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40+ Alarming Signs of A Weak Man

40+ Alarming Signs of A Weak Man

Every woman wants a strong alpha male and some instinctively look out for the signs of a weak man in every man they meet. No woman wants to deal with a weakling. When I say weak, I don’t mean men who cry but men who can’t keep their words or who can’t solve their problems and make no attempt to solve them.

Weak men hardly want to do anything productive, they are mostly selfish, and since they have nothing productive going on, they have nothing to defend and gloat about staying weak.

There are so many ways to identify a weak man and we shall discuss come below:

15 signs of a weak man:

1. He can’t handle his issues:

The ability of a man to be able to handle his problem shows how strong or weak a man is. One sign of a weak man is the inability to handle his issues. A strong man will not look for someone to solve his problems for him.

2. He always wants to please other people:

A weak man is always keen to please others even if it means displeasing himself. A man who is people pleaser and cares about what everyone thinks of him cannot be called a strong man. He always seeks the opinion of others before he can make a decision.

3. He never keeps his words:

A man who can’t keep simple promises is a weak man, when he says he would do something but he never does it, he is a weak man.

4. He is selfish:

Selfishness is one characteristic you would find in a weak man, he is not only selfish with his money but also with himself. He always wants things to work his way never listens to anyone else 

5. He avoids conflict:

Avoiding conflict is not necessarily a bad thing, but when he does not pick off when he ought to, he is weak.

6. He hides his feelings:

A weak man would never reveal his true feelings to you, he prefers to hide his emotions rather than reveal them. A weak man is scared of his feelings.

7. He lets others do his work:

A weak man is comfortable with other people doing his work while he takes credit for it. He makes other people do the hard work and does not want to contribute.

8. He behaves childishly:

Another characteristic of a weak man is that he never wants to grow up, he just wants to keep acting like a child and not take responsibility for any of his actions.

9. He has no future ambitions:

Another way to know a weak man is that most of them are too lazy to make plans for their future. They prefer to live their life in the now, never thinking of the future.

10.  He is never serious:

A weak man is never serious, he does not take anything seriously and as such, you can’t even have a serious conversation with him. When you have a serious problem, only then will you know if your man is weak or not.

11. He can’t accept responsibility for his actions:

Another trait of a weak man is that he can never own up to his faults nor would he accept responsibility for his wrongdoings.

12. He is quick to blame others for his faults:

A weak man is quick to blame others for his problems. He wants others to take the fall for his actions noting he never is a fault. He is quick to point accusing fingers at others for his mistakes.

13. He is needy:

A weak man is a needy man, weak men always want validation. They always want people to be around them and to cater to their every whim. They never want to be alone.

14. He is always falling in love:

A weak man can’t decide what he wants and because of that, he is quick to fall in love. He cannot choose one woman he always wants varieties.

15. He can’t take charge:

A weak man can’t take control or take charge when he needs to, for you know a weak man who always allows others to take control or make any important decisions for him.

30 Signs of a weak man in a relationship:

1. He can’t keep his words: If you are dating a man who can’t keep to his words then you are dating a weak man.

2. When you are dating a weak man, he cannot empathize with you. He can barely empathize with himself or even understand his own emotions. How do you expect him to do that for you?

3. In a relationship, we all want our partner to cheer for us and be our biggest support but when you are dating a weak man, he can never support you, rather he would be in competition with you.

4. When he is angry he can’t calmly express himself. Rather he would use violent language, hurtful words, or even negative words on you.

5. He needs constant reassurance from you, he is always trying to compete for your emotions with other people who love you.

6. A weak man has no idea or clear vision. He always makes excuses as to why he is not chasing his dreams. He rather will stay in a place unbothered instead of trying to achieve his dreams.

7. A weak man does not mind relying on your finances. He expects you to be responsible for all his needs, he would rather sit behind why you do all the work.

8. A weak man is not always himself around successful men, he would compare himself with them and hate on his fellow men.

9. The way one talks to strangers matters too. So, if the man you are dating is always rude to strangers, then you are dating a weak man.

10. He always blames you for everything and never takes responsibility.

11. He can’t make you feel secure when you are dating a weak man. He cannot make you feel secure because he does not feel secure.

12. He is a people pleaser and most times he prefers to please strangers than to please you.

13. He always avoids conflict at all costs. A weak man always avoids confrontations and might not be able to defend you when you need him the most.

14. He never finds faults in the relationship. He is weak and is always scared to voice out his thoughts when things are going wrong for fear of rejection.

15. He is always clingy. A weak man who always requires validation from you, and he always wants you to be around when he needs you.

16. If you are dating a weak man, he can never be present when you need him no matter how important the issues are.

17. He always wants you to look out for him emotionally.

18. When you are dating a weak man, he always chooses to avoid listening to the serious stuff, he always chooses to hear what he wants to hear.

19. A weak man is not confident in his ability and as such he would leave you to make all the plans.

20. He is selfish and self-centered. He only cares about his interest and would go to any length to protect his interest.

21. A sign of a weak man is that he would abandon you at first sight of trouble.

22. He would never defend you against friends and family.

23. A weak man always makes others do the cleanup for him, he can pick up after himself but he always expects you to clean up his mess.

24. A sign of a weak man is that he can’t handle any conversation about the future he always wants to talk about the present.

25. A weak man would never listen to you or adhere to your advice.

26. When you see yourself turning into a nag, it means that you are dating a weak man, and you have to nag to get him to listen to him.

27. Another characteristic of knowing you are dating a weak man is that he does not have any purposes or plans for his life.

28. A weak man indecisive, he cannot make any decision or stick to any decisions he makes. He lets you make all the decisions

29. When you are dating a weak man, he leaves you to deal with all the major problems in your relationship.

30. He neglects you. When you are dating a weak man, he would always neglect you, and most times, it is usually in favor of others.

Can a weak man cope in a relationship?

A weak man can cope in a relationship but you have to be patient with him and be ready to tolerate all his excesses. Weak men would always require assurance, he would always want you to assure him that he is more valuable to you than anyone else. If you can look past his weakness then he would be able to cope in a relationship.

Should I date a weak man?

The answer to that question is not what anyone can answer for you. The fact that he is weak does not mean that he is a bad person or that you would not enjoy the relationship. Not everyone can be strong. Some people are just naturally weak. That is their type of person. Before you decide on whether to date a weak man or not, you have to think deeply and hard to know if you would be able to tolerate him and accept him like that. You have to consider the fact that most times, you will have to fight for him and you have to be ready to push him an extra mile before he can do things for himself. If you can love him for being weak I don’t see why you shouldn’t date a weak man.

How does weakness in a man ruin a relationship?

When your man is weak, it would spoil a lot of things, you would not have the drive to learn new things nor would you want to spend time with your weak man. In a relationship with a weak man, you would not have the proper intimacy either physically verbally, or sexually.

In a relationship with a weak man, you would not have any romantic experience you did not plan for. You would not get any nice surprises rather, you might only experience negative surprises.

In a relationship with a weak man, you would not enjoy effective communication or enjoy the necessary support.

What makes a man weak? 

Men are often weak because they have no zeal or passion for something. Most times a man tends to succumb to peer pressure or he finds the easy options. He does not see the need to fight for something new. Most times, men can be weak because they are afraid of failure, so they tend to stick to what they know, also a man can turn weak because he is not confident enough in himself and his ability. Also, a lack of knowledge can make a man weak, and the inability to voice his opinion can make him weak.

How to stop being a weak man

To stop being a weak man, you need to be able to let go of some things like over complaining. You need to stop playing the victim card. The world is not out to get you. You just need to believe in yourself. Stop asking for people’s opinions or permission before you take action. You need to stop seeking validation or approval from everyone else.

Another way to stop being a weak man is to stop trying to please everyone. You also need to learn to have an opinion for yourself, not just agree with the majority. Stop blaming everyone for all the problems in your life. Learn to control your emotions and keep to your promise. When you say you would do something, try to follow through.


There are so many ways to pinpoint a weak man and we have highlighted them and I hope this article has helped you to know and understand the signs of a weak man.

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