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20 Obvious Signs The Kiss Meant Something to Him

20 Obvious Signs The Kiss Meant Something to Him

I have always wondered ‘what the obvious signs the kiss meant something to him’ were because I couldn’t simply wrap my mind around it or get facts concerning it. Although I had some assumptions which made me super conscious to delve into this. 

It is with great pleasure to let you know below, I have ’20 obvious signs the kiss meant something to him’ which are, to highlight a few: he wants to do it again, he starts acting all caring, he cannot stop thinking about it, he keeps it a secret; hush!

However, it is important to know if a kiss means something real or not, so you will not mistake a normal kiss for something that is not close to what you might be thinking.

20 obvious signs the kiss meant something to him

1. He reminisces about the kiss

Generally, kissing means different things depending on how you see and practice it. But for a girl kissing a guy, this might mean she is in love with him or she cherishes him as a friend. 

If it means something dear to a guy, he will always reminisce with an unconscious smile on his lips and think about the day you kissed him.

2. He wants to do it again

Wanting a do-over of the kiss with the same person just because he cannot get you and the kiss off his mind.

If maybe you are with him and all he does is stare at you romantically, have it in mind that he is replaying the moment you both shared and he is wishing that he could kiss you again and again

3. Things feel different  

Things feel different after he must have kissed you. The way you both always acted towards each other changed.

The chemistry is presentable and more understood, you can’t explain or process it because it just happened and this might trigger some inner feelings in him towards you.

4. He starts acting all caring

A one-time kiss can make a guy act all caring and sincerely mean it. If he hasn’t known you so well as a person, he creates more time exclusively to be with you so he can probably get a chance to know you more, this shows that the kiss was genuine and heartfelt.

 Calling and texting to know how you are faring will be the order of his day and he would happily follow up to show how much he cares about you. 

5. He speaks about how he feels

When a guy confesses how he feels about you after a kiss, it means the kiss you shared meant something to him. It moved something deep within.

Thinking of you, seeing you, remembering your lips against his and actually kissing you gets him to mesmerized and transfixed. This shockingly makes him decide you are his soulmate

This makes him super anxious and he starts telling you how he truly feels about you and probably asks you to be his girl

6. He becomes confident

All of a sudden he makes a move on you when prior to the kiss he has been trying to run away from his feelings or even just plain doubting but kissing you opened his eyes and made him more confident because he wants something more, something lasting.

He doesn’t want to just have the thought of the kiss he had with you, he also wants more from you like being in a relationship with you so he can have more of you and cherish the times he will spend with you in the nearest future.

7. He won’t tell anyone

Guys who feel something big from a kiss find it very hard to share. He doesn’t feel secure sharing because he might also doubt whatever he felt regarding the kiss he had with you. 

He tends to hold on to his subconsciousness to know if truly he is on the right track. If he has figured these out, working according to plan will be his goal at that moment.  

8. It was gentle and slow

A slow, soft kiss is full of affection and passion, and it has less to do with wanting something sexual. It means they were enjoying the moment and wanted to linger.

Slow kisses are usually passionate – remember this next time you kiss someone for the first time. You welcome

If you want to know for sure how to know if a kiss meant something real, watch out for that slow kiss. 

9. Not intoxicated

When alcohol is in one’s system people get more bold and touchy-feely when they’re been drinking and partying. But if both of you were sober or almost sober, it could mean something more than just a drunken kiss. 

10. You both got quiet afterwards

If you didn’t go about your night like normal afterwards, it meant something more. It means you’re both processing the kiss and what just happened.

11. He feels uncomfortable around you

He feels very uncomfortable whenever he’s around you because he doesn’t know how to react.

He might be developing feelings for you or probably shy about what occurred between you both. He avoids meeting your eyes and cannot make coherent sentences.

12. He doesn’t trust himself

Having a heartfelt kiss with someone is a strong feeling that could mean many things.

For a guy who hasn’t seen or felt that way after he might have kissed you may lack trust in himself for he will always feel the urge to kiss you again for him to know the kiss meant something to him. 

13. Attraction

His attraction towards you becomes defined.  He sees you beyond the kiss he had with you and sees how beautiful and endowed you might be. 

You captivate him by the way you do things like talking, walking, your attitude towards disagreements, e.t.c.

14. He feels respected

He starts to appreciate the fact that you are in his life for you always make him feel honoured and special. 

The guy finds a way to make you happy in return and also reciprocates the respect you showered on him.

15. He finds you different

He sees you as a different kind of girl that has been in his life. He is unable to match the energy you give him with other girls he has seen. 

This shows the kiss truly meant something to him and he is ready to figure it out with you. 

16. It defines your relationship with him

A guy defining his relationship with you is simply a sign that the kiss meant something to him.

Having to strategize how he can make you more than a friend is what he will always have in mind. He won’t want another guy to take you away from him and he will be want to be able to kiss you regularly, more reason he does all that it takes to make you his babe

17. He sees you as his significant other

Some guys do get hints about who they want to spend their life with through a kiss. That one-time kiss can spring up some emotions in them and make them conclude on how they see you in the next three years.

They are that quick to make decisions, I dare say.

18. It creates a happy moment in his life

signs the kiss meant something to him

He is always happy when you are around and smiles from ear to ear just seeing you. He wants to try everything and do everything with you to make beautiful memories.

With this, have it in mind that the kiss meant something to him and he can’t let go of the thoughts.

19. He feels secure emotionally

Being emotionally secure is what everyone in a relationship wishes and prays for. If he feels safe discussing how everything went down then he is climbing a step in letting you know that he wants you

20. He always wants to bond with you

He wouldn’t want to let a day go by without him being around you. A major sign that the kiss meant something to him is when he wants to bond and spend quality time with you.

Why it’s important to know what the kiss means

I earlier stated how crucial it is to know what the kiss means so as not to get everything mixed up or misunderstood because it would be embarrassing and terrifying if you read the wrong meaning of the kiss.

Kissing influences neurotransmitters and hormones like oxytocin, dopamine, and serotonin, which also play a major role in our relationship.  

It is better not to initiate a romantic kiss if you don’t feel anything towards that particular person and always read and understand the meanings of kisses.

French kiss gives a form of intimacy, a Cheek kiss is a simple sign of greeting or affection that can have a wide range of meanings, depending on just the person you share it with. 

Do guys fall in love after kissing?

This doesn’t have a direct answer because guys differ. Some guys can automatically fall in love after a kiss while some pretend to visit the other side.

Although, kissing causes a chemical reaction in your brain, including a burst of the hormone oxytocin.

According to a 2013 study, Oxytocin is particularly important in helping men bond with a partner and stay monogamous but that doesn’t mean it is all men that stay monogamous and loyal after a kiss.

What type of kiss do guys like?

According to an anthropologist Helen Fisher of Rutger University, she said “Generally, guys like wet kisses which has to do with more of the tongue action”  

Also, the kisses of sensitive parts of the body like kisses on his lips, the earlobe, a romantic neck kiss, a french kiss, a peck on the cheek, kisses on his forehead, kisses on his hand are charming for guys to come along and desire you more.

What does the first time kiss mean?

The first time kiss creates intimacy between two people, that adrenaline rush that stimulates both sexes into being with each other.

This is a landmark incident in the lives of most individuals. You probably remember where you were at the time, who your spouse is or was, and who initiated it.

How do you move lips while kissing a guy?

Crinkling your lips for a kiss. Soften your lips. Before crinkling, your lips, keep them relaxed, let your lips hang naturally as this will keep them fluffier and more gentle during kissing 

When you are in the act of kissing, move your lips towards him and press your lips slowly against his without shoving your nose in his face.

Shut your eyes gradually at the last second. Kiss him for 1-4 seconds, allowing him to adjust his position freely while kissing you. During the whole kiss, keep your eyes close to genuinely feel the intimacy between you both.

He kissed me, what should I do?

The question is whether you found yourself fascinated with the person you shared a kiss with and if you want it to be a continuous thing transpiring between you two, then, a simple sign like a beautiful smile or good eye contact after a kiss might be all you need.

So also, you can as well ease back after the kiss, keeping yourself close to your partner’s face, to give each of you space, especially if you wrapped a hand around him

Can I catch feelings after a kiss?

This depends on who you kissed and how you felt after kissing. A kiss can make or break any intending relationship you must have been building in your head.

If the kiss you had with him was mind-blowing, you will have feelings after that and want to carry on with the relationship but if it wasn’t thrilling, you might just want to end things there and keep the relationship at a level of friendship, without being goofy about it.

I want to kiss him again; what do I do?

As a girl, you kissed a guy who hasn’t become your boyfriend or you are planning to say yes and you desire to kiss him again but you don’t have an idea of what to do, don’t panic, try to be around him and do the following.

1. Simple Touches

Touch him while you both are conversing. Do touch him barely now and then on his legs if you both are on the couch or touch his hands from time to time. 

Have a warm, cozy intimate environment for the two of you so the flow can be there.

 2. Go into a conversation.

Engage him in a lengthy and interesting conversation. Ask and know what he likes and values about you. He’ll use some lovely words to define what he likes. 

So when he also asks what you like about him, look straight into his eyes, take your gaze down to his lips, and boldly say to him “I like your lips and how soft they look”, do this with a sexy look and attach a warm smile on your face. 

3. Smile or laugh

A smile is a beautiful way of conveying messages. You want a guy to notice you when you both are together, kindly let out a smile, not just any kind of smile but the one that passes a message across. 

He on the other hand will understand what your cravings are and give them to you, that’s if he is on the same page with you.

 4. “I’m cold”

You want his lips to caress your lips but you don’t want to be the first to go for it, you might as well use the technique of “I’m cold” to win him over. Funny right, lol!

This will prompt him to either wrap his arms around you or offer you his jacket if he’s wearing one. If he does neither, move closer to him while still rubbing your arms then probably pucker your lips at him, he will get the gist.

If he doesn’t kiss you, you might just be the one to kiss him, that is you turning the table. No time, lol!

If the kiss truly meant something to a guy, he will put out time to think about it and give reasons why it happened and he will figure out what to do next. 

He will try to evaluate the experience for him not to read crazy meanings to what is not, which I feel Is the right thing to do. 

If you have examined and seen that there’s more to that feeling and it is significant to you, you should go for whatever it is. If not, just forget about what you feel because you already know the kiss didn’t mean anything to you. Don’t force it.

T for thanks…

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