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To Be Single By Choice And Why People Make That Choice

To Be Single By Choice And Why People Make That Choice

Several individuals enjoy the perks that come with being single. People are single by choice because they desire the unchecked freedom that comes with being single and also the total absence of commitment. 

Let’s peer into the implications of purposely being without a relationship; what are the benefits and reasons behind this decision?

What Does It Mean To Be Single By Choice?

This is a term used to describe people who determine not to be in any romantic relationship of any kind. Some have not found a relationship, and they adopt the belief that being single is their own choice. 

However, some individuals enjoy their autonomy and don’t want to be in any form of relationship since one would mean their freedom no longer exists or have them bear the responsibility and commitment that comes with being with someone.

What Makes People Choose To Be Single?

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1. Fear of Commitment 

Most people always run away from anything that makes them feel like they have to be dedicated to another person and be responsible for any of their actions. This can result in them avoiding anything that looks like a relationship with another one.

2. Fear of being stung 

Maybe they have been hurt before or seen how it feels to be hurt from the experiences of others. This will make them avoid dating anyone so as not to be involved in anything that will lead to them getting hurt.

3. Independence 

Not everyone can take control or answer questions like ‘why have you not called since you woke up?’, ‘why did you miss my important day?’ or ‘who have you been talking to on the phone that your number has been busy?’ So to enjoy this freedom, they would prefer to stay away from dating anyone.

4. They are too busy for a relationship 

Working a busy schedule can affect one choice of wanting a relationship. For instance, if you are working an odd shift or have to work all night and sleep all day, even if you decide to start dating someone, it will lead to relationship problems, especially if your partner is not understanding or has to work all day too. So that would make such an individual decide to be single by choice.

5. Happy on their own

Why do you think anyone needs a relationship? If you are the type that enjoys your own company, can stay without sex and does not need the intimacy of any kind, you would not even have the urge to be in any form of connection. 

6. Financial instability

What makes dating memorable are all the wonderful moments you will create and spend together. However, if you are not financially buoyant, you’ll battle with the inability to do things like taking your spouse on tour, getting them thoughtful expensive gifts, etc.

The Perks Of Being Single

1. You have the time to understand yourself better

Most people have not had the time to know more about themselves, which is why they often have relationship issues. So one of the benefits of staying out of one is that you have the time to understand what you need and everything about you.

2. You will probably be more prudent with your spending 

If you are in a relationship, you would want to take care of your spouse and yourself. This would require you to use a lot of money that was supposed to go into other stuff. Single people enjoy this; they disburse only on themselves and don’t have to think about caring for a spouse.

3. You are independent 

If you can be alone and happy, you have gained an outstanding level of independence that would make you do everything and not depend on anyone.

4. You will not experience the troubles that come with being in a relationship 

If you have been in a relationship before, you won’t deny that it comes with many problems, especially when you have kept your happiness in the other person’s hand. Them not treating you the way you want puts you through much sadness and fear.

5. You enjoy your freedom 

Being free to do what you want and be friends with anyone you wish is a feeling that can not be overemphasized. Single folks believe that dating someone would snap them off their freedom.

6. You don’t have to share your attention between your family or close friends with anyone

Your spouse can make you lose connection with your family and even friends you met before them. Even if you are someone that can multitask and share your attention, there is always going to be that lag in your rapport compared to when you are 

7. You have the time to develop yourself 

You have the time to try new things, read, learn new things, and don’t have to worry about deciding where to tour. Only you, at this point, will make the decisions.

The Challenges Of Being Single

1. You feel alone 

Loneliness is one thing that comes with staying away from dating. No one would constantly check or constantly want to be with you. This will hit you more if you have no other close friends.

2. You have no committed one to call your own 

Having someone who is always there for you and sees themselves as part of you is one feeling that being in a romantic relationship brings, someone you can have little ownership towards.

3. You go through the pain of being single

Being lonely, depressed, and not having anyone to share your thoughts with are things you will face when you don’t want to get a partner.

4. You feel jealous of couples 

Seeing happy couples automatically sparks a sense of jealousy, and you would see them as irritating or wish you were them.

5. You might start thinking about it too much

Just as we talked about being jealous, it can lead to internal debates and lead to straining your brain.

Why Do Some People Choose To Be Single

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There are several reasons why a person can choose to be single. A lot of them are personal reasons. Some people can choose not to see anyone because they feel they don’t have the resources to take care of themselves and their spouse. Especially as a man, it is expected that you do some things to make your lady happy while you are dating her, which involves using money. 

Other things like being too busy, and fear of being committed to anyone, are some of the primary reasons why some people have decided not to date anyone.

Is Staying Single A Good Life Choice?

Well, it depends, it could be a good life choice and also not. It depends if you can be on your own. If you have not found the right one or are not in a relationship because you are still searching, then if you decide to stay single, it might not be a good choice. It might cause you a lot of mental stress and lonely nights. But if you can be on your own and happy, then maybe it’s your best choice.

Does Being Single Affect Mental Health?

Yes, it does, especially if you don’t have anyone in your life that you share things. Darling, if you are having lonely nights and sucking in things you are supposed to share with other people, you will notice that it will begin to drain you mentally, which can even lead to depression.

Why Do People Judge Single People?

In today’s world, we have lost ourselves and think we need others to be happy. This is why people who are not dating, are usually seen as people who are unhappy or people you are just flirting around.

Is Choosing To Be Single Difficult?

From the beginning, it has always been like that; humans need a companion. Even the bible talks about how God saw that it was not suitable for a man to be alone. That was why he created Eve to accompany Adam in the garden of Eden. So with this, you will know that being alone is not easy.

Are People Happier Single?

Well, this is one question that does not have a straight answer. If you look at it, some people are not dating but are happier than people who are, and they are also people who are dating and happier than people who are not. So it is vice versa. But whichever you choose to be, just make sure you are happy.


You can choose to do anything you want when you don’t date. but as stated earlier, choose what makes you happy and shine like the sun.

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