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15 Clear Signs He Doesn’t Want to Lose You

15 Clear Signs He Doesn’t Want to Lose You

When in a relationship, you try to always reassure yourself that you are dating someone that values you just as you value them. This helps us to feel secure while we date. But what are the signs he does not want to lose you? A guy most times, does not like coming out plain to tell his partner he cannot imagine his life without her, he shows this through action. Let’s take a lot of 15 signs that show he does not want to lose you. 

15 Signs He doesn’t want to lose you:

1. He always does something sweet for you:

Does this guy always send you roses? That’s sweet of him, but it’s also a sign he wants you to be happy and cares about you even though you are already his girlfriend he still does not stop him from being sweet to you. A guy who values you so much will do everything to make you happy and treat you as nice as he treated you when he wanted you to be his girlfriend. 

2. He asks you to send pictures to him:

If he is asking you for new selfies especially while you’ve been absent for a while, he misses you and cannot do without seeing you for long. When your boyfriend does this, it simply means he doesn’t want to do anything that would make you slip away.

3. He respects your needs:

When a man loves you he holds you in high esteem. He respects your needs but might still occasionally call you irrational for expecting certain things from him. A man who’s afraid of losing you will do whatever it takes you to fulfill your needs.

So, one of the clear signs he cannot do without you is when you see him doing his best to make sure your needs are met.

4. He calls regularly:

He always misses you and calls you. Sometimes, he looks for the silliest excuse just so he can hear from you.

5. He texts you all the time:

When your boyfriend sends you one text message after another, it is an indication that he misses you and you are always on his mind. Though this can be annoying to you sometimes, this makes the signs clearer that he wants to be with you for the rest of his life. If you feel uncomfortable about the idea of texting or wanting to chat you up all the time, you can talk to him about it without making him appear as a creep or without you sounding rude.

6. He gets jealous:

Another clear sign he doesn’t want to lose you is if he gets jealous whenever another man is near you. Though jealousy is a sign of insecurity it’s also a sign of love and when someone does not want to lose you, they feel anyone you are smiling with is going to steal you from them. 

7. He reaches out to you after a fight:

The guy lets go of his pride and it proves how much you mean to him. Whenever you guys are in a fight, he is always the first one to apologize or try to talk things out after, it means he is a keeper. A good relationship isn’t one where partners never fight, it’s one in which you both stumble upon many misunderstandings but always resolve them by communicating with each other.

And when a guy often reaches out to you after a fight, you should see that as a sign that he doesn’t want to lose you. He can’t stand the fact that you’re not talking to each other and is compelled to do something to change that. Dumping his ego for the relationship is one of the biggest signs he doesn’t want to lose you.

8. He genuinely cares about your friends and family:

A guy who loves you would try as much as possible to like everything that concerns you which entails your family and your friends. He genuinely cares about your friends and family members because he knows when they are happy you are happy. 

Those who mean the most to you also mean a lot to him, so he’ll put in the effort to get to know them better and impress them.

He wants them to see how much he cares about you. To show them that you’re the only woman in his life and that he’s not some player who’ll break your heart and leave you.

That’s why he helps out your aunt in the kitchen while the whole family is getting ready for lunch. That’s why he’ll sit with your grandpa and patiently listen to his stories. He wants to prove to everyone he’s a nice guy.

9. He tries to make you laugh:

A guy who likes you and wants you to always enjoy his company will do everything possible to be funny around, and that is because every guy knows a girl always likes to spend time with people that can make them laugh.

If he’s got to make you smile or laugh, you know this guy wants you to be happy. That’s sweet and a good sign he’s still hung up on you. Your smile probably brings him a great amount of joy, so he’s doing everything he can to make you smile or laugh. He wants you to have joy in your life even though you aren’t together anymore.

10. He makes plans with you:

A guy who always makes plans with you sees you as part of his future. This guy is open about his plans because he respects your input and wants you to know that he plans on spending the rest of his life with you. This act is a simple and direct sign he wants to marry you someday.

11. He asks you a lot of questions:

He might appear a bit nosey when he asks a lot of questions, but many people do this because they are curious and want to know everything that happens in your life. If he’s asking a ton of questions, you can bet he’s missing you and wants to know every detail of what’s going on in your life. 

Most girls enjoy a guy that asks them questions, it gives them leverage to express themself and also gives them a more trusted gossip partner.

12. He gets happy just to be around you:

Your partner gets happy around you always? it is one of the signs he doesn’t want to lose you. When a guy is around someone he loves it is very difficult for him to end the joy in his face. Maybe you see each other at school, and you notice that he’s his normal self when he’s around other people, but when he’s around you, he is filled with so much unexplainable joy. He also wants to be the biggest emitter of positive energy in your life.

If that’s the case, you know that you make him happy, and just being around you makes his life a little better. That’s cool and means you are very important to him.

13. He drunk dials you:

If this happens a lot, you know he misses you, but also it can be annoying, especially if it is at odd hours and you are trying to sleep. Be sure to set boundaries with your boyfriend. I know it sounds weird but it is better for you and let him know when it’s cool to text or call and when it’s unacceptable. Make sure you are clear about what you want and expect from him. 

You don’t have to answer the phone every time. You can let it go to voicemail if you don’t want to talk to him. Plus, if he’s calling you when he’s intoxicated, you know he isn’t thinking straight and probably doesn’t mean everything he is saying. You don’t need to get mixed signals from your boyfriend if you think he’s not thinking clearly.

14. He cares about how you feel:

He always wants to be the hero when it concerns you. With him, you feel safe. And your heart can feel it deeply too.

Your man treats your feelings like a fragile treasure. He isn’t rash and he is prudent when it comes to matters that concern you. He will never get back at you even when he is upset. 

When he knows the things that hurt you, he will do his best to avoid those things. You and your feelings matter to him.

15. He tells you he is lonely:

Few men will come plain and let you know they miss you and wish you can always be there with them. But others might not say it but just keep it as a sign for you to read.

If anytime you are not there or texting him at the moment, he’s exhibiting one of the clear signs he doesn’t want to lose you. He is all moody and finally jumpy when gets to you, it means you are all he has. He misses your company because your company makes his world light up every time.

What does it mean when someone does not want to lose you:

When people say “I don’t want to lose you”, it means that I don’t want to lose the effort I’ve put into you and the effort you’ve put into me. I don’t want to lose everything we’ve built as a team. There’s something special about you that keeps you near me. When someone doesn’t want to lose you, it means the person genuinely cherishes you and doesn’t want his feelings for you to die.

What do you do when you know he does not want to lose you?

Reaffirming your feelings towards the people you love and care about should be refreshing. You respond honestly if you want to be a decent human being. Show him you don’t want to lose him too by reciprocating some of the kind and hearty gestures he shows you regularly. That way, he feels super loved and will always continue to show his love for you and guard the relationship with all his might. Show him you genuinely do not want to lose him too and watch how the love circle in that relationship will blossom daily.

Final notes:

Though they are a lot of ways that tell a man does not want to lose you, and any of the signs listed above means he certainly wants you as part of his future.

It’s so obvious that you’re the only woman he wants to spend the rest of his life with. But if he does not show any of the signs, you should try to get yourself someone who does and avoid a complete waste of time.

So, instead of worrying about what will happen next, and or if he is going to leave, just appreciate every second you get to spend with him. You have a great man by your side and it’s obvious that he’s not going anywhere. 

Except something else happens even when it happens like a case of you doing something wrong it would still be difficult for him to leave. Cheers.

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