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27 Telltale Signs A Pisces Man Is in Love With You

27 Telltale Signs A Pisces Man Is in Love With You

‘How to tell if a Pisces man is falling in love with you’- Pisces men are always usually creative, so they usually follow their own set of rules, but at the same time they are extremely sweet, caring, and fun to be with. But even though Pisces men are usually very emotional they are not very easy to read. You have to look very well and get to know them on a deeper level before you can be sure if they are falling in love with you.

There are numerous ways to tell if a Pisces man is falling in love with you like his attention always on you, he always wants to be around you to talk to, help you and involve himself in all aspect of your life. Lets take a look at some of the numerous ways in detail, below.


27 ways on how to tell if a Pisces man is falling in love with you

1. Eyes are always on you

His eyes will always be on you, he will give you a slow lingering gaze. But most times when you catch him looking at you he might turn away because he is embarrassed. Especially if he has a crush on you. To ensure you don’t catch him slipping he may try to control the way he is always gazing at you.

2. He usually starts the conversation with you

He is quick to initiate conversation he does want the conversation to be boring so he would bring up a wide range of topics just to get the conversation flowing. If he likes you he will want to hear your opinion and listen to you talk.

3. Always compliments you

By nature Pisces men are usually very compassionate and emotional, so they like to make those around them feel good about themselves especially when they like the person. When a Pisces man likes you he is sure to compliment everything about you down to the smallest detail.

4. It shows in his body language and facial expression

When a Pisces man likes you it can be pretty obvious in his body language and facial expressions, he may be hiding his feelings for fear of rejection but his body language and even his facial expression cannot deny his feelings.

5. Spends time with you

A Pisces man who longs for you would always create time for you. It does not matter how busy he seems to be. He would also ensure that he spends enough time with you.

6. Behaves in a caring manner towards you

It is the nature of Pisces men to take care of their partner. So if he is starting to act all sweet, opening up to you and showing you care more than usual, trying to dig into all aspects of your life. He most definitely likes you.

7.  Getting too touchy-feely

Pisces men love to show attention with physical touch, and being mushy around the people they like. He begins to narrow the space between the two of you. If you are sitting or standing he is sitting right next to you. He is always looking for a way to ensure that he touches you even if it is just to graze your skin with his.

8. Accepts you and all your flaws

A Pisces man will always accept you and all your flaws, he would not see only the perfect version of you. If a Pisces man loves you he would be ready to accept any and everything when it comes to you.

9. His feelings and emotions are obvious

If a Pisces man loves you he can’t hide his feelings,they are usually obvious for everyone to see. A Pisces man is always emotional around the person he likes, he shows his emotions easily. If a Pisces man likes you he comes straight out to let you know, he does not beat about the bush.

10. Wants to stay indoors with you

He would rather stay indoors and watch movies with you than go outside. Pisces men are often indoors people, they prefer to dive into a fantasy world with you. If he likes you he would see you as his best friend and always want to hang out with you.

11. Ask questions about you

Another sign that can let you know if a Pisces man likes you is that they would ask you a lot of questions about yourself. He would want to know everything there is to know about you, which may include your family and even your friends.

12. He wants to know you spiritually

When a Pisces man loves you he would want to connect with you spiritually and not just on the physical level. Pisces men love to create spiritual bonds with the person they like.

13. Tells you about his plans

He will always tell you about his dreams and his plan for the future. Pisces men are usually very imaginative, so when he starts to describe his dreams to you then he likes you.

14. Your conversation has deep meaning

A Pisces man will engage you in deep and helpful conversation, he won’t want to have a meaningless conversation with you if he likes you. He would ensure you can trust him by having a deep and helpful conversation with you.

Ensures that you listen to him and he listens to you too, makes sure to have a conversation about all the important stuff in your life.

15. Lets you know you can trust him

He lets you have his total trust, so when you find yourself trusting a Pisces man then know he likes you. He shows you that he is dependable and that you can count on him always.

16. Shy around you

When a Pisces man likes you he tends to come off as nervous or agitated when he is around you. He may appear uncomfortable and awkward around you. If he acts uneasy around you it means he likes you.

17. Passionate around you

They tend to appear passionate and romantic towards her. He may try to be subtle towards her, but it is always obvious in the little ways he dotes on her, be it the random gifts he gets her or the flowers he is always buying you.

18. Lets you see his creative side

Pisces men are usually very creative and artistic people, they tend to be very secretive or mysterious when it comes to their artwork. When a Pisces man is willing to show you his artwork then he does like you and would go the extra mile for you.

19. Comfortable with you

A Pisces man who is comfortable around you must like you a lot. No weird or strange silence when he is with you. 

20. Surprises you

Always look for ways to surprise you even if it is just a simple romantic dinner or just a simple and thoughtful gift.

21. Always wants to help you

He always wants to go out of his way to do little favours for you, always willing to help you in any way he can to make your life easier.

22. Encourages you

Majorly he encourages & pushes you to ensure that you achieve your greatest potential. He would be your greatest cheerleader and will always be there when you fall.

23 He respects you

Treats you like a gentleman and would always be respectful towards you, he would never let anyone disrespect you in his presence.

24. Gets your mood

Even if you try to pretend around him, he would still be aware of your feelings, understand if you are moody, and know exactly what you need.

25. Understands your need for personal space

If a Pisces man loves you he would understand that sometimes you need your personal space and not see it as a big deal when you request to be alone.

26. Muse

Usually calls you his inspiration or sometimes his muse, this is because Pisces men are usually creative and they tend to be around people who inspire them.

27. Automatically become part of his plans

Ensures that you are always at the forefront when he is making any plans.

How to make a Pisces man miss you

1. Act casual

If you run into him, or you see him, ensure you play it cool do not make it obvious that you miss him or that you are into him.

2. Ask about him

When you see a Pisces man, ask him about himself. Let him talk to you, and listen. When he looks back at the conversation he may find himself missing you.

3. Be mysterious

If you want a Pisces man to miss you, you have to play it cool. Don’t reveal everything there is to reveal, leave a little room for mystery. Pieces men love mysteries.

What signs are Pisces attracted to?

Most times when it comes to friendship and romantic relationships Pisces are attracted to Cancer, and scorpions because they are fellow water signs, and they speak the same emotional language. They are also attracted to Virgo, Capricorn, and Taurus because they are so grounded.

What is a Pisces man’s weakness?

One of the weaknesses of a Pisces man is the fact that they are usually very naive and they easily get afraid and they are quick to get lost inside their fantasies.

Things to do when your Pisces man pulls away.

1. Try to know if you offended him

When a Pisces man seems to be pulling away from you the first thing you can do is to try to find out if you offended him.

2. Check yourself

Your Pisces man starts to ignore you the first thing you should do is to examine yourself and ensure you were not the first one to pull back from him.

3. Surprise him

If a Pisces man starts to pull away you can try to surprise him, either by giving him a gift or planning a romantic date for the both of you.

4. Check if he is busy

If it seems as if your Pisces man is pulling away from you can check to see if he is busy, and not just your insecurities making you feel he is pulling back from you

Understand your Pisces man.

For you to understand a Pisces man may be a little bit difficult because Pisces men are creative people and most times you need to get into their heads to understand them.

You need to understand that he needs to spend time with his thoughts. This is because he needs this time to be creative and to remind himself of who he is.

Ways a Pisces man shows affection.

Pisces men are very affectionate, so they tend to go above and beyond just to show you they care, they try to always help you, they are always touching you and they are always wanting to be with you. Pisces men show affection in every little gesture they make towards you.

Signs a Pisces man is playing you

Pisces men are usually romantic, so if he is not acting romantic toward you then he may just be playing mind games with you.

If a Pisces man is avoiding intimacy with you then it is obvious that he does not like you.

Pisces men pay attention to detail. So if you notice that he does not pay attention to even a single detail about you it means that he does not like you.

If he does not show you affection, or he is not affectionate towards you it means that he does not like you and he is just toying with you.

Telltale signs to know if a Pisces man desires a relationship.

1. Can’t hide his feelings

If he wants to have a relationship with you he would always be around you and he won’t be able to hide his feelings from you.

2. He let you see his creative side

When a Pisces man wants a relationship with you he reveals his creative side to you.

3. Listens to you

You notice that he is always listening to you even when it seems as if you are rambling then it is a sign that he likes you.

4. Seeks your opinion

A Pisces man listens to your opinion and always seeks your opinion it is an obvious sign that he likes you.

5. Easily hurt his feelings

When a Pisces man likes you, you can hurt him easily, so if you notice that it seems a bit too easy to hurt him then it is a sign that he likes you.

How long does it take a Pisces man to fall in love

Naturally, the Pisces are hopeless romantics so it is usually easy for them to fall in love. It is normal for Pisces men to fall in love very quickly. Pisces men believe in love at first sight and soulmates. 

What scares a Pisces man away

1. A Pisces man may easily get scared and pulls away from you if you hurt his feelings one too many times.

2. When a Pisces man feels too overwhelmed either by you or by life, he tends to get scared. If a Pisces man feels like he is in over his head or that his life is too overwhelming he may feel scared and pull back.

3. When you guys are moving too fast a Pisces man may get scared and pull away.

4. Pisces men are very emotional and as such, they are prone to emotional issues, so a Pisces man may get depressed and this can scare him.

What happens when you sleep with a Pisces man too soon

Sleeping with a Pisces man too soon is not going to make or break your relationship. If you chose to sleep with a Pisces man on the first date it won’t change his feelings or emotions towards you.

How to keep a Pisces man wanting you.

If you want a Pisces man to keep wanting you, you have to be able to understand him and his creative needs.

You need to be romantic towards him and always ensure to let him know you have an interest in what is going on in his life.

For a Pisces man to continue to want you, you have to put his feelings into consideration and always try to be helpful and considerate towards him.

What a Pisces man is looking for in a woman.

Pisces men are most times attracted to imaginative and creative women, who can help and understand their creative side. A Pisces man likes a confident and capable woman. A Pisces man is always looking for a trait of honesty in their woman. Pisces man also leans more toward a compassionate woman that can show them compassion.


There you have all the various signs to look out for if a Pisces man likes you, and the ways you can behave around a Pisces man. You know he can equally be your soul mate. The next thing for you to do is look out for these signs in him.

Well, hope this article was helpful and we were able to answer a few of your questions, hope to see your feedback in the comment section. It’s a wrap from my end!

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