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Indecisive As To What He Wants? 30 Avid Signs He Wants More Than Sex

Indecisive As To What He Wants? 30 Avid Signs He Wants More Than Sex

There is this certain guy you are sexually involved with but it is no longer just sex for you so you seek signs to know he wants more than sex. You are in the right place sweetheart. You wonder if they are in love with you for real or just with you because of the sex. Though the signs this guy wants more than sex are obvious, how will you be able to spot them, if you don’t know them?  

If he lets you meet his friends and family, he does PDA with you, and he is always around you, always texting you, supports you, even when you tell him no sex, he is still around you, then this guy is showing signs he wants more than sex.

Sometimes we can end up having sex with people before we even barely know the, and this can make us confused about our partner’s intentions. If you are in a similar situation, read on….


30 signs he wants more than sex

1. Not afraid to be seen with you in public 

When a guy is playing you, he would not want to be seen in public. If he is always out with you and does not shy away from touching and hugging you in public, then this guy truly loves you.

2. Makes you happy in bed

When a guy wants just sex, he will not bother about just satisfaction. But he wants more than just saying he will focus on satisfying you in bed. He will focus on foreplay, physical affections, and also respect your boundaries. 

3. Talks about the future with you 

Does he always talk about the future with you? Like I want us to do this together instead of I will do this? Then he sees you as more than just a sexual partner.

4. Can stay and cuddle you all night 

If they are nights you tell him you don’t want sex, this guy can cuddle you all through that night. He loves you and he is not just there for the sex. 

5. Texts you first 

When a guy is truly into you, he will always want to call and text you. He does not mind if he is always the first person to text. 

6. He wants you to meet his family and friends

Often there is nothing serious that goes on in a purely sexual relationship. However, if this guy has introduced you to his friends and family, and allows you to hang out with them, then he is serious with you.

7. Takes you on a real date 

If he takes you on fancy and romantic dates even after having sex with you, then he is showing some signs he wants more than sex.

8. He can text and call you for hours 

He is never tired of talking to you, he can call and text you for hours then he is really into you.

9. Supports you 

Is he happy with your success at work and he is there with you through your personal life goals and struggles? This sounds nothing like a guy that wants just sex.

10. You catch him staring

When a guy looks at you in a way that makes him look like he is lost, it’s a sign that he likes and is amazed that he got someone like you or wishes to have someone like you. Have you caught him looking at you? Those are some signs he wants more than sex.

12.  Remembers little details 

Men rarely remember anything about the girl they just want sex from. When you are talking the only thing that would be going through his mind would be how to get in between your legs. So if he remembers little details then that guy is into you more than you think.

13. More often than not he wants to talk after sex

After sex, does it look like he does not want to leave even if it’s at night? He wants to cuddle you and talk all through the night if possible. If a guy wants just sex from you, after sex you would notice his behaviours change. He would not bother to even cuddle you or tell you something sweet he will either go to sleep or leave if he can.

14. Plans for the future with you 

Why would a guy that is just with you make plans with you? Maybe just so he can sleep with you again right? I don’t think so. When the guy makes plans like taking you out on a date on special days and keeping them, then he shows signs he wants more than sex. If he is only there for the sex, any plans he makes with you will always lead to sex.

15. Admires you

Yes, he can tell you your body looks good because that’s all he sees you as. But if he pays attention and compliments your personality then he is not just using you. Most men will only notice your body when all they want is just to sleep with you. 

16. Gets jealous 

This is one clear way you know he has feelings for you. If seeing you with others makes him jealous, It means he does not want to share you with other men.

17. Shows interest in your life

Does he always want to know how your day was? Or why are you not jovial like your usual self? Does he have want to know your plans, your dreams and aspirations? You tell him an he encourages you by saying positive things towards them all. Those are signs he wants more than sex.

18. Flaunts you

When a guy is playing with you, you would most times be the background girl that no one knows about. However, if he is always sharing pictures of you on his social media then he is serious with you.

19. Your mood affects his 

When we love people we tend to develop strong connections with them. Due to this, when they are sad for instance, we become sad too. If your bad mood can ruin him, then he cares for you.

20. Respects you

This guy respects your boundaries, even when you say you don’t want sex, he is okay with it and not trying to force you to or get angry.

21. Does not mind just being friends 

When a guy wants sex with you, and you tell him you just want to be friends, in a few weeks you might never see him again. If your guy has been there for you even after you told him you just want to be friends after sex, his intentions for you might be pure. Although most guys can be patient just to sleep with you.

22. Calls just to say hi 

He looks at various excuses to call you like hey I just wanted to say, ‘Hi, hey I miss you, or hey I just wanted to hear your voice’.

23. Always available 

He will be there for you anytime you need him. Not the type that would always come with excuses that they are busy.

24. Transparent

He tells you the truth, you can touch his phone, you know his schedule and you have a key to his place.

25. Your guts tell you so

Our guts are our best advice if we could listen to it. At some point, the truth must have crossed your mind. If he says he loves you, then that’s the truth.

26. Buys you lots of gifts 

Why would he waste money on someone he just wants to sleep with? Oh, wait! Guys do that a lot just to sleep with women. However, has he been sending you thoughtful gifts even after having multiple sex with you? Then he is there for more than just the physical.

27. Enjoys spending time with you than having sex

He enjoys just being around you and when he is with you, he does not always initiate sex he prefers just to talk.

28. Your friend thinks he loves you 

When we are in love, we tend not to see our partner’s flaws, that other people see. If your friends are telling you he is the one, maybe it’s because of something they have seen. So that guy must be really serious with you.

29. Protects you

He will look after you and show a strong desire to keep himself from others and even from himself.

30. Tells you

If a guy truly cares about you he is going to keep telling you how much he does and shows you how every opportunity he gets

20 Signs he doesn’t want more than sex

1.  He cancels when you ask him to hang out with friends 

Have you tried asking him to meet his friends? and he always comes up with an excuse? Well, that’s a sign a guy just wants you for sex.

2. Is conversation is always sexual 

You two have nothing important to talk about just sex and flirty conversations.

3. He is never available 

When sex is not involved, he is always no were to be found. Never there for you, never supports or protects you.

4. You never go on real dates

He never takes you on dates, even on special days like your birthday or Valentine’s, he rather comes up with an excuse, than to take you on dates.

5. He only calls you when he wants sex 

He never calls you, the only time he does, is when he wants phone sex, or wants you to come over.

6. He never cares about satisfying you in bed 

Sex is always about him. He doesn’t spend time doing what you like, it’s always about what he likes. After sex, he is not even concerned if you are satisfied or not.

7. It always feels awkward after sex 

After sex, have you noticed that the atmosphere always turns awkward, you have nothing to say, or he even leaves? then sex is all he wants with you.

8. Avoids making plans 

He does not make plans with you, He does not talk about the future with you. 

9. He doesn’t spend time with you

When he is with you and sex is not involved, he is always in a hurry. A guy that truly loves you will always want to spend time with you.

10. Gets angry when you deny him sex 

He does not respect your boundaries during sex. And when you deny him sex he gets angry with you. He might even leave

11. He wants to see you only at nights 

You are not a bat or a vampire, why else will a guy that loves you, want to only see you at night? If not for the fact that you are only a sex tool to him?

12. Escapes every opportunity to go public

He never wants to go out with you in public even when you are in public, he is acting like you are a stranger. 

13. Hints 

If he wants just sex, he must have told you once or twice. He might say it indirectly like I am not ready for something serious now I want us to take it slow. He is just telling you what he wants.

14. Only treats you nicely when he wants sex 

Without sex, this guy gives you cold shoulders, but when he is horny, he becomes so sweet after he gets what he wants he is back to treating you like trash.

15. Compliments only your physical look

If he is only complimenting your physical looks, that’s because that’s the only thing he sees in you. He only sees your body, and nothing more.

16. Not okay to be just friends 

Have you tried telling him about just being friends? if he says he is not okay with just being friends without sex, then it is obvious that’s all he wants.

17. He is texting other girls 

Even when you are there, he is texting and smiling with other girls and never lets you touch his phone. These phone or social media habits are some red flags to note.

18. Your guts tell you so

Your gut must have told you something. If you guys tell you he is just here for the sex, it’s because of some signs that the guy has been showing, that you must be overlooking. Please listen to your guts

19. Barely remembers anything about you 

This is one of the clearest signs. Someone who is just with you for sex does not pay attention to you except when they are horny. Try asking him about something you told him some time ago, he might not even remember. Because you are not important to him.

20. He doesn’t show interest in your life

He does not ask how your day was, even when you look sad, he doesn’t care to inquire why.

Signs he wants you bad sexually

1. Looks at your lustfully 

You catch him looking at you lustfully. Like, licking his lips and winking and staring. 

2. Drops hints

He tells you how much he wants to sleep with you, he might not say it directly, but he will say something like I just wish I can hold you right now. Or tell you how much your body tempts him.

3. Compliments your physical features

He always has something sexual to say about your physical features. He tells you he likes them and makes flirty comments about them. 

4. Your conversations are mostly sexual 

He always looks for ways to slip sex into the conversation.

5. He is touchy around you 

He always finds ways to touch, his touches are always extra and deep. Might even make you feel uncomfortable.

Difference between having sex and making love

Making love is more about a connection. It involves the mind, soul, body, and a lot of foreplay. You can spend hours talking, and just learning about each other. Care about each other’s satisfaction, express how much you love each other, through the act of sexual activity 

While sex, on the other hand, it’s just two people coming together going naked, and merging body parts. Sex is usually quick, and not focused on foreplay. It’s usually one-sided.

What to do if he just wants to have sex

If he just wants to have sex with you, the choice it’s yours. If he is bold enough to just tell you about it, it’s still your choice to make. Do you just want sex? You are both adults, you can go ahead.

However, if he just wants to have sex, and may be he is direct with it, and that’s not what you want, you should turn him down. Even if he did not say it, but you have noticed sex is all he is after, you should quit anything you have with him.

How to tell if a man is secretly attracted to you

1. Nervous around you 

This is one way you know a guy is secretly attracted to you. When you are around him, he will be acting shy or uncomfortable, because he can’t resist you.

2. Teases you a lot or is mean to you 

This might look strange, but it’s true. When a guy likes you, he might be nervous, to make it not obvious, he will start acting mean, and tease you in a way that does not make any sense. He might tease your body but that is the best part he wishes he can have a taste of. Trust me guys do this a lot.

3. Looks his best around you 

When is around you he tries to look his best?  He is always adjusting his dress.

4. He gets jealous

When you are with someone else, you will notice he is acting grabby. 

5. You catch him staring 

He is always looking at you and when you catch him, he tries to turn his eyes away.

How to tell him you want it too

1. Tell him directly

If you can be bold enough, you can tell him directly that you want him to whether sexually or for a relationship. If you can’t follow the next step…

2. Compliment is physical features 

Say something nice about his lips, his muscles, and other amazing physical attributes that you like. This will give him the hint.

3. Touch him sexually 

If you want him sexually get touchy around him.  Touch him on his ears and play with his hair, if you are confident enough touch his thighs or beards.

4. Make eye contacts 

Stare at him. Smile at him and it will send the message.

5. Wear something sexy around him 

When you are going on a date with him, wear a seductive dress and turn his senses around. Do not forget to dab a sensual perfume too. Hehe!

6. Ask him to come to visit you 

Ask him to come over. Tell him you are bored and you are home alone if he comes over.

How to know if he enjoys you in bed

1. Can’t get enough of you 

If he enjoys sex, he will want more. And he will always initiate sex when he is with you.

2. Lets you know

If he enjoys you, he is going to tell you about it.

3. Visibly happy

After sex, you can see him smiling and cuddling you. 

4. You can use sex to get him to do things for you 

He wants sex and then you tell him you want something, he is quick to do it because he enjoys having sex with you.

When you should make love to him

You are going to know when it is time to make love to him in your guts. If you love him enough, and you are comfortable with it, then you can make love with him.

Most guys will show all these signs in this article, just to get in between your legs. So you can’t know if it means he likes you from the very beginning.  Even if he is showing all those signs. But if after sleeping with you, he keeps showing those signs, then that guy wants more than just sex from you. 

Sometimes they might try to keep up, even after having sex with you.  The only way you can know his true intention, in this case, is to watch out for red flags, and know when to leave.

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