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20 Sure Signs He Knows He Messed Up and Hurt You

20 Sure Signs He Knows He Messed Up and Hurt You

Sometimes when your boyfriend hurts you, it feels so bad that you think he is not even sorry. He might not say he is sorry but he may rather show signs. What are the signs he knows he messed up and how do you effectively read and know this?

Hurting each other is something that is part of a relationship. No matter how close you guys are or how much you guys don’t want to hurt each other it can just happen whether you mean it or not.

When a guy knows he messed up and hurt you, even when he has not said he is sorry yet, he is going to be showing some signs: being suddenly quiet, becoming nicer than usual, making efforts to change, sincerely apologizing and lots more

Are you looking for more ways to be sure your boyfriend knows he messed up?  Here are 20 sure signs for you to look out for below.

20 sure signs he knows he messed up and hurt you

A guy is going to do the following to make you know he is sorry and look for a perfect way to apologize to you.

1. He is more quiet than usual 

When people feel guilty and know they have messed up they can suddenly go quiet because they would be unhappy and be uninterested talking to anyone.

If your boyfriend has suddenly gone quiet, even when you are alone together he seems like he does not have anything to say then there’s a sign he knows he has hurt you.

He is quiet because he might not know how to start a conversation with you, or take the time to beat himself for hurting someone he loves.

2. He sincerely apologized 

An apology is another way to know a guy is sorry for what he has done to you. This one is very obvious.

If he is begging for your forgiveness and you can sense the sincerity in his attitude then he knows he has wronged you and he feels guilty about it.

3. He is making effort to change 

If a guy apologized and he doesn’t make efforts to change his attitude then he is not sorry he just apologized because he thinks that’s what you want to hear.

So if he is making an attitude to change then it means he knows he messed things up.

4. He is always contacting you

Is he always calling you, texting you, or looking for ways to reach you even when you try to cut him off? Then that’s a sign that he has a guilty conscience and wants to patch things up. He could be contacting you to know if you are still single and will be willing to take him back.

5. He is nowhere to be found

Sometimes guys won’t be able to face you when they do something wrong, they will just decide to disappear. If he is not man enough to face you when he offends you or breaks your heart you should never go to him first.

His coming to you to apologize would make you know he is sorry and really values you.

6. He is trying to be your friend again

Is your ex trying to be your friend again? Asking you to hang out with him. Then there’s no doubting he is trying to come into your life again.

If he is trying to be your friend he means he realized he ruined what you guys had.

7.  He asking you out again

If he is trying to make you his girlfriend again it means he misses you. He realized he messed things up and he is trying to get you back into his life.

8. Hiding his new partner from you

If you ask him if he is dating someone new he is going to tell you, no, because he feels that it’s going to hurt you. Knowing that you are going to feel used because he hurt you and broke up with you and went ahead to date someone else.

So the fact he is hiding his new girlfriend from you and not trying to get you back means he knows he hurt you and he does not want to hurt you more by letting you know he already moved on.

But if he is lying about his status and still asking you out then he might be trying to play you.

9. Remind you of all the sweet moments you had

When we are reminded of the good times we had with people we start to reminisce on them and wish we can do it again.

So he might be telling you of all those sweet moments you had to soften your heart so you can start to miss him and find a place in your heart to forgive him.

10. Getting you gifts

If a guy is getting you gifts then he is trying to please and make you happy. A guy who is feeling guilty will want to do anything to make you happy. Getting you gift might be part of them. He is going to get you flower or gifts that say “I am sorry”

11. He is telling your friends about it

A guy can’t start telling your friends to help him apologize to you when he knows he has ruined things between you two.

He will tell them what he did and how bad he made you feel he is doing this to let you know he can go the extra mile for you to forgive him.

12. He is seeking your advice 

He is going to come seeking your advice; asking you things like what do you think I should wear to that job interview he knows you are going to show concern because even if you are angry you still care about him.

And when you begin making a choice for him or thinking how to help him , it can kick start a reconciliation between you two. 

13. He is telling you that you deserve better

If he is always seeing “you deserve better” it might mean he is really sorry and feels he doesn’t deserve you.

This is his way of telling you I know I messed things up. I did not treat you the way you ought to be treated. 

14. He is more open

If he is more open than before then he is trying to let you know he is ready to change. He is letting you know he is ready to listen to now.

This is his way of saying I know I did wrong and I want to change now.

15. He is being defensive 

Sometimes guys can’t do this when they are feeling guilty but don’t know how to react to it. They start to want to pass the blame or even try to put it on you.

If your boyfriend is doing this he might know he has ruined things but he is just reacting in a way that’s going to worsen things for both of you. 

When you try to talk about the issue he is replying angrily to see if you would let it pass that way. If you want to resolve things you can let him know that you are available when he is ready to talk about the issue.

16. He is trying to act as nothing happened 

Sometimes a guy can offend you and call you the next day like  “hey baby how are you doing” and you are wondering is he expecting me to just sweep that under the carpet he is not even remorseful. Well, that might not be true.

He might be feeling very bad for what he has done and he is not ready to talk about it so he thinks you both can just act like it never happened.

But if that’s not going to work for you. You have to get him to talk and if he does not want to, you leave him and let him know that you are available when he is ready but talk you must

17. He is remorseful

signs he knows he messed up

Remorse is one way we show that we know we are wrong and we are really sorry. If he is remorseful then he is sorry for what he has done.

18. He is jealous

A guy can start getting jealous when they know they have ruined things and they think other guys are going to use that opportunity to take you away from them. If he starts seeing you with other guys that might just be your friend he is going to start feeling bad and sad.

19. He is drinking a lot 

Well, when we have wronged the people we love and it looks like they can’t forgive us it can make us go into a very depressed state. If he is now drinking to stupor and staying indoors then he is letting the guilt ruin him.

If what he did is forgivable you have to go get him so you guys can talk about it before he does something bad to himself. If you guys cannot get back together you can also make him understand in a very polite way.

20. His sharing post that says he is unhappy

If he starts to share a post that says sorry, misses you or is unhappy then he is trying to send you a message that he regrets his action.

This is another way of him letting you know he knows what he has done and you should please forgive him.

How long does it take him to realise he messed up and hurt you?

It could take days, weeks, months or even years for a guy to realize he has messed up and hurt you. So there is no particular thing he should take for him to realize.

In my past relationships, my last 2 exes took days to start to come back to me that they were sorry for what they did. In fact, the first one had instant regret. He started apologizing the next day while my other ex took almost a week to realize he had ruined our relationship and broken my heart.

How does he feel knowing he messed up and hurt you

Sometimes when we know we have broken the heart of the one we love, we might even feel more pain than they are feeling.

When a guy realizes he has messed things up, he is going to feel guilty, sad, hurt, depressed and might even end up not forgiving himself for what he has done to you. 

Will he ever realize what he lost?

He is going to realize what he lost the moment he does not find your replacement. But when he is able to find someone like you or even better he is going to feel sorry for hurting you, but he is not going to miss you because he got someone better than you. 

When a guy can’t get someone like you he will realize that he has lost someone very important to him 

He can also realize this when he thinks you are not that important to him but the moment he breaks things up he is going to start seeing how better you made his life feel. This is the reason men get instant regrets.

Signs he truly wants you back 

When a guy wants you back, he is going to make efforts, and show you he wants you back.

He is going to start trying to stay in touch with you even when you are giving him cold shoulders, he is asking your friends to help him talk to you, he is apologizing, he is jealous when he sees you with other guys, he is going the extra mile to get you back.

He is making an effort to be a better man for you and he is asking you out again. 

When a guy starts doing any of that it means he truly wants you back in his life.

Should I take him back?

Is your heart telling you to give him a second chance? Well, it’s okay for you to take him back but you have to put a lot of things into consideration.

1. Can you forget what he did to you

Sometimes you can forgive but you can’t forget and if you are having a hard time forgetting what he did to you it will be better you don’t go back to him because the thought of what he did is going to always cause issues for you both.

2. Is he truly sorry

Before you can get back with him you have to be sure if he is really sorry and ready to change. Some guys might just be trying to get back to you just to sleep with you and play you again so you have to fully observe before you accept him back.

3. Have they changed

You also have to be sure that they have changed before you get back to them to avoid getting hurt a second time.

4. Do you want to go back or you are just lonely?

Sometimes loneliness and missing our ex can make us rush back to them when we know we are not healed from the hurt they caused us yet.

You have to be sure you are ready to get back with him and not just doing it because you are lonely or missing them. Both of you have to talk about it thoroughly and set new rules to keep your heart safe.

How does a man act when his ego is bruised?

When you bruise a man’s ego the way he acts depends on the man. Some men can see it as a motivation to work on that part of themselves so as to make you regret what you did or said to them. Others might feel sad, broken, devalued, and even depressed. 

Why do guys come back when you have since moved on

Guys can break up with you and then start dating someone else. When they see that they are not able to find someone that made them feel the way you made them feel they are going to come back to you.

A guy can also want back in your life when you start to show signs that you are moving on. The fact that you are becoming more pretty, and happy and going out more often would make them start to miss you and want back into your life.

How do you know he loves you but is scared to admit it

Some guys can have strong feelings for you but are scared to say it may be because they are shy or scared that you might reject them. But even if he hides his feelings he is going to let his guard down at some point, if he truly loves you. 

He is going to look at you in ways that show he is lost, he is gonna get you romantic gifts, he is going to get jealous when he sees you with other guys or your boyfriend He going to always be there when you need him.

He is going to stylishly tell you he has feelings for you, and he will never want to get into a relationship because he can’t love anyone else but you.

The fact that a guy hurts you does not mean he doesn’t love you. When he hurts you and he loves you he is going to apologize and when he is unable to bring himself to apologize to your face he is going to start showing you signs that “Hey I know I messed things up how can we fix this”

A guy might apologize to you to forgive him but don’t want you back when this happens it might be hard for you to forgive him because he hurt you still he is saying he does not want to get back with you.

In this situation you have to forgive him too because he might not want to come back to you because he fears he might hurt you again.

So if your partner currently messed things up and you want to fix things try to give him the atmosphere to be able to apologize and you have to make things clear to him this time to avoid a second heartbreak.

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