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Sure Signs Your Man Has A Crush On Another Woman

Sure Signs Your Man Has A Crush On Another Woman

Men are likely to have eyes for other women even when they are in a serious affair or have even tied the knot. This makes you as a lady have fears when you notice your partner is exhibiting a strange attitude. For this reason, you are seeking to find signs your husband has a crush on another woman.

You may have seen the hint and can’t take action because you are not certain. So we have helped you put together decisive pointers that there is someone else on his mind.

Chatting with a strange woman, neglecting your needs, and being unavailable, are some of the attitudes a man who has a crush on another woman will display to his wife.

Can a married man have a crush on another lady?

Well, it is normal for a partner, at least at some point in time to get drawn to someone else. This does not mean that they don’t love you enough or your marriage is going to crash.

They are human beings and when we see someone eye-catching, we might feel something for them.

This all depends on who and how your husband is handling this feeling. Having an attachment to a celebrity is a usual occurrence and that should not be any cause for alarm. If he mentions it to you, it means you are in a healthy relationship as long he does not sound obsessed.

However, if as a man, you feel something towards a lady other than your wife, it does not mean that you are not a good husband. In fact, it is a good thing that you are aware of these feelings.

So the right thing to do in this situation is to handle it with caution. Don’t let it affect your marriage. If you think it is getting too much into you, you should see a therapist or look for things that make you draw away from her.

Most times, it could be a problem in your marriage or your desire. Humans are wired to want more but as it is, with time, this kind of attachment will gradually die off. Being drawn to this woman may reveal something that you need to fix about your marriage.

So this is the time you have to reignite that fire and talk to your partner about it. But make it sound playful. If there is anything she does that you like, you can chip it into your relationship. But never coerce your wife to be like her.

What makes a married man becomes attracted to another woman?

Well, it is part of the psychological makeup of humans to be insatiable. And the fact that you can’t get all you want in one partner is a great contributor.

Even if a man is married to the most beautiful lady in the world, he might still see something in another one. He is still going to see something in another one that he finds eye-catching.

Don’t get me wrong, ladies are like this too. It is all in the human making. Some things like the way another lady talks, dresses, or even looks can make a man have an interest in another lady.

Although most times, this can be a temporary feeling. We all at one point get attracted to other people while we are in a committed relationship. But this is where discipline comes in.

A man should know how to take his mind off temptations if he wants to save his marriage. If there are things she does or wears that interest you, talk to your partner about it. But don’t make her feel like she is not good enough for you.

Marital issues can also draw a man’s attention out of his home. Couples sometimes stay together and forget they have to reignite the love. All these things can make it all tiring and then they begin to have eyes for other people.

Greed can also make a man with a wife attracted to a lady that isn’t his wife. Some men are greedy and believe in acquiring more women for themselves.

Some men don’t have a single regard for their wives. They see them as tools and have no true bond with them. They constantly want other women because they don’t care whose ox is gored.

Signs your other half has a crush on another lady

When a man’s bond with another lady has developed to a level, you’ll notice that he won’t be excited in the other room. Even when you do all that you can, he acts as if you don’t exist. This is because his mind is occupied by the thoughts of someone else that has a perfect body shape.

His phone is now his biggest companion.  If you knew his phone password or it never had one, it becomes locked. This indicates he has something to hide.

There is one thing you would notice. He will point out your flaws and say them often. He will also point out what the other woman has over you. Men may not be the chatty type about their outside affairs. But if there is this woman he can’t stop talking about, then she is the one.

If you try saying something about this woman, you will observe how he becomes defensive. This suggests he is afraid you may find out.

If he has a habit of not being too conscious of his looks but has changed, this change might be inspired by her.

In addition, Your husband might begin to develop strange habits. Like working late and going out with vague explanations. Men are known to be around the person they are interested in. So if he has someone that catches his fancy he would prefer to be with her.

He will also avoid all the things you used to do together. Like going out, or wearing matching outfits with you. Guess he does not want his new flame to see you both.

He does not bother doing anything to make you feel loved. Even when you try to act like you are not interested, he doesn’t even mind. And the times when he decides to have sex with you, it is like you have to force him.

And deep inside of you, you know something is off. That’s your gut telling you, your man is gradually slipping away. Even on your special days, he acts like it means nothing.

Can a married man love his wife and a concubine simultaneously?

Well, that’s possible. Some men are polygamous in nature. They can give an equal level of commitment to both their main and side partners.

This kind of person is wired that way. But the common thing in this situation is that at some point, he will have to focus on one rather than the other. So it will be either you or the other woman that loses in the end.

So in certain situations, a man can have feelings for two women. A polyamorous person would want to have a different spouse.

Each would be in his life for different purposes. Maybe one is good in bed and the other is good at cooking.

The fact the man does this does not always mean he is not a terrible fellow. He only has to learn how to be content. You can’t find everything in one partner. You have to look for the few positive things in one person and live with them.

Because the truth is that even the person you are eying now can not give you everything you want. Except you want to keep multiple partners which is not fair to the person you are married to. Your other half might have seen other favorable options but decided to remain with you.

How do I accept that my man loves someone else?

If you have seen signs your husband is having a crush on another woman, the best approach is to accept the reality. You have to evaluate your relationship and see if maybe something is pushing him away.

But what you should never do is blame yourself. Men are like this; they may try to shift the blame on you. Don’t take it. If he loves someone else, try to decipher why it happened.

Is it just him or you? Maybe you can talk to a therapist about the whole issue.

Don’t try to seek revenge or try to be like the other woman. You might lose yourself in the process. Talk to trusted friends about it and this can help you get it off your chest.

Whatever way you are feeling at that moment, accept it.

What should I do if my husband has a crush on another woman?

The first thing is to make sure you are not jumping to conclusions. Be certain that there is another woman out there that he is having an affair. Then accept the fact that knowing this is going to hurt. If this has greatly affected your marriage, then you have to talk to him about it.

Understand the reason behind it. Knowing the root cause will help you in making a good decision. Is it that he is tired of you, or there was an issue that pushed him away?

Tell him about the whole thing in a calm manner and see how he reacts. If he talks like he is sorry and wants you to fix things, you both can go see a therapist. But if it’s the other way round, maybe it’s time to call it to quit.

The question is can you live with the thoughts of your husband’s possible infidelity? If you know you can’t, then it’s time to go away. Because if you decide to stay, the relationship will not survive anyway.

Take your time to think about everything. But if he agrees that he has done something with the other woman, get yourself tested. But if it is just a mere crush, it is something that can be worked on that if he wants to.

Put yourself first. Don’t take all the blame or try to hurt him too. This situation can be fixed if your husband is ready.

And if you are sure you can live with those thoughts and forgive him. But if he is being mean to you because of this other woman, the best advice is to walk away.

Is my husband having a crush on another woman and a slap on my face?

Well, yes, it is a show of disrespect. Because if he values you, he won’t want to get involved in another affair. This is worse if after meeting the other woman, he begins to act in ways that show he no longer cares about you.

Having an attachment with a lady outside your marriage means he must or may do something with her. And the fact you found out means it is already telling in his attitude. That only suggests that he does not hold her in high regard. 

A man who respects his wife would not want to do anything that would hurt her. And him moving toward another lady tells everyone that you are not good enough for him. Commitment is very vital in every relationship.

I believe on your own you may have had one or two people that you think look good. But you could not make a move toward them because you value your marriage and respects your husband. 

So you gave yourself no chance to nurse any feelings. Your husband could have done the same, that’s if he thinks of you highly.

Will my husband stop having a crush on another woman?

The thing about this kind of attachment is that it is common for it to go away as fast as it happens. But in some cases, it can develop into something that can take over your marriage.

This question is not something you can answer. If he apologizes, it means he still values your marriage and may cut off the other woman.

If the reverse is the case, there are slim chances that he will stop loving the other woman. You don’t have to put it on yourself to make him stop loving the other woman.

After you must have talked to him about it, evaluate your relationship. Take the time to think and if he is not showing any effort in fixing things then maybe you should give him a break.

Because no matter how hard you try, if he wants the other woman over you, there is nothing you can do. But if he still holds you in high regard, it may mean your husband is polygamous.

And in this case, even if he stops loving these women, he may move to the next one. This is when you have to ask yourself can you live with such a man?

In a nutshell

Most of the signs your husband is having a crush on another woman are all glaring. In the early stages, you may think you may have offended him. That’s the reason for his new attitude.

But if he keeps hiding his phone and going out to places you know nothing about, then someone else is there.

Don’t be weary when this happens. It is never your fault. No matter how you want to do it you can’t stop this from happening. It is all in his hand to discipline himself and not ruin his committed marriage.

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