will have by force office in-laws. 

How to take things to the next level

If your co-worker likes you and he is being slow about revealing his feelings. Then you can decide to take things to the next level by telling him you also like him, or you can reciprocate his flirting, there are no rules that say you have to wait for him to take things to the next level, you can also initiate things.

Also, you can try to give him the green light, be subtle and let him see that you are into him too. Don’t feel the need to change, you can keep on being around him but try to apply a little pressure so that he will get the message that you are also interested in him.

Is it wise to have an office romance?

Ideally having an office is not wise, because you have to bear in mind that if the relationship goes sour, you can’t leave your job. Or if it becomes so uncomfortable one of you may have to quit, also company policies may not allow for office romance to take place. 

There might even be a high chance that he is after a fling, and you might get your feelings hurt if you fall deeply in love with him. This might affect your job, darling. 

Work and personal life should be kept separate, you don’t want to see him every day at work and come back home to see him too. I don’t know about you but I won’t. 

Ways to say no to further advancement.

When You are not interested in your co-worker, you have to let him down in a kind and polite way. keeping in mind that you both have to work together, and being rude or mean can make things uncomfortable for both of you.

So here are a few ways you can politely say no to your co-worker advance 

“Would love for us to just remain professional”

“Don’t think it is a good idea to cross professional boundaries”

“Not interested in seeing anyone right now”

“A room for a new relationship, I don’t have because I love my boyfriend”

“Anything to ruin our friendship, I do not want”

“Your friendship is of too much value to lose”

How to know if he is ready to commit.

You can tell if he is ready to commit to you if he does any of these things.

1. He likes to spend time with you, he sees you as a priority and not an option.

2. He goes all out and introduces you to all the important people in his life.

3. He does not play emotional games with you.

4. He always makes plans for the future that includes you.

5. He supports you in all you do., he encourages you to chase all your dreams

6. He does not hide who he is around you, he is not scared to act himself around you.

Does he just want a fling or use me?

If you want to tell if he is after a fling you have to pay attention to the way he behaves around you. Let’s face it with men you really can’t tell if his feelings are genuine or if he is after a fling.

If he doesn’t pay attention to you or your feelings, or he never plans dates for just the two of you, or he doesn’t call you consistently, or he is keeping your existence a secret then he is obviously after a fling and does not have any real feelings for you.  

On the other hand, if he is vulnerable with you, or he always wants to go on a special date with you, he is always calling and he is not scared to show you off then he is really into you and not just in for a fling.

How to know if he is the one

How to know if the man you are with is the one for you, can be a bit difficult, let’s face it we can’t be too sure when it comes to this question.

We just have to ensure that he treats us right and shows good qualities. Here are a few qualities you should watch out for to know if he is the right one for you;

1. He is kind

He treats you kindly, he does not act cruel or mean towards you.

2. You are his top priority

He makes you a top priority and not an option.

3. You feel good because of him

He makes you feel good about yourself when you guys are together.

4. Your pillar is him

He supports you and pushes you to attain your greatest height.

5. Both of you crave each other’s company

He always wants to be around you, he tells you everything about himself even the minor details, and he always wants to know all there is to know about you.

6. Let’s you trust him

He has proven beyond doubt that you can trust him and count on him at all times.

7. Defends you

He defends you, he is always there to stand for you and defend you in all situations he does not allow anyone to disrespect you.

8. Allow you to be yourself

He accepts you for you, he does not try to change you, instead, he encourages you to be yourself always.

9. It’s obvious he loves you

He doesn’t give you any reason to question his feelings for you, he has never given you any reason to doubt how he feels about you.

10. Judges you not

He does not judge you no matter what you may do or what you have done, you feel safe telling him all your secrets because you know that he won’t judge you.

What makes a woman attractive?

Women are attractive by nature. They have a lot of attractive features, like their smile, the way they walk, dress, their boobs, and ass looks attractive. 

A woman who is intelligent and speaks eloquently is very attractive.

What makes a man irresistible

Women find men who have a nice sense of humor irresistible. Also, men have a nice way of making conversation, especially with shy women. 

A man with a good personality can also be found irresistible if he is easy to get along with. If he has a nice way of having as you feel good about yourself then you find him irresistible.

Ahh! A man’s confidence is everything I must say. When he walks into a room and the air itself changes- authority!

To know if your co-worker likes you, be vigilant and ensure you keep a close eye on him. If not you may miss the clear signs that he likes you. 

Hope this article helps you solve your dilemma. We would love to get your feedback, so click on the comment button and let us know.

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