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33 Accurate Signs Your Guy Friend Is Falling For You

33 Accurate Signs Your Guy Friend Is Falling For You

Signs your guy friend is falling for you – One thing about being just friends with a guy is that there is always a tendency that one or both of you, will begin to catch feelings. So how would you know this for sure?

Well, if he is single and never talks about other women, compliments you, drops hints of loving you, always wants to hang out with you, tells you everything, those are some signs your guy friend is falling for you  

If your male friend is showing the following signs that would be shared in this article, then that guy surely has feelings for you.


33 apparent Signs your guy friend is falling for you

1. Never talks about other women   

When a guy sees you as just a friend, he would tell you about the woman he likes. He would even seek your advice on the best ways to win her over. However, if this guy has never told you about any other woman, then he has feelings for you.

2. Drops hints 

This is one of the major signs your guy is falling for you. He would tell you, but indirectly. Jokingly he would even say how you two would make a lovely couple. Or he might also send some text, telling you how special you are to him.

3. Acting jealous when you are around other guys

If you want to know a guy has feelings for you, check how he reacts when you are with other guys. You should be able to tell by his behavior, if he is acting jealous. If he is, then he likes you more than a friend.

4. Always around you

As close friends, it’s normal for you to always be together. But if this guy does not go out with other girls, and prefers to spend time with you, then he has feelings for you

5. He wants to always be your hero

He would make you feel safe. If he senses when you are in a vulnerable situation, he would want to protect you with everything he owns.

6. Remembers everything you tell him 

Yes, your guy friend will pay attention to you. When a guy likes you more than a friend, you become his priority. If you say anything to him and ask him a few days later, he will remember like, that was all he has been thinking about.

7. Avoids talking about guys you are interested in

Have you tried talking about other guys in his presence? If he is falling for you, you would notice that he would not pay full attention to that conversation. He would try to say something distracting, so the conversation would not continue.

8. Gives you the look 

Does he look at you, like, looking at you puts him in another world? it seems you make him appear lost? Those are signs your guy is falling for you. You will catch him staring often.

9. He wants to know your dating progress

He will always want to know who you would like to date, if you say no one that means he still has the chance to have you. That’s why he is always asking.

10. More touchy than usual

When a man likes you as a friend, he will touch you like he will touch his sister. If his touch feels a little extra, then that guy has feelings for you.

11. Shows his vulnerability 

One thing about guys is that, they want to be seen as the strong ones. To them going soft is a weakness. so when they are around women they try to hold their emotions. However, if this guy cries in your presence, has intimate conversations with you, and tells you things that he won’t tell anyone, then he has feelings for you.

12. Buys you thoughtful gifts 

He gets you the right gift at the right time. He might even try to throw hints with gifts saying he loves you.

13. Compliments you

Though your male friend can compliment you, if a guy has feelings for you, he will notice everything and compliment you. You should be able to see how much he means it when he says it.

14. Supportive

He is always there for you, if you need someone to talk to, he is always there. A true friend will care for you too, but for a guy that’s falling for you, he will take it as his responsibility, to always be there for you, and be your biggest fan.

15. Notices everything about you 

This guy will look at you in detail if there are any changes he is going to take notes on. If your male friend is like this, then he likes you more than a friend. He gets to notice you a lot because he can get his eyes off you 

16. Always flirts with you

When a guy friend likes you, he would make prolonged eye contact with you, when he is talking he would lean close to you, he might even lick his lips when he looks at you.

17. Contacts you always

He would always text and call you first. He won’t be able to go a day without calling or texting you.

18. Your friends have confirmed It 

If you have mutual friends, they will tell you he likes you. Might be because of the way he talks about you. If you don’t have mutual friends, your friends would tell you that you too look perfect together, because of how they have seen him act around you.

19. Talks about your moment together 

Whenever you guys go out. He would talk about it often and often. To a friend that likes you, your moment together is so special. He will keep reminiscing over it.

20. Drunk texts romantic stuff 

Has this guy texted you how much he loves you when he is drunk? That’s a sign a guy is falling for you. He might not even be drunk; he would text you how he feels and blames it on the alcohol.

21. Spends special days with you

When a guy is catching feelings for you, you will become the most special person in his life. He would prefer to spend important days like his birthdays, thanksgiving, with you.

22. Takes you on dates 

He would take you on romantic dates, this guy likes you secretly. He might not have said it out yet, but taking you to the romantic restaurant is just his way of letting you know.

23. Acts nervous around you 

When a guy is falling In Love with a girl, there is this tension he gets when she is around. It will be very difficult for him to hide his nervousness around you. 

24. Speaks about the future with you

He makes plans for the both of you, he won’t be able to talk about his future, without you in it.

25. Curious about everything happening in your life 

He will ask about your day, he wants to know why you are sad, he always wants to know what’s going on in your life.

26. Offers to pay the bill

Even if he knows you can pay the bill, he would offer to pay it. Guys don’t always act like gentlemen around a girl if they see her as just a friend.

27. Cautious about his looks around you 

He would always look his best when he knows he is coming to see you. Even when he is with you, you would catch him looking at his dress, if they are properly placed.

28. He has a pet name for you 

This is one of the surest signs a guy friend is falling for you. He would give you a pet name that only he can call you.

29. You can feel it too 

If a guy has feelings for you, you would be able to feel the chemistry. when you are with him the atmosphere will feel different.

30. Tries to prolong the conversation 

When is on a call or having a conversation with you, he would not want it to end. He enjoys talking with you.

31. Acts awkward when you are around him and his friends 

When you are hanging with him and his friends, he would be like he is on a hot seat. That’s because his friends know he likes you.

32. Treats you differently 

You will know a guy likes you from the way he treats you. He might be mean around other people, but when he is with you, he treats you with so much care.

33. Tells you 

Lastly, if his guy friend truly has feelings for you, no matter how long it might take, he will tell you someday.

What to do when your guy friend is  falling for you

It depends. If you feel the same way for him, then you can tell him that you do. Then see if you can be able to start something. If you don’t, you have to be honest with him, that you don’t feel the same way. Though you might not want to ruin your friendship, telling him might make him draw away from you.

And is better than him catching feelings and hoping for one day that you feel the same way. Tell him his home much your friendship means to you 

Reasons why he is falling for you

1. You are attractive 

If you are a girl, and you are attractive, it would be difficult for any male friend not to fall for you. That might just be the reason your guy friend is falling for you.

2. Sent mixed-signal 

As a girl, if you are friends with a guy there are some things you would do to him that would make him start to fall for you.

Things like holding his hands, sending him texts, and getting him gifts can make a guy think you have feelings for him. Therefore he will start to have feelings for you too. 

3. He became too comfortable around 

When you are friends with people, and you are very close to them, is there a possibility of them falling for u. Like we said earlier. They tell you everything, spending time together, would start to make your feelings burgeon for each other. Yes, they might like you, and you too might start to feel something for him.

4. You a single

If you are single and you have a male friend, knowing that there is no one in your life, would make him start to develop feelings for you.

5. ‘I love you’ from the start 

Maybe he did not just start falling from you. It might be that from the beginning, he wanted something more than friends but he decided to be your friend because he feels he can’t get you.

Is it normal for a guy friend to fall for you?

It is normal and expected for your guy friend to fall for you. You are beautiful, and he is human that has blood flowing through his veins. You do everything together, make memories together, and you think he won’t fall for you?

How long does this kind of relationship last if started

There is no way to know how long a relationship would last. But if you feel the same way, dating a guy you are already close with, can turn into a very lasting relationship. 

You guys must have spent the time being friends and learning a lot about each other and also seeing each other’s flaws. That understanding and friendship between you two can make you two have a lasting relationship.

How to make him stop liking you in that manner

1. Avoid sending mixed signals

If you want a guy to stop catching feelings for you, avoid touching him in flirting ways, or acting jealous when he is around other girls.

2. Tell him about it

Talk to him so that you don’t feel the same way. That you value your friendship and you like him as just a friend. 

3. Turn down plans with him

Tell him about it. You have to make him know you mean what you say. If he asks you to come to see him, tell him you can’t. He has to know he does not have full access to you. That would want him to get someone he can have access to.

4. Try to find someone else for him

Try to hook him up with your friends. That way he will know you don’t feel the same way.

5. Flirt with others when he is around 

Though this might hurt him a little, it will get the job done. Don’t treat him differently. When you are getting touchy around your other male friends, he will read meanings to how you interact with them.

6. Spend less time with him 

Limiting how often you guys hang out, will make his feelings for you gradually fade away. 

7. Limit your texting and calls 

Limit calls too even when he texts you be slow to respond.

Signs he wants nothing more but just friendship (10)

1. Barely initiates contacts 

When a guy likes you he will want to call you. If this guy never calls you except for something important, it means he sees you just as a friend.

2. He does not flirt with you 

He avoids physical contact with you, and you will never catch him staring at you.

3. Talks about other women 

He will tell you about the other girls he likes. He would even check out some of your friends and ask for you to help him get them.

4. Dating someone else

He is your friend. If  he is planning to date someone else or just started dating someone else, then he sees you as just a friend

5. Treats you just as he treats everybody

He does not give you any special treatment. He talks to you, just as he talks with his male friends.

6. Doesn’t care about his looks around you 

He won’t mind if he is looking properly dressed. When he comes to see you he doesn’t dress to impress you.

7. Spends less time with you

If he sees you as just a friend, he won’t make you his priority. He has other people he wants you to spend time with. So he is not always with you.

8. Tries to hook you up if you are single 

This is one clear sign he sees you just as a friend. He might connect you and his friends. Guys barely do this. Even if they are just friends with you, if he does it, It means he doesn’t even feel a thing for you. So hehe is trying to hook you up with his friends, so you won’t feel anything for him.

9. Acts distant when you try to flirt

If you try to flirt with him, he will act as if it makes him uncomfortable, you would notice that he is not cool with you touching him.

10. Always reminds you that you are just friends

Lastly, he will tell you. Especially if he doesn’t want you to catch feelings for him. When you try to touch him, or all talk about love, he would remind you that you are just friends.

I’m falling for him too- how to make him fall faster

1. Tell him how you feel 

The only way he can let his guard down fully and fall in love with you is if he knows you feel the same way. So you can tell him or drop hints, telling him you always see both of you married in your dreams.

2. Flirt back 

Touch him too in ways that will send to him that you like him. Touch his ears and send him a text that says, he is specially complimenting his physical features.

3. Spend more time with him 

The more he sees you, the more his feelings for you will grow.

4. Create memories with him

Take him on dates, do things that will stick in his head forever

5. Buy him gifts 

Guys love gifts and it’s one of the quickest ways to make them fall in love. Get him gifts, things you know he would love.

6. Care for him

Guys can be big babies if you show them the right care. Act like his mother; guys love that feeling.  but don’t be controlling.


By now, you should have discovered if your guy friend likes you or not. If he does and you feel the same way, you can use the tips in this article to make him fall in love with you faster. 

If not, you have to be honest with him, that you don’t feel the same way, and you value him as your friend

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