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40 Take-home Signs Your Friend Doesn’t Respect You

40 Take-home Signs Your Friend Doesn’t Respect You

People often use the word “friend” without knowing the actual meaning of the word. Who is a friend? A friend is someone that you are close to and share a special bond with. A friend is also someone you can trust, rely on and share your secrets with.

Humans love to be respected and some even force people to respect them. In friendships, respect is very key and undeniably important. Some of the signs your friend doesn’t respect you include: He is manipulative toward you. She bullies you. He doesn’t support you. She always takes and never gives. He doesn’t keep your secrets. She lies to you. He doesn’t accept his errors.

Under are more signs that show your friend doesn’t respect you:

40 Signs that your friend doesn’t respect you:

1. If your friend is manipulative:

One of the first many sins your friend doesn’t respect you is that your friend is manipulative towards you if he/she is trying to control you in order to achieve a specific purpose, especially something that’s unknown to you and beneficial to your friend.  

2. If your friend does not care about your achievements:

A friend would always be attentive or show concern about the other’s achievements if they actually care.  

3. If your friend is envious of you: 

This is common in many friendships today. A true friend will never show any sign of envy. If they respect you, they will always be genuinely happy for you.

4. If he always wants you to check up on him first:

Some people have the habit of always wanting their friends to call or text them first which is very bad. If you really respect your friend you wouldn’t do this and you would always want to hear from them whenever you are free to talk. 

5. If she does not respect people you care about:

Your friend will never disrespect people you care about and this includes your spouse or family. 

6. If he finds it hard to keep your secrets:

One of the things friends do together is telling each other secrets. If your friend is finding it difficult to keep your secrets while you keep theirs, that is a sign that he/she does not respect you.

7. If he makes fun of your shortcomings or disabilities:

If you are disabled and your friend uses your disability to mock you whether in public or in private such a person does not respect you.

8. If your friend is always intimidating or bullying you:

A person that respects you would never intimidate you or bully you. A true friend is meant to stand up for you against bullies and not be the bully.

9. If your friend is not supportive:

One of the characteristics of a good friendship is showing support to each other. A friend can be supportive either by providing encouragement, finance, or showing emotional support.

10. If your friend talks about you behind your back:

Another one of the many signs your friend doesn’t respect you is if your friend is constantly saying things behind your back that he/she wouldn’t say in your presence. That only means the person isn’t as genuine as you think. 

11. If your friend makes you feel small:

A person who respects you would never make you feel less of yourself. A friend should always help to build your self-esteem and not make you feel small. 

12. If your friend is always dishonest:

There are some situations where your friend might feel the need to be dishonest with you probably because they are scared or ashamed. But if this is something that happens continuously, that is a sign that the person does not respect you. 

13. If your friend doesn’t admit their mistake: 

There is a saying that says nobody is perfect. However, if a person is wrong the person should also learn to admit his/her mistake. A friend who does not see any faults in their actions which you may find offensive, such a person doesn’t respect you. 

14. If she doesn’t invite you to social events:

It’s normal for your friend to invite you to social events except you’re the type that does not like going out at all. If that’s the case, your friend should invite you, and only then will it be your choice to decide whether to go or not. If your friend did not consider inviting you at all, that’s a sign that they do not respect you.  

15. If they ignore you for new friends:

A true friend will never ignore or abandon you just because they have a new friend. If they do this it means they do not respect you. 

16. If they only call you when in need of favor:

A true friend will never call you only when in need of a favor. A friend that respects you will call whenever he/she is free either to gist or tell you about their plans for the day.

17. If he belittles you in front of others:

No one who truly cares about you will make you feel less of yourself or belittle you at all especially not in public. So if your friend does this, the person does not respect you at all. 

18. If she is physically abusive:

If you discover that your friend is physically abusive toward you, it’s not only a sign that the person doesn’t respect you but it’s also a sign of a toxic friendship. Anyone who truly respects you wouldn’t abuse you in any way.

19. If he doesn’t have your back:

As a friend, you should be ready to back up your friend on anything and vice versa. If your friend doesn’t back you up at all, that’s a sign that he/she does not respect you.

20. If she is not reliable:

As friends, it’s normal to rely on each other. If your friend does not seem to be willing to help in times of difficulties even when they have the opportunity, that’s an obvious sign that he/she doesn’t respect you at all. 

21. If he never apologizes:

Sorry is just another five-letter word to them. Saying sorry can go a long way in a friendship; it can break or amend the friendship. However, if your friend doesn’t apologize even when they need to, that’s a sign that he/she doesn’t respect you. 

22. If she always uses your past against you:

This is common among childhood friends or friends who have been together for a very long time. As a friend, they should understand that your past doesn’t define who you’re and should not be used against you. However, if he/she doesn’t care and continuously uses it against you, that person doesn’t respect you.

23. If she doesn’t return your call or text:

It’s understandable for a friend who is busy to not be able to return your call at that particular time you called, but if this is not the case, there is no reason why your friend shouldn’t return your call as soon as they see it. If this is a continuous behavior, then they do not respect you at all.  

24. If he doesn’t care about your boundaries:

It’s important to set boundaries in life and it’s also important for your friend to know when not to overstep their boundaries. However, if your friend ignores your boundaries, that friend does not respect you.

25. If he is always breaking promises:

Promises are meant to be kept not meant to be broken. If your friend is able to make a promise your friend should also learn to keep the promise he/she has made. If this is a continuous act you should always ask yourself this question, will a real friend break a promise they made?

26. If she interrupts you all the time:

It’s very rude and totally unacceptable for your friend to interrupt you when you’re speaking. A true friend would always listen to your opinions in any situation. If your friend feels like what they have to say is far more important than whatever it is you have to say and thereby interrupting you, that’s a sign that he/she doesn’t respect you. 

27. If he is not encouraging you to pursue your dreams:

A good friend will always encourage you and support your dreams. If you notice that they do not encourage you but instead they always try to slow you down, he/she doesn’t respect you. 

28. If she cancels at the last minute:

There are some situations that may arise in which canceling at the last minute is unavoidable. However, this is not something that should be happening all the time. If you and your friend make plans and he/she always cancels at the last minute, that person does not respect you at all.

29. If he is stingy to you:

You don’t have to be the richest person in the world to be generous even with the little you have you can still show generosity. If they are stingy to you it’s a sign that they do not respect you.

30. If the friendship is one-sided:

It takes two persons to build a friendship. It is totally wrong for a friendship to be one-sided. A friendship can be one-sided if your friend does not reciprocate the same energy you give in the friendship. For example, if your friend has never acknowledged the fact that you both are friends whereas, you have acknowledged the fact that you are friends. This shows a lack of respect for you.

31. If you feel used by your friend:

This often happens when your friend is always at the receiving end and they have never reciprocated. It’s only normal to feel used after noticing this.

32. If she sees you as a competition:

Competition can be both healthy and unhealthy. However, a competition that is one-sided is unhealthy competition. Your friend should see your achievements as a motivation and not a means to compete with you. If your friend sees you as a competition they tend to enjoy seeing you struggle and even wish for your downfall which is very bad.

33. If your friend doesn’t share their personal life with you:

As friends, you should be comfortable with each other. That also applies to being vulnerable around each other. If your friend does not like to share their personal life with you while you spill every detail about yourself with them, it shows a lack of respect.

34. If he always brings negative vibes around you:

A person that’s always negative will mess with your mindset and make you think negatively too. For example, if you plan on starting up a business and you decide to seek advice from your friend about your business plans and they bring negative vibes about it. This shows that they do not respect you.

35. If they push you to make bad decisions:

A good friend will never push you into making bad decisions all in the name of having fun. If you discover that your friend is intentionally making you do the wrong thing, that friend doesn’t respect you and as a matter of fact, the person is your enemy, not your friend.

36. If she is always insensitive towards you:

A true friend will always care about your feelings and not deliberately do things that will hurt your feelings. If this happens, it is a sign that they do not respect you.

37. If he always forgets important things you tell him:

As humans, we tend to forget things. It is only a computer that will give you information about yourself word for word without missing a thing. However, if your friend is always attentive and listens to you, they won’t forget important things about you.

38. If she shows romantic interest in your partner:

A friend who truly values your friendship would never show interest in your partner whether you are married or not. They would never put themselves in a situation where you will have to question their loyalty to you. It is also important for you to set boundaries between your partner and your friend. This shows that they do not respect you.

39. If your friend ditches you for other people in social gatherings:

It’s wrong for your friend to leave you without company especially if you both came to the party together. It’s okay for your friend to want to mingle with others. But it’s wrong to do that at a party that he/she invited you to and is aware that the only person you know there is him/her.

40. If she always speaks rudely to you:

There are some friends who are unknowingly rude but that doesn’t mean it can’t be controlled by letting them know you won’t condone rudeness from them. If this should continue even after you have spoken to them about it then he/she doesn’t respect you.

What is respect in friendships?

Respect is an attitude of admiration, esteem, or regard. In friendships, respect is very important because it is the cement or glue that will bind your friendship for many years. As friends, when respect for each other is observed with truth, it’ll be so easy to move from the friend stage into the brother or sister stage. Friendships like these will have a stronger bond than most sibling relationships.  

What is disrespect in friendship?

Disrespect in friendship is an utter lack of respect for a friend. Once disrespect is allowed in this type of relationship or any kind of relationship, the disrespected fellow should try to excuse himself from such a relationship and find peace alone. It is better to be alone without friends than to be in one where you are constantly disrespected. Disrespect will dampen your morale and almost kill your confidence. 

When should I cut a friend off?

You should cut off a friend when they start to influence you negatively. When you sense that they are not putting in as much effort in the friendship as you do. You should cut off your friend if they continue to disappoint or betray you several times. You should cut off your friend if they create or attract drama into your life.  

Who are toxic friends?

Toxic friends are friends that do the opposite of all you need to grow. They don’t motivate you, they don’t give you the right admonitions, and they don’t want to grow themselves. Toxic friends can endanger your sanity especially if you are a purpose-driven fellow. Stay away from toxic friends because toxicity is quite contagious and it’s easier for you to catch that vibe since your friend is toxic.

Signs your friend doesn’t care about you:

1. If they do not make an effort to check up on you.

2. If they do not care about your feelings.

3. If they do not support you in times of difficulty.

4. If they do not show concerns about your feelings.

How to deal with disrespectful friends

1. Talk to them about it:

Communication is the key to a long and lasting friendship. If you notice that your friend is disrespectful towards you, try and talk to them about it.

2. Ask for clarification if necessary:

This is very important because sometimes words can be misunderstood. Your friends might not intend to be disrespectful but their words may say otherwise in this case there is a need to ask them what they mean.

3. Cut them off if they refuse to change:

If your friend remains disrespectful to you after you mention it to them, my dear, find an escape route so you can live a life of bliss and not be battered by words and actions that make you feel like a toy thing.

The signs people respect you:

They would never hurt you. People who respect you would never give you a reason to question their loyalty. They would never try to intimidate or bully you. They would never manipulate you. 

How to avoid disrespect in friendship

There is a saying that respect is reciprocal. When you respect yourself, your friend will also learn to respect you. You should always think before you respond to every situation.


There are numerous signs that your friend doesn’t respect you but sometimes this disrespect could also be your fault. So, you should also try to comprehend the situation before reacting. If you notice any of the above signs in your friendship, it’s advisable to talk to your friend about it or leave the friendship especially if it’s toxic. It is also important to know that not all friendships last forever.

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