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18 Sure Signs Your Male Friend Has Feelings for You

18 Sure Signs Your Male Friend Has Feelings for You

You have a male friend who seems to be there all the time, he gives and shows adequate attention, and this attitude keeps your mind busy by secretly asking questions you seem not to have answers to. But since you do not want to conclude, you try not to get the wrong impression of his gesture. The truth is that there are some signs your male friend has feelings for you but you are yet to identify or take note of. These signs will be stated below:

18 Sure signs your male friend has feelings for you:

1. He cares a lot about you:

Caring is one of the foundations of any relationship. Being exceptionally caring is one of the signs a male friend has feelings for you. He puts you first in whatever he does and always wants to know how you are doing emotionally, psychologically, and your all-around well-being.

2. He gives you listening ears:

Whenever you talk about something around him, he gives his attention and derives joy in listening to you, regardless of what you might be talking about. He dares not obstruct you while you talk. This clearly shows how he regards your opinions and you in turn will know how genuine he feels about you.

3. He adores and treats you differently from his other female friends:

Most guys have lots of female friends. If you notice he treats you specially, have it in mind that he is into you and in no time, he will bring it to your notice. He avoids being too close and mushy with his other female friends, but he prefers being very close to you and spends his free time with you because you mean so much to him and won’t want to destroy that by involving himself in other irrelevant relationships.

4. Jealousy:

If a male friend of yours gets jealous whenever you are talking to other guys, just know his feelings for you have grown. He starts questioning “Who were you talking to? Who is he to you? Is he your boyfriend?” and many other related questions.

He won’t appreciate you welcoming other male friends into your zone for he will always feel bad that you might be planning to replace him with the guy he saw you with.

5. He compliments you often:

Boys make it a point of duty to compliment the girl they got eyes for. He therefore notices the things you feel are insignificant like your well-polished toenails, your well-carved eyebrows, etc. This is definitely a big sign.

6. He remembers the things you say or do:

The things that you did or say months ago that you might have probably forgotten can be flashed in by a guy who is into you because he remembers every little thing you do or say, regardless of whatever it might be. He gives well-detailed explanations of how you did it and said it in between laughter and happiness.

7. Social media display of affection:

One of the signs your male friend has feelings for you can also be seen in the ways he flaunts you on all his social media handles and thereby tagging you on all his posts, liking and commenting on your personal and shared posts.

If he is a guy that was not a fan of social media and suddenly, he derives joy coming online and texting you, it shows he might have developed a soft spot for you and he won’t let the opportunity of always talking to you pass him by.

8. He gets nice gifts for you:

One pretty way a guy shows he sincerely wants a bond with you is the way he showers you with beautiful gifts, the gifts might not be expensive. If a guy does this, he is definitely seeing you more than a friend.

9. He opens up to you freely:

A male friend that holds you dear to his heart will open up to you freely. He will be more comfortable telling you things that might have been bothering him or the things that he has been excited about for some time now.

10. He wants to know you more:

You might be amazed due to the frequency at which he asks you questions about you and your personal life. He is not just asking because he lacks what to say to you rather he has grown fond of you and he will like to know more about you and know if you both are compatible. If you notice this in any guy, he is definitely going to pop the question.

11. He gives you space:

A guy that truly cares knows and respects the fact that you need space. He gives you room to evaluate whatever you might have planned for yourself. He shows and gives all the support you need during this period of self-realization and self-worth.

 12. He knows and remembers special days in your life:

Special days in one’s life should never be forgotten by someone that says he or she cares about you, it is a total turn-off. If he remembers your birthday, you guys’ friend anniversary, and so on, it is a total way that shows how special you are to him. This is one of the signs that prompts your mind that someone truly loves you.

13. He cherishes “The Us” moment:

“I just want to be with you, I want to talk with you” etc. These are words he will mumble to you in order to gain your attention and feel your presence. He finds more quality time to spend with you. He can book a flight to your favorite places and you both can just have fun and enjoy the moments.

14. He introduces you to his family:

One of the other signs a male friend has feelings for you is introducing you to family and trying to integrate you into the family as a member. This is because it is very evident that he sees and finds you worthy to know and be part of his family and in the long run, you can become comfortable with his family in return.

15. He locks eyes with you:

If as a girl, a guy has made eye contact with you for a long duration of time, while you both spend time together is a sign he likes you. When he locks eyes or makes eye contact with you, it means he derives more joy focusing on you.

If he likes you, he will stare at you more than he stares at his regular female or male friends and this can create an awkward feeling that might bring smiles to the faces of both parties.

16. He keeps discussions of other girls away:

When a man’s affection is genuine, he will not make mention of any other girl that might be in his life because he will not want you to feel bad or insecure. Even when you ask if there’s any other girl in his life, he will blatantly say no for he wouldn’t want to ruin the chances he might have with you.

 17. He extends conversation:

He doesn’t just want to just talk with you in a short moment, he also wants to extend his conversations with you so he can spend more unique and quality time with you. If you notice he is always having something to talk about on something you bring up, that’s a straight-up sign he is into and also loves your company.

18. Asking you out:

This sign is the topmost sign to know if a guy has feelings for you, he will definitely ask you out and tell you his true feelings and intentions towards you after he must have waited for the right time to ask you out so he would not face rejection and start nursing a broken heart.

The thing is, if a man is being all caring and loving for a long period of time and he doesn’t end up asking you out, he might just see you as just a friend, no need for you to expect more on the relationship you both share. Just let the friendship flow and cherish the moment.

What To Do If Your Male Friend Has Feelings for You?

If you’re starting to reckon or feel that your friend does have feelings for you, then ask yourself:

  • What energy am I getting off him?
  • Where does he seem to be at?
  • What does he most likely want?
  • How does he act toward me?
  • How do I act towards him?
  • Is he like this with everyone?

Because that’s the thing – if you are friends, getting involved romantically, can be a bit more of a risky thing. You alone know how you feel in return, whether you think he’s in the right place, and what you want to do from here. Just make sure, if you do decide to pursue things:

  1. He’s ready for something serious and wants something serious – he’s actually looking for the real deal and is in the right place to look for this. It’s not worth tainting a friendship for a fling!
  2. It’s something genuine, and not just lust.
  3. He’s not hung up on an ex, trying to flirt or potentially about to make waste of your time.

Also, be clear on what you want and how you feel. Because that’s just as important too!

Not everything is meant to be or has to be. Go with your heart. And if you do have to have the conversation and let him down – do it gently. Good luck!

Can a friendship recover from a failed relationship attempt?

After discovering the signs showing your male friend has feelings for you but you do not, this question doesn’t have a definite answer in the sense that people have different ways of handling situations. Coming back as good friends can work for A but won’t work for B. So it is advisable to study things through and act on your findings. Restarting a long-dead friendship can be harder than starting a new friendship because you both have memories of the past that threatened to end your relationship.

If truly you both want to reconsider and build back the lost friendship, there are some ways you both can go about with that.

1. Pretend you are meeting for the first time:

In order to rekindle a lost friendship, you both need to pretend as if you are meeting for the first time. Even though this may be hard but it is a great step to climb in achieving your lost friendship. At least you both know within you that you both were close pals once before whatever happened took place.

This doesn’t mean you should be on the same level you once were with the person. Use this moment to win his trust back and also let him win yours too, don’t jump to conclusions out of loneliness. Don’t be blinded by the fast reconnection you both may have stabilized, read and observe between words, emotions, and the new friendship in general so as to know if the friendship rekindling isn’t one-sided. If you notice that it is just you trying to make it work, drop it and don’t bother because it won’t heed good results.

2. You both should have a hard think before starting things up:

It is not just by starting out as friends again but by establishing the fact that you both have a long way in reconsidering it. Questions must be asked and answered with all sincerity so as to know where you both have to start changing and correcting, in order to maintain a healthy friendship. You both should arrive on the same ground and work towards it positively.

You might be wondering the kind of questions you should ask during the rekindling process, like, “What was the reason that separated us, why didn’t we give listening ears, are sure we won’t repeat the same mistake by the time we become friends again,” The questions are endless.

3. Give them time to process and conclude:

In reviving your friendship after a failed relationship, one of the things you must do is to give them time to process and conclude on the newfound bond or reunion. Pressuring them to give you answers on your situation-ship might not be good in building up a healthy friendship because answers that might give will not come from a place of truth.

The fact you are ready to start a friendship doesn’t automatically mean the other is ready. You might just see that the person you are trying to restart a friendship with has finally moved on and gotten a new friend. In order to avoid this, observe, give them more time. If the friendship finally shows positivity from both sides, you both can get to a point where you forget that you both were once at loggerheads with each other.

Signs He Only Likes You as a Friend:

Most guys do not hide their true friendship feelings from girls who they just see as friends. Some people will term it friend zone. If as a girl, you don’t know if a guy likes you as a friend, this is certainly for you.

1. He won’t show signs he has feelings for you:

In order not to send the wrong signal to a girl, guys have a way of telling girls who they don’t have feelings for the truth. They will be clear as often about their true intentions towards you. They try as much as possible to always tell you that things can go on between you both. If you discover that he is always changing the topic anytime it is centered on entering a relationship with her, this is a sign he has no affection for you.

2. No pet names:

We all know when a guy gives a girl pet names it reveals that he likes her more than just a friend. If he sees you as just a friend, he won’t make an effort in giving you a pet name, instead, he will call you by your name and tell you whatever he wants to tell you. Sometimes, he might even forget your name and start asking. This is also one way to know that he regards you as his friend nothing more.

3. No date plans:

Planning a date with a girl shows how wanted and loved the girl is. He always looks forward to dates with her and won’t mind paying for their bills. The story will change when the guy isn’t into the girl, they won’t be having conversations about dates. He won’t even provide that attention if maybe you talked him into a date, he will simply look for ways to avoid intimacy between you both.

4. He won’t text or call:

If he doesn’t have a thing for you and sees you as just a friend, he won’t want to attach himself trying to call you or text you because he won’t feel there’s a need for that. He prefers to hail you when he sees you on the way than picking his cell phone to call or text. Boys do not like mind games so they avoid it like a plague.

5. He talks to you about other girls:

He will be very comfortable talking about other girls in his life to you. He won’t see it as if he might be hurting your feelings if maybe you are falling for him without his notice. He will even go into details talking about his sexual experiences without bulging because he feels absolutely nothing towards you in that regard. He can also pick his girlfriend’s call in your presence and say all lovey-dovey words through the phone and keep you waiting till he ends his call.

6. He introduces you to people as his friend:

Maybe you both are talking and one of his friends comes around, he introduces you to him as his friend. He won’t look at your face to even see your reaction and he goes ahead changing the topic that you both were on before his friend came in. If it was someone he loves, he would be so angry someone interrupted the moment and will find every means to discharge his friend so you guys can start from where you stopped.

 7. He keeps his physical space:

One of the few signs a male friend has feelings for you is always wanting to be in your company when allowed. If he intentionally keeps his physical distance from you. He doesn’t want to come close to you or have that physical bond, this clearly shows he is not into you, rather he sees you as just a friend. When you notice this attitude, it means he doesn’t see a way a relationship can work between you both.

8. He is always busy:

Being busy will always be a way to avoid you. Even when he is not busy, because he doesn’t appreciate your presence, he will say he is busy. Boys don’t always get busy for the one they love, they always find time in their busy schedule to make out time for the one they love.

9. He shows interest in your friend:

The fact you don’t attract him makes it possible to get attracted by your friends or siblings. He goes all the way in asking for their numbers so he can develop a thing between him and your friend. This is a sign he is not into you.

10. He lets you know:

Guys let you about how they feel about you. If they see you as just a friend, they let you know. Although at the sound of it, it might look uncool but that is better than you hoping that something might go on between you guys in the nearest future and it later turns out that it won’t work. Some guys who want to maintain their friendship try as much not to jeopardize it, he doesn’t want to play but respect the friendship.  


Friendships are like big torch flames in our lives, most times, they help us navigate our way around the world and guarantee us many experiences, so we cherish them. One of the best things in life is falling in love with a friend. It reduces the risk of breakups or heartbreaks by a great margin and delivers understanding, compatibility, forgiveness, and cohesion into relationships. It is difficult to enter a relationship with a stranger, the more you know a person, the better for you going into a relationship with that person. In the beginning, you might notice the signs a male friend has feelings for you, but if he wants something serious he will show you clearer signs, and having a good sense to see those signs and follow them through is also important.

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